America Appears in Another World

America Appears in Another World

by Mitoke

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

One day, the U.S finds itself in an impossible situation where the world around it has changed dramatically! No allies can be contacted, and the economy starts to sour. What will happen to this nation we call the United States of America?
On Hiatus. 

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Word Count (VIII)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Maps (Reference) ago
Prologue: We Ain't on Earth Anymore ago
Chapter 1: A Tribute Lost at Sea ago
Chapter 2: The Astra Kingdom ago
Chapter 3: The U.S. and a New World ago
Chapter 4: First Contact ago
Chapter 5: Mercy or the Divine ago
Chapter 6: Bofor 57mm ago
Chapter 7: Another Problem ago
Chapter 8: Blue Leader ago
Chapter 9: The News Today ago
Chapter 10: The Nobles are Coming ago
Chapter 11: Rebellion ago
Chapter 12: The Army ago
Chapter 13: An Ambition ago
Chapter 14: Breaking Assumptions ago
Chapter 15: Relief ago
Chapter 16: The Siege Tower ago
Chapter 17: Successful Operation ago
Chapter 18: Red Eye Flight ago
Chapter 19: Joint Base Andrews ago
Chapter 20: Visiting the White House ago
Chapter 21: Fall Festival ago
Chapter 22: The Invisible Line ago
Chapter 23: A Story as Old as Time ago
Chapter 24: Immigration ago
Chapter 25: Messy Geopolitics ago
Chapter 26: Making War ago
Chapter 27: Flovenguard ago
Chapter 28: The War and Energy ago
Chapter 29: A Futile Effort ago
Chapter 30: A Search Effort Begins ago
Chapter 31: The Next Step ago
Chapter 32: Information Broker ago
Chapter 33: Conflicts Abrewing ago
Chapter 34: The Despur Continent ago
Chapter 35: Using as Intended ago
Chapter 36: Discreet Talks ago
Chapter 37: The American's and Their Artifacts ago
Chapter 38: The Kings Council ago

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Give it a try! 

Not too much heavy on American propaganda, and decently written. 

I was scared of the lack of review and the low-ish rating, however I had fun reading the story. It deserve more attention with the work put in, 36 chapters of non-cringe story should put this story on the trending tab, not hidden somewhere amongst 4 chapters harem wish fulfillment teenager revenge p*rn.

I put 5 star cause I believe you should get more visibility, and the 3.8 you had didn't feel right by me for the work ya put in. 

I hope you have a nice day! 


Well written and good plot, however limited chaps,

Reviewed at: Chapter 37: The American's and Their Artifacts

I read similar stories like this before, but this one is really great unlike what i read before, i'm only somewhat confused because this series did not update for ages, idk what to the author but maybe something important happened, 

Nihonkoku Shoukan is also a good one, but it lacks many aspects, and it's somewhat tiring to read as the story goes on, i also read the other one about russia getting transportee too but it wasn't updated for five years lol.