Sanguine Paradise

by Konge

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Micheal is a young guy in his late teens who just graduated from high school and now he honestly does not know what to do with himself. Sitting in his chair just relaxing and browsing the shit-show that was the internet, doing random stuff, he suddenly becomes oddly weary. The next moment he's fuck-knows-where and everything seems rather.... odd?

He was rather confident in himself, that he usually didn't have a 360-degree field of vision, and that everything wasn't always so... gigantic. Something was really off... As if to confirm his thoughts, the very next second a series of prompts invaded his sight followed by a rather soothing voice.

[Soul restoration - Completed!]

[Welcome to Eve]

[Status...... Species: Glade Mosquito.....]

Slowly taking in everything laid out before him, Micheal responded with the most intelligent and sagely response possible.


As such Micheal's unending search for power, adventure, and family begins.

This story features a protagonist with unconventional views and morals. In a world where only strength rules, concepts of good and evil become blurred as they fade to inutility. If you are looking for a goody-two-shoes, upholder of justice, and who goes around unconditionally saving any and all people in distress, this story is most likely not your cup of tea.

It can also get pretty dark and sensual at times, you have been warned.

Release schedule, Monday-Wednesday-Friday

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 – [Day 1] – “Huh…” ago
Chapter 2 – [Day 1] – “Taking Flight” ago
Chapter 3 – [Day 2] – “Shadow” ago
Chapter 4 – [Day 2] – “Growth” ago
Chapter 5 – [Day 2] – “Prey” ago
Chapter 6 – [Day 2] – “Walking Lunchbox” ago
Chapter 7 – [Day 3] – “Carnage” ago
Chapter 8 – [Day 3] – “Evolution” ago
Chapter 9 – [Day 3] – “First blood” ago
Chapter 10 – [Day 3] – “Adventurers” ago
Chapter 11 – [Day 3] – “Village” ago
Chapter 12 – [Day 4] – “Mysterious Death” ago
Chapter 13 – [Day 4] – “Return” ago
Chapter 14 – [Day 4] – “Goblins” ago
Chapter 15 – [Day 4] – “Blood Plague” ago
Chapter 16 – [Day 4] – “Magic” ago
Chapter 17 – [Day 4] – “Power Leveling” ago
Chapter 18 – [Day 6] – “The Glades” ago
Chapter 19 – [Day 7] – “Glade Guardian” ago
Chapter 20 – [Day 7] – “Crimson Core” ago
Chapter 21 – [Day 7] – “Azde” ago
Chapter 22 – [Day 8] – “The Frontier” ago
Chapter 23 – [Day 8] – “Blood Magic” ago
Chapter 24 – [Day 8] – “Power” ago
Chapter 25 – [Day 8] – “Shaping” ago
Chapter 26 – [Day 8] – “Experiments” ago
Chapter 27 – [Day 9] – “Bob” ago
Chapter 28 – [Day 9] – “Departure” ago
Chapter 29 – [Day 9] – “Hobgoblin” ago
Chapter 30 – [Day 9] – “Talent” ago
Chapter 31 – [Day 9] – “Sanguine Guard” ago
Chapter 32 – [Day 10] – “Warband” ago
Chapter 33 – [Day 10] – “Tribe” ago
Chapter 34 – [Day 11] – “Chief” ago
Chapter 35 – [Day 11] – “Mia” ago
Chapter 36 – [Day 11] – “Crimson Eyes” ago
Chapter 37 – [Day 11] – “Glyphs” ago
Chapter 38 – [Day 11] – “The Blood Moon Tribe” ago
Chapter 39 – [Day 12] – “Blood Glyphs” ago
Chapter 40 – [Day 13] – “Spell Formations” ago
Chapter 41 – [Day 13] – “Spell Testing” ago
Chapter 42 – [Day 14] – “Orc” ago
Chapter 43 – [Day 14] – “Imminent Death” ago
Chapter 44 – [Day 16] – “A Light” ago
Chapter 45 – [Day 16] – “The Mark” ago
Chapter 46 – [Day 17] – “Cute” (Fair Warning: Explicit 18+) ago
Chapter 47 – [Day 17] – “Humans” ago
Chapter 48 – [Day 17] – “Kidnapped” ago
Chapter 49 – [Day 17] – “Despair” ago
Chapter 50 – [Day 17] – “Lily” ago
Chapter 51 – [Day 18] – “Embarrassed” ago
Chapter 52 – [Day 18] – “Crimson Daggers” ago
Chapter 53 – [Day 19] – “Moonlit” ago
Chapter 54 – [Day 19] – “Ghouls” ago
Chapter 55 – [Day 19] – “Beautiful” (Explicit) ago
Chapter 56 – [Day 19] – “Bewitching Eyes” ago
Chapter 57 – [Day 20] – “Captured” – {End of Arc 1, Humble Beginnings} ago
Chapter 58 – [Day 22] – “Imprisoned” – {Beginning of Arc 2, The Arena} ago
Chapter 59 – [Day 22] – “The Mistress” ago
Chapter 60 – [Day 22] – “The Barracks” ago
Chapter 61 – [Day 22] – “Baba’s Stew” ago
Chapter 62 – [Day 22] – “Brand” ago
Chapter 63 – [Day 23] – “The Mauling” ago
Chapter 64 – [Day 24] – “Colosseum” ago
Chapter 65 – [Day 24] – “Preparations” ago
Chapter 66 – [Day 24] – “It Begins” ago
Chapter 67 – [Day 24] – “The Reavers” ago
Chapter 68 – [Day 24] – “Attributes” ago
Chapter 69 – [Day 24] – “Sucker-punched” ago
Chapter 70 – [Day 24] – “A Call For Help” ago
Chapter 71 – [Day 24] – “Death” ago
Chapter 72 – [Day 24] – “Worry” ago
Chapter 73 – [Day 45] – “Merilyn” ago
Chapter 74 – [Day 45] – “Scars” ago
Chapter 75 – [Day 45] – “Tiers” ago
Chapter 76 – [Day 45] – “Happy-go-lucky” ago
Chapter 77 – [Day 45] – “Conversion” ago
Chapter 78 – [Day 45] – “Eldritch” ago
Chapter 79 – [Day 45] – “Mika” ago
Chapter 80 – [Day 45] – “Candidacy” ago
Chapter 81 – [Day 46] – “Foreboding Times” ago
Chapter 82 – [Day 48] – “Festivities” ago
Chapter 83 – [Day 48] – “All Pretenses Out the Window” ago
Chapter 84 – [Day 48] – “Escape” ago
Chapter 85 – [Day 50] – “Eye for an Eye” – (Part One) ago
Chapter 86 – [Day 50] – “Eye for an Eye” – (Part Two) ago
Chapter 87 – [Day 50] – “Freedom” ago
Chapter 88 – [Day 50] – “Hidden Room” ago
Chapter 89 – [Day 50] – “Change” {End of Arc 2, The Arena} ago
Chapter 90 – [Day 51] – “Synergize” {Beginning of Arc 3, Into The Fray} ago
Chapter 91 – [Day 51] – “Relic” ago
Chapter 92 – [Day 52] – “Skill Fusion” ago
Chapter 93 – [Day 52] – “Stygian” ago
Chapter 94 – [Day 53] – “Azure Claw” ago
Chapter 95 – [Day 53] – “Ambush” ago
Chapter 96 – [Day 54] – “Blood Puppets” ago
Chapter 97 – [Day 54] – “Going Home” ago
Chapter 98 – [Day 55] – “Reunion” ago
Chapter 99 – [Day 55] – “Captives” ago
Chapter 100 – [Day 55] – “Jubokko” ago
Chapter 101 – [Day 55] – “Passion” (Explicit) ago
Chapter 102 – [Day 60] – “Revenant Destroyer” ago
Chapter 103 – [Day 65] – “Taking Stock” ago
Chapter 104 – [Day 65] – “Talk” ago
Chapter 105 – [Day 65] – “Duel” ago
Chapter 106 – [Day 65] – “Victor” ago
Chapter 107 – [Day 65] – “Old Monster” ago
Chapter 108 – [Day 66] – “Advancement Path” ago
Chapter 109 – [Day 66] – “The Undaunted” ago
Chapter 110 – [Day 66] – “Paths” ago
Chapter 111 – [Day 66] – “Maelstrom” ago
Chapter 112 – [Day 66] – “A Crack in Reality” ago
Chapter 113 – [Day 66] – “Ambrosial” ago
Chapter 114 – [Day 68] – “Migrate” ago
Chapter 115 – [Day 73] – “Birds of Prey” ago
Chapter 116 – [Day 73] – “Marshes” ago
Chapter 117 – [Day 76] – “Condensation” ago
Chapter 118 – [Day 76] – “Archetype” ago
Chapter 119 – [Day 77] – “Chiefs” ago
Chapter 120 – [Day 77] – “Honor, Dignity and Respect” ago
Chapter 121 – [Day 80] – “A Shadow” ago
Chapter 122 – [Day 80] – “Ursa” ago
Chapter 123 – [Day 80] – “Flower” ago
Chapter 124 – [Day 80] – “Flames” ago
Chapter 125 – [Day 80] – “Flame Lily” ago
Chapter 126 – [Day 81] – “Purpose” ago
Chapter 127 – [Day 81] – “Progress” ago
Chapter 128 – [Day 82] – “Tournament” – (Part One) ago
Chapter 129 – [Day 82] – “Tournament” – (Part Two) ago
Chapter 130 – [Day 82] – “The Prelude” ago
Chapter 131 – [Day 83] – “Jealousy” ago
Chapter 132 – [Day 87] – “Settling Roots” ago
Chapter 133 – [Day 90] – “Saddling Up” ago
Chapter 134 – [Day 91] – “Feast” ago
Chapter 135 – [Day 91] – “Sworn” ago
Chapter 136 – [Day 95] – “New Players in Town” ago
Chapter 137 – [Day 102] – “Ebongrave” ago
Chapter 138 – [Day 103] – “A City of Monsters” ago
Chapter 139 – [Day 104] – “The Abyss” ago
Chapter 140 – [Day 108] – “Gains” ago
Chapter 141 – [Day 108] – “Like Lambs to the Slaughter” ago
Chapter 142 – [Day 108] – “Arrogance” ago
Chapter 143 – [Day 108] – “Nightmare” ago
Chapter 144 – [Day 109] – “Darkness” ago
Chapter 145 – [Day 109] – “Executrix” ago
Chapter 146 – [Day 111] – “An Ultimatum” ago
Chapter 147 – [Day 112] – “Rules” ago
Chapter 148 – [Day 116] – “Getting Prepared” ago
Chapter 149 – [Day 116] – “Familiar Faces” ago
Chapter 150 – [Day 116] – “Let The Games Begin” ago
Chapter 151 – [Day 116] – “A Display of Might” ago
Chapter 152 – [Day 116] – “Disgust” ago
Chapter 153 – [Day 116] – “Conclusion” ago
Chapter 154 – [Day 116] – “Friendly Intentions” ago
Chapter 155 – [Day 118] – “Recollection” ago
Chapter 156 – [Day 119] – “Sweeping The Floor” ago
Chapter 157 – [Day 123] – “New Weapon” ago
Chapter 158 – [Day 125] – “Improvement” ago
Chapter 159 – [Day 125] – “Codex” ago
Chapter 160 – [Day 125] – “Dread” ago
Chapter 161 – [Day 126] – “Gratitude” ago
Chapter 162 – [Day 130] – “The Banquet” ago
Chapter 163 – [Day 130] – “Natural Enmity” ago
Chapter 164 – [Day 130] – “Promethean” ago
Chapter 165 – [Day 131] – “The Path Towards Domination” ago
Chapter 166 – [Day 131] – “The 1st-stage” ago
Chapter 167 – [Day 131] – “It’s you, isn’t it?” ago
Chapter 168 – [Day 132] – “Camp” ago
Chapter 169 – [Day 144] – “Home” ago
Chapter 170 – [Day 145] – “Sapience” ago
Chapter 171 – [Day 145] – “Council” ago
Chapter 172 – [Day 145] – “Not Alone” (18+) ago
Chapter 173 – [Day 146] – “Monstrous Workforce” ago
Chapter 174 – [Day 146] – “Request” ago
Chapter 175 – [Day 147] – “Keeper” ago
Chapter 176 – [Day 163] – “Slithering Prey” ago
Chapter 177 – [Day 163] – “Petrifying Gaze” ago
Chapter 178 – [Day 163] – “Great Changes” ago
Chapter 179 – [Day 163] – “Sovereign of the Jungle” ago
Chapter 180 – [Day 166] – “Blood Rites” ago
Chapter 181 – [Day 167] – “The Gates” ago
Chapter 182 – [Day 192] – “Warbringers” ago
Chapter 183 – [Day 195] – “Trials” ago
Chapter 184 – [Day 195] – “A Trial of Command” ago
Chapter 185 – [Day 202] – “Trouble” ago
Chapter 186 – [Day 208] – “Going to War” ago
Chapter 187 – [Day 208] – “Opportunities” ago
Chapter 188 – [Day 208] – “Two to Go” ago
Chapter 189 – [Day 208] – “Settling Greviances” ago
Chapter 190 – [Day 209] – “Lord of Gloom” ago

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Was quite the enjoyable read, emphasis on was.

Grammar seemed competent enough, the story elements such as world and system looked ok, MC wasn't particularly unlikeable and overall it was okay for a light read.

Then as most monster stories do, comes the real kicker with the ever troublesome theme of "interaction with humans".

Leading up to this, the story was fine. Leaning a bit on the OP side of the spectrum, but fine.

Then our MC gets handed one of the most glaringly moutbreathing instances of the "+10 Dunce Cap or Plot Armor" in said interaction with humans and the story moves from okay weak to strong to blatant wish fufillment and self inserts.

The signs were kinda there, him gaining "insert indomitable willpower here" skill, an explicit sex scene where MC makes all female organisms within mile lust after him after hearing how good he made his goblin waifu squeall, killing an old adventurer in front of another one (that he lets go) for rEAsONs and some incredibly stupid posturing worthy of Aloof Edgy Young Master N°533 Version 3 Variation Z, and to top it off... the Guildleader Lady lets him FUCKING GO, after pronptly beating him AFTER HE KILLED SEVERAL PEOPLE UNDER HER COMMAND JUST CUS HE IS SOOOOOO SPECIAL (and she wants his coveniently not-insectile at all dick).

No doubt she is coming back as a harem member later. 

Overall, its a competent monster evolution story, but seriously craps the bed the moment interaction with anything smarter than retarded green midgets is required.


Tainted by Cringe, Waifu and other minor things

Reviewed at: Chapter 116 – [Day 73] – “Marshes”

I'm an absolute sucker for Monsterstories so I try to be as critical as possible and also highlight what keeps the Story from being good and where it could be improved. 

I generally really like the whole "blood" theme and also don't mind the humanoid evolution. 
I do however feel like some things were really rushed. 

Things that are dragging the story down hard : 

-unnecessary early power boosting ( Titles and Isekai Skills ) 

-Evolutions happen too quickly. 20 days and MC can toy with most professional adventurers. 

-Cringe Woman descriptions 

-Too much Simpenergy

- ridiculous plotarmor for no reason ( not even armor more like absolutely twist a side characters/antagonist rationality so MC somehow come out of the situations without issues. 

-unnecessary povs and weird format for dialogue 

-Mc behaving kinda dumb 


that said for a first edition of the story I think it's quite entertaining and I will be reading more of it. And maybe update on how it delevops. 


Story was alright up to the point where the author started projecting sexuality in the most hormone driven teenage sex fantasy drivel.

The dialogue is boring and stale. Logic for his choice of skills arguably pointless.

Its was decent as a monster evolution story, but when introducing new characters and their interactions it just becomes glaringly poor and sexualized.

Cannot be bothered continueing this while every other chapter is "all these females look at my horrible insectile self with lust filled eyes". Or how every introduction of a new female character by describing how firm their ass looks.


I wanted to like this story, but there were a few big turnoffs. OP's attitude is extremely cringy from the very start, lots of grammar/spelling mistakes, dialogue is just formatted bizzarely and hard to read, and sex/sexual descriptions are shoehorned in awkwardly at every opportunity. In stories like this it's vital to have the main character be if not likable, at least interesting, something that was not achieved here as the MC comes off as an obnoxious edgy teenager.


So I normally never review stories except to rate them. However I had to make an acception for this one. The Dialogue was just that bad.

"You fucker" -me.

Is what did it for me. I just can't. 

While the sociopathic Mc was "different" enough, as well as the system didn't seem to take from the story much. The sheer amount of no fucks given about the horrible voices of the characters ruined this novel for me. I hope it gets better eventually but I honestly can't wait around and suffer through it. 


This novel can be fun to read IF you ignore the way literally any character that is female is introduced, the way that dialog is formatted, the super horny mc who seems to be the Sitama of sex for some reason, the rate of progression (which could be written off as fast-paced if it wasn't faster than sonic on crack), the fact that he gets a humanoid evolution really early on (and to top it off the first thing he does is check out his dick), the fact that all of the characters have little to no characterization, there is no world-building, the mc seems to have the whole mc aura that draws people to like him.

so let's actually break this down.

style wise the author does a good job of describing what people and things look like as well as helping along with your imagination of what's going, but it is crippled by the horrible way that the author does dialog that makes it boring to read at best at worst a chore. the author has obviously read and likes this monster litrpg genre as they definitely put some thought into evolutions and abilities, but that's about where that ends the evolutions and sills don't feel gratifying they don't feel impactful and we don't get to see them for long enough to really appreciate them. it took him about four days to evolve about three times which is ludicrous in this world settings as it has been shown that for everything else it takes forever to level up, this can be partially explained away with his limit break skill but I think the problem lies more with the exp rates.

Grammer has no real problems it's fine.

story-wise it goes light speed and pulls you along with it nothing that happens actually seems to have any weight behind it like there was little to no actual thought put into why they happen. you can tell that the author will tie things to throw away things in the previous chapters to make it seem connected but you can tell that it was an afterthought. the best example is e blood magic core it was found owned by a small nothing goblin tribe that is only mentioned later because its leader was the leader of a hunting party that ran off this is only used to explain how he got the core, which could have been explained away in many many other ways such as saying that the goblins formed their tribe around the stone and worship it as a god. maybe the goblins chief uses it as a power source for some tribal magic. even then the MC just stumbled across it making him gaining magic, which is a huge deal in this world, have no impact and really ruins it. while the harem part is just poorly written as expected and just as disgusting as any other harem, overall this is what turned me off from the book.

The characters are kind of a hot mess. for some, they feel like they took a railroad spike to the head, and for others, it seems like they only got kicked in the head by a donkey. many of the characters are just side characters and therefore have only as much brain as needed to stand there like a cardboard cutout and the others either have stupid as the main character trait or is suffering some form of hypersexuality and an obsession with either the mc or anything that moves. the first humans we meet specifically remark about how they f the first person in a village we meet is an old man buying sex from a young girl with drugs and cheating on his wife. you would think in a fantasy world people would be more afraid of magical STDs the first female that the mc interacts with at any length sleeps with him at the first opportunity. now of course smut and sex scenes are fine when they are well written but this. this is not it. the mc himself does at least pretend to think things through but still seems to suffer from the idiot plague that everyone else suffers from.

overall this has potential and so does the author but this is the kind of fiction you would expect to see in something fenfoxo makes. honestly, if this was a corporate mass-produced light novel it would be forgivable as just incompetence but this author has some skill that's obvious so this is just disappointing.


tl;dl: Cringey, Edgy MC, Awkward sexual scenes, No world building or foundations of any character development.


Good grammar, no obvious errors on that part although the way how the story is separated line by line can make it a bit jarring to read. This plus the unnecessary and downright cringey sexual scenes/female character descriptions makes the story a struggle to read at some points. While you can have a good story with sexual scenes, the way it's written here is awkward and painful to read.

Main issue with the story is the lack of general direction after the initial chapters where you would typically expect some core world building and general plot points or conflict to be revealed to the reader. So far at chapter 48 you have the name of the country the MC has found himself in, the idea that mages are rare and an idea of how much of an advantage the MC has over more typical monsters. That's it.

Some stories have the issue that the world revolves around the MC but in this case the world IS the MC, barring a handful of names you know nothing about other characters or their personalities beyond surface level obsersations made by the MC when they were introduced.

Theres no meaningful reflection on why the characters do half the things they do and when there is, such as the skill decisions, the choices were minimal in impact and barely a decision in the first place.

The MC is the main reason why I dropped the story, there's one thing intentionally making the main character detached from emotion but you would at the very least expect that he'd make logical decisions.

Time and time again the character has reaffirmed that 'he isn't evil' yet the complete inconsistency of his actions just makes the main character look stupid, in one part of the story he regrets doing one thing only 20 chapters later to do that exact same thing again and whenever the character does something stupid, the story fills in the gaps where it could have potentially backfired. Something that by the point I had read into the story I would have expected to stop by now.

Not good, not average, just frustrating to read.


Myrdin Osrek

Keep in mind that I didn't finish reading this. This is the impression I got from the first like 25 pages. 

The prose is pretty bad, it's very weird to read and written kinda like a play or movie script but intendet as a novel so what comes out is this weird mess where after every line of dialogue it gives the speaker, like this: " "..."-Me", but in first person, which looks weird especially if you follow it up with an "I said". Not just the dialogue is weird but everything is written very... stiffly, if that makes sense? There's no flavour to the text. It's just a dry retelling of events most of the time.

Aside from the weird prose it is very "male gaze"y. Every new female character is introduced with multiple paragraphs describing her breasts, ass, and just generally how hot she is. Like really? What is this a 20th century noir novel? 

Well fed

It goes downhill so quickly after chapter 46

Reviewed at: Chapter 50 – [Day 17] – “Lily”

Okay nah, enough is enough, this went from okayish monster evolution story to blatant wish fufillment.

The sex scene, stupid bout of worthless murders, and stupid posturing were signs, the blantant plot armors, and the worst of all the idiotic edgy MC who killed a guy, spare the other guy cuz he didn't feel like killing him, accompanied him to meet his other friends, and when they attacked him for killing the guy, he shook his head and said "i don't want to kill you".

What kind of retard thinks he will be welcomed to a group after killing one of them???

And the guildmaster who came, and instead saved his ass??? blantantly saving a monster who killed a human in front of witnesess??? Is she a retard as well??? It doesn't matter though, she will be absolutely fine and face no repercussion in the human society for her decision, cuz everything will end up work on the MC's favors.   

Shame, the rest of the story was actually quite decent especially the beginning, which makes this even worse.


A good story, tainted my some weird shit

Reviewed at: Chapter 110 – [Day 66] – “Paths”

It's a somewhat decent read if you can look past its flaws and just enjoy a little power trip.

Speaking about its flaws, I think the main one is how fast and easily the MC gets overpower, and by "fast" I don't mean really the number of chapters, although is a little fast you can put that into it being a more fast paced novel, but the time in the world he is in, with 20 days he is already really strong, and with 60 he is stronger than one of the 8 generals of his neighbor country, that just doesn't make sense. The problem was clearly easily fixable, just make those time skips bigger and add a few more chapters here and there, when he goes and kills 55 rabbits in a few hours, even with the intervals for digesting the blood in between, that just doesn't make sense, make that shit a couple of days, when he takes Bob to train and he kills several goblins parties in one day, evolving to a Hobgoblin, make that shit a few days, when he gets imprisoned and fights in the Colosseum, returning home afterward to see EVERYTHING CHANGED IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS, make that shit a couple of months, it's not hard to make it more believable and the author were already doing those time skips, just doing it longer was no problem at all.

Now the misogynistic descriptions of women, that shit is really annoying, I don't know if the author is a teenager and has this dumb thoughts is his head, because the way he always describes how hot or not hot women's bodies are in a very weird manner screams virgin teenager to me. Not only that, but basically all women in this story are crazy sexy fiends, with the MC's "wife" (that calls him master) being the most cringe person I ever witnessed, 95% of the reason she exists is to venerate and have sex with the MC...

That's it, aside from this two big flaws, the story is pretty good actually, not the best, but pretty good....