Handsome Edgan threw Drake off the stage by touching a tiny place on Drake’s body with the tip of his right foot.

“What did just happen? Would that be the end of all those cool hits?”

The boy next to a girl cheering for Edgan spoke with a grin, but the person he was addressing did not nicely look at him.

"Idiot! What would you know?"

When the boy got an unexpected response, he lost the tune of his voice and shouted.

"What would I understand?"

Even though the situation made everyone around him turn into the duo, the girl looking at Edgan with mesmerizing eyes, who just came down the stage, didn't care about that.

“That spanker has suffered the punishment for his disrespect to the Handsome Prince Edgan. Edgan threw him aside with the tip of his foot like a member of the Royal Family who had encountered something dirty!”

That was the explanation of what really happened. With his last move the handsome boy, holding the sword with his right hand behind his back all along, gave Drake a bit of horse-poop treatment that was dumped on a road.

The rumors escalated with every moment. As the defeated young boy quickly left the field, other nobles were looking at Edgan angrily, who was slowly moving towards his friends.

"My friend, the show was great. But I am not sure if it will be good for you?"

Florin spoke by scratching his freckles, which became more evident in the midday sun hitting his face. He was sensing that the environment was becoming tense.

"He deserved it after such bad words. If I was Edgan, I would have wounded him with the sword!"

Marvina cut Florin's words sharply, seeming angrier than her brother.

"Take it easy, sister!"


Edgan did not want Marvina to speak more, as people gathered around them were witnessing their dialogue. He warned her politely, putting his hand on her shoulder.

"I'll have ten fights eventually. I have no other option. But they cannot stop me from making it enjoyable, can they?”

The handsome boy made it clear in his words that he did not see the fight he had just had as a struggle. After this attitude, a deep sound of a sigh came from the girls who gathered around him by forming circles around each other.

Edgan was not wrong. Later in the day, in his every entrance to the fighting arena, he had to kick or punch down his opponents who were resisting to give up. He had his sword on his back all the time but he never needed to use it.

“Congratulations Edgan! You won ten fights and qualified for the next test!"

Mel excitedly addressed the long-haired boy who came off the stage triumphantly.

"Ick, look at that!"

"He is like a bear!"

"How dare you talk to Prince Edgan?"

Apparently, the young girls had already deified the handsome young man in their eyes. They gave a harsh reaction to Mel who did something even they would not dare.

Among the warriors, having a large body was a source of pride, but Edgan changed the role model in the girls' heads with the magical performance he presented that day.

"Thanks, Mel. I told you that I was going to break a record like you!"

While Edgan and Mel were shaking hands, the people around them were astonished. The deity they treated with kid gloves was responding to what was said to him. It did not seem like a simple conversation. It could be seen from their body language and voice tone that these two knew each other.

“You ignoramuses! Mel Malcom today equalized the record that was unbreakable for a hundred years in the Plant Department test. Speak by choosing the words carefully that will come out of your mouth!”

Nalt burst out with a fury. The treatment towards his friend, who had helped him and young children from the public today, made him run out of patience.

“Nalt, calm down! Not everyone needs to know what happened in the morning!”

Mel hurriedly put a hand on his friend's shoulder and silenced him. Edgan was laughing out loud.

"It looks like we both have someone next to us who talks too much!"

When the handsome boy hinted at his previous situation with his sister, Mel also started to laugh. While the rest of the team was grimacing, this duo had a lot of fun.


"We're leaving now. Marvina needs to be prepared for the Alchemy Department test!"

When Edgan, who finished his job in the field of combat, asked for permission to leave, his sister intervened in the dialogue.

“Mel, I will be definitely waiting for you tonight. Even if I can't break a record like you, I will do my best!"

The young girl left the field with a big smile. The remaining trio stuck in their place for a while as if they were enchanted.

"Wow, what a beautiful girl!"

When Florin groaned mournfully, Nalt placed his elbow in Florin’s recess. With his eyes, he was making signs like saying ‘Don't you still understand?’

“What? Is dreaming also forbidden?”

The young people began laughing. They waited for Florin to find opponents of his own size and pass the first test. Then they left the area.

"We forgot to eat after spending time at the Plant Department in the morning and the Fighting Department at noon. I'm starving!"

Nalt shouted to suppress the sounds of his rumbling abdomen. His suggestion was going to be supported by his friends.

“You're right, let's go and eat at an inn. The food of the inn, where we went with Marina and Edgan yesterday, was very good!"

In this settlement he recently arrived, the only eating place Mel knew was that inn. But when the word ‘inn’ passed in the sentence, the faces of his friends quickly fell.

"Dude, I understand your excitement, but we can't eat in such places you mentioned!"

"Why? I'm not noble either, but I could go in and eat!"

After all the things he saw and went through, he thought that his friends objected to this idea because of nobility issues.

"It's not about being commoners. The only reason is that we don't have money, Mel!"

At last, Florin openly told their problem. But the big boy standing in front of Florin was smiling at him.

"Why are you laughing? Although those two siblings are not noble, judging by their clothing and the sword Edgan has, they apparently have the support of the town they came from. They may have bought you a meal on the first day, but if we go there today, what we will get will be just some beating!”


Mel put a bold face on. He was just wondering what reaction he would get if he took out the money he had taken out the other day.

“I still insist. If we are going to be beaten, so be it. What kind of fighter are you? Are you afraid of getting beaten by the staff of a little restaurant?"

"It's easy for you to talk. We will certainly get most of the beating because of your size!”

Florin seemed like not breaking his defense. But at that moment, Nalt broke his silence.

"Let's go, Pickaxe Tooth! If Mel says it, then there must be something in his mind!"

After the words of the young boy with the weird haircut, the trio kept walking. Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the inn where Mel, Edgan, and Marvina had dinner yesterday.

The inn was overcrowded because of the academy's entrance exams. More than one waitress was moving through the tables and delivering orders.

“Look! Do you see? This place is full to the brim. Let's get out!”

Florin was nervous as Mel was looking around. As the trio was waiting at the entrance of the inn, a pleasant voice coming from behind surrounded them.

"Who am I seeing? Welcome to our inn!"


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