"Calm down buddy!"

Seeing Mel's condition, Edgan grabbed his shoulder tightly and gently shook the young boy. But even that move did not shake him as much as the facts.

“Isn't this the land of the academy? How do they not interfere to immorality and lawlessness?"

Mel was not calming down. He was looking for a logical answer to what was happening. From this point on, Nalt felt the need to intervene in this situation.

“In fact, before the President of the Academy retreated to seclusion for his development, the nobles did not dare to act so boldly. But everything has changed when the ‘Second Great’ took over. The man, who is also the Head of the Fighting Department, neither left rules nor traditions just to be able to earn more money and have more resources!”

Having heard similar words before, Mel was a little bit calmer, and the announcement coming from the battlefield, where they stood ahead of, had a big share in this.

“Next fight; Florin against Arnold!”

“Here comes my time to become a star!”

Taking his worn weapon in his hand, the boy got on the stage with one leap. Unlike the sorrowful mood that just fell on his group, he looked enthusiastic and joyful.

“Look at this rascal! How he has revived when he found a rival right up his alley!”

Nalt spoke with a slight smile and began to watch while rolling up the sleeves of his worn-out clothes.

Unlike the fight he gave up, Florin quickly attacked his opponent. However, the young boy facing him was no less than him.

The weapons were colliding, the steps were eroding every square centimeter of the fighting area, and the fierce struggle of these two teenagers was raising the tension of the audiences.

The fight continued for about ten minutes, and Florin managed to impose his superiority on his opponent gradually. As a result, Arnold's sword flew out of his hand, dropped on the ground of the arena, and revealed the winner of the fight; Florin was the victor of this struggle that was entertaining to watch.

After the referee's announcement, the victorious young boy approached his defeated opponent and tapped his shoulder a couple of times. So, the fight of these two common people ended this way.

Florin jumped out of the fighting area in the same way he got up there. His lips, which normally couldn’t hide his two large front teeth, looked very thin because of straining.

“What do you think? It wasn’t a bad fight, ha?”

“It was really great. Your struggle enhanced the desire of fighting in me.”

While speaking, Edgan’s eyes were shining with joy. It was obvious that this handsome young man was not speaking just for the sake of the conversation; he was speaking from his heart.

Then they began to make a critique of the fight. Edgan told Florin a few points he observed while Mel was inclining his ear to their conversation.

“Mel, you are so interested in fighting. I would even suggest you change your expertise if I didn't know your skills in Botanical Science!”

Nalt couldn't help but tease when he saw his friend's enthusiasm. How could he have known that Mel was strong enough to deal even with Boss class creatures in the outer forest?

“Everything is very new to me since I lived in a small mountain village. That is the reason for my interest in fighting. Otherwise, I cannot be called as very talented!"

Florin sighed as Mel spoke.

"Oh, what an unfair life! What if I had that body?"

The toothy boy felt sad only by looking at Mel's appearance. If he knew the special condition of his arms, what would he say?

“Next fight; Edgan vs. Drake!"

When the referee in the fighting field announced, Florin got angry and spat on the ground.

"Look at that! Even while announcing the fight, he is presenting the nobles as the host!”

Edgan, in contrast, did not seem to care at all. He was walking calmly through the crowd to the fighting arena.

When he faced his opponent, he stood by reaching out his left hand forward and keeping his right hand with his sword behind his back. His stance was extremely charismatic. As the gentle wind blew his hair over his outfit, the girls who gathered around the battlefield began to scream.

The following events did not seem to please the noble boy standing before him. The color of his face became reddish gradually. At last, he couldn’t hold himself back and began to shout.

“You're putting on airs too much just for winning a fight or two. Soon, you will have a taste of the machete, which is my family's precious legacy. An accident may happen at any time in fights. The sharpness of my machete is legendary. If you don't want to lose a limb, you can kneel and give up!”

Edgan did not even give a slight reaction to the provocations of his opponent. He only bent the fingers of his outstretched hand and made a hand gesture meaning ‘come’.

This attitude pressed on the nerves of the noble boy, which was already on the borderline, and he attacked with a sharp cry of war. The weapon in his hand was just as majestic as he was; it had a wide width and five rings close to the handle.

When Drake swung his weapon, different sounds of the rings attached to his cutter echoed in the field. Edgan was calm. He managed to fend off the toss with just one step back.

Then with one foot, he stepped on the sword that was almost stuck in the ground, and with his other foot, he kicked the noble-born boy in the face.

Another scream arose from the girls who surrounded the fighting area. They could not remain silent to this aesthetic hit.

This situation, right after the words he said at the beginning of the fight, was literally a slap in Drake's face.

A roar far more terrifying than his first cry came out and he leaped forward. This time, he made a sideways swing towards Edgan's waist.

There was both strength and speed in his movement. But Edgan performed an aesthetic somersault forward as if he was waiting for such an attack and then struck the noble boy's face with the heel of his foot.

The sound of the metal rings on the sword was accompanied by the sad cry of the broken bone. Now, blood was flowing from Drake's nose like a waterfall.

When he reached out and checked it with his hand, he realized that his nose was broken. But it was too late. Edgan, who was waiting after the first blow, was attacking.

His sword-holding hand was still behind him and Edgan was using only his kicks to strike the body of the burly noble boy.

With each hit, Drake was thrown back a step or two, so that the fight that started at Edgan's side ended at the other side.

This was the scene that occurred following the kicks landing one after another. As the noble boy was swaying at the edge of the battlefield almost about to fall, a humming came up from the crowd.

It seemed like they wanted Edgan to end the show with a magnificent move.


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