"The first bud is opened!"

"Not only his but the first buds of all!"

On the side of the noble children, every participant was talking all at once. Only the girl with the last name Gloove was calm. She did not open her eyes and placed her hands on both sides of the container of the plant.

Her long black hair was falling from her shoulders and touching the table on which she leaned her arms with a very serious expression on her face.

On the side of the participants coming from lower-class families, there was no sound. They were looking at the Ghost Orchids with Ten Buds standing in front of them with silly looks.

"Sir, can such a thing happen?"

The Young Master was unable to figure out what was happening, seeking a rational reason for this phenomenon in consultation with the Head of the Plant Department.

"Louise, what is the most important feature of us botanists?"

When the young man got an answer to his question with another question, he began to think. He was being careful in front of the trial participants.

"Rising star Louise, if you want, I can tell!"

It was Grumpy Hanry who was speaking while overspreading in his seat and laughing brazenly. When the Head of Department, who had a divine facial expression, turned sharply to him after these words, Hanry did not change his attitude.

“Herbalists share the same energy dimension with plants and emit energy at the same frequency. When you bragged a minute ago, these kids had the brass face to talk. As a result, the emotional energies of the kids on the other side soared and they managed to open their first buds!”

Hanry was looking at Louise and the bloomed buds by turns while sitting in his seat. This state of Hanry made the Head of Department, sitting in the middle, take a deep breath and speak.

“Senior Master Hanry is correct. As the emotional intensity of the young participants increased, the energy they transferred to the plants increased too!”


As this phenomenon was explained, everyone was relieved. Mel, who was the last one to open the bud on the side of the lower class children, took a sigh of relief.

His eyes were on the boy next to him. The blood of the boy, who opened his hands with joy, was flowing faster. Mel slowly leaned to that side and whispered to the boy who torn his own hand.

"Don't let your blood go waste. Let the Ten-Buds Ghost Orchid feed on it!"

The short blond-haired boy frowned under his crooked hair seeming not to understand why someone had told him that.

Then his ugly face wrinkled in pain, and only then did he realize that he had squeezed his hand greedily. Seeing this state of mind, Mel repeated his request.

"Don't waste your blood. Feed your plant!"

The boy did so, soaked the soil of the Ten-Buds Ghost Orchid with his blood, and caressed the bloomed bud.

"Sir, the second bud has opened too!"

Stuck in the corner, Louise's escape ticket came from the girl from her family. Maria continued to do her job by ignoring what was happening.

"That would be expected from my family's little genius too, shining like a star among the others!"

The young master praised only the participant of his family, without distinction between the noble and the public, while another interesting incident took place as the Head of Department was about to open his mouth.

The second buds of all the Ten-Buds Ghost Orchids in the place of public attendees opened up.

"Speak, my young friend, speak!"

Grumpy Hanry stopped laughing and neighed and jumped, slamming his knees by ignoring his age. The sullenness that was on his face just ten minutes ago was nonexistent now and his happy laughter was rushing against the walls of the single-story building.

"Hanry, aren't you exaggerating?"

The Head of Department gave his first reaction to the two deputies dealing with each other, but the actual addressee of his question did not care.

"What could be bad about encouraging my colleague?"

This time, the young girl with the last name Gloove examined the row on the other before closing her eyes again, confirming that everyone was on the same stage with her.

A smile appeared on her face. Apparently, the young girl perceived this as a challenge.

“No, old friend, we cannot cut off the energy flows of others. The eyes of this long-bearded man have been on us for a while, and the young man has been checking us with his constant energy. We can only help those on the touring side. Asking for more will get us exposed!”

The red-green leaf tree offered to steal the energies of the plants in front of the noble candidates, but Mel immediately refused. Because of his nature, he had already come into prominence. Doing more would mean not listening to his grandfather's advice.

When the tenth minute was passed; one participant from the noble ranks and all participants on the public side was in the second bud opening stage.

“My young friends, the most difficult stage is to bloom the first and second buds. If you have succeeded in this, you no longer have to worry about losing communication with the plant. Keep doing your best!"

The Head of the Plants Department spoke to give morale to the remaining noble students. Although his words seem to have appealed to the public, he could not hide his main purpose.

“My old friend, the old man will be even more careful. Leave the girl to me and you gradually bring those on our side to the same level as the others progress. Do not raise all of them at once, and after seven buds, do not interfere in anything!”

Master Louise had inadvertently undertaken the opening of the first two buds, but from now on the young man might have been more careful. Considering this, Mel gave instructions to his friend and focused only on himself. This concentrated state of him caught the attention of Grumpy Hanry.

“This brat looks a bit habitual. But he was able to bloom two buds with the others. Maybe he's not that stupid!”

He reached for her herbal tea standing on the small coffee table next to him while muttering, and as he was about to pour the fragrant drink in his mouth, he got petrified.

“Louise, you haven't made an announcement this time, let me do it for you. Sir, the third bud has opened, and someone whose family is unknown has done it!”

Having a bewildered expression in the first part of his words, Hanry spoke in imitation of the young master in the second part, and then took a sip of his tea and leaned back. His eyes were on the three flowering Ten-Buds Ghost Orchid in front of Mel.

When his voice resonated within the building, all the participants without exception returned to Mel, including the genius of the Gloove family.

The young girl's eyes sparkled, but a second later they were closed again. Twenty seconds later, a third flower was blooming on the Ten-Buds Ghost Orchid in front of her.


“Young people are very competitive. It would be good if these two can trigger each other like that. A worthy competitor on the path of development always pushes the person to his limits!”

The Head of the Department found the competition of two participants, one noble and the other public, beneficial. With these words, he was putting these two kids on the same scale.

“The Head of Department is telling the truth, but to be a rival, the two people must be almost equal. I don't think this kid can come close to the genius of our family!"

Being lined with a commoner was like splashing mud on his face. Master Louise, by the surname Gloove, was not someone who could accept it. But then a laugh arose, and everyone knew the source of this reaction.

“You're right, colleague! How could a person who has bloomed four flowers be equal to another who has just reached the third!”

Hanry was speaking, but it was Mel who made him say that. The Ten-Buds Ghost Orchid in front of him was opening its fourth flower.


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