"This is the first time I've seen such a thing!"

Mel said this in surprise as he glanced at the enormous flower he was holding. Inside the petals, there was a round mouth surrounded by sharp teeth, which had just tried to swallow Mel as a whole.

“A wild creature in the form of a plant or a combination of the two! It is obvious why most of the people who come here die!”

After killing the snake, Mel, who wanted to get to the top of a tree and spend the night, was suddenly attacked. He would have died after this attack if he hadn't been up all night in the forest his grandfather had prepared.

"Let's see if this has a core?"

As he cleaved through the body of the giant flower with his hand, a subtle tremor entered his body. The vibration, which did not stop here, first mixed with the tree and then mixed with the soil.

After a few breaths, the surrounding trees began to tremble madly. Their long branches were hitting at each other.

"So, you show my place to the wild creatures. Now I see exactly how things work!"

When Mel realized that the wild creatures and the trees in the forest had united their destiny, he jumped down from the branch to the ground and immediately walked away. Trees needed wild creatures so that people wouldn't cut them, and wild creatures needed trees to avoid being hunted in the open fields.

"I won't spoil your business, but I have to get the cores of those who want to enter the circle of death!"

When he decided to enter the forest, Mel had determined his goal as seeing his own limits. The incidents he faced in the forest could not turn him back from this path.

The young boy was determined, but his rival was ruling a huge forest. Wherever he went, trees helped wild creatures to find him. So when he reached a small opening, he saw that he was surrounded by snakes.


As more than ten creatures were constantly moving, trying to block all escape routes, a shadow that appeared at his back crept into this open area and approached Mel.

Standing above the young boy's thick body, it began to sway. Its body, which it shrunk in circles, was twice the height of Mel.

“So you're the boss! I warn you for the last time. If you go away, I will not follow you. But if you stay and fight, your end will be death!"

The great snake responded with a thin hiss, and after this move, other creatures in the vicinity began to make the same sound.

"Let’s start then!"

When Mel realized that he was entering a way of no return, he raised his arms and took the fighting position. Meanwhile, two shadows coming from the bushes dashed towards his arms.

They were like the smaller versions of the giant snake. They quickly wrapped around Mel's arms and clung tightly to the part from wrist-to-shoulder.

Their boss hissed insolently as if it was saying ‘you cannot even handle these’.

Mel understood what the boss snake meant to say. While the snakes were trying to sever his arms by tightening their muscles, Mel was just smiling.

The snakes seemed to have learned their lesson from their previous encounter with Mel. They had flung themselves on arms, reducing the mobility of the enemy to zero, so that they would not be the target of the claws and so would not be torn into pieces.

While the snakes were trying to make Mel’s arms useless by straining mercilessly, the young boy roared and began to tense the muscles in his arms.

There was a war of two powers; while one of them was squeezing from outside to inside, the other was straining himself from inside to outside. Mel's body had already exceeded the limits of his peers, but especially his arms were another kettle of fish.

All the energy of the wild creature bodies, which he absorbed with the help of the tree in the cave, was wasted to achieve the dragon transformation in his arms. Although they did not appear that way, the arms that the snakes tried to destroy by squeezing were almost like the limbs of a dragon.

The successive explosion sounds were proof of this. The remnants of the two snakes, which were torn into pieces, were falling on the ground.

"Stop sending your subordinates, who have not yet formed a core, to death. If you are powerful enough, let's fight!"

Mel was only mild in front of humans and creatures that had not entered the death circle. Those, who crossed the line, we're meeting with his other side. His determined and wild side was coming out.


The boss snake realized that the others couldn't handle this. The plan of suppressing a person, who killed a subordinate that was able to form a core, with numerical superiority, seemed useless.

However, it still did not come forward without using all the cards in its hand. The creatures, hiding in the shadows, attacked after a small vibration of its tongue.

"If you want to die, so be it!"

The young boy, pulling both of his dragon-clawed hands near his body, quickly began to swing them. The enemy had not yet reached him, but the claws of green energy coming out of his hands were already finding their targets.

Now, the small opening was filled with snake corpses. Not a single creature was in one piece. Mel had moved into the second stage of the dragon's claw and was able to separate the energy accumulated in his paws from his body and send it to his enemy.

Trees around also suffered from Mel's attacks. They rustled as if they were crying out because of their broken branches and injured trunks.

"Do not be angry with me. You had to think about this while showing my place to the creatures!"

That was all that happened. Before they could reach him, the snakes were torn to pieces with his claw-shaped energy attacks. The trees that supported the snakes were badly damaged. Mel had no mercy for those who entered the Death Circle.

"I don't know if I can cut your thick skin with Energy Claws, but I can't wait to try it!"

Looking at the frozen giant snake, the young boy challenged it by showing his hands. If it was a normal creature, it would run away when it saw what its subordinates were going through. But the boss-level snake got even angrier at this situation. It immediately released its bow-like body and attacked. Mel responded by sending his Energy Claws coming out of his hands.

A big noise was heard. Despite the bumps it received, the boss snake kept speeding and hit Mel. Stretching its head forward and using its torso like a spear, it almost stuck to the young boy.

Taking the blow, Mel was thrown back. He knocked down dozens of trees before being able to stop his flitting. Finally, when his speed slowed down, he clung to a wide-bodied tree.

The giant snake hissed loudly as if challenging Mel. It had the pride of a warrior who had beaten its opponent. On the other side, Mel was watching it from the place he was thrown to. When the snake's show of power was over, Mel moved out from the place he was buried.


“I've left a mark on it, but I can't release enough energy yet to go deeper and cut its flesh. Come! Let's see what happens when my paws touch you directly!”

Once again they made a move to each other. This time Mel slipped from the side of the head that descended like a spear to his body and he clawed the snake’s long body.

When his hand, wrapped with green energy, cut through the skin covered with hard scales and touched the flesh, the boss snake released a sad hiss. It couldn't stop the acceleration of its movement in the opposite direction and its body was split all along.

"For a snake that dared to be insolent against a dragon, you weren't that tough!”

Although his confidence peaked while fighting, Mel was never arrogant. As soon as he saw that the enemy was in a weak position, he attacked again. His goal was to do more damage by attacking the open wound that was as wide as his hand.

The young boy was doing what he planned. He was sneaking up from the blind spots of the enemy whose mobility was weakened and hitting its bleeding wound.

Even though the hit and run tactics drove the giant snake crazy, it had nothing to do. The enemy's speed and agility had already exceeded it.

The boss snake hissed angrily, but this time it was different from its other yells. Its sound seemed like asking for help, and after a few breaths, what it was waiting for happened.


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