They experienced that the weather changed as they entered the residential area. It was a fresher, more spacious feeling that fills people with energy in every breath.

"This place is as good as it was said. After our town, here is like a corner from heaven!"

The young girl's cheeks flushed slightly and with this appearance added to her natural beauty, Mel was baffled where to look.

“Well, thank you for paying the entrance fee. I will repay my debt as soon as possible!"

Mel, who seemed more attractive in terms of bodily features compared to the duo walking next to him, was in a negative position when the clothes they were wearing were compared. There were robes or full-length embroidered robes inside his ring, which would make other people green with envy, but the young boy did not wear them so as not to attract attention.

Contrary to this, the male one of the duo he met at the door looked dazzling. His hair, clothes, and the aura he was radiating were making people passing by a focus on him.

"My friend, don't worry about this! Fate must have brought us together!"

His voice was impressive too, and he spoke slowly and softly to suppress Mel's embarrassment. After him, the girl spoke.

“We say we are friends, but we still haven't met. I am Marvina, and this is my elder brother Edgan.”

The girl introduced herself and the young boy next to her in one breath.

"My name is Malcom, but as long as I can remember, everyone calls me Mel!"

“Nice to meet you, Mel. We've come a long way. Shall we continue our conversation while we eat?"

With Edgan's suggestion, these three teenagers went down the crowded streets and entered a shabby inn. It was a three-story place entirely made of wood. The style of the building was generally reflecting the characteristic features of the structures in this settlement.

In this city, buildings had small but ample windowed exteriors and tree trunks as building materials. The effects of the dense forest nearby were most noticeable in the buildings.

“Mel, money passes here. I hope I don't have to pay again!”

The young boy, tucking his long hair into the back of his robe, spoke wickedly. While he thought his move would put Mel in a difficult position, he witnessed an unexpected reaction.

"When you say money, are you talking about this?"

A purple object, with four corners and a small hole in the middle, suddenly appeared in the hand of the muscular teenager sitting at the table.

"Mel, hide it quickly!"

As Mel couldn’t realize what was happening, Marvina grabbed Mel's money and immediately lowered it under the table. There was a nervous expression on her face, and in her eyes, there was the unbelievable look of someone who had just seen a ghost.

"Where did you get that money from?"

When Edgan pulled his chair forward and asked the simply dressed young man this question, a voice rang out right near his ear.

"Do young masters want to order?"

The waitress of the inn intervened, putting her large breasts, overflowing from her open collar, into the mouth of the handsome boy. Judging by her flirting attitude, she was not aware of what had just happened.

"We want stew made of wild creature breast!"

The waiter, who was waiting for the answer from the young man she came close to, was startled by Marvina's words. The young girl made it clear that she did not like the waitress to flirt with her brother.

Seeing the guardian girl, the waiter took the order and left the table, and the three teenagers got closer to each other again.

"Why are you so surprised?"

Mel spoke with a low voice, unable to understand the situation.

“Mel, are you serious? Don't you know what I have in my hand right now?

Facing one question after another, Mel froze. Edgan, seeing that his sister came down on him too much, made a hand gesture of ‘stop’ to the girl and began talking.

“My friend, I don't know where you came from, but you need to learn some things urgently. I think the simple-looking piece of metal on your finger is a valuable work that contains spaces between areas."

"Almost no one possesses such a ring. Never use it in public!”

Listening attentively to what was being said; Mel nodded trying to show that he understood.

“As for the purple money, it is worse than the other. I'll ask something first. Do you know the currencies?"

Mel was a simple boy living in a small mountain village, and his answer was very simple since he had no money to date.


The two siblings first looked at each other, and then stopped talking for a short while as the steaming stews came to the table. Whenever the waiter with the big tits went away far enough, the handsome boy began to speak by whispering.

“In the world, coins made from mines, are used to meet human needs. Look, these are the money I'm talking about!"

Reaching out to a pouch inside his robe, the young boy took out three kinds of round objects and put them on the table.

"This is copper money, this is silver, and this is gold!"

He continued to speak by putting his hand on the copper.

"A hundred of them make one silver and a hundred of those silvers make one gold coin!"

"Well, what was the money in my hand then?"

"Don't rush, I'm coming there."

Opening to the outside world, Mel was like a sponge dipped in water, constantly wanting to learn new things.

“After the mines, there are jades where the Domination level masters transmit their spiritual energies. These coins are very different from the mines. Even though one is worth a thousand gold coins, growers often use them to gain comprehension or to absorb their energy!”

As the information flooded into his mind, Mel began to gaze at the young boy in front of him with admiring eyes. With every word of him, Mel was discovering how big the world really was.

“The object withholding Marvina from eating, since she needs to hide it right now, must be something I've only read in books before. The Purple Crystal Token was made from the cores of wild creatures at the One Becoming level. I have no idea about ​​its value!”

The big-bodied boy shivered slightly when he heard the last word. He thought that the two, who were so excited about a Purple Crystal Token, could go crazy if they saw the amount in the ring.

"Thank you very much for the warning. I am indebted to you once again!"

Mel slowly held out his ringed hand to Marvina's hand holding the Purple Crystal Token. After a second, the purple four-cornered object disappeared, as if it had never existed.

"Your food is getting cold, please!"

When the small crisis was over, they eagerly ate the watery meal in the deep bowls put on the table. Moreover, Mel liked it so much that he could not stop eating until finishing two more bowls.

“Mel, I can't feel any spirit power coming from you. Are you someone getting physical education?"

Scratching his head with his left hand, Mel began to look around with shy glances. Edgan knew the meaning of this state, although they had known each other for a short time.

"I guess you don't know these either. But excuse me. That's all I can tell today!"

The handsome young man stopped, but his sister had no such intention.

"If you're not a fighter, for which part of the academy you came here?"

This time he had an answer.

"I want to join the plant section!"

“Nice, I also came to be an Alchemist. My brother will go where the fighters are!”

The girl, who got excited, lost control of the level of her voice, and other customers of the inn, hearing what she had said, began to look at them.

“Calm down Marvina! I haven't passed the proficiency tests yet!”

Thousands of people were waiting for the participation tests to begin in three days in the residential area of ​​the academy. It was not a very rational move to express such bold statements in public.

“Sorry brother. But the last two and a half years have been so wonderful. I cannot control myself as I think of those times! "


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