Heir of the Dragon

Heir of the Dragon

by Sanseiu

Mel was a boy living in a mountain village.

His relationship with the old man who lived in the ruined house outside the village would make him heir to the world's greatest secret.

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Likeable but flawed

Reviewed at: Chapter 30

It's a progression story, we follow Mel, an 11-year old kid as he gets stronger and stronger. Not really xianxia nor litrpg, but similiar to both. The MC is kind of like a cultivator, the Inheritor of a ancient powerful dragon, and has high potential. He spends his time training in a cave, improving his skills, fighting beasts, talking to plants (???), etc. Not too exciting or special for now. You might like it if you like eastern progression-style stories.

Not for me. Really not for me. It reminds me of poorly translated chinese stories. The sentences are confusing enough that, in early chapters, it's hard to understand who precisely is saying what. Most lines of dialogue end in exclamation marks, it reads in an extremely awkward manner. For example: "No way! My right hand is really strong!”, is what most of the dialogue looks like. Just MC shouting at himself like a toddler. Like he's the narrator, giving commentary for the reader/audience. And there are no smooth transitions from scene to scene, the perspective is jarring and keeps changing. 0 attention is given to how characters, places or scene look, or what characters are thinking on the inside. It's a very strange, hyperactive style. Hard to read.

Riddled with mistakes. Most are small, some are bigger. "The" instead of "a", is a really frequent one. Missing commas galore. And many words are used in strange, unusual ways and places. Misused idioms, etc. For example, in the very first chapter: "He is taken after you.", instead of "he takes after you". Such examples are distracting, but english is probably not the author's first language I guess.

Nothing special, but not bad. There is a bit of mystery behind things, and the world might just yet turn out interesting. There are guns, but people use scythes and live in villages as peasants, scared of monster attacks. So it's not your typical world, it's a bit of a mix. MC's village gets attacked and destroyed, and now he's training inside of a cave his Inheritor left him, and occasionally goes out to fight beasts. He just wants to get stronger, and to do this he is following a written guide the Inheritor left him, that has a detailed description of what he needs to do, in what order, to progress. So basically he's just reading those quests and doing them one at a time. Eh.

There aren't many characters yet. At least, not those that have been alive for longer than 2 or 3 chapters. The mother's only purpose is to give us 2 sentences and then be raped and killed, for example. Our MC is left all alone in the world, and we now follow him on his cultivation path. He doesn't have much of a personality though. He isn't very shocked everyone he ever knew died, and gets over it easily, without trauma. But on the other hand, he's overly nice to plants..? It's like reading the thought process of a toddler mostly. "HAYA! I will hit you, foul beast! Ow! My left hand hurts! You are harder than I thought! No worries, I will have to use my right hand then! It is much stronger!!!". It is very shallow