Power of Possibility

by Paul Prinsloo

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

In 8th century Greece, legends and myths were an everyday occurrence. Stories of great demigods like Heracles were told around the hearth to the young and old alike. Aleksander was not one that really cared much about legends. But it's usually those that do not seek to be a legend, that ends up becoming one.

 Thrust out of everything he knows he is forced on a voyage that leads him further away than any gods had gone in the legends. Will the new world favour him like the great Achilles and the strong Heracles, or will he merely be a footnote in history? 

Join him in his unexpected rise to myth in a history unknown to the modern world.

P.S. Cover is not the MC. It's a depiction of the Ashen one.

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While the story seems enjoyable I feel there is a lack of consitancy in the relative ability of characters in fight scenes. I also can't tell if the story in historical fiction or fantasy as different charaters and places give different ideas of how 'realistic' the story is.

It might get better later on when more of the world is revealed but for now the grammer is good and the writing is ok.