Demons will stop at nothing to steal Harper Hawthorne’s magical nexus. They are hot on her tail, and she needs the help of the Afterlife supernatural crime-fighting team to save her life.

But can she really trust a vampire and his friends?

Under the flashing neon lights of Las Vegas, Harper is a normal woman. A bartender by trade, she meets many people every day, human and demon alike. Word has spread in the Las Vegas Underground that she is the owner of an heirloom that can grant a demon unrestrained power.

A team of supernatural demon slayers, hiding under the cover of their nightclub, Afterlife, find out about the demons’ plans and make it their mission to stop them. With the power of a fairy, charm of an incubus, strength of a shape-shifter, and wits of a vampire, Afterlife is in the only thing standing between these demons and a power that threatens to change the world. But do they have the strength to withstand the demonic forces? Can they stop them before it’s too late?

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Thomas Kropp

Afterlife Book1: The Forgotten Nexus-Chapter 14

Reviewed at: Book II: Blood of the Demon - Chapter 1

My favorite character in the entire story was Harper.  The author gave Harper plenty of character agency.  She was a take charge type person that knew how to deal with people.  I suspect she was needing to learn how to trust others, and her want was to live an independent life without needing the help of others. In the end Harper finally learned to trust her new found family by rejecting ultimate power which would've gave her ultimate indepence. The cost would've been her soul. Ultimately by rejecting the love for others. 

I thought the story itself was solid.  The catalyst happened early, getting Harper involved right away.  Harper debated for a couple of chapters before she decided to accept the challenge that launched her into the second act.  We were introduced to the team members of the story Alec, Chloe, Sarah, and Conner.  Later we were introduced to the character Brittney, Harper's BFF.  Harper took plenty of risks that endangered those around her.  Great display of her indepence streak!  Her lack of trust for others was apparent in the story.  I thought the author executed this well.  Then at the end of act three Harper finally learns to trust her team by destroying the nexus.  

The author definitely has a strong voice when telling the story.  I can hear the characters distinct voices as I read their dialogue.  The transitons between scenes are done well so I don't think I was ever lost in the dust.  

The grammar was not flawless, but not bad either.  It was an easy to read story with very few mispellings which was more to do with mismatched word meanings like where and wear.  Her language and tact therefore throughout the story was solid with few mistakes.  

Some criticisms are that when explaining character abilites its best to show and not tell.  Same thing with the action of the story.  There were times when the author rushed through a scene by telling the action instead of showing it.  Did the author show the character abilities? Mostly Yes. But there were times that the author told it which slowed the story down.  

Overall I really liked the story especially Harper's quick wit. Anyone intersted in urban fantasy I would recommend you give this a read. I plan to read the rest of the series. I am curious to know the rest of Harper's story!