Fallout: Vault X

by FourPin

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

An original novel set in the Fallout universe, written to be accessible to all, featuring unique people and places

Fallout: Vault X tells the story of John, a vault dweller, who spent every day of his twenty five years underground, like his father, and his father before him. Proud to live in the last remaining bastion of humanity, all that survived The Great War of the atomic age, hidden deep below the surface of the earth, toiling under brutal conditions, year after year, decade upon decade, to expand into the natural cave system the Vault occupied, building for the future. However, John knew what his forefathers did not, that everything he’d been taught was a lie.

After finishing school at the age of ten, John received his standard issue pipboy, the arm mounted personal computer, worn by everyone in the Vault, used to coordinate the relentless pace of expansion, needed to work as an apprentice, to learn the craft that would be his life’s work, a noble calling to ensure a future for all that remained of the human race.

A quirk of fate saw John equipped not with the crude, clunky, pipboy model his father wore, that nearly everyone around him wore, his looked smaller, sleeker, finished in a jet black sheen, and capable of doing far more than its drab counterparts.

The world above had been ravaged by atomic flames, yet life clung to its bones. The Red Valley fared better than most in the century since the bombs fell, the clean water and rich soil protected by rolling hills, spared from direct strikes, for the most part. Life survived here, trees spawned from charred ground, misshapen, green leaves turned red, along with simple crops, grown wild at first, then cultivated by the survivors.

The scavengers of the old world were inventive, hardy people, determined to rebuild in the ruins of a world they never knew. In the decades that passed settlements emerged, spreading along the valley floor, reclaiming the pre-war remnants of the once industrialised heartland, salvaging the robotic wonders of a bygone age to build their walls, work their fields, to protect them in the dark of the wasteland. But such things are uncommon in this world, and the rarer something is, the greater its value, and the worth of pre-war technology had not gone unnoticed.

The last, real, power in this world rested in the mechanised hands of The Brotherhood of Steel. Forged from the mortally wounded old world military, The Brotherhood used its access to the armaments responsible for a conflict no one won to strike out into the wastes, equipping men and women with advanced armour, aerial transportation, high grade weaponry, accompanied by the training, strength, and will, to put them to use. They established chapters, set up outputs, far and wide, all dedicated to a single purpose, to ensure the technology left abandoned by its long dead creators didn’t fall into the wrong hands, namely, any hands that were not their own.

This is the world John escaped into, a place of horrors brought forth from atomic fire, a place where survival meant battling against the darkness, a war each day to get to the next, and war…war never changes.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 Esc ago
Chapter 2 Red Rocket ago
Chapter 3 The Grand ago
Chapter 4 “Get up stupid.” ago
Chapter 5 “It saves two lives.” ago
Chapter 6 “Threat detected.” (Part 1 of 2) ago
Chapter 6 “Threat detected.” (Part 2 of 2) ago
Chapter 7 “It’s an old Mr Fix It trick.” ago
Chapter 8 Lying signs that told the truth ago
Chapter 9 Robco’s Rest (Part 1 of 2) ago
Chapter 9 Robco’s Rest (Part 2 of 2) ago
Chapter 10 “Is this what you normally eat?” (Part 1 of 2) ago
Chapter 10 “Is this what you normally eat?” (Part 2 of 2) ago
Chapter 11 Robco Industries (Part 1 of 2) ago
Chapter 11 Robco Industries (Part 2 of 2) ago
Chapter 12 “It ain’t all whiskey and roast pork…” ago
Chapter 13 “Not all who wander are lost son.” ago
Chapter 14 “2475 metres.” ago
Chapter 15 Shadowtown ago
Chapter 16 The Tower With Power ago
Chapter 17 “One of them pro bono type deals” ago
Chapter 18 "Run." (Part 1 of 2) ago
Chapter 18 "Run." (Part 2 of 2) ago
Chapter 19 Paladin Sara Maxwell (Part 1 of 2) ago
Chapter 19 Paladin Sara Maxwell (Part 2 of 2) ago
Chapter 20 “Agreed.” ago
Chapter 21 Ad Victoriam (Part 1 of 2) ago
Chapter 21 Ad Victoriam (Part 2 of 2) ago
Chapter 22 Structure and routine ago
Chapter 23 Her Father, The Elder ago
Chapter 24 “A big metal door in the ground.” (Part 1 of 2) ago
Chapter 24 “A big metal door in the ground.” (Part 2 of 2) ago
Chapter 25 “Say thank you old dead guy that invented auto-stand” (Part 1 of 2) ago
Chapter 25 “Say thank you old dead guy that invented auto-stand” (Part 2 of 2) ago
Chapter 26 "Never given or taken lightly" ago
Chapter 27 Operation Mole Rat (Part 1 of 2) ago
Chapter 27 Operation Mole Rat (Part 2 of 2) ago
Chapter 28 R and R (Part 1 of 2) ago
Chapter 28 R and R (Part 2 of 2) ago
Chapter 29 “This is the mission.” (Part 1 of 2) ago
Chapter 29 “This is the mission.” (Part 2 of 2) ago
Chapter 30 “There’s no place like home.” ago
Chapter 31 Contingency plans ago
Chapter 32 "Arise" ago
Epilogue: Volume 2 Chapter 1 Rosie ago
Epilogue: Volume 2 Chapter 2 Trauma detected ago
Epilogue: Volume 2 Some Time Later… (a collection of excerpts) ago

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The Fallout setting is vast and provides sufficient worldbuilding for many stories; disappointingly, most I've seen thus far have tended to stick to retelling canon (e.g. 3 or NV). This one is special, one of the few that tries to tell something unique. I'm certainly enjoying it thus far, the protagonist is alright but the excellently written characters he surrounds himself with were what really grabbed me and gave me faith in the story's potential. Looking forward to whatever the author has planned.


A must read for any wasteland survivor out here.

Reviewed at: Chapter 15 Shadowtown

Let's be honest , if you haven't played Fallout 3 or 4 , you will be getting only a tenth of the full experience this story provides.

If you have sometimes just forgot about the mainline quests and just let your feet take control and wander the wasteland, this history is for you.

Full of detailed if not always clear pictures of the enviroment, fully fleshed characters, and some digging into the MC, I have great hopes for this novel to get into the hall of the best RR will have to offer to a select audience.

This is not your average reincarnator/xianxia/transmigrator/looper story (as fond as I am of some of them , mind you) , but real meat. Come with some hunger and you will be served.

The author is willing to fix the minor typos and is really catering to the audience , so jump in and let's make this the best shared experience we can.


Quentin R

Fallout is one of my favorite game series and I'm really thrilled to have found a very interesting fan fiction on Royal Road. There is something about this uchronia that I can really describe. I rhinks it's the crazy mix between the post-apocalyptic setup and the 50's aesthetic. A mix that works very well with visuals and, thanks to FourPin's work, does the job in a novel.

Fallout: Vault X is well written. They are some typos (mostly in the dialogues) and the paragraphs tend to be VERY long. On this second point, it works because the style is slow-paced and highly descriptive. It helps the immersion and bringing back the nostalgia (a lot of classic items such as the PipBoy, characters/monsters, etc. tag along!). However, it couldbe more fast-paced during the fight scenes once John uses his VATS to show how deadly he can be.

I'd like to know more about the Main Character. For the sake of the plot, he got out of the vault pretty quickly. We have all the informations we needed (his relationship with Rosie, why he wants to leave, etc.), yet I think that him staying a little longer underground would have help us root for him more.  

The story so far is interesting but follows the classic Fallout trop of an underground outcast fleeing cluelessly into the Wastelands. He crossed some raiders, some irradiated monsters and got save from an atrocious death on his first day. For the moment, it helps setting up the world and bringing up the nostalgia.

Yet, Fallout is a sick, gory universe with dark humor and lunatic characters. It makes room for electric action scenes and juicy story-telling. But it can aslo be a grim and sad place. Judging by the writing skills and some really cool moments (the stealthboy scene), the author has the abilities to do more! I hope FourPin will surprise us in the following chapter and make this story his own!

Keep up the good work and give me some Sugar Bombs!



The story itself mirrors kind of close to fallout 3 so far in that a vault dweller is leaving their vault to explore the wasteland above. However, the similarities with any game stops there and the rest is an entirely new story that's both nostalgic to those who have played a fallout game and remember the first time seeing the ruined world to explore as well as being good enough at showing the world around and in the vault to make anyone new to the fallout fandom feel like they're not ousted or out of place. I worthy story to follow and rush to whenever it updates



Well, She wasn't defiled at least... ;)

Reviewed at: Epilogue: Volume 2 Chapter 2 Trauma detected

I love the Fallout Universe and the post apocalyptic time period over all. That could make me biased for this story, but I would like to belive that I would have enjoyed it even with no previous knowledge.

The author uses his story-telling to really bring the characters to life. The story sucks you in, and the chapters length is just right for a quick read every now and then.

The author have to work a bit on the grammar though. He seems to love his commas to death. Even in the last chapter it is as full of them as in the first. When I get in the flow of the story though, my eyes just learns to ignore them. In other words, it's not unimmersive in any way.