Chosen by the Laws

Chosen by the Laws

by Kyle Mehaffey1

In the beginning, there was nothing, until the Creation, Life, and Death Laws were created by ‘The Ruling System’, Using the energy provided they created the universe. In time new Laws were created. Everything existed in equilibrium until the Chaos law was formed and the balance was broken.

On a small world called Earth, A young man named Daimon Blaine was running in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Reaching Black Elk Peak he stopped to catch his breath. looking into the sky he saw a beam of white light shooting down from the heavens suddenly the world turned white.

Unable to move, black writing appeared before him. Words he did not understand.

"Welcome to The Ruling System Prepare for integration". 

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Great start to a novel leaves the reader wanting to now more and great gramer compared to other novels I have read. The new system of laws seems to be a new concept and I wonder where the writer will take it from here. Also a unique name for the main character


The story exists in a reality where the Earth is merged with four other planets by the system, in order to complete a higher cause. The MC is an anomaly in the system, gaining an advantage over all other 'competitors'. Trapped outside of the tutorial villages he must try to survive and navigate new and hostile environments, while trying to reunite with his family and conquer the challenge set by the system.

While the author is still finding their style, I actually found myself enjoying it more than I thought I would.


Solid Premise and Execution, Small Errors

Reviewed at: Chapter 7 Adventure

I have found this novel, so far, very interesting. The whole premise of the story is really neat and seems to be well thought out. 

However, there are small grammar errors and some awkward sentences here and there. They don't detract from the overall story though, and I can ignore them for the most part.

This story has a lot of potential, and the writer seems to have an idea for where they want it to go. I can't wait to continue reading as time goes on. I'm sure the small kinks will get worked out as they write more.