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Feeling the rays hit my face gives a feeling of warmth and a sense of satisfaction that feels new. I sit there basking in sunlight for the very first time and feel its heat, a brightness quite different from all that I’ve experienced so far. As I go into a meditative state that I’ve been practicing, my mind clears up and I feel a sort of connection to the place, a place I have been going to all these months. Unlike the gloomy and simple corridor I have been going to so far, this time it’s well-lit with a Sun up in the sky and an open field with some single doors just standing scattered over the place, which looks weird and mysterious. I walk around from door to door trying them out while the sun makes me feel exactly like I did just a few moments ago. Though the prof has been trying to teach me how to do this for almost 15 days now, it was the first time I could make this place look and feel as I want it. I notice some doors still locked and each time I find a closed one, I close my eyes and imagine them to have a locked symbol on them which appear on them before I move to others. I walk to that one particular door and stand a few seconds looking at it and like always walk away not wanting anything to do with it.

As I keep moving from door to door, much to my surprise, this time I see something completely new which was not a door. There was bright light all around it but that one particular patch was… dark. It looked like a void sucking in everything around it. As I walk closer to it I feel a tug on myself as if it was calling me to it. When I walk close enough much to my surprise I notice a person sleeping under all that darkness. More than intrigued I see the body slowly being pulled into the void seeing which I hurry over.

As I approach closer I notice it was a girl that was wearing… it looked like the hospital gown I woke up in, lying on the floor facing the void it slowly was being dragged in which looked pretty creepy. When I reach forward to hold the arm, I instinctively pull back my hand as the body felt, cold, very cold to touch. What freaked me out even more was that the body turned around and the arm I was trying to hold shot out and held my arm. I let out a shriek and try pulling back as I did not expect that, but stop when I notice that the body looked like me? Or 5? But neither of us, she was skinny, so skinny that I could see her skeleton through her skin.

She looked at me with blood-shot eyes and said, “Why didn’t you protect me… You were supposed to save me from her… Now she has me…” a maniacal grin forms on her face as her voice becomes high pitch, “I am her now and she is me and you can never save me again…” and her hand starts to crush my arm…

I wake up all sweaty and covered in goosebumps all over my body. Thought this has been happening for almost a year now, every time it’s something new and I can never get used to these dark ones. I sit cross-legged, closing my eyes and try to slow my racing heart, as I think back at what I’ve just seen I am unable to forget those eyes, those bloodshot eyes. I shake my head thinking there was nothing I could do about it right now anyway and look at the reason for my powerlessness, the thing that has been bothering me in my status


Test Specimen – 07 (7)

Age: 13 years

Race: Human(Mutated)





????? ??????? – 4 Earth Hours

Every time I look at it I get angry at my situation. Every second since I have come to life has been a struggle of some form. I wished I was born normal so that at least I would not be able to understand what’s happening was wrong and get so irritated it.

As I hear the door open I say, “I told you it was pointless, just because I was able to make it look how I wanted it didn’t change anything” I say feeling the goosebumps that I keep getting each time I remember those eyes. “I don’t understand what I just saw but I need to know about 6 right now. At least let me know now, you know I can’t do anything right now anyway“

I hear a long sigh from behind me before Jamey starts to say, “We didn’t tell you anything so far since Professor Vega was not here these past two weeks. The reason he isn’t here regardless of what happened to you is also because of test...” I turn around immediately glaring at him. Looking at me he holds his hands up and continues, “ because of 6.”

“What happened to my sister?” I ask.

Shaking his head Jamey continues, “Your sister was fine…”

“What do you mean by WAS fine?” I interject

“Would you let me finish for once? I know you are worried and honestly, I’m not supposed to tell you any of this, but of the few things that surprised me in my life, the past four months understanding you has been one of them and after that, I think you deserve to know what happened.”

He then looks me in the eye and asks, “what have been telling you about how to learn or understand things these past few months?”

I look down remembering what he has been telling me again and again while teaching me things, “To take things step-by-step.”

“And what should one not do?”

“Jump from one thing to another with half knowledge…”

“I hope to god you remember that after you are teleported 7, I really do, because if not, it will be very hard for you. Now I will tell you everything that has happened and I want you to listen to what I’m about to tell you with an open mind ok?” he completes.

As I nod my head, he goes, “Almost 15 days ago there was a failed attempt to take 6 away from the facility she was in or so we thought. Nobody knew what happened but we got an SOS from the facility. A platoon with 40 T1s under four T2s, headed directly by Professor Vega left to investigate it. By the time they reached the facility the entire thing was open only to find 6 safe and sound asleep in her room. There were two weird things about the whole thing, one, it was an underground bunker whose location was known to only Professor Vega and probably 2 other high-ranking officials, he wanted it that way. Even the people who work there go through temporary memory wipes if they are to be moved to a different facility, that’s how under the wraps the knowledge its existence was. I have never seen the Professor like the way he was when he heard the news and he even took a platoon of soldiers all of whom were not even cleared for that information despite which he just wanted to rush in.”

“Second, when the team reached the facility, all the doors to the entire facility were open, even the blast doors and everybody in the facility were gone except for 6. They were as shocked as you are. There was not a single drop of blood found, no signs of struggle or no signs of anyone leaving the facility. They just up and disappeared. I heard that the Professor allowed no one near 6 and asked the rest of the platoon to close up the facility and start investigating what happened. But as you can expect, most of the data in the facility was highly confidential so no one could access anything…”

“Wasn’t the professor with them, shouldn’t he be able to access everything?” I ask like it was the most obvious thing.

“Yes, he had access to everything except he asked no one to disturb him and locked himself in lab section with 6 for almost 10 days!”

“What? Why?

“That’s the thing, nobody knows, when he came out, he asked the team that had nothing to do but just stand guard to be prepared. Nobody knew how but they were told by the professor that there will be an attack and as they were told they were attacked not an hour after being warned,” he holds his hand up looking at me who was ready to say something and continues, “Yes, it was the General that attacked and though they were all prepared, we don't know what happened. As we lost contact with the team, we sent another scout team of 2 for reconnaissance and what the scout team informed us was something no one was prepared for…” he pauses a few seconds before saying, “The entire facility is gone, except for a huge crater in the entire area, there is nothing left of the facility or the people. Everyone on the mission is MIA.” he finished.

I stand up forgetting my physical condition only to fall face-first on the floor before Jamey helps me up. After he lays me back on the bed, I ask, “My sister?”

He just shakes his head, “No one knows what happened, it was only yesterday that we got to know about all of this as well, the higher-ups are discussing what to do next as we speak.”

I glare at him saying, “What is there to discuss, they need to send investigative teams and figure out what happened to my sister and Professor Vega, isn’t he like a big shot in your so-called ‘Alliance’? They are going to just leave it as is? Also, if it was all gone, how do you know all this?”

“No one is giving up on anything, we are taking a step back to figure out what has happened so far and make informed decisions…”

He then stops mid-sentence and then looks at me saying, “You know what? All of this doesn’t matter, I told you all that has happened since you deserved to know and that is that. Be assured we won’t give up on Professor Vega just like that and will keep investigating is all you need to know. We know all of this as luckily one of the T1s was sharing short video recordings with his girlfriend who reached out to us as he didn’t contact her for 3 days. We were really lucky or we would’ve been in complete darkness.”

As I try to make a protest he calms me down saying, “You don’t have much time to worry about others, this is not a joke or fun run, you will die if you are not careful. You know it better than 5 who you learned all of this for. Though we don’t know how and why but you are going to be teleported to the tower in a few hours…”

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