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Chapter 11

I gave been keeping a track of the patrol routes of the few guards and where they generally stand guard the past few days. I have 3 locations that I felt 6 could be in and when I tried to sneak out while the people looking after us were focused on 5, it went awry as she started following me and no matter how stealthily I have been trying, there would always be someone who finds me asking, basically ordering me to return to where I’m supposed to be.

Without giving up I try the same entire thing again expecting things to change for once.

I realized it the hard way to not include 5 in my plans since one she wouldn’t understand, and two the second she feels I might be in the slightest of the dangers, she magically appears beside me out of nowhere and ready to fight, I don’t know who. So as soon as I notice that she is a bit focused on her workout, I slip out and start making my way to the nearest room that 6 possibly could be in. As soon I get a chance I slip in and slowly walk in silently closing the door. Excited I could make it I pump my fist into the air turning around to find a bald old man leaning on the bed smirking at me.

“Not the smartest of the lot I see!” saying that the man looks at me and the same dreadful feeling I keep getting from people from time to time washes over me. The next moment, the door opens wildly and 5 was standing there, struggling in one of the guard’s hands, “Let her go and close the door will you soldier?” I hear the old man saying.

Nodding at him, the guard lets go of 5 who rushes between me and the old man while the door was closed.

“Take a seat I’m not here to hurt you but ask a few questions,” he says pointing to the safe behind us.

“Where is 6? Why aren’t you people letting us meet her? What have you done to her? Why are we being held here? You don’t remember that big-shot in-charge lady telling your people to let us go right? What more do you want from us?...”

“You are here to be questioned, no question back,” he cuts me short, but irritated at the circumstances I keep going not even noticing what he said, “Where is that lady who kidnapped us? Did she tell you why were we held there? And what did you do to me when I entered the room? Are you a…”

His expression changes at my last question and he waves his hand at us saying, “I said sit!”

Much to my surprise, an invisible force pushes both me and 5 into the sofa behind us and I let out a yelp at the unexpected impact. As I look at him wide-eyed, he says, “You are in no position to question here, but that being said, your last question did intrigue me so I’ll let you ask me about that one more time.”

“Where is your hair?”


“You said you wanted to hear my last question again?”

“That wasn’t your last question”

“You didn’t me finish all my questions; You said what my last question was and that was supposed to be my last question”

“No, I meant what was the last question that you said out loud before I made you sit?”

“Are you a pedophile?”


“Well you do look like one from the books I read and you asked two underage girls much younger than you into a room closing the door and your smirk when I entered the room gave me the creeps, like you were touching all over me and trying to look inside me and you were smirking like you were liking it? Something about that was written in the book? Like that gets you off…?”

“STOP! NO! What? I am not a Pedophile. What the hell are you talking about? Me? A renowned professor of magic? A Pedophile? People run at me to get their chance and you called me what? You should be honored to even get a chance to look at me, and you called me what??? My goal is the pursuit of higher things, things you simpletons couldn’t even fathom and you said I get off… WHAT?…”

“Delusional, self-obsessed, weird, extremely emotional when confronted, Damn Hugo sure knows what I had to learn to recognize things like this, SECURITY! HELP! THIS PER…”

“SHUSH” he shouts and my mouth is automatically closed and a weight starts bearing down on me. Looking at me as 5 tries to get up he points his other hand towards her and she looks to be going through the same thing but much to my surprise, she was struggling a lot harder than I even could. She moves a bit and almost gets up when his stern face that had no expression so far turns to one of surprise.

“Professor is everything alright, we felt your aura…,” I see the guard open the door halfway with his other hand on his gun to his side. But as soon as he looks at the struggling 5, he automatically points his gun towards her and starts shouting, “Stand down you monster, how dare you act up against Professor Vega, Sir I told you this was a bad idea…”

With a racing heart at the sudden turn of events, I notice the old man suddenly appearing beside the soldier and with an arm on his shoulder says, “I need you to stand down and get out of the room right now!”

“But professor…”

“Soldier? Are you implying that YOU need to protect ME from these kids?” I don’t know what he did but the way he said it made me shudder, with goosebumps forming all over my body. What surprised me more was there was another soldier who appeared out of nowhere and slapped the one pointing a gun at 5 saying, “Fall to your knees and apologize, and maybe you’ll get to live another day,” the new guy turns to the old guy and bends his waist saying, “I deeply apologize for the interruption professor, he just returned back after his first evolution and still has his head stuck in his ass.” Looking at this the soldier has a look of horror and shock on his face and does exactly as he is told.

“Leave”, as soon as the old guy says that, the two people just disappeared like magic and the door was closed leaving behind nothing but a tense atmosphere. He gives out a small chuckle and taking off his glasses and while wiping them he says, “It has been such a long time since someone made me feel that way, I’m shocked to lose my train of thought at a stat value like mine, embarrassing indeed, guess even I still have my head up my…” he trails off looking at us.

“Well, that did start on a bad note, and considering all that you kids might’ve gone through so far which I barely know, it was my fault to start the way I did, so let me apologize for that. And now that we have that out of the way, let’s do this, we will each ask one question in turns, how does that sound?”

“So, you are not really a pedo? Where did those guys go? What did he mean by a monster?...” I automatically start asking as my mind still tries to recover from trying to comprehend what just happened.

He looks at me with a smile that looked somehow made me feel comfortable and raised his hand that had only his index finger pointing up and the rest of the palm closed. While I was lost in my mind, much to my surprise 5 bumps into my shoulder and talks this time from beside me. “Monster?” she says pointing a finger at herself.

“Different? Yes! But no, not a monster,” he says shaking his head still smiling.

She just nods at him and he then lifts himself back onto the bed and sitting comfortably pulls a book and a pen out of thin air and as I was about to say something, presses his pen on his lips and says, “My turn, remember? You ask a question and then I ask one?”

As I settle back down pouting, he smiles and asks, “Are you remembering or seeing any memories that don’t feel like they are yours?”

He notices the sudden look of surprise on my face before I try to hide it. Considering I never had to pretend before in my life, the inexperience gives me out just a split second but I can already see his eyes and smile widening.

A note from Excal04

Note: I've highlighted their names 5 and 6 as 5 and for now for better recognizing them, do comment if this helps and yes, don't worry the names will change shortly. 

Ego can anger you to the point of senselessness, but when Pride kicks in, it reminds you who you really are!

Please do let me know if there are any language issues or any other suggestions. Hope you liked reading it.

May you learn your truth.

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