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“What? And you didn’t feel like informing me about this when I woke up?” I shout.

To which I get a response that, “Well, I don’t understand why that has to be a problem, it is my duty to inform them if anything out of the ordinary takes place and what happened with you is definitely not ordinary. It would be easier to know what has to be done under the circumstances under their supervision since you are denying to go back into the deep dive program where you are supposed to be.”

Hearing which I start panicking slowly realizing the practicality of the situation. Just because the voice helped me in understanding a few things and gave me food didn’t necessarily mean it would do what I ask it or not do what I don’t want it to and remembering the conversation before I went into the pod I definitely didn’t want it to inform them till I learn more about me and this situation.

As my brain is running with a rush to find out a way to prevent that from happening and try to remember anything that can help me, ‘connect pulse wires’, I look around surprised when I hear that, it wasn’t like I heard them but it felt like I did, when I ask the voice if it said something, it said it didn’t. Not knowing what just happened my concentration is brought to attention with the timer that just broke under 4 minutes.

As I think about what I heard, I ask the voice, “So, how does the pod read my pulse and is it just the pulse that triggers the notification or is there anything else?”

The voice responds after a few seconds, “Your pulse is read by multiple wires attached to your body when you go in and that is the only notification triggering function for now.”

I immediately make my way to the pod and ask the voice to tell me which wires are to be connected on which part of my body and fortunately there were only three and they were long enough to reach my body out in the wheelchair and as soon I place them on my body, a beeping sound starts and after a few seconds the timer resets bringing the monitor to match looking like the other two

‘Test Specimen – 07’

‘Kindergartner Program’

‘Time remaining 2584 days’

‘Body status – Normal’


With a sigh, I pull the wires away and the timer restarts at 12 hours. I relax asking the voice if it can inform me when the timer reaches 1 hour, it to my shock agrees. Happily, I take what I get and move back to my room to complete it taking my data so that I can understand why my head was aching and what the pain from before was.


The last one month has been pretty good to me. Waking up every day was the best part, as I slowly stretch my body the feeling of physical satisfaction like before always put a smile on my face and made sure I didn’t want to go into the pod again. Every day I felt my body a bit more receptive than the day before and with all slow body stretching the voice suggested I do as much as possible and the food I was eating and the things I’ve been learning either from the voice or the next best thing that happened to me I quickly fell into a routine.

A routine I had to follow to learn things I had to for me to understand what was happening to me and why I keep getting splitting headaches randomly through the day which sometimes are so bad I lose consciousness and most others I almost got used to by now.

I get into my wheelie as usual which I took my first step out of 20 days ago shocking the voice who expected it to take at least a month or so. I walk a bit 3-4 times of the day now and yesterday I could even do some slow jog but was tired way too quickly when the voice slipped up and said generally using the pod won’t have such a lengthy impact on people, but since I was put into one right after I was born it was taking longer. As I remembered the notification panel from my first day which said I was 5 and asked what he meant by when I was born it stopped responding.

Following my daily routine, I go to the lab and reset the pulse timer on my pod, check-up on the other two as I started developing a strange feeling towards them after I read up about siblings in a children’s book 10 days ago. I then move to the training room that conveniently was there in the facility out of which I was not allowed to go no matter what I asked of the voice. I do my usual stretching and jog on the treadmill. Sweat was new to me after I started working out here and I get to do my third most favorite thing once every three days, a nice cold shower which I didn’t question why since I had nothing like that before. Wiping myself down with a wet towel I move to the kitchen for my once-in-a-day meal which weirdly makes me feel full almost the entire day. I stopped the weird tasting oatmeal goo 15 days ago despite the voice’s protests and have only been having the sandwich and milk since liked how it tasted. After preparing the meal as usual I move to the place that became the second most favorite thing to happen to me, the library.

It was more of a giant study room with 22 rows of books laid on all four sides of the room with some small gaps in between symmetrically laid out to have simple aesthetic decorations. The room had a huge table where I mostly sit at. Though the computer said I can learn a lot from the deep dive program a lot more quickly, I still wasn’t ready to go in considering my experiences. I wanted to make sure I know what’s happening to me before I did. According to the voice, the books in there were all mostly about literature, science, fiction and surprisingly magic. The voice suggested some books and where to find them for me to start on and I really started to like comics. They were simple and something I could understand but there were only a few books. It then started making me learn some basic math and science by wither watching videos or reading up on them which the voice projected on the large screen present in the library. Most of my days were spent either watching, reading or asking the voice what I didn’t understand.

It was almost noon when what I have been expecting for the last one month happened. A screen automatically popped up in front of me. It was something the voice could not see like the screen from the time I ate the sandwich which I see every day now. It was something I saw when from the notifications I read from when I was 5 after coming out of the pod, it was the ‘combat preparation phase’ that had its timer run out. When I told the voice it did, it asked me to tell it what I was seeing,

‘Time remaining to activate Combat Preparation Phase… 0 Earth Hours’

‘Host reached the minimum set age…’

‘Activating Combat Preparation Phase…’

‘Scanning the host for complete status page setup…’

‘Scanning complete…’

‘Welcome to the Celestial System, May you learn your Truth’


Name: Test Specimen – 07 (7)

Age: 8 years

Race: Human(Mutated)

Level: 0

EXP: 0/100

HP: 45/50

MP: 10/10

Stamina: 5/5 (D)

Conditions: Memory Overload(??%), Memory Fragmentation(??:??), Muscular atrophy (35%)

Titles: N/A


Strength: 2

Constitution: 2

Dexterity: 2

Intelligence: 2

Wisdom: 4

?????????: 3


After I complete reading the entire thing out, the voice tells me everything sounds normal and asks me to go back to my routine which I do. 3 days after I woke up I made a huge tantrum on why the voice was not telling me anything and that I needed to know everything. The voice started telling me about mutations and something that went over my head. It even went to start explaining the basics, the basics of those basics and their basics and I still couldn’t understand much. After that day I did not ask anything as the voice said it will tell me everything when I learn the basics needed to understand these things. I have been learning and reading all that it told me from that day onwards and I slowly started to understand why it Is making me do what it is.

A note from Excal04

Please do let me know if there are any language issues or any other suggestions.

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May you learn your truth.

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