The Exprimitence

by Shad3ow

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Martial Arts Reader interactive Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
I want to create a story that fully incorporates every reader's desires.
Whether you post what you want to see, or just post to say thanks, or are an anonymous reader, I will incorporate everyone.

But I also have a plot in mind. I have a direction I want to go, and an ambitious long-term goal.
The only thing I will tell you about this is that I plan on creating an epic game one day. And no, this does not necessarily have anything to do with the plot I will write here.
What we make together here will be a part of the lore for that game.

That being said, please tell me the top thing(s) you want to see in a story but have not seen before (or done right). I will meld it all in to my (top secret) plotline in a beautifully artistic manner.

We can make it a game where you try and guess the full scope of the story... and what it is even about. (Leaderboards for best comments anyone?)

Also, whether you like to interact or not, if you comment, I will add you by name into the story. If you do not want to be added, then dont comment or simply add the word """"Shad3ow"""" in your comment to indicate that you will be like the anonymous readers...

So... no description... no spoilers whatsoever... I will just put a cover and a title. (Cover picture not mines, no copyright intended, full rights of the picture go to whoever made it. I will eventually draw my own cover).

What say you? R U N?
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