Who knows how large the world truely is. What even is size really. Our entire universe could be contained within a single marble of a god who has a gigantic marble collection. Within the borders of marble we shall exist, unable to peer beyond for the god who created our universe never wanted us to. We could be a marble within a marble within a marble and we would never know... That is unless the god who created our world made the marbles transparent and breakable by those who live within those marbles. Terribly foolish in my opinion but I won't judge.


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Inslayer ago

Didn't expect you to have a novel. Expect a new reader~

ducksoup ago

Shortest opening chapter, ever.

Vowron Prime ago

Woah! You have a story now!? Nuts! :D

TheWitchOfTheRock ago

an interesting way to start. Very short, but that could be a styalistic choice?

gej302 ago

Well, if not dice, then why not marbles....

[Deleted] ago

[Account Deleted]

North Wind ago

Thanks for the chapter. What if the god is contained within another marble?!?!

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