The inauguration was grand. Leaders, nobles, merchant princes, all in visitation for the crowning of the Sultan of Nesheid. Long introductions, strange foods, and gifts from all around the world were in attendance of the elaborate celebration that followed the rather official ceremony. Entertainment of variety around every corner, from dancing maidens, to roaring tigers and strange furs on display. In the main room, where the Sultan sat with those hand picked guests to enjoy the displays were a chosen five from the harem. Their faces barely hidden behind veils that swayed and moved at their dances and the music that filled the air, helped fill mugs with too much cider and wines. Pretty girls and handsome men at every turn to provide service to the guests of honor on this day.


Khadija was one of the dancers, which spared her the gropes she saw many of the servants receive. She had been a good dancer previous to her new home, but since her first meeting with Ismael she had only gotten better. Lessons had been provided in all forms and how to incorporate finger cymbals and castanets, and yet not be out of time with the music, or be distracting from it in any way. Of which Khadija had to strive even further to accomplish such a thing due to the constant jingle of her ankle when she danced. The room was a blur of faces for the most part, her golden eyes locked multiple times on the Sultan in his spot as host, long into the evening hours when finally she was pulled aside and lead out of the room and ushered out of her clothes and into a quick rinse in lukewarm water. They doused her body, leaving her hair dry and changed her into something that could only be described as alluring. It had apparently been decided that she looked best in creams and colds, light accents of orange in the form of the sash at her middle that kept the sheer outer robe tied together. She knew where she was going, but somehow she felt that she had not been summoned and would inevitably be leaving as she had every time she had spent time with Ismael. Untouched.


True to her word, she had said half truths of their time spent together when asked. The girls in the harem had begun to think he simply enjoyed looking at her like he did the strange flowers of the gardens they kept here. His mother said that her exotic beauty is what had captured him, much like his pets, and he was slow to catch onto his own desires. Perhaps that was true, but she did not think that continually forcing her upon Ismael would change such a fact, or alert him to the desires of a man his age should have. Maybe he had them, and truly just did not find her attractive for whatever the reason. An adviser had asked about her, spoken around her to others and merely asked how she spent her time with the Sultan on rare occasions when she was thrust upon him instead of having to request him, and she simply offered that the Sultan merely liked to talk about books that she didn't understand - not entirely a lie - and occasionally she played music, and he would whisper in her ear and make her blush. All of which was true. She was quick to blush in his presence and Ismael seemed to have discovered that quite early on in their encounters. Tonight though, she knew she was being pushed upon a Sultan crowned. A man who now had expectations upon him that he had not had in their previous times together, and never had she been pushed on him after dark. It was just a spoken thought that if they spent time together while the moon was in the sky, they must be doing something of a perverse nature.


Tonight, they would force that choice upon him and Khadija was their first choice for an attempt. He did seem to like her, he had at least tolerated her until this point so she was their best effort besides a few others that had not been shooed away instantly. If he sent her away, she knew they would be spending less and less time together, they would be less likely to allow her even to serve him tea unless he requested time of her for entertainment. They would make up excuses to keep them apart so that she could be made available for someone else, she was pretty after all; she could be a fine gift for any man of position. However, if he kept her, then there would be assumptions made and his hand pressed towards making choices in that regard. Khadija felt that either way she would lose, because either way, her time with Ismael would come to an end. She would either eventually be sent away, or he would come to hate her because of the pressure that came with seeing her. A frown caressed her features as she let them lead her down a hall she had not been down before. The path towards the Sultan's chambers was long and straight, beautiful marble and bits of crystal. It was at this point she decided it wasn't called the path to heaven for naught; save for she felt it was only leading to her hell instead. They saw her frown and thought to console her with words of encouragement. "It doesn't hurt," said one of the girls, "the Sultan should be gentle." Their words did nothing to sway the smile from her lips until she was outside a door and one of the eunuchs told her to smile or she would ruin the night for the Sultan and soon a smile found its way onto her lips. As they pushed her into the room, watched her drop into a bow on her knees and shut the door behind them without another thought.


This is how Khadija found herself wishing for the first time ever, that she was not a member of the harem. Until now things had only gotten better for her, and now they would certainly only get worse she figured.


It was true that this night of all nights was as grandiose as they came. With all the bells and whistles that one could imagine for a party; nothing was left out for the inauguration. All the people showed up whether it was for political formalism or in an attempt to gain favour with the new Sultan or at least favour with his cabinet/family. And yet through it all, Ismael felt lonely. He felt out of place and itched to get out of the ridiculous ensemble of clothing that he had been shoved into. That isn't to say that he was disgraceful. Nay, quite to the contrary; having not missed a beat since the event began, he'd shaken every hand that had been offered out to him, had bowed when the need arose, and greeted nigh every important guest personally as a show of good intent. A smile very rarely left his face whilst people were casting their gaze upon him and he did manage to carry on frivolous conversations with those that sought to hold them with him. Though most of the in-depth political jargon was left for the advisers to deal with or was off-limits for the night as it was supposed to be one of revelry and good times.


Yet, even with all this going on the young Sultan's mind kept lingering towards the keen thought that he could be boarded up in a side room with Khadija...her making tea and sharing a cup or two with him as they conversed for hours over nothing in particular. It was one of his simple pleasures and in spite of the fact that they never quite got hours into any of their meetings, it was still one of his day dreams that he held. That and the opportunity to hug or hold the girl in his arms without the conclusion immediately coming forward that he wished to bed her. She seemed strong, oh so strong, even at the worst of times that it brought a sense to the young man that he should be able to offer some reprieve from the storm that had to be brewing behind those beautiful eyes.

In the months that had followed their original meeting he'd not been able to requisition much of her time outside of the few occasions that she'd either been forced upon him or the accounts where he'd fervently requested to be alone and to have her be brought forth to serve him tea. It was as good a cover as any to keep their mental relationship a secret and to preserve the order of things through both of their worlds. And still, Ismael found it ever harder to keep his distance.


Eventually, through the talking and festivities, it was time for most to be winding down. This gave prime opportunity to the Sultan to offer his thanks to the more important guests before moving to retire for the evening. He'd had enough of the loud noises and bustling bodies...enough to make him feel practically ill and to a large extent filthy. The hookah smoke still clinging heavily to the fabric he wore which nearly made him wretch every time there was a good whiff of it. Nevertheless, the young man kept his composure up until he'd fully retreated from the range of servants and party goers. Enough to make for sure that he would not be noticed or seen when he took the fanciful hat from his head and tossed it with disdain off to one side, scoffing lightly as his pace intensified. He'd caught sight of Khadija through the night...or rather he'd seen flashes of silvered hair and orange eyes which had been enough to spurn on his day dreams and to further the distaste over the proceedings of the party and of the atmosphere that had been presented.


Feverish steps took the over-burdened boy to his room just ahead of the girl that, unbeknownst to him, was being prepared to be flung upon him this night out of all of them. In the safety of his recently acquired bedroom there was a quick dismantling of the overcoat that had been wrapped around his shoulders, made of exotic fabrics and furs. Next was the cloak that had been tacked on underneath the coat. Then the robes that were a pretty ivory to make his eyes pop in colour. After the removal of all that he was finally down to his sapphire coloured vest that had all manner of intricate stitch work in it, his undershirt that was a nice cream colour, his pants that hung from his legs in a very baggy fashion with the ankle being wrapped to keep the fabric from free flowing over his gold laced footwear. Oh, and the sash to top it all off that was that ivory white that his robe had been.

A sigh tugged from his lungs as he managed to tear the undershirt from his body without the removal of his vest, followed in short by the irritated shedding of his footwear along with his pants to reveal the minimalist undergarment that hugged against his buttocks and crotch area in a supportive role.


It was just as he was moving to replace the discarded pants with some form of docile sleep wear that the girl was shoved into the room. Her head already bowed towards the ground as she went to kneel. Being a formal entrance for a girl of her status it wasn't surprising to the Sultan even if his head had snapped around, ready to chew out anyone who would disturb him without even a customary knock on his door. Instead his ocean eyes fell on the girl he'd been day-dreaming about nearly all day and any thought of anger was immediately abolished to be replaced by a soft expression that shared the soft spot he had for the girl. So, rather than instantly greet her he finished nabbing his sleep wear and slipping it on so that he could be more comfortable for the moment in some less baggy pants. After donning the garments he chose to speak, his lips pursing intermittently as his feet didn't take him towards the girl but rather towards his private bath area. "Shalom, Khadija. Make yourself at home upon any of the furniture or upholstery...I must rid myself of this grimy feeling that coats my body. So if you wouldn't mind giving me a moment or two...unless you haven't had a chance to bathe either. In which case I would like to offer you first access." His words were harried and his articulation lacked in favour of quick quick pace that matched his footsteps towards the veiled section of the grand room. Ocean eyes glanced at the girl for a response to confirm her position on his offer.


For him it probably seemed like a mere moment of silence in which he offered nothing to the poor girl on the floor, her mind wandering in his silence to every worse case scenario that could be. First it went; he had to be mad, he was surely tired and frustrated with the day, as much as she and yet they had forced her upon him against his regard to the matter much as she had expected. Now, she knew he was not mad at her, but that gave very little hope to Khadija that this would end in any good fashion. Then her mind went down another route, one already confirmed to be untrue by the staff themselves as they'd thrust her in here. However, the fear of it not being Ismael's room made her breath catch, until he finally spoke up and she let it shake her body to a release.


Her hands pressed against the floor beneath her to press her into a sitting up more than her extravagant kneel. Her orange caught his blue instantly, and there was a look that spoke of her insecurity of what she was about to offer. "Khadija..." She paused, "would help you bathe, if you so desire?" She offered, and tilted her head slightly as she waited for him to catch on to what she was offering. Not sure entirely if she wanted him to say yes or no, she did not deny that she found him a handsome man. His eyes were her favorite part, but she didn't think it was because of their color but rather because of how much they seemed to take in. Fortunately for her, she had smooth hands, a scar on her left hand near her thumb from a needle in her younger years but otherwise unmarred, she was certain they would feel good against his skin. "If you would allow?" She offered to further press the question before becoming silent, unmoved from her spot on the floor awaiting his answer.


At first the return question caught him off guard. His expression went relatively blank until his brain was able to process what had just been offered to him. Then there was a "tch" click from his tongue and a slight shake of his head that led into a brief exhale of exasperated air. Not one to linger on the silence much longer than he already had, his steps quickly closed the distance to the girl all the while speaking, "Khadija, I'd like for you to spend the night here with me." Was the very first thing he gave in rebuttal. "I've thought it over during the days leading up to this night and I knew that they would begin to push girls from the harem upon me. I'm also aware that if they perceive that I have laid with you then I will be able to continue our meetings and perhaps more." At this point he'd reached the nervous girl and would be bending down at first to offer his hand up but it would quickly turn into him actively taking part in lifting her into a standing position with his hands soon to take place warmly at her hips to keep her close against his own body; certainly it made the taller man tilt his head at such an angle to keep their ever important eye contact but it wasn't to a point that would intrinsically bother him. "I'd much rather keep you around, mayhaps even to myself, than allow you to be given to some man who wouldn't be guaranteed to treat you appropriately." He'd have begun speaking again in a much more soothing tone once he'd gotten her standing and after he'd said such a thing, his left hand would rise to cup the girl's cheek in a tender show of affection, his eyes softening yet still as his mouth gained a cheesy little smirk. "I can't begin to imagine what is running through your head. Or even what has been going through it." Here he paused, eyes dipping away to move around in a thoughtful show before his head tilted yet more to break his focused presentation.


Mere seconds passed, only really enough for the older boy to regain some sense of where he wanted this to go before movement was taking place again. This time the hand that was still along the girl's waist shifted away to catch her hand just as his hand at her cheek drifted away to also grasp that singular hand of her's. Being cupped in a gentle way as he took a step back, putting just enough space so that her hand could be lifted, brought to his lips so that a kiss could be pressed into her conjoined fingers coupled with a sigh of content and the subsequent release of said hand. "If you would like to help me then I would not say no. Though I would request that we instead bathe together." This was the answer that would finally get around to responding in earnest to the girl's question and he hoped that it was enough for her. That and he also hoped that his closeness hadn't embarrassed her too much since he felt his own body heating noticeably from the short period of contact that he had enforced.


All the while, Ismael couldn't help but feel as though particulates from the day had slipped into his mindset going into the night. As though his frame of mind had been altered just slightly enough to give his thoughts and therefore his words a more demanding or bravado filled vibe. It was something that both appalled him and intrigued him as he did wish for the girl to remain near. She was his first 'friend' that had lasted longer than a few weeks. That and as their time spent grew he began to pick up on more things that he enjoyed about her. Such as the subtle movements she made when embarrassed, her mannerisms, her hair, her eyes and how they beamed with the strongest of emotion..., and finally her mind. Khadija was so wise in her short years and so willing to learn and take in information that Ismael found it difficult not to be attracted to it. Not necessarily in a sexual sense but just in the intrigue that it brought, The want to speak with the girl further to better understand how she saw the world and everything in and around it. And if that wasn't enough she was cute...she was beautiful....and when the occasion called for it she managed to be sexy just as they had dolled her up for this evening…


His first answer did not feel like an answer to her question, it did not tell her what he wanted of her in this moment other than to apparently stay the night. Although, he didn't really tell her in any regard as to how that might take place as he acknowledged that they would indeed be pressing the females of the harem on him more and more than they had before, and now they would do so with the intent that he sleep with them. As she stood her instinct was to step away but he kept her close, and she wondered curiously as he continued to speak what this closeness meant, and his words enforced a harsh blush to her cheeks that made her dip her head away slightly. He wanted her to stay, and to himself. Oh my. Khadija felt light headed as he spoke about his own clueless understanding of her. He understood her as much as she understood the intricate works of his mind, which was to say - barely at all. She was nervous and frightened about her future and he could see this and acted on it; but it was true, he perhaps did not grasp entirely what was going through her head.


The kiss to her hand and the invitation to bathe together was the last straw for the poor girl, who's mouth dropped open slightly to look at her hand in slight shock. His nature had shifted, he was more straightforward and a little demanding. Slightly more befitting of his station so far above her than their previous encounters. Perhaps the crown settled on his head officially had help that set in, and yet her faith in him to treat her better than any other was unwavering. She believed Ismael to be truly kind, honest, and to be searching for a way to better the world - not just his own, but everyone's. Stuttering, "k-k-Khadija, would be pleased to bathe with you." She managed in a quick whispered burst, the blush taking over the bridge of her nose as she licked her lips to help them from the heat she felt there. She had a million questions bursting behind her downcast orange eyes and her blink did little to clear them as she looked back up at him and her free hand moved out towards him. Her eyes seeking approval, and permission, as her hand caught along the vest there and warm fingers dusted the skin at his chest as she moved to part the vest more.


The way her hand brushed against his bare skin elicited a soft sigh from him that translated into one of his hands moving to remove any trivial doo-dads from around her face or head. Never one to have been a huge fan of the obtrusive ornaments he took a little more pleasure than he really should have from performing this simple act as one side of his vest slipped from his shoulder and then body. With the motion a stray thought struck a chord deep within the Sultan; his hand making a form of stutter in its attention to accessory removal as his expression hardened for a split second then gained a curious but slightly nervous note. "Khadija...." He spoke softly in a way that lacked any of the power from before and was much more soulful; a hand that had been so attentive at removing various items was now switched off to let the vest drop away from his toned body to the floor. Whilst his other hand moved up to cup the wholly on display reddened cheek once more, this time with a bit more cuth. "I will never ask you to do something that you do not wish to do. If you become uncomfortable to a point where it displeases you then let me know and whatever it is that we are doing we shall immediately discontinue the action, okay?" His face shared the light question, expressing his earnest meaning behind it and the truth in how much he did care for the girl.


At this point with his own upper half being on display the well defined young man would gain a twinge of self-awareness that would bring with it nervous doubts and thoughts to break through the bravado and more serious mind-set. The notion of nudity being a real possibility within just a few more motions which had his young mind both whirling with what he should or could do along with the foreign feeling of arousal that began to peek into his mind as more and more thoughts ran through his mind that the intelligent, exotic, beautiful girl was going to be in the same boat as he. A point where they would both be on full display. It was the first time that the young man could fathom that his manhood had had any form of true reaction when it came to a woman's body. And that reaction ushered from a panicked thought that if something like that was to be displayed then mayhaps the girl that had filled his mind would lose some of her respect for him. That she might come to think that he had only ever been in it to bed her...which led to his next note of speech that came in a whispered plead, "I wish to only be true to you, my friend. My soul is yours to search, to find answers with only the earnest of intent." It was futile, he knew as such. Petty words spoken by a man who again would only be perceived as one who had gained the power and was now taking full advantage of it. But in the words of his friend on their first meeting, 'damned if you do. Damned if you don't.'


The adornments upon her head had been lighter than some of their previous encounters, so as to not get in the way if he had actually chosen to remove them - of which he did. The small trail of gold lace like chain that had cupped the top of her head was the easiest to remove, and the small clips the hardest and yet still easy, before the veil was removed to reveal her face in its entirety to the unsure Sultan. Her hand had still been curiously dusting across his chest and abs when he cupped her cheek and her full attention shifted once more up to him, her own red cheeks now less from embarrassment at their closeness and more so because of how the shedding of layers was affecting her. She released her lip she had begun to nibble on at some point as a way to ease the desire to fidget, and she swallowed tightly as he spoke of being true to her.


She couldn't help it, she giggled.


It was light and she felt the tension release as she looked up at him in earnest joy, certain that they were alone she spoke his name, "Ismael," she started. "Khadija is most certain that you will only treat her right." Beaming as the jovial giggle began to fade. The idea of nudity did not affect her as much as it did him, she was often bathed by and with others in the harem. Eunuchs saw her body almost daily now, and even recently she had drawn a bath for his very mother. The idea of seeing someone else naked didn't bother her yet, mostly because she hadn't really thought that it should. Perhaps it would suddenly sink in when she saw him, that he was not like others and that she should be more aware of herself - but she had even seen men naked. Other slaves at the bath house, or during the auction when most if not all were stripped naked for a full assessment. More certain now than before that he was truly as before, and not a fully changed man just because of a formal title. "My dearest friend," she said with a warmness to her eyes that closed only momentarily to look back up in a manner that was far too seductive for her own good, "let Khadija ease your tense muscles in a warm bath, and we shall go from there on what Khadija is or is not comfortable with. Is that alright?" She offered through thick eye lashes as her hand finally settled near his waistband of his newly adorned pants. With a sheer robe, a belt that fastened it shut, all over a loose fitting top that put her ample bust on full display, the supple mounds of flesh that gave her body a gentle curve. She hadn't managed to put on a great deal of weight since their first meeting, or since joining the harem in general, but she did look a great deal more healthy now. Her ribs and abs had a healthy glow to her hips where sat cream pants in a loose fashion much like the ones he'd worn all night, a slight sheerness to them and only held closed by a golden rope at her waist. The knot hastily done, and would be easily unfastened. However, currently she was still in far more layers than the boy in front of her.


Where a laugh might have caused a lesser man to become much more paranoid and agitated, for the Sultan it only lessened the burden of thought. The sweetness of her mirthful giggling was enough to put him at ease over what had started to trouble him along with bringing a fresh, merry smile to his lips. This was no farce, certainly not a bit of blustering courage on the girl's part. It was genuine - just as she had always been with him when they were in private. A mental pause here. Then the very serious question struck his brain and caused a rippling effect throughout his being. Why had he doubted her? She knew that they were alone as this was his living quarters which was entirely off limits to all but the highest of staff and no one would dare play the listening game outside of his door for if the guards that patrolled caught such an action the person would face grand charges. And this wasn't withheld information...her words had come of her own accord and his first instinct had been to command something of her, then to reassure her...all the while she was probably just nervous. A similar type of nervousness that he had been for the beginning of the night.


So instead of being insulted by that outburst of sound, Ismael reveled in it. He took it in and accepted the implication and meaning behind it. All to a point that came to her speaking his name. And even with how sweet her giggle had sounded this was a different that simply shadowed the previous sound and blotted out anything else from his perception. She had his attention; his unabated, full attention to a point that led to his thumb to brush along her cheek bone absently and for his body to inadvertently move closer once more. And she finished her first statement in such a succinct way that even he felt a weight continue to lift from both his shoulders and his heart. But what came next was something that he was not prepared for; his mind attempting to play catch-up when she spoke again in a way that he hadn't been privy to yet. Ocean eyes caught on those warm sunset pools, taking them in as ears soaked up the offer that was presented all the while a mind muddled in the moment trying to make sense of it all...and before Ismael knew it or could properly give rational thought against it, he had leaned in with his lips meeting Khadija's in a kiss. For what it was worth, it wasn't misplaced nor was it amateurish. In truth he was a natural at this act but what it did lack was intensity. Even for it to have been a spur of the moment occurrence there was still a hesitance there that was asking if this was 'okay'. That was searching for a response of some kind in the short moment that the kiss lasted.


Pulling away brought with it a nervous swallow, a matching lick to lips, and a quite shy glance to the side as the more than capable young man tried to not seem too out of his element after performing such an action. That's what led his next breath to be a bit shaky and to be coupled with his response of, "That's more than alright..."


The kiss fully paused her own trains of thought, almost causing them to derail completely and go crashing into each other to start a fire of grand proportions that threatened to tear her apart. His kiss left her blinking slowly and having to catch her breath before she herself braved the interactions he had curiously started. Her own first kiss was not to his lips, instead it was placed to his right jaw line, and trailed down along to his chin. A light kiss there before she placed another against his neck where she felt the thickness of his pulse briefly press to her lips before she pulled back. Some of her fingers had found their way under his waistband, and her hand pressed against his hip to brace herself in her courage. Looking at him now for permission, for acceptance, "I think your lips are soft," She spoke gently, and then motioned towards the area that held his private bath.


"Shall we?" Came the quiz, her orange flickering between him and the door and full of a strangeness that spoke of a heated desire that she had not felt in their previous meetings.


Feeling lips make contact along those consecutive locations brought a tense to his body more so to cease any movement than because he was against such things. It was mixed with the closing of his eyes and the cant to his head to give the girl a free amount of access to where she desired to be brave. Of course, her fingers caused his mind to falter in how to proceed to a point that he almost let instinct take control so as to not allow their interactions to come to an unceremonious conclusion. That is until she spoke and drew his eyes back to her own so that his mind could fire off the required signals to indicate what their previous plan had been and to head back down that path before attempting any other course of action. His response was just as short but for a different reason, speaking, "We shall." before placing a second kiss upon those succulent lips that was a segue for the boy to shift his hands around to begin the process of removing the more obtrusive clothing pieces from Khadija's body.


His kiss flowed to a tempo that was held inside his head, taking the lead in the affectionate display. He wasn't ashamed of the action and was actually managing to thoroughly enjoy it since it meant that his heart was getting something that it desired. An intimacy with a friend that didn't have to lead to anything other than what they were doing now if they didn't want it to. Yet, for whatever reason it felt very right to Ismael, the way his hands brushed against her skin as he moved to discard her primary garment that was sure to remove her own hands from his waistband. Certainly a loss but he didn't want her to think he was going to expect her to tend to him without some form of equal exchange. And once that robe was dropped to the floor behind her his kiss would drift away so that they could catch their breath and so that he could implement his own sentiments in the form of a slight snicker, a step backwards towards the hidden room, and hands taking her’s to help guide. "I think your's are softer..."


His comment of her own lips were meant with a few slow blinks, in an attempt to push the hazy content that had filled them at his manner of kiss. Orange flickered and danced in the lights of the room, from candles and lanterns and the full moon outside. Khadija followed his lead. Her hand in his, gently clasping as she gave a step and for the first time since her arrival she was deaf to the sound of her anklet, it did not remind her that she was a slave as it always did and instead it filled the silence nicely. In truth, she would have done anything he asked without hesitation. Not because he demanded it, but because she truly trusted him and knew he needed someone on his side. If that meant he needed a lover, she could be that, if that meant he needed a friend only, she could be that to the best of her ability. She trusted him, and in doing so she had grown an affection for him that was not of her position to have, and yet she had it. To say she did not get jealous when they forced other girls to spend time with him would be to lie to herself. No, she got jealous and thought of their time. Their jokes and Saleem's dutiful attention to Ismael that Khadija wanted to replicate in her own way.


He never asked anything of her other than to occasionally make more tea, or to hand him a book; he asked her mind on things, and gave her small lessons on words that made her smile so brilliantly she could rival the sun. However, he didn't demand that she dance, or fret over him with touches. Yet tonight, she wanted to. She wanted to kiss him, and ease the ache she assumed he had in muscles down his back that she wondered if it was as well done as his front seemed to be. Oh, she wanted to do so much for him, and with him; however, she would start with a bath for the both of them. "Khadija's lips should be soft." She mused finally, "I am a female." She reminded him, her brain a bit slower than normal and so that was all she could fathom as a retort.


As they neared the curtain, his hands would leave the girl so that he could turn and make the small effort required to push the hanging divider to the side. His back was certainly matching and fitting of the musculature from his front but the one thing that was curiously out of place were the small slash marks that lined his lower back at intermittent points. Most of them disappearing beneath the waistband of his night pants but still plainly evident to those that would peer so low. They were scars, this much could easily be discerned but they were not from a least not from one that would have been used against slaves. It was a much more precise tool that had been used so that the markings could be kept to a more private location. And if one were to pay close attention to the ones that were visible they would quickly notice that all of them were old and faded. To a point that would indicate the punishment occurred when the Sultan was a mere child.


After the curtain had been moved aside and the steps had been taken to clear the remaining distance to the leisurely steps that would lead into the bath of tremendous proportions. It's sides lined with only the most pure of tone matching marble, flecked with golden trimming and filled with an ornamental spigot that would fill the space with hot or cold water. At the moment it was already filled, steam lightly rolling from the surface water since there was a unique heating system laid out underneath the rock and marble of said bath. It kept the tub hot when needed and in this circumstance it was very much so appreciated though not wholly expected. Ismael hadn't implicitly asked for bathwater to be drawn, nor had he mentioned his intent before departing from the party but nonetheless the water was there, heated to a steaming degree that would most assuredly feel pleasant against his quite tense muscles.


With a catch in his step to keep him from continuing up the steps he turned back to his guest with a gentle smile and matching motion for her to come to him. If she did as was indicated then the young man would not tarry with uniform niceties; instead his diligent hands would set to work removing what clothing did remain on the girl's frame. Yes, it would serve to bring a heat to his cheeks and to further excite his still relatively hidden manhood as this would be the first time that he performed such a task...let alone with a girl that he had any form of mental attachment to. Tender hands slid along the girl's smooth skin over and over until she was standing in naught but what undergarments the staff that attended her had decided on throwing on to her body. And with a slow caressing feeling Ismael would lean in once more to press a kiss against Khadija's forehead; his hands drifting up to the girl's shoulder so that the action could be made firm before he released her body so she could do as she pleased.


His steps that carried him away from her were more due to her own pause than her hesitance about the action, her chest tightened and her breath tugged behind her teeth as she looked up to his profile after having long enough to see his back and know what had been done. Khadija could take a guess at what had been done and it displeased her a great deal, more than it probably should have but she knew the pain and grieved that someone would have done anything as such to Ismael. It pained her even more to know he would have been but a young thing when it had happened, and it made her smile falter to that of a concerned furrow that made her brows knit and her lips purse into a pout. However, a calming breath put it behind her for now as she saw him turn to face her and she looked back up at him with a new sense of adoration that had not been there before. His beckon would not go unanswered as she closed the few steps that had separated them since entering the bath area.


Her steps were sure until she was standing in front of him, and she fretted slightly as he stripped her of her clothing that left her in nothing. Normally she would have had some form of garment underneath but tonight's dress had been for function after beauty and undergarments would have gotten in the way of anything that progressed this far. Standing now, bare in front of him, there was a thumb print birthmark of rich cocoa color on her pelvic bone. Her scared back was behind her and thus out of his view, and besides those two imperfections, she was otherwise perfect. When he finally placed the kiss to her forehead, her eyes closed in warm acceptance and she had a momentary thought that she was truly blessed before he freed her and she took that as an invitation for her own movements to proceed. Her movements were more precise, she didn't fumble or misstep as her right hand reached out first to trail down his abs once more. Orange watching his face for any sign that she should cease, or that she had gone too far. If no resistance game, eventually her hands would be at the waistband and working them down until finally he was standing bare before her.


Her training of months past told her what she should do here, but she paused out of a curiosity that struck her. He may not want such things, and he certainly made no sign that she interpreted as desire for her flesh other than his tender kisses. Training and her position would dictate that she would start to attend to his nether region upon its reveal - but for some reason she felt that would be doing wrong by Ismael and so she smiled warmly. "Come, I will care for Ismael." Her words were as warm as the steam that filled the air.


Ocean had taken their opportunity to absorb as much of the girl's body as they could in the short span of time that it had been fully visible from his place just inches from her. But they were timid in the search of her more precious bits, choosing to take the modest glances over staring at any given point so that when she did step forward to remove his own garment he was still in a state of rapt curiosity. He wanted to know everything about her, of her true dreams and wants, to explore her body just as her hands indicated the desire to explore his own. It was to a point that made his face only express the deep set adoration of the girl as she removed his last garment of clothing. Though his head would dip off to the side, a nervous chuckle as the expenditure of air before he would remark, "If I had thought I would be so lucky to have your presence here with me tonight I might have held the night's events with more regard." It was something to distract away from his semi-erect member that was sure to be an attention grabber and even then the words had been naught but a whisper on slight breeze.


The girl's own voice chose to fill his mind that directed his hand to take her's to give aid in her advance up the steps; though the Sultan would make the first step into the water to test it before helping his friend to follow him. Thankful for the choice that was made to stay away from each other's genitalia for the moment being. His lungs filling with the steamy air only to be pushed from them in a content sigh that came to reveal a look of reverence held only for Khadija. Body filtering down into a seated position along one of the built in bench lengths that allowed the top half of his chest to sit comfortably out of the water to give such a gaze.


If the girl were slow to sit then the impulse would come to the man to reach out the index finger that was closest to her and press it gently against that pelvic birthmark, a smile breaking across his lips that caused his eyes to even squint, "Every part of you is breathtaking..." His own muse of words that would relent only for her sake in choosing where she would go from there.


In the water, it came higher on her than on his own body but still did little to hide any precious part of her body from sight due to the clarity of the warm liquid. Her hands trailed along the surface, causing ripples to tear what should have been a calm after he had taken his seat with her standing not more than an arm's length in front of him. The finger to her birthmark brought a slight noise of amusement, her body ticklish in such a region but she merely smiled at his compliment and cant her head to the side. "It is why Khadija is here," She offered as a way to lighten the air, "but thank you for saying as much." Was her warm thanks as she looked around only for a mere moment in search of something.


Her eyes stopped just past his chosen seat, and a step brought her closer to him and a knee that propped on the seat next to him to help her balance as she reached past him to grab a bottle of oils of which as soon as it was closer to her nose she realized had to be his preferred scent. Her upper body so close to his own in this span of time left no room for him to ignore their buoyancy and pleasing shape. As she pulled her knee from the seat so she could have the room required to pour some oils into her hand, she gently set the bottle back to his side closer this time than before so as to require less of a show. Then, her hands worked the oil for a moment before her left hand moved out first to caress over his left shoulder and down his front slightly, and then back over, her right joining shortly thereafter. If he did not stop her soon she would be working the oils into his neck from her position in front of him that would have been easier to do if she felt it alright to straddle the sultan who sat in front of her. However, he had made no move to invite her and she did not wish to make him uncomfortable and so she worked with what ease she could from her current spot.


At first there was little reason to feel abashed, they were just two people in the tub together harmlessly enjoying each other's company as time passed. But then a shift occurred that came just around the time that the girl made her rebuttal and moved closer to him. Something about her closeness was not the same as he had been picking up on previously; there was a heat to it that even the oblivious Sultan picked up on. One that helped to further the bridge of thought that Ismael truly did find Khadija attractive in every respect, that he adored her and had earnest feelings about her. To which he couldn't help but enforce through the act of his hands moving to hold her hips as her chest pressed ever closer to his sight line; the act drawing an embarrassed blink and flush to the man's cheeks as his hands kneaded into the girl's flesh with a tenderness he was unaware could be achieved.


Coupling the current action of she and the subconscious ushering of his mind lent to a shift of position just as her hands moved to work into his neck; leaning forward to sit up straighter, the Sultan's hands drew the girl's hips in a guiding pattern so that she could indeed straddle his lap without the consequence of his manhood impeding on the placement. But rather than simply submit to the feeling of her hands gliding over his skin for the next few minutes his instincts told him to push what advantage he'd gained and thus his lips managed to find purchase along the girl's collarbone first. Then up to the crux of her neck where a bit of a nibble was given before the young man took a deep inhale of her scent; hands working along her hips and thighs in a massage of sorts. - Relenting after the kisses had been placed, the Sultan withdrew with that same content look plastered on his face but now with eyes that were a bit more hazy due to the lust that had been accruing for the girl. Though there was still a staple in his consciousness that told him that he should at least let her accomplish what it was that she set out to do before he even contemplate loosing any sense of self-control.


The steam worked at the lavender water they had used to rinse her own body before her hurried entry into his quarters, accentuating her own natural scent of the warm desert spices. Her new position straddling his lap with her knee resting on either side of him on stone allowed her an ease of comfort of which she used to her advantage to run her hands further down his back than had been previously available to her reach. His kisses did not distract her so much as occasionally cause her hands to knead a bit deeper into a muscle, his nibble brought forth a sharp gasp that swallowed a shocked noise of desire. His massaging hands brought forth a subtle shift of her lower body, one that she had to focus to control from progressing further from her natural instincts.


Khadija finally had to pause as she had worked in all the oil she had poured for herself and yet she did not reach for more. Instead, she used the current cant to her head that his trail of kisses had caused to gently move towards that side of his neck. Her lips finding purchase on his softened skin where she had only just finished rubbing oils, and she took light kisses up towards his ear where she gave a tender kiss along his lobe and whispered with the intent to let her cooler breath brush along her recent trail. "Khadija is glad that you find as much pleasure in her body as in her mind," she whispered teasingly. Coming from one younger than himself, with her body now pressing against his in her closeness as she reached for the bottle of oil once more so she could do his arms. Never had bath time seemed so exotic than in this moment as she poured the oil into her cupped hand as she used what little space between them to her advantage. She did not want her lessons to go entirely to waste since he did seem to find joy in her closeness, she felt her courage grow. Her own hazy eyes as she set the bottle aside once more as then she took the oil and gave a gentle rub of her hands together to share it before both hands found themselves on his upper arms and started before they moved down in a slow exploring manner. Until finally her hands vanished beneath the water to find his hands at her hips.


A shiver shot down his spine upon feeling that cool breath brush against his neck in lieu of the words spoken there. Ocean eyes closing against the intimate closeness of this wondrous beauty that was fulfilling any and every perverse thought that had thusly become part of the young Sultan's mind since the beginning of their exchange. He was not a complicated man when it came to this vein of thought, his primary focus being the close nature that two people, two souls should share...he wasn't into the more kinky variety of thought due to innate disinclination for any perverse thought to enter his brain. This left each of the happenings thus far to cause his active thought to recoil and redouble its effort in processing the next action...which was already being completed most times by his instinct. It was a pleasant feeling, especially at having his tense body kneaded and rubbed the way it had been thus far.


Enticed by the feeling of her body flush against his own, there was a hesitance to the opening of his eyes as her hands worked against his arms. It wasn't until her hands lay over his own that they finally pried themselves open to peer at that slight angle up to find those warm orange pools. "It would be a disservice to not only myself but also to you for me to deny such a thing." He smirked at his vain attempt at keeping some form of decorum or correctness to his speech when what was brewing behind his eyes was much more in line with the way his actions had been speaking for him. To such an extent that it finally donned on his mind that in his current position there was very little he could do without causing some form of discomfort to Khadija or having to move her. She had control of how much he could move, what his lower body did, and to some extent where his hands could be positioned. His own wish to be true to her kept him from taking too much charge after realizing such a thing and actually more than a little curious to know and to see where she would lead them.


"No matter what you do, I will not think less of you, my alluring Khadija..." His words barely over a whisper to be keenly delivered in their own sincerity as a way of giving full permission to the girl to act on whatever she might consider doing.


Her name rolling off of his lips made her heart flutter, and her stomach tighten with a desire she had not felt before. Orange eyes closed as he affirmed he did truly like her, he wanted to keep her, his Khadija was a title she would gladly live her life under. The gold at her neck reflected the water as she trailed light fingers over his hands under the water, trying to decide what she should do. His words made her think he wanted more, but did not know how to progress. In truth, he need simply tell her what he wanted, and she would obey. Not as a slave, but as a woman so greatly in awe of the man in front of her. Her life thus far had been short on this earth, but she knew a great deal more of the real world than himself in many regards and her realism made her realize that this was a dream come true. While she wanted him to tell her what he wanted, she also knew that he was trying to respect her - all his actions had done as such and she wished for a way to tell him that she merely wanted to serve him this night. As she was supposed to, in any vicinity that he desired. Pleasure, company, mere tea or just to sleep - but there he sat, with words that spoke of permission in some fashion.


So, with it granted her hands moved to instead find what she knew to be somewhere near her hips. Until her hands found the tool of which she sought. Careful, but purposeful, her hands began to work at his staff at whatever state it was in in an attempt to nurture it to hardness. Silver strands sprawled behind her on the surface of the water as she had not thought, or really had the time, to bundle it up and out of the way to save it from getting wet. There was a smolder to her eyes when they looked back up from the water surface, "I wish to serve my dearest friend." She said finally, a need to her response that was a hungry whisper as she carefully leaned forward to press her lips to his. Testing, wanting more. Needing him to give her the fire she saw in his eyes but he dared not act on out of hesitance for her behalf. Parting only to whisper against his lips, "Khadija wishes for you." She said, the red to her cheeks becoming fierce red at her admittance of which she then pressed into a hungry seeking kiss, that was not as unsure as the one she had broken before. Khadija wished for Ismael to be her first, if not her only. She knew he would do right by her, that nothing he could demand of her would be beyond what she was willing to do for her friend; her sultan. There would be no other chance, and if he claimed to have bedded her this night, then she felt he rightly should. If they did not take the dive now, then they may never and Khadija feared that if others felt that she was not but an excuse for him to not lay with others than her time at the palace would end in one fashion or another.


That would not do. He was smart, and wise, but he was gentle as well - and his bold brashness from the first of the night had faded and she wondered if it was that lackluster with everyone. If he did not mature quick enough, if she had no proof that she was more than an excuse, they would overthrow any choice he made about her and see her out. If Khadija was going to be able to protect him, then she needed to be here. A silly thought that made her eyes close to hide the whimsical wish within, but one she intended to do the best of her ability. When she broke the kiss out of a need for air, her hands were still gently working at his member and she gave a slight pant that the steam brought forth from her body in an attempt to deal with the heat she felt from within and from the warmth of the water. "Tell Khadija how to serve her Sultan this night. Whatever you wish, Khadija will do without shame." She promised him lightly.


Natural as the lead up had been it still didn't prepare the young man for the sensation of having such a place being handled by one that he had such strong feelings for. It affected him so much that he actually nearly swallowed wrong and had to stifle a cough to re-catch his breath along with the tensing of his hands at her hips; that is, his entire body made the motion but only his hands truly had any affect on the girl's body since his tool twitched in response to the initial touch. As she worked it in her hands it wasn't long before he was at full mast with throbs thrumming through the over-average length. It wasn't as if he was ashamed to give in to such a thing, quite the contrary as his mind lingered on the topic at hand. But it was in the way it was offered that he felt out of place that he should say something over it so that they might both be a bit more comfortable before engaging into such actions. Yet, his person chose to speak first to break the silence that he had imparted so that she might respond to his permission.


Then there was the kiss that he was only able to impart his most base of desires upon before she was pulling away. yes, her testing had fed more than enough fuel to that lingering fire in his eyes but it just hadn't stuck around to enable his ability to reimburse what she was putting into this as well as give much more. That fleeting part that let her whisper those four words...that was what truly let Ismael garner enough of his own courage to commit to the act of loving this girl that only sought to help him. So when she pressed back into kissing him a second time, there was no dam to withhold the flood of emotion that had been welling deep inside the newly inaugurated sultan. His desire was on full display for her mind, body, and soul, and nothing was going to deny him this night of solace with the one friend he had managed to afford himself. It was enough to draw his hands from her hips upwards at first to her waist to squeeze gently there, then on around to hug her closer; to fully understand the dimensions and warmth that her own body could give. But just as all good things come to an end, she did eventually find it necessary to part the kiss that had drawn his consciousness, his focus, his everything down to only her. And in doing so his own breath was caught for a brief moment as if he'd forgotten how. When he did make a quick intake of air, his eyes opened with a languid easiness; smiling smugly as his hands made the departure from around her midsection to cup along the backs of her thighs.


Glazed over eyes, filled with passion and lust settled wholesomely on that immaculate visage; pausing to once again take in the full wealth of such a thing before his own words could be mustered to express a hardened desire, "I want you. Here - in bed - anywhere...I just want you, Khadija." Oddly, it was the most he could muster when it came to viable words so long as she was messing with his pole since it was most likely speaking for him in one way or another that could be sensed through feeling and not to mention if his instincts were giving that much commitment than he could only fain to imagine how the girl's own were affecting her. And though he knew each and every consequence of this transgression, he was also aware of two keen boons that would be afforded to them both if she managed to capture his heart in its entirety.


Her freedom and his courage.


He held more than enough authority at this point to remove the anklet and status from his beloved friend and so long as she could stand by him he would be enabled to act more positively towards his personal goals.


His admittance and his hands at the back of her thighs was enough to spur her into action once more on his behalf, and soon enough she was lifting herself up slightly and easing herself forward. They were more than close enough for her to manage such an act and while she had only done so in practice with no real tool and only her imagination, this was more than enough to guide her own natural instincts in to how best to please him in this moment. Her hands working as a guide, before she found herself close enough and she began to lower once more, "you already have Khadija." She offered with a light air, to her there was no freedom. She did not dare think of the anklet or collar being removed, they were a part of her in her mind and in truth did she mind such a thing. No not entirely. Not if he was her master. Not if he wanted her and protected her from others.


There was only a slight moment of his tool brushing against her lower lips before they began to part for his shaft as she let her hands guide it before there was no more need. Her orange globes only looked to him for the last moment of permission, to assure herself and to give him the chance to pause if this is not what he wanted, or meant. Before she lowered herself with a languid slowness that swallowed what of his length she could from atop of him. It was not in its entirety, but it was enough to give a good squeeze to his length and to catch her off guard. Her breath hitched as she arched slightly in vain attempt to give him more depth and her more leeway. Positive that had they taken this from any other position for first insertion she might have cried out and scared him. This was a boon of itself as she looked back to him after the moment passed, the water easing her ability to slowly move up and down to provide stimulation for his member now embedded within her tunnel. "Khadija is Ismael's." Her tone almost proud of herself for managing such a feat on her first attempt, she had not butchered the act or ruined the moment. No, her lessons had paid off in full it seemed as she gave him an affectionate kiss to his cheek as her own inner tunnel gave a shudder against him.


There was no way he could have guessed how this act would feel but when her nether lips brushed against his tip there was an electric spark that was sent through his entire body. Something was trying to keep him aware deep in his psyche and really, it wasn't wrong to do as Khadija lowered herself at that slow of slows pace that caused not only his muscles to tense but for his hips to lift upward in a futile attempt at making the whole ordeal go a bit quicker. Not being as susceptible to the overabundance of stimulation; Ismael soon enough was leaning forward to place nipping kisses and licks along the younger girl's neck to help with how her mind coped with the new addition. Kisses did end after a few placements however so that he could catch the look on her face that was more out of genuine curiosity than necessity and he did as such in time to catch her cute expression of words along with the kiss that was placed on his cheek.


Had the kiss been her only motion to cement their connection then perhaps the young Sultan wouldn't have felt the need to give his own input. Perhaps he would have relished in the subservient manner that he was being allowed as the smaller girl took a bit of charge but with the way her tunnel stimulated him it brought about an involuntary thrust to try and make that occurrence reoccur. Then it turned into the withdrawal and subsequent follow up thrust that was done to the best of the boy's ability given his current position. And after a few of these trial motions the adaptive sultan added the guidance of his hands into the mix to better help the girl rise and lower in a matching tempo that his hips moved. It was a slow build up but in time he was catching on to the notion that she wanted to please him which meant that to do her right...he had to do himself right...thus he chose not to respond in favour of putting his focus into the act that was hopefully making them both feel good.


Their pace did not always remain at that of a tender slowness that would leave them both wanting, eventually between the water and his guidance her tempo picked up and her eyes spoke the words she dared not speak aloud. Even in such a private space. Near certain that such words would shatter her dream, her happiness, and break this moment forever. Oh how she cherished Ismael, now if only she had the ability to keep him safe from the dangers she feared for him. There was a lull of her head back before her body tightened from the knowledge that he was enjoying himself and thus she was doing it right enough. Khadija did not fully expect her own release honestly, yes she knew about them, she had explored her body before. By herself, and with others. It was expected in the harem she had come to discover after the initiations of many girls into such habits. Especially in recent weeks. Some of the women merely discovering their own bodies, others trying to satiate a need they had discovered after having recently been with an adviser, or other important guest. Khadija had been spared as she and a few others were on reserve for Ismael alone for the time being and not even allowed to freely wander the palace even in the gardens of the harem.


Her own orgasm left her grasping at straws of reality and trying hard not to lose herself in the moment of pleasure she was still trying to understand as she gently pressed herself closer to Ismael, and held herself against him. A small pant to her breath catching her as her eyes opened in lidded bliss as she looked to him in wonder of his own pleasure in this moment and ready to continue to please whatever desires he had.


That something in her eyes was something that could only be partially recognized by his blurred mind. Not able to function at a level that could process such intricate details this was a time that was made to retain their most primal desires and wants from one another and as such when he felt her orgasm roll through, her body coming closer to a point that gave him more than enough excuse to make his own motion in the form of gripping her thighs a bit tighter and lifting. Foot after foot, taking them from the confines of the extravagant tub on over to the luxurious bedding that was reserved only for a Sultan of his stature. He'd decided that the steam had done its work in heating their bodies to an excellent temperature along with the difficulties of catching breath that they both so desperately needed for their first time going at it. That's not to say he wasn't thoroughly enjoying himself, it just was the catch in his mind that kept occurring to him in the domain of his distaste for the implications that his own climax could cause for the girl that he was so intimately getting to know. Granted, there was nothing stopping a steady flow of pre-seed but as for the full load, that was something that he dictated when and how it was released.


The choice to move wasn't disappointing to him either as the standing position gave a new light to their intercourse. His more limited penetration option oddly erotic as gravity and momentum attributed more to each consecutive thrust than any actual effort; short as it was before he was laying the girl down upon the bed, close enough so that her legs could drape from the side. Even though his torso followed her own down as if she was still clinging to him he wouldn't want to imply that he was pulling away from the whole act. Nay, instead he doted over her neck and lips with a menagerie of varying kisses that ranged in heat, desire, and want; hips still working to their best to continue the much needed stimulation that was both serving to relax and tense the young man. Eventually, his lips would move closer to her ear-lobe offering his own cool breath along her skin as he spoke softly, "My turn to take care of you..." It was a tease in its own right as he leisurely parted his torso from her own, standing up straighter along with hands that lifted her legs into a form of 'v'. When managed to cast his eyes back down over her body, ocean disks starting from their conjoined hips scanning upward to settle on her breathtaking visage...his hips started to move in earnest; rocking and moving like that of a man who knew something of what he was doing even in inexperience. He knew there was a trick to it and would not be complacent in merely moving in and out. Of course, this wouldn't stop the faces that he would make though mostly he managed to keep a smile of changing proportions and degrees - clearly enjoying every last little sound and face that she made during their sharing of pleasure.


Their shift of positions was almost enough to shake her into another orgasm, and kept her on the pinnacle of the one still trying to eat at her from the inside out. As they found a new spot on a bed softer than any she had ever laid on before, she did have the mind to think of such a frivolous thing at his most recent thrust in their new arrangement. It forced her back to arch, highlighting her lithe body in a new light. Her own abs becoming apparent as her head rolled back and her lips parted, her mind still letting his promise strangle any other thought. So long as he was enjoying himself, far be it from her to tell her how it should be. That he should be letting her do anything and everything necessary to bring him pleasure, that he should not think of her. Nope, she would let him do as he pleased because in rare moments of their time alone is when they were truly allowed some span of freedom.


As he stood above her, his thrusts gaining more presence as she began to finally lose the high of her first climax. Her own common sense kept her on the quieter side of things, however at one particular thrust she let a rich moan of pleasure roll from her lungs at an antagonizing pace. While it would not be loud enough to carry far outside of the room, and his room had more than its fair share of carpets, pillows, and various tapestries to eat the noise, it would still be heard. It made her red at the realization of how loud she had just gotten and she looked at him almost as if to scold him. Her heart beat catching as she licked dry lips as steam trailed off of the still wet strands of her hair that was sprawled around her in a halo of sorts. "Is-mael." She almost pleaded, not sure why or what for. More? Less? Deeper? Harder? She didn't know. All she knew was him, she wanted him. All of him. Oh he felt like heaven, and her orange eyes watched him hungrily as if waiting for some sign of pleasure.

Inexperience was what kept the poor Sultan from truly recognizing the fact that his choice of movement had prolonged his beloved's original orgasm. To him it was just more stimulation to fight through the continuing war within himself over the desire to both continue pleasuring the girl and thusly himself whilst also avoiding cumming inside of her. Far be it from something that she would deny wanting in this instance as he was almost certain that she would have agreed to almost any act he requested of her this night; it was a selfish reason for not wanting to further chance impregnation on their first night with one another. This did stand in the way of physically showing any true pleasure outside of the way his abdomen flexed in retaliation from specific thrusting motions as well as the way his member throbbed almost to an exuberant amount inside of her. And even with her moan that caused a hint of that smug look to come back to his face, there was little to be said of his own vocalization of the euphoria their act was bringing him.


Ismael was no fool though. With the girl's call of his name hidden between two gasps of breath there was something that he was missing and, being in a state as he was, he did not wish to disappoint. But the problem was he did not know in what domain he was lacking. His member was practically hilting to the best of its ability with each thrust and if they were to pick up the pace any further then he was afraid it would lead to a mishap that would be more embarrassing than worth the effort. Far from that his mind shifted to the opposite of what they had been progressively been getting into thus far and that's when the thought dawned on him.


Hands moved from their place at the girl's legs, lowering them with endearing grace as he took in a breath to aid in refreshing his addled mind. With a languid motion he withdrew away from the girl so as to remove his tool from her love tunnel; still rock hard and more than ready to continue. - The words that came from his mouth were not to dismiss further acts though as Khadija might have jumped to that conclusion, no, his words instead offered something new, "Khadija, my dearest, would you mind moving yourself to a more firm place on the bed?" He figured he'd have to request it otherwise she wouldn't know what to do with herself since their intercourse was quite obviously affecting her far more than it was him. And if she did as he asked then soon enough he would be crawling onto the bed after her, hands moving to either side of her lithe body as his lined up over her. Ocean eyes would gaze down into those sunsets almost in a recognition of wanting something more from the exchange and in those moments that is when he would use one of his hands to guide himself back inside the warmth of her tunnel. Though this time when his arm came back up it would be to move in such a way that would be caressing of her body, his lips moving to catch her's in as best of a kiss as could be managed as he began their intercourse anew at a pace that was more in tune with love-making than mere sex.

Almost afraid that she had wronged him in some fashion, her pleasure filled mind was eager to right her wrong and he gave her the way to do so with instructions to move. Of which she aptly followed and watched him as he then followed her shift of placement and soon enough he was once more working her tunnel with his own tool. A feeling that satiated the need in her that she had not known she had. This settled her mind, and eased her into once more enjoying his gift of pleasure to her as she gently wrapped her legs around him to meet him in each thrust to the best of her ability. Her own moment of clarity garnered from their pause and her physical movement, and she realized something that she felt the need to tell him.


"Tea," She said, "they will give Khadija tea. Do not worry, tonight you are to enjoy." She promised. They had already given her tea - had for months on end to ensure its potency and effectiveness to prevent any unwanted child. He need not know that, all he needed to know is that no child would come into this world without his permission. No woman of the harem was to become pregnant and thus they all partook of such a thing if they did not wish to be kicked out. Especially if you did not know if you would be summoned or not, to get accidentally pregnant would mean a much harsher manner of dealing with it later and so for now they all took the bitter tea in order to control such a chance. "Tea, so you do not have to use the sheep glove." She said honestly, as to clarify and hoped that he understood what she was talking of. While she had had lessons for months preparing her and teaching her tools of such actions, he may not have had such a lesson for himself.


Even though he hadn't yet been taught or practiced in this area of life, he wasn't naive to the things that had gone on during his younger years. He was royalty, yes, but that hadn't meant that he was sheltered to the point of not knowing what sex was or having seen the act happening during one or two of the more...rambunctious parties that had been thrown. He was knowledgeable about certain teas that were in circulation that could do plenty of things, one such being a contraceptive that women could use to avoid unwanted pregnancy so long as it was taken in large quantities(which usually amounted to quite a high cost.). The only other way being a rather barbaric form of avoiding such a thing and a way that all in all would have never suited the current Sultan. As such when his lover offered the words forth that she had been partaking of the tea and that they would continue giving her such things it did happen to relax that section of his mind. Not to a point that he gave into the pressure that was building in his loins though.


Thrust after thrust, kiss after kiss, it all worked the young man towards his inevitable climax; one that he wished to prolong for as long as he possibly could in favour of witnessing the pleasured faces that his beloved made. The sounds she barely squeaked out expressed how she felt over the matter and that they both could fit in this domain of their lives if only for a night. Eventually, even at the slow, love making pace that Ismael had set, that pressure built to an intensity that broke down the damn that had been set into place. His thrusts became more urgent, forceful, and with meaning as he hit his limit and let it free deep inside of that wondrous love tunnel. And almost as if on a whim his arms tucked around the girl so that he could roll over to place her atop of him with her body laying in what he considered a comforting position flush. A light pant to his lips that showed his own exertion throughout their session that did relay a few choice words, "Thank you, Khadija..." Coming in time to brush against her ears just before he leaned up enough to place a firm, loving kiss against her lips that drew upon the most innate, intimate desires of his heart for someone that would love him in an un-trialed way. Unconditionally and wholesome to the point of true friendship.

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