The Dark Lord's Home for Undead Heroes

by Sorry

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Julian Crane seldom cared for anything but his magic and research.

When the gods decided to damn him out of the blue, naming him Dark Lord and painting him as a Villain in the eyes of mankind, he moved on with his life, caring nothing about their scrutiny.

But their ways are ineffable, and when they start sending Heroes — mere children — to throw their lives against him, he vows to make them pay — one undead Hero at a time.


Updates every 2 or 3 days.

The average chapter is between 2-2.5k words.

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Cover art done by the awesome Mingapur.

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A few chapters in, it still hasn't grabbed me. It feels like the characters are doing things because the plot is going that direction, rather than the other way around. It's competently written as far as spelling and grammar and whatnot, but it seems like characterization is being sacrificed on the altar of moving the story along.


Although the title makes it seem like this is a parody or comedy, it is actually a serious story. 

It's also really good so far. It's decently well written in terms of grammar and writing. The characters are interesting. The premise is somewhat unique in this genre as well. Although it is a LitRPG, the main character has no access to the game system. 

The MC is a lich who is considered to be a dark lord by the gods, even though he actually hasn't done anything evil. The gods send Heroes after him, he kills them and brings them back to life. Circumstances conspire to force the MC down a dark path, despite the fact that he would rather just be left alone. He decides to gather his power to take revenge on the gods.


The idea, though not entirely unique, is unusual enough to capture my attention. The story is well written, with attention to detail, spelling, wording, and a splash of dry humour throughout. Unfortunately, the storytelling is not very captivating, with a lot of *background summary* rather than active dialogue and experiences that implicitly relate the background. Thus, it also falls short in character development. Still, since the author is quite fresh (at least in royal road), I have high hopes that this will improve over time.

Gibb, Occasionally Omnipotent Annoyance.

The first 4 chaprts in and already this thing's going off the raills. Hell, chapter 1 was going off the rails.

Now, with the premise of this story being "Well, heroes are constantly dying to me for no reason, better show them some love and some truth" you think there'd be more of that. He slowly breaks down the programming of these trained fanatics and diehards and shows them that they'd been deceived. Nope, he kills a hero in chapter 1, and by the end of chapter 1, she already likes him as much as a close friend, potential father figure, or love interest. Chapter. 1. 

Like, there's 0 transition between having someone hate you and go on a crusade against you, leading an army of men and woman they know will die to give them one chance, just one shot at killing the horrible monster ordained by the GODS THEMSELVES, to the hero and the badguy chilling.

(I'm not going to go into the inconsistency with a soul-wizard/necromancer/lich not knowing enough about their own soul to notice a growth on it, because that would dilute my point)


Very wholesome characters & character dynamics! I hope that as more heroes get added to the impromptu family, their personalities won't get backstaged due to there being more characters to manage in the story. 

Also, it's a bit odd that the mc only now actually went and looked into his soul to find the disturbance in his dimensional magic, I'd imagine someone curious like him who specializes in soul magic would want to poke around more inside themselves.


I actually made an account just to rate this

Reviewed at: Chapter 10 - Carry a Big Stick

I've been on this site for the past month, but I only decided to create an account just so I could rate this. Let me tell you this, because from the moment I read your description, I was sold.The characters are all great, and I love Julian. He's smart, he's capable, and he's competent. He'd rather be left alone to his own devices, but fate just seems like it has different plans in store for him. I'm sure we can all relate to this a little bit.


Your grammar is great, and so is the story, though I'd say that the style of writing sometimes feels off-key. And when I say sometimes I meant once throughout my entire reading.

All I have to say is I love the story. Just goes to show that just because someone is painted as the bad guy, doesn't mean they are. The gods decide who are the villains, while they themselves have faults. Kind of like the media today. Everything is not as it seems. Now, who can resist a story like that? It's not straightforward, the basis of the narrative isn't simple. It's complex and it's real, like the world we live in.


Anyways, great story! You've earned my support.



Clever protagonist vs backstabbing gods

Reviewed at: Chapter 15 - A City Besieged

An unusal and attention grabbing premise, the 'dark lord' is truthfully a intelligent and competent mage that the gods decided needed to be removed. As Lord Crane investigates he has found several indicators that the gods are elbow deep in setting this up. While the title is funny and accurate, the story itself is serious with a well designed setting and it looks to be shaping up to a very interesting plot. The characters feel fairly deep and interesting, but the dialog is a little lacking and weve had a few info-dump soliloquy's that would have been better served worked into the story, but nothing to egregious.  Pacing is a bit slow, but its a promising start to an epic. 


A Decent Spin on the Dark Lord

Reviewed at: Chapter 15 - A City Besieged

While I gave it a 5 I want to add at a few points the writing is a bit, stiff? I'm not sure how to put it outside of that. It's not bad by any means, and the dialog is great but I wanted to say its certainly not perfect (obviously) Granted, some of that might be Jullian himself and just his character, which makes sense honestly.

As for the review? Well, its a nice twist on the normal concept of a dark lord. Guy was named Dark Lord because the Gods themselves don't like mortals advancing too much and ends up having to collect the heroes used against him because he's actually not evil. 

Granted he's also not painted as a good guy, if anything he's very pragmatic as a person and is actually capable of being kind. It's a treat to see with so many doom and gloom stories lately. There is some aspects of isekai and litrpg in the peripheral but they're not the focus of the story. 

Characterization is nice, I enjoy the dialog and overall its a good read and a break from the norm with isekai and darklords and the normal either oh so serious or oh so silly tones the ones I've encountered seem to constantly fall into.

The main character (Jullian, obviously) is strong but it strength with a history to it rather than starting out over powered and it's clear he won't just be able to "just win" as seen in other stories of this type.

I look forward to the future of the story. I gave it a five now because the current chapters are good enough to say its excellent and above average as far as I can tell, though this is just an overview. I'll likely, as the story progressed, revisit this review and perhaps give an advanced review with a bit more eye to detail later on.

Leahcim Zanathax

This is REALLY well written!  While it is not comedy, there is enough humor that I get a laugh almost every episode.

The story's MC is a wizard researcher who more or less just wants to be left alone with his research.  Oh,, he's also a lich.  He has basically been forced by the God's of his world into the role of the Dark Lord, one he really doesn't want.

Long time friends and allies immediately backstabbing him, with the forces led by an isekaied teenage girl thrown at him to get rid of her by the 'Forces of Good'!

The MC is forced to kill her, but then makes her into his personal Death Knight, with her permission, which should explain the name of the story.

It attempts to deconstruct a lot of fantasy tropes, and so far, does so quite well.

I definitely recommend it!

Triple Bombazo

Interesting ideas

But I tend to lose track of the MCs logic. Why are you here? What are you doing this for? Plot seems to be jerking them around, rather than being a series of logical events.

Still enjoying the fic quite a bit, however. Overall feels like this could be the early days of Bone Daddy Harold before he became the supreme deity he is in Dead Tired