by SJ Reaver

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Callisto was among the chosen. One hundred souls plucked from ten different game by a capricious goddess of chaos. Each imbued with power, and brought to the realm of Khiam, there to tangle and twist the weave of fate. One hundred newborn demigods driven by their passions and unleashed upon the world.

Reborn in demonic flesh, Calisto finds no comfort behind the city walls. Her kinship is with the monsters of the wilderness and she learns to bond with them as she cultivates. If she would protect her growing family, she must become strong. If she would retain her humanity, she must remain kind. And if she wishes to be free, Callisto must best other players, magistrates, and even the gods of this realm. 


--- MC will go for tanking/support

--- MC does not like killing things, avoids doing so, and feels bad when people die.

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It's an SJ Reaver joint, nuff said. Good writing, good dialogue, characters' are fine, setting isn't anything new but neither is it too boring or generic. Though I must admit, this one is a bit of a mess so far, a bit confusing and all over the place I must say. Still worth a read if you're not looking for anything too serious. Remains to be seen whether or not it gets the axe, but considering the author, we all know how this ends.


hate myself for picking up one of this authors novels again.

Well written, enjoyable and easy enough to read for entertainment while waiting for your other bookmarks to update. Just don't fall in love with it.

It's just sad that it will most likely end like all the others.

I am already dreading the 50th's chapter...


Well written, just not my taste.

Reviewed at: 019 <<Neatness>>

I tried this story, but it wasn't for me. It was well written, a bit unconvential and creative. It just wasn't my thing so this will be my off ramp point and since I don't have a micropenis I don't .5 star out of genre hate.

Giving stuff .5 star ratings because you don't like the subject matter is micro penis energy.
Go ahead and downvote if you hate the truth


Its an abstract painting but its definitely art

Reviewed at: Not a chapter - I kind of hate RR right now

This is one of the tougher stories I've tried to write a review for.  The prose is great, the story is great, the world building does a great job of tantalizing you with interesting nuggets without overwhelming you- all of these would lead to a fairly standard, but generic "this is a good story" tag.

That said, there are moments where the descriptive langauge goes off the rails.  Where as a reader I feel like the river I've been floating down has turned into a waterfall, like the movie i'm watching is now a kaleidoscope.  The thing is, it works.  Those sections confuse and throw you for a loop, but they're evocative and they force you into the same dark place the MC is in.

I struggled to rate this for the above mentioned reasons.  90% of the time its an easy 5/5.  Other times, its a 5/5 but the story is giving your vertigo and whiplash at the same time with abstract yet evocative scenes.  Ultimately, this dissonace led me to give it a 4/5 on this point, but even then I am struggling becuase that makes it sound like it is 'average' which it is not.  It's jarring.  It knocked me around as a reader.  I think the author can improve the transitions to and the recovery from these sequences, but it would be a shame if she changed their actual content.  They're hard to read, but they're some of the most effective fiction I've read on this website.

Its good.  Nough said.

It's a perfect case of trope inversions.  Standard Isekai intro.  Standard mission.  Standard skill trainer, and then all of them are brilliantly undermined.  The world is great and the pacing is great.  I'd give a 6/5 if it were an option.

This is the one place  I have an actual critique.  The MC spends portions flat and dry before exploding major bouts of emotional exploration.  The flat parts may have been intentional but they made the experience a little blander than I feel like it could have been.

This is an easy 5/5.  The author should be commended for the risks she took.  Some spots didn't really pay off, but the ones that did were absolutely amazing.


Well-written with a premise that hasn't really been explored yet (what if the people getting sucked into the game world game from different types of games). We havn't gotten any lewd scenes yet, so no comment there. The potential for things to go that way exists, but based on the quality of writing so far I would be ok with that. I'm loving the basic world building so far, but none of the questions have been answered yet. 

too early to say definitively, but I think this one will be a winner.


Reading the reviews and the chapter comments I came to the conclusion that most readers were familiar with the author's work. I'm not. So take from it what you will. Be it naivety or an unbiased opinion.

Anyway, here it goes.

Let's start with the style:

I really really like the author's prose. And I love it if they go ham on the flowery descriptions, like tasting color. It paints a picture with enough space to interpret it yourself. Some paragraphs are by far the best I read on this site. It's a shame that the style doesn't endure through the whole novel. But here and there is a mind-blowing paragraph. 

Now, I get that most people here prefer simpler descriptions. They do appear. You won't need a literary degree to understand anything. It's just an unexpected highlight I found while reading. One I really do enjoy.


Nothing to complain about. With the author's experience, I think grammar won't be an issue anyway.


To be honest it's a bit all over the place but I think deliberately so. The characters join this world from many different games. Each with their (presumably) own system. That's why the characters literally and figuratively clash with each other. There is some disjointedness that needs some adjustment but nothing too severe. I'd argue that the dissonance even makes the story appealing.


Okay, let me premise this with I have absolutely no clue about the futa world or whatever the mc is based on. Also, I'm not very far into the story but what is the relevance of her having a dick? I keep wondering if it's just too hook or provoke. Maybe it is maybe not. For now, it is meaningless. The pissing scene did add nothing for me as well but it might just be me.

That's why I decided to subtract a star.

I probably will revisit the review when I'm further into the story.

But all in all, I'm curious how the story will evolve!

Compliments to the author and best of luck in your future endeavors!


after reading 13 chapters I can conclude that the work is a poorly constructed hodgepodge of tropes and genres inelegantly smashed together in the hopes that they will work. They have specifically tried to combine the system, cultivation, isekai, and fantasy genres together. while some of these genres can be combined they dont work here as the author has put no thought into how they would interact with each other.


I liked it. Good story and great characters. We already met The Rival now we just need some big bad that is bad enough to justify her going all murder-hobo and power crazed. OR Slide gently into a slice of life with some romance and crafting/town building. 

I cant wait to see where we go from here. Although I would like "superman" to not recognize her after the feminizing potion and try to hit on her.



Here's the deal. This is well written. The author clearly knows how to write a book, they understand grammar, but the character they chose to write is incredibly unlikable.

I think that this is an attempt at a hero that 'does things their own way'. The problem is, the hero does not like themself, they are disgusted by their own abilities, they refuse to get training or pay for services that would give them training, they refuse to fight, they refuse to kill, and yet… They end up killing a whole bunch of stuff anyway.

Which makes the main character sad. Sad, depressed, self-loathing main character does not make for a fun book. 


It was interesting so far. The start really gives a feeling of distortion, which you might expect from a isekai. The system stuff is kinda unclear, but at 120 ish pages you really can't judge much. I think it could use a bit more worldbuilding, but if you're familiar with the games it ports people in from it might seem better.

I look forward to this next arc.

I don't think you should judge the MC so quickly, as she is portrayed as someone who doesn't like violence and killing, which makes a lot of sense given where she comes from. Something that annoys me with a lot of isekai is how easily the characters adjust to "lets kill everything" kinda mindset. So yeah she stumbles around and doesn't immedialty become a wuxia protagonist, but is that what you expected?

The review by rapidReader is really jumping to a lot of conclusions without much to back them up other than a breif starting arc that focuses more on worldbuilding and characters than combat. I don't think you can judge a book at 12 chapters as a bad one.