Planet-Eater Reincarnation (in Star Wars)

by Palt

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

He wakes up without being able to see, taste or hear. Or even smell! But, after developing an eye for himself, he's able to recognize two facts: one, he is no longer human, and two, he's not on Earth anymore. He's in the middle of an asteroid field, stuck on a moderately large one with nothing around him but endless space. Heck, he's not even in the solar system! 

And now it's up to him to grow larger and stronger in order to avoid being eaten. Going by the leviathan-sized creatures swimming about the asteroid field, he has a long way to go before he can so much as try to live calmly.


Don't let the fanfiction tag scare you off. This only barely takes place in that universe since I like the basics of the lore and nothing more. It will barely feature a single prominent character, and the focus will mostly just be on the main character trying to grow himself out of danger, in the meantime denying the very idea that he could possibly be lonely. 

The first few dozen chapters will entirely focus on him growing from almost a gnat all the way to a real asteroid-eater. After that, an actual story will appear. 

Got the idea when I was reading the 2017 Darth Vader comic and my mind suddenly flashed back to that scene in the original trilogy when they're in some asteroid field and almost get eaten by a big monster. I loved that scene, and my inhibitions will no longer chain me. Enjoy, but don't take this too seriously.

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I like the Author and his works.

I love the idea for this story. Concept is unconventional and light.

I strongly support only tangential connection of the story to Star Wars Universe.

I hope the story will be long, regularly updated and written with similar high standards as other works of Palt.




a solid story that gives what it promisses a reincarnation into alien/monster story where the mc has potential for limitless growth. this story is good for what it is a simple road of constant growth.while so far there is nothing really intricit  it does not really need it to be good. its just a fun story watching the mc fight for his life in a cruel galaxy as he grows stronger. it reminds me of some of the earlier chapters of snake report. its simplicity is actually one of its selling points its the kind of story where you can turn your brain off and enjoy like a good b horror movie.if you want a story where you can just enjoy the ride i recomend it.if you are looking for  a intricit and complex story with lots of development with an indepth power system then you are in the wrong place. its got a good few laughs from me and im happy with what i got. really hope the auther does not get detered by people who get mad that this story is not what they wanted like i have seen many of these kinds of storys on this site.

The in-between




Okay, it's a fun story about a monster/giant space alien. So far the story hasn't done any of the cringe things fanfictions tend to do and all in all, has been a very unique and very enjoyable story. All ask is that you give it a go.


Also, bring back the pet bug I miss him very very much :(

Craig Ryba

Space tentacle monster, but not like what you're thinking. Om nom nom.

Fun story, I found this because of his ongoing other fictions. Simple to enjoy and see where it goes. If you're looking to kill some time without getting sucked into a lengthy new fantasy fic, here you are.


This is a fun, if fairly simple story about a reincarnated man buying tentacles, increasing his size, and eating everything that comes his way. Psychological concerns and potential questions are left by the wayside in favor of lighthearted exploration. If you're looking for something deep, this is not for you, but if you're open to a weak-to-strong romp (with boxes), I'd say give it a go.

Night Creeper

[done at ch. 19] We need more space tentacle monsters, be they in the Star Wars universe or not. This story has been enjoyable from the start and it's getting better. Would be nice to see our MC interact with other sapients though. Now that's all that I've got to say on it but the review must be 50 words long so this is a bit awkward... have a good day I guess?