Hey peeps. I live in Texas, and yep, Texas is kinda fucked right now. I'm still working on writing chapters in like, a physical notebook. But I don't have the battery power to actually transcribe and upload them. I might not for a while. Just a brief update so you don't wonder why there are no updates for today, and likely tomorrow. I'm still writing and hopefully I'll catch up with those chapters as soon as power is on.

Also I need 500 characters to post this soooóóóoooooooooooooooooooóooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


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Nightseeye ago

:0!!!! stay safe n warm!!!!

Briizy ago

Stay safe Third!! It's been icy where I am too.

kracken1009 ago

I live in Michigan, I understand. Keep safe and warm!

    FrenchCowboy ago

    we are freezeing our asses off without power

    Infernal Drake ago

    Arctic storm came down and brought Texas to temperatures that haven't ever been seen before. Near entirety of Texas is without power in freezing temperatures, with houses that designed keep the heat out, not in.

    Molten Thunder ago

    Last time it was this cold and snowy in Texas was 1989. Texas has its own electrical grid (so they don't have to follow federal regulations) and didn't winterize their equiptment as it's more expensive and they only get bad winter weather occasionally (last time was 2011). That shut down a number of their power plants (mostly natural gas as the pipelines stopped working, but also a nuclear plant and a number of windmills) cutting the electricity production in half in the middle of the coldest weather seen in Texas in at least 30 years. Many have been without power for days and are having to deal with freezing cold (parts of northern Texas were as cold as -20F), no heating (because no power), burst pipes, and several inches of snow and ice. It's a mess. A mess that could have been avoided had the people in charge not been cheapskates and ignored recomendations to prepare for an event like this the last several times it happened.

kracken1009 ago

It snowed, the power companies underestimated by how badly, then everyone turned up the heat in their homes, power surge and power loss across the grid.  I have heard that there have been several deaths due to the freezing temps.

rarrar ago

Hope your situation improves!

kracken1009 ago

I would suggest to come north but its not that good up here either.

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