The Slime Dungeon Chronicles (prequel)

by falcon167

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Magic Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Thank-you to everyone who has followed this story since the beginning. This is the draft edition of the story for sale on amazon. Certain missing plot elements and mistakes are likely missing from this version. 

This series is the prequel series to the larger slime dungeon universe that continues in The Slime Dungeon Novellas, The Slime Dungeon Diaries, and The Reluctent Healer.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Birth (short) ago
First Growth ago
Being a dungeon ago
Forming a dungeon ago
The first expedition ago
Final results ago
Back at the ranch ago
Dynamic relations ago
Mixed Relations ago
First Crossroad ago
Unexpected regrets ago
Chapter 11- Developments ago
Change ago
Living through the dungeon experience ago
No Chap, need help. Chap later today ago
Claire's secret ago
News and Revelations ago
New company ago
New Company Part 2 ago
Bloody Good Time ago
Lesson of Loot ago
The Stones Start to Roll ago
Last Improvements ago
The last of them ago
Finale (Part 1) ago
Finale (Part 2) ago
Epilogue ago
Book 1 changes not on RRl ago
Prologue- The Price of Victory ago
Chapter 1- Decision (*) ago
Chapter 2- Plans (*) ago
Chapter 3- A New World (*) ago
Chapter 4- The mines (*) ago
Chapter 5- Elf thoughts (*) ago
Chapter 5.1- Being human (*) ago
Chapter 6- Arrival (*) ago
Chapter 7- An In-depth View (Part 1) ago
Chapter 7- An In-depth View (part 2) ago
Chapter 7- An In-depth View (part 3) ago
Chapter 8- Lesson ago
It's up- the book is published ago
The new slime chart- I'm still here ago
Chapter 9- The church + (finished updating all the chapters) ago
Chapter 10- A Dungeon's thoughts ago
Chapter 11- The First Church Meeting ago
Chapter 12- Lost and confused ago
Chapter 13- Evolution ago
Chapter 14- Elvin Delights (Part 1) ago
Chapter 14- Elvin Delights (Part 2) ago
Chapter 15- Ending the Night with a Bang ago
Chapter 16- Emergency Quest; Save the Town! (Part 1) ago
Chapter 16- Emergency Quest; Save the Town! (Part 2) ago
Chapter 17- Plan the Counter Attack ago
Chapter 18- Negotiation? ago
Chapter 19- The Plan ago
Chapter 19.5- The Last Bond (Side story) ago
Chapter 20- Scout ago
Chapter 21- Begin The Assault! ago
Chapter 22- Punishment ago
Chapter 23- Doors of the heart (Part 1) ago
Chapter 23- Doors of the Heart (Part 2) ago
Chapter 24- Sentinel (Part 1) ago
Battle Music thread ago
Chapter 24- Sentinel (Part 2) ago
Chapter 25- Miracle ago
Epilogue ago
The changes made to Book 2 ago
Prologue- Welcome to the Dungeon ago
Chapter 1 *- It's still a problem ago
Chapter 2 (part 1)- Final Test ago
Chapter 2 (Part 2)- The Final Test ago
Chapter 3 (Part 1)- Testing One's Metal ago
Chapter 3 (Part 2)- Testing Ones Metal ago
Chapter 3 (Part 3)- Testing One's Metal ago
Chapter 4 (Part 1)- Drowned, Smashed, Shocked, or Burned ago
Chapter 4 (Part 2)- Drowned, Smashed, Shocked, or Burned ago
Chapter 5* - The Knifed Zombie ago
Chapter 6- Pantheon of Darkness ago
Chapter 7 (Part 1)- Past is Future ago
Chapter 7 (Part 2)- Past is Future ago
Chapter 7 (Part 3)- Past is Future ago
Chapter 8 (Part 1)- Tooth, Claw, and Dagger ago
Chapter 8 (Part 2)- Tooth, Claw, and Dagger ago
Chapter 9 ago
Chapter 10- Doc's Return ago
Chapter 11- We are You ago
Chapter 12 - Time for an Upgrade ago
Chapter 13- A Dungeon Environment ago
Chapter 14- Dungeon Punishment ago
The January Update: smooth sailing ago
Chapter 15- A Royal Rescue ago
Chapter 16 (Part 1)- A boy and a prince walk through a gate ago
Chapter 16 (Part 2)- A boy and prince walk through a gate ago
Chapter 17- Tidings ago
Chapter 18- Magic ago
Chapter 19- Potential ago
Chapter 20 ago
Side story- Gretony/ Life of a slime ago
Chapter 21- Learning, Teaching, Obeying ago
Chapter 22- Resolve ago
Chapter 23- Ambush ago
Chapter 24- Consequences of Hate ago
Chapter 25- Failed Perception ago
Epilogue ago
Prologue ** ago
Chapter 1 * ago
Chapter 2 ** ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 3 - ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 4 - ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 5 - ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 6 ** ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 7 - ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 8 ** ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 9 ******* ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 10 **** ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 11 ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 12 ***(new end) ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 13 ****(ending) ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 14 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 15 ***** (before and after meeting) ago
Quick Update- fixing last 4-5 chapters and RRL future ago
Vol 4. Chapter 16 (new) ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 17 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 18 ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 19 ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 20 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 21 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 22 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 23 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 24 (new) ago
Vol 4. Chapter 25 (new) ago
Vol 4. Chapter 26 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 27 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 28 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 29 ago
Chapter 30 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 31 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 32 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 33 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 34 ago
Vol 4. Epilogue ago
Author's Afterwards ago
Commercial for Book 4 ago
Book 4 up on amazon ago
The Future of Slime Dungeon ago
Links to new Slime ago
Finals, Game Super Update + Face reveal + Devlog ago
Lich boss fight slime video game :) ago
Slime:Evo- the video game ago
Kickstarter is live! ago
Book 6 is out ago
The Complete Guide to Slime Dungeon is out ago

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Interesting but Inconsistent

I understand that this is a draft edition and that most of the required changes were (hopefully) made in the final editions that made it to Amazon. I'll start off by saying that the plot is a neat idea; not a lot of people can stick with a dungeon story like this. The style is mostly in a kind of fun-loving tone. Decent characters, and a lot of them, although some could use some more fleshing out. Throughout there are a lot of changes made in later chapters that aren't carried back to past chapters, leaving people fairly confused. I'll attribute that to it being a draft and readily available in the purchased books.

Grammar is what I've found to be the worst part of this story. There are tons of errors in every chapter, from mispellings to entirely wrong words. One off the worst is how canonically "wargs" are a very very bad thing to have around, while "worgs" aren't as big a deal (1st book, "The Stones Start to Roll"). Many times throughout the books the Twins are referred to as wargs instead of worgs, which speaks to me of poor attention to detail, especially to something that was implied to be so important.

If you can ignore the many errors then it's a decent enough story for a draft. Sit back and enjoy the goofiness, dungeon building, and ocassional morbid moment (slimes gotta eat too you know.)

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almost 0 game elements ;-; just what i prefer

It gradually loses it's luster what i'm trying to say is that a dungeon is mostly preffered with a game-like system like a shop or a mana creation board or something Dungeon Heart indeed said he was inspired by this story but i can't see anything note worthy to point out expect that i really enjoyed the first arc but the rest kinda went slow ,i prefer a faster kind of story which ends in about 100-250 chapters and small chapters about 1500-2400 letters .I could recommend this story as a new kind of inspiration but i wouldn't read it again why? because it was boring after the second half of the second arc it really became luckluster almost boring .I could say though the grammar is alot better than other novels maybe this story could be better if you made a slime dungeon with slime golems ,slime soldiers maybe some kind of human - like structure for the slimes, the worst part about this story is propably the start which made 0 sense and at the end of the first arc which remembered some memories before he transmigrated/reincarnated which really was a downside but the last and final that ruined the story is that you never tried to explain how big is the kingdom , the other kingdoms etc. blah blah blah you know WORLD BUILDIND well i won't be harsh cause this is propably an amateur made story and i kinda have higher demands when it comes to game oriented things well dungeon is something i would prefer it to be a slime kingdom it could be more interesting and the world building could develop more effieciently  

  • Overall Score

You've done really good so far.

By using slimes as your theme you've been able to create a really colorful tale from the eyes of Doc the Dungeon. Your characters feel really "alive" and there is always more about them than meets the eye. I would also like to credit you on the fact that you managed to describe everything really well. Every time i read a chapter i can easily imagine the scenes that must be playing on at the moment like a movie inside my head. You keep your story fresh by switching from decord (Undead Dungeon) and new, memorable characters and always manage to keep the reader on the tip of their seat through great battles and explorations (And recently investigations).

I also like that you made a power roof really early into the story (S class adventurers). What you see a lot here on RRL is that authors write themself into a corner and try to keep the story alive by creating stronger and stronger enemies. (Bigger is better they think, most of the time they make their characters fight gods and such) This in itself is pretty normal but it goes wrong when the Mc (and his enemies) become too strong in a short period of time. By doing that you make all the previous battles and hardships the Mc had to go through look stupid and alienate your readers. Dragon Ball (altough it is an anime) is a good example of this and if you're looking for an example on this site i would say Once Human, Now a Parasite which i really don't recommend because of this.

Last but not least i like the fact that you change from Pov a lot. Pov changes only really shine through when used with good characters and you certainly succeeded in that. My favorite use of the Pov change so far is the bear brothers exploration and the fight against the undead horde.

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Plz put this in the Non-human Lead section. I've been searching for this story for months thinking it was there, but to no avail. I finally found it when I looked up slime (for the umpteenth time) and decided to look around before putting the Non-human part in. That's how I found this story (tho I found it out by a few stories mentioning you due to being inspired.). Hope this lives up to the hype.

  • Overall Score

infodumps, the bane of amateurs

I read about 20 chapters of this, and unfortunately this work is filled with infodumps.
Most conversations read like 
I myself am guilty of making infodumps.
But professional editors hate infodumps with a fiery passion. They go nuts when it comes to "Show don't tell."

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  • Character Score

I love the dynamic between the two main characters Doc and his fairy Claire, they are really funny and well made by author.

Humor in this novel is great, keep going and good luck with your published stuf.

  • Overall Score
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  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

There is so many stories that reach some level, point or whatever and then stop, just like that when there is still so much in them.

5 stars buddy for still posting this on RR, ther are somme grammar blunders but this is a draft for published stuf so it's ok.

  • Overall Score

I really liked the end fight of book 2!

Very intense!

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Couldn't put it down (Figuratively speaking)

I feel as though you have done a marvelous job. regardless of the fact that this is your 'draft' I feel that it has come out in a very positive way. The descriptions of characters, as well as back stories are all feasible and realistic. You've also done a splendid job of implementing life like conversations, it makes me feel like I'm there with Doc and everyone else. 


I think that you have done a good job of grasping every ones moral standings as well as how you developed Docs thought process too. I look forward to your next addition and will most likely read the revised version on kindle!

  • Overall Score

World of posibilities that intrigue and draw you in....

This story is beyond good. I mean the author builds more then an dungeon, and is not fixated on the MC but builds the story around it, and makes it all the more exiting. It's like having several godly snaks on plate you desperately want to taste but you can eat only one at a time.  Each of the snaks is actually part of the story. And the author is masterfully giving us hints and possibilities - presenting us godly snaks - but giving us tase of different godly snaks :D

This story has multiple avesome storyline aspects that draw you in, instead of just 'one'. That's why I love it.