The Slime Dungeon Chronicles (prequel)

by falcon167

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Magic Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strong Lead Summoned Hero Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Thank-you to everyone who has followed this story since the beginning. This is the draft edition of the story for sale on amazon. Certain missing plot elements and mistakes are likely missing from this version. 

This series is the prequel series to the larger slime dungeon universe that continues in The Slime Dungeon Novellas, The Slime Dungeon Diaries, and The Reluctent Healer.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Birth (short) ago
First Growth ago
Being a dungeon ago
Forming a dungeon ago
The first expedition ago
Final results ago
Back at the ranch ago
Dynamic relations ago
Mixed Relations ago
First Crossroad ago
Unexpected regrets ago
Chapter 11- Developments ago
Change ago
Living through the dungeon experience ago
No Chap, need help. Chap later today ago
Claire's secret ago
News and Revelations ago
New company ago
New Company Part 2 ago
Bloody Good Time ago
Lesson of Loot ago
The Stones Start to Roll ago
Last Improvements ago
The last of them ago
Finale (Part 1) ago
Finale (Part 2) ago
Epilogue ago
Book 1 changes not on RRl ago
Prologue- The Price of Victory ago
Chapter 1- Decision (*) ago
Chapter 2- Plans (*) ago
Chapter 3- A New World (*) ago
Chapter 4- The mines (*) ago
Chapter 5- Elf thoughts (*) ago
Chapter 5.1- Being human (*) ago
Chapter 6- Arrival (*) ago
Chapter 7- An In-depth View (Part 1) ago
Chapter 7- An In-depth View (part 2) ago
Chapter 7- An In-depth View (part 3) ago
Chapter 8- Lesson ago
It's up- the book is published ago
The new slime chart- I'm still here ago
Chapter 9- The church + (finished updating all the chapters) ago
Chapter 10- A Dungeon's thoughts ago
Chapter 11- The First Church Meeting ago
Chapter 12- Lost and confused ago
Chapter 13- Evolution ago
Chapter 14- Elvin Delights (Part 1) ago
Chapter 14- Elvin Delights (Part 2) ago
Chapter 15- Ending the Night with a Bang ago
Chapter 16- Emergency Quest; Save the Town! (Part 1) ago
Chapter 16- Emergency Quest; Save the Town! (Part 2) ago
Chapter 17- Plan the Counter Attack ago
Chapter 18- Negotiation? ago
Chapter 19- The Plan ago
Chapter 19.5- The Last Bond (Side story) ago
Chapter 20- Scout ago
Chapter 21- Begin The Assault! ago
Chapter 22- Punishment ago
Chapter 23- Doors of the heart (Part 1) ago
Chapter 23- Doors of the Heart (Part 2) ago
Chapter 24- Sentinel (Part 1) ago
Battle Music thread ago
Chapter 24- Sentinel (Part 2) ago
Chapter 25- Miracle ago
Epilogue ago
The changes made to Book 2 ago
Prologue- Welcome to the Dungeon ago
Chapter 1 *- It's still a problem ago
Chapter 2 (part 1)- Final Test ago
Chapter 2 (Part 2)- The Final Test ago
Chapter 3 (Part 1)- Testing One's Metal ago
Chapter 3 (Part 2)- Testing Ones Metal ago
Chapter 3 (Part 3)- Testing One's Metal ago
Chapter 4 (Part 1)- Drowned, Smashed, Shocked, or Burned ago
Chapter 4 (Part 2)- Drowned, Smashed, Shocked, or Burned ago
Chapter 5* - The Knifed Zombie ago
Chapter 6- Pantheon of Darkness ago
Chapter 7 (Part 1)- Past is Future ago
Chapter 7 (Part 2)- Past is Future ago
Chapter 7 (Part 3)- Past is Future ago
Chapter 8 (Part 1)- Tooth, Claw, and Dagger ago
Chapter 8 (Part 2)- Tooth, Claw, and Dagger ago
Chapter 9 ago
Chapter 10- Doc's Return ago
Chapter 11- We are You ago
Chapter 12 - Time for an Upgrade ago
Chapter 13- A Dungeon Environment ago
Chapter 14- Dungeon Punishment ago
The January Update: smooth sailing ago
Chapter 15- A Royal Rescue ago
Chapter 16 (Part 1)- A boy and a prince walk through a gate ago
Chapter 16 (Part 2)- A boy and prince walk through a gate ago
Chapter 17- Tidings ago
Chapter 18- Magic ago
Chapter 19- Potential ago
Chapter 20 ago
Side story- Gretony/ Life of a slime ago
Chapter 21- Learning, Teaching, Obeying ago
Chapter 22- Resolve ago
Chapter 23- Ambush ago
Chapter 24- Consequences of Hate ago
Chapter 25- Failed Perception ago
Epilogue ago
Prologue ** ago
Chapter 1 * ago
Chapter 2 ** ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 3 - ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 4 - ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 5 - ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 6 ** ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 7 - ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 8 ** ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 9 ******* ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 10 **** ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 11 ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 12 ***(new end) ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 13 ****(ending) ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 14 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 15 ***** (before and after meeting) ago
Quick Update- fixing last 4-5 chapters and RRL future ago
Vol 4. Chapter 16 (new) ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 17 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 18 ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 19 ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 20 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 21 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 22 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 23 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 24 (new) ago
Vol 4. Chapter 25 (new) ago
Vol 4. Chapter 26 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 27 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 28 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 29 ago
Chapter 30 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 31 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 32 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 33 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 34 ago
Vol 4. Epilogue ago
Author's Afterwards ago
Commercial for Book 4 ago
Book 4 up on amazon ago
The Future of Slime Dungeon ago
Links to new Slime ago
Finals, Game Super Update + Face reveal + Devlog ago
Lich boss fight slime video game :) ago

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First time I ever hoped a story would update less frequently

Well im just going to dive right into it, this story needs to be planned better. There is a severe lack of forshadowing and characters seem very shallow and inconsistent. Im not going to go in-depth but i'll just say the author needs to think about everything and how it connects within the arc before diving in and  just improvising. I 100% think the author has the capacity to make the top 10 on this site if he'd only take the time to think of a story-line worthy of that divine title. Overall, a fun read with the most addicting concept I've ever seen.




-Slow down and think ahead a couple of chapters before you write

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Best dungeon story i've ever read

Simply amazing, i love the style for being simple yet also serious and funny accordingly. 

The story is unique and interesting got lits of potential

Well what do you expect nice poetry btw

Love the character, but i would like to have more indeph reason for certain action, like how diana offer her soul. I get the point but a more distinct reason for her fear and comfort ao she could give her soul would be better.


Keep it up buddy! And get well soon from the organ removal!

  • Overall Score
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 this story is somewhat of a oddity in the community with the fact it is actually funny with the ideals that slimes are a lot more powerful that they appear to be, the concept is one of my most favorite fantasy scenarios where the MC is killed off then revived then with a twist  dungeon master.


thanks for the chapters 

~Drogan the hydra~

  • Overall Score

World of posibilities that intrigue and draw you in....

This story is beyond good. I mean the author builds more then an dungeon, and is not fixated on the MC but builds the story around it, and makes it all the more exiting. It's like having several godly snaks on plate you desperately want to taste but you can eat only one at a time.  Each of the snaks is actually part of the story. And the author is masterfully giving us hints and possibilities - presenting us godly snaks - but giving us tase of different godly snaks :D

This story has multiple avesome storyline aspects that draw you in, instead of just 'one'. That's why I love it.

  • Overall Score

I really liked the end fight of book 2!

Very intense!

Victor DoUrden
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

This is essentially a mediocore "Divine Dungeon". It's fairly similair ish with sigificantly less depth. This reads like a young adult novel with extra helping of young. While not bad per say... It leaves competent readers wanting a bit. Some inconsistency here and there about certain aspects as well as minor questions. The POV do make the story better and add some world building though.

  • Overall Score

It's a nice casual read. Nothing amazing but definitely a good book. Even bought it on amazon to support my masteroni the authoroni.  ͡°( ͜ʖ ͡)°

  • Overall Score
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love this and love the edit

this was probably the first novel I read on rrl. This struck a chord with me and made me love the dungeon genre, but I could never find a novel quite as good as this. For the first few months after you stopped updating I thought you quit but thankfully you did not. Hopefully, you will have quality and fast chapters

  • Overall Score


There are not that many solid dungeon building stories out there but this one definitely takes tops on my list of dungeon stories.

  • Overall Score

Question warning spoiler!!!!

Warning spoiler!    Author I'm confused at the end of the first book the princess turned into a slime as she was his avatar or whatever however in the next book none seems to know who she is like the pixie, even tho the pixie was the one explaining what an avatar is now She can't remember her? Plz explain