The Slime Dungeon Chronicles (prequel)

by falcon167

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Magic Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Thank-you to everyone who has followed this story since the beginning. This is the draft edition of the story for sale on amazon. Certain missing plot elements and mistakes are likely missing from this version. 

This series is the prequel series to the larger slime dungeon universe that continues in The Slime Dungeon Novellas, The Slime Dungeon Diaries, and The Reluctent Healer.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Birth (short) ago
First Growth ago
Being a dungeon ago
Forming a dungeon ago
The first expedition ago
Final results ago
Back at the ranch ago
Dynamic relations ago
Mixed Relations ago
First Crossroad ago
Unexpected regrets ago
Chapter 11- Developments ago
Change ago
Living through the dungeon experience ago
No Chap, need help. Chap later today ago
Claire's secret ago
News and Revelations ago
New company ago
New Company Part 2 ago
Bloody Good Time ago
Lesson of Loot ago
The Stones Start to Roll ago
Last Improvements ago
The last of them ago
Finale (Part 1) ago
Finale (Part 2) ago
Epilogue ago
Book 1 changes not on RRl ago
Prologue- The Price of Victory ago
Chapter 1- Decision (*) ago
Chapter 2- Plans (*) ago
Chapter 3- A New World (*) ago
Chapter 4- The mines (*) ago
Chapter 5- Elf thoughts (*) ago
Chapter 5.1- Being human (*) ago
Chapter 6- Arrival (*) ago
Chapter 7- An In-depth View (Part 1) ago
Chapter 7- An In-depth View (part 2) ago
Chapter 7- An In-depth View (part 3) ago
Chapter 8- Lesson ago
It's up- the book is published ago
The new slime chart- I'm still here ago
Chapter 9- The church + (finished updating all the chapters) ago
Chapter 10- A Dungeon's thoughts ago
Chapter 11- The First Church Meeting ago
Chapter 12- Lost and confused ago
Chapter 13- Evolution ago
Chapter 14- Elvin Delights (Part 1) ago
Chapter 14- Elvin Delights (Part 2) ago
Chapter 15- Ending the Night with a Bang ago
Chapter 16- Emergency Quest; Save the Town! (Part 1) ago
Chapter 16- Emergency Quest; Save the Town! (Part 2) ago
Chapter 17- Plan the Counter Attack ago
Chapter 18- Negotiation? ago
Chapter 19- The Plan ago
Chapter 19.5- The Last Bond (Side story) ago
Chapter 20- Scout ago
Chapter 21- Begin The Assault! ago
Chapter 22- Punishment ago
Chapter 23- Doors of the heart (Part 1) ago
Chapter 23- Doors of the Heart (Part 2) ago
Chapter 24- Sentinel (Part 1) ago
Battle Music thread ago
Chapter 24- Sentinel (Part 2) ago
Chapter 25- Miracle ago
Epilogue ago
The changes made to Book 2 ago
Prologue- Welcome to the Dungeon ago
Chapter 1 *- It's still a problem ago
Chapter 2 (part 1)- Final Test ago
Chapter 2 (Part 2)- The Final Test ago
Chapter 3 (Part 1)- Testing One's Metal ago
Chapter 3 (Part 2)- Testing Ones Metal ago
Chapter 3 (Part 3)- Testing One's Metal ago
Chapter 4 (Part 1)- Drowned, Smashed, Shocked, or Burned ago
Chapter 4 (Part 2)- Drowned, Smashed, Shocked, or Burned ago
Chapter 5* - The Knifed Zombie ago
Chapter 6- Pantheon of Darkness ago
Chapter 7 (Part 1)- Past is Future ago
Chapter 7 (Part 2)- Past is Future ago
Chapter 7 (Part 3)- Past is Future ago
Chapter 8 (Part 1)- Tooth, Claw, and Dagger ago
Chapter 8 (Part 2)- Tooth, Claw, and Dagger ago
Chapter 9 ago
Chapter 10- Doc's Return ago
Chapter 11- We are You ago
Chapter 12 - Time for an Upgrade ago
Chapter 13- A Dungeon Environment ago
Chapter 14- Dungeon Punishment ago
The January Update: smooth sailing ago
Chapter 15- A Royal Rescue ago
Chapter 16 (Part 1)- A boy and a prince walk through a gate ago
Chapter 16 (Part 2)- A boy and prince walk through a gate ago
Chapter 17- Tidings ago
Chapter 18- Magic ago
Chapter 19- Potential ago
Chapter 20 ago
Side story- Gretony/ Life of a slime ago
Chapter 21- Learning, Teaching, Obeying ago
Chapter 22- Resolve ago
Chapter 23- Ambush ago
Chapter 24- Consequences of Hate ago
Chapter 25- Failed Perception ago
Epilogue ago
Prologue ** ago
Chapter 1 * ago
Chapter 2 ** ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 3 - ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 4 - ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 5 - ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 6 ** ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 7 - ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 8 ** ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 9 ******* ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 10 **** ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 11 ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 12 ***(new end) ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 13 ****(ending) ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 14 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 15 ***** (before and after meeting) ago
Quick Update- fixing last 4-5 chapters and RRL future ago
Vol 4. Chapter 16 (new) ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 17 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 18 ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 19 ago
Vol. 4 Chapter 20 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 21 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 22 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 23 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 24 (new) ago
Vol 4. Chapter 25 (new) ago
Vol 4. Chapter 26 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 27 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 28 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 29 ago
Chapter 30 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 31 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 32 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 33 ago
Vol 4. Chapter 34 ago
Vol 4. Epilogue ago
Author's Afterwards ago
Commercial for Book 4 ago
Book 4 up on amazon ago
The Future of Slime Dungeon ago
Links to new Slime ago
Finals, Game Super Update + Face reveal + Devlog ago
Lich boss fight slime video game :) ago
Slime:Evo- the video game ago
Kickstarter is live! ago

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  • Overall Score

I chanced upon this from around when the author started writing this story. Checked almost every day for updates, just thought I would get this out there before going into a melt down after finishing the book…


Just a few errors here and there I noticed when trying to reread parts, other then that…great plot, good char development and other important reading stuff. Like the plot twists and other stuff…and that other thing was great. Totally worth reading in my book…in fact I had to fight the web dungeon to get multiple password resets and even got kicked out a few  times just to get this out for ya.


So looking forward to the next series…ill be waiting…just saying…take care of yourself, hope the surgery goes well…



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man becomes dungeon greatness ensues

''Another hidden gem among the latest releases'' , after reading the chapters that were out (3 at that time) , was my conclusion

The dungeon lord and his fairy are an awesome duet starring in this reincarnation-as-dungeon fiction. After having read similarly themed fiction i can say that this is one of the best casual reads for the genre in rrl. The reasons for that is the fact that unlike other fictions you wont be flooded with info and masses of text trying to show how seriously the dungeon-man has taken its job. Instead you have a happy couple (BOUND BY BONDS OF INNOCENCE AND TRUST) that prefers spawing a slime or two from time to time and play slime football(or soccer whatever floats your boat) while waiting for adventurers.

After proggresing more the story changed showing us all sides involved in this newfound dungeon from royalty and its intrigues to the normal adventurers trying to make a living. Tying all that up together to achieve greatness is where i am focusing my expectations(towers the fiction).

The grammar and text size show that the author considers what hurts the eyes of his readers and what doesn’t although some typos escape here and there. My reading experience (as some1 who is hella triggered by others bad grammar) so far has been great.

All in all a nice fiction for those who don’t mind a casual story that goes in a slow pace(i am giving a hint to the author here *wink* (fastahhhh)) that deserves some love since its been covered up by other ones who (in my hoest opinion) won’t leave up to the hype they had if this fiction continues being updated with the same quality as so far.

Thank you author san for giving me something to look out for in the dead of the night(your chapters are updated 12-3pm where i live XD)

  • Overall Score

I thought the story was very interesting and unique. Most dungeon story’s I have read have a boring start with the dungeon having no thoughts and relying on instinct. This kinda went in the opposite direction it seemed and I found it very enjoyable. I probably like Hero of Naught better but, this was a great story and I would love to continue reading it. The only problem was that it seemed rushed but at the same time too drawn out. You created the villain and drew out the time he was there and made it that way. Then it it quickly resolved in the end which feels way too rushed. i would have suggested either making him an underling of someone greater or having had him escape to cause trouble for later. I will give you a nice compliment on the slime evolutionary tree as it looks like you put some effort into thinking that out and I will always appreciate that from authors.

  • Overall Score

The first book is great,but

As i wrote the first book is great, with normal stuff like puny little human politics, strong enemys and cute characters,and unnormal stuff like dungeon fairy.But at the start of the second book the mc gets a personality change (at least i think it is one) to the worse: Say good-bye to happy-go-lucky-mc and welcome ..that new guy who is kind of a prick and has  lost many important human emotions and doesnt really react when a group of ------- plans to kill his fairy. Yeah i kind of lost interst at that point so maybe it gets better so if you want to continue reading it,or just like the inhuman mc in the first place enjoy.I just wanted to post a warning for 0815 guys like me who may be disheartened at the sudden change. Overall it is a good story but just not to my prefferences.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

i love this story for so many reasons.

the characters are great and you can not help but love them (or hate them when it's called for)

the story is not your run of the mill i reincarnated lets be OP and kill everything that comes for me dungeon.

instead it's well built and the whole relation between dungeon and adventurer is making sense. 

and it shows so much promise, you'll keep coming back for more because you'll wonder what will happen next.


dear santa I've been a good boy please convince the author to make more.


  • Overall Score

Ate it like hot cakes

Better than sex. Honestly, this is the best dungeon fiction I've seen on royal road. It's execution was done very well and I'm eagerly awaiting more chapter. This inspired me to try and write my own dungeon novel so thank you. Keep up the good work!

  • Overall Score

Was a little put off by your rewrite of the second volume but now I'm glad I came back. You've taken the best bits of other stories and added your own personal touch and it has come out amazingly. I feel that other authors can sometimes get caught up over moral decisions but you have realised that Doc is Not human and so isn't obligated to make the same choices as a human would.

The grammer is fine and some charecters are well developed. I think there could be more off a world building effort though; maybe through adventurers swapping rumours and a visitor from the empire could be interesting, possibly at the same time as the beast men are there, it could be interesting to see how a citizen of the empire, brought up to hate Demi humans could react to them.

  • Overall Score

Best dungeon Tory i've read

Love to story so far and cant wait for the second part to start.  Love the slower pace without the rush of most others. Hope to see this Dungeon story make it to completion.

  • Overall Score

This one has alot of potential and made me my probability of getting any work done 0%

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Great story and allot of potential

I like the story and were its going.


I also like the fact that its not to fast pasted even though the extra evolution came faster then expected, thought they needed to get the requirements but hey it works out anyway in the end so no worry or complaining from me there.


I also like the MC Doc, because he get some mood swings if thing go bad and falls asleep, I'm curious to see what mood swings he gets when the other pixies show up :P

Will he allow them to go back to there dungeons? or will he force some of them to stay and become lesser bonded Pixies with him and serve under Claire.


Anyway great story and keep it up, and good luck to you all who feature into the dungeon :P