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“Where is my father?”


“I think I killed him,” Doc admitted.


The boy bunched his face in confusion, “What?”


Before Doc could answer, Claire cut him off and flew around the boy at high speed.  He followed her with his eyes and was forced to sit after becoming dizzy.


“Doc, look!  He’s so cute!” Claire declared in excitement as she paused to pinch the boy’s cheek.  He winced, but didn’t dissuade her.


“Claire, you’re scaring him I think.” Doc told her.  Claire, blushing slightly, returned to Doc’s crystal and hovered next to it.


The boy stared around the room before settling his eyes on Doc’s crystal body.  “You killed my father?” he asked.


“I think I did, or at least helped him die,” Doc agreed without thinking.


Claire gasped in horror, “Oh no, we killed his father!  Doc, that’s a bad thing!”


“Oh, sorry,” he apologized to the boy.


The boy began to tear up as he appeared to be struggling to hold back his tears.  “Did . . . (sniff) . . . did he hurt?”


Claire shook her head, “No, he was smiling.  He asked us to take care of you and said he loved you.”


“Did he say that?” Doc asked mentally to Claire.


“I don’t remember, but that sounds like something my mommy would have done.” Claire replied.


The little boy wiped away his tears and stood tall.  With a trembling lip, he bowed to Doc and Claire.  “Thank you for saving father.  As the son of the king I, Prince Rowen, will repay this honor.”


Doc coughed a moment, resetting the mood in the room before speaking.  “Uh hum, anyway, my name is Doc and this is my pixie partner Claire.  Before we continue, uh, I’d like to know why you, a sentient being, is able to talk to me directly in my mind.”  Indeed, Rowen had been speaking telepathically ever since he had awoken.


Rowen scratched his chin thoughtfully, “Well Sir Doc, I can’t speak.  I remember my neck was hurt when my father fled.  I don’t remember that much though; it feels like I had a long nap.”


Claire flew down to Rowen and landed on his head.  She stared down at him in surprise.


“You smell like my mommy’s home.  Are you an undead?”


“I’m a prince!” Rowen argued.


“Are you an undead prince?” Claire asked.


Rowen teared up, “No, I’m a human.  Right, sir Doc?”


Doc stared at Claire, “Why does Rowen seem like a monster?”


Rowen and Claire dropped their heads to look at Rowen’s chest.  Of the bit of chest that was visible, the skin was much paler than his face or arms.  Claire gasped in amazement.


“He’s changed Doc,” she explained, “I think it’s because Rowen slept in the undead dungeon for hundreds of years as a young child, the most vulnerable age to magic.  He became like his father, an undead.  One of his new abilities is the ability to mind-talk.”


Doc quickly looked at the young boy, “I don’t see any obvious signs of a monster core besides his chest.”


Claire tilted her head for a moment, “Oh right, I never taught you how to see magic.” She began to mutter to herself, “Um, let’s see you don’t have eyes so, uh, focus your magic in front of whatever it is you use to see.  You should be able to see the levels of mana all around you.  Oh, and be sure to adjust it so you don’t blind yourself; we are in a dungeon after all.” Claire gave Doc a wink.


Chuckling, Doc did as Claire directed, and blinked in surprise as an endless ocean of purple appeared before his vision.  Wincing at the high levels of purple, Doc adjusted the magic until he could clearly see both the room and its occupants.  Claire’s body was oddly green and brown at the center, but was covered in strands of purple that flowed out of her to both Doc’s crystal and the dungeon.  Looking over at Rowen, Doc found the boy was completely grey, with a round object at his center controlling the moving colors across his body.”


“He’s gray,” Doc pointed out.


“Right,” Claire agreed, “See there Doc, that round part is the monster core; something that a normal sentient being should not have.  It’s right below his heart.”


Rowen cleared his throat as a small blush crept up his face, “Excuse me, but your staring his making me feel a bit uncomfortable.”


“Right, sorry,” Claire and Doc apologized as they disabled their magic.


“So what is he?” Doc asked Claire.


Claire tapped her chin in thought, “Well, I think he’s both human and undead.  It reminds me of one of the curses mommy’s dungeon monsters can do.  The curse slowly kills the thing it is cast on, and then when it dies it comes back as an undead.   Rowen seems to be living with the curse, but he’ll likely come back as an undead if he dies.”


Claire tapped her lip in curiosity, “So, what do you want to do Rowen?  You aren’t part of the dungeon officially so you could leave if you want to.  We did promise your father to take care of you, but I’ll be the first to admit Doc and I have no idea how take care of a human child.  We also don’t have any sources of food here, just to let you know.”


Rowen bowed his head in thought, “My family is dead, and from your words have been dead for a long time.  I don’t have a home to return to.”


“I have an idea,” Doc spoke up, “Why not live here with us until you feel like you have a good grasp of your abilities?”


Taking a deep, calming breath, Rowen stared resolutely up into Doc’s crystal.  “I don’t remember much of what happened after I was hurt, but I know my kingly father was hurting for a long time.  I was raised to be the crown prince, and I’ve learned enough to know about royal honor!  In order to preserve the memory of my royal line, I pledge myself to my family’s savior!”


Rowen’s body shone as he made the pledge, and his body shook as the monster core within him dissolved into magic and flew into Doc’s crystal.  Doc shuddered mentally as he felt the addition of a new mind enter into the dungeon mental bond.


However, Rowen’s body did not dissolve into light.  Rather, he was left standing with a surprised expression on his face.


“I don’t feel any different,” he said to Claire and Doc through their bond, “Wait, I can feel you both in my head now.”


“Greetings little brother,” The Twins chorused to him.


Rowen jumped in shock, “I hear other people!”


“We aren’t people, we are wargs,” they corrected him swiftly; “We are your new big sisters!”


After getting a confirming nod from Claire, Rowen said politely, “Big sisters, hello.”


“I greet you Sir Rowen,” Anadine greeted, rising from the ground in front of him, “I am Anadine, a humble servant and soldier for our lord Doc.”


Rowen jumped again, but recovered swiftly and bowed to her, “Hello.”


“Alright now, everyone settle down,” Doc declared, “We have an important issue at hand here; Rowen, why do you still have a body?”


Everyone turned to look at Rowen.  Unlike the twins and their mother, Rowen’s physical body was completely intact, which wasn’t that unusual except his body was completely original.  It had no connection to Doc as it was not formed from his mana.


“Claire, do you have an explanation?” Doc asked.


Claire wrinkled her brow, “I think because he was both undead and human, you only absorbed the undead half, leaving his human body behind.  He’s still one of your unique monsters Doc, except he’s also his own person.”


“Excuse me,” Rowen raised his hand, “Does that mean I can leave the dungeon?”


Everyone blinked.


“Um, yes,” Claire said slowly, “Even though your core is part of Doc’s dungeon, you still have your own soul in your body to keep it intact; just like me.  If you only had a core, then you would be like the twins and be trapped here.  Anadine has her own situation, but she is special in a different way, I think.”


“However,” Claire grinned at Rowen, “Unlike me, if you die outside the dungeon, your soul will travel back to the dungeon and reform thanks to your core being here.  You are basically immortal, as long as Doc is alive.  Well, your new body would be completely undead, but you’d be alive.  This will certainly be an interesting experience; I have some ideas on what you can do with this.”


Doc cocked his head in thought, “Hey . . . I feel an evolution arising!”


As he said it, two grey slimes rose up from the ground.  They quickly slid over to Rowen and began to circle him.  As they did so, they began to change before everyone’s eyes.


One slime slowly turned a dark red, different from the fire slimes.  This red was dark at first, but then the dark red fell into the slime and revealed a light red color.  The light red would darken until it returned to the original dark red and the process would repeat.


The other slime changed the most dramatically.  Rather than a color, the slime sheath around the core changed and became solid.  To everyone’s shock, the grey slime turned into a rolling ball of bones with the core peeking out occasionally from the middle.


Claire took a large gulp of air as she tried to calm herself, “Goodness me, I have never seen these kinds of slimes before.  These are completely new slimes!”


Rowen kneeled down and poked the two slimes, which seemed to perk up at his attention and move to touch his waiting hand.


“This is a blood slime, and this is a bone slime,” he indicated the red and bone slime’s respectively, “I’m not sure how I know that.”


Doc grinned, “Speaking of which, I’ll just unlocked the new evolutionary line of slimes!  Let’s try to upgrade the dungeon now.”


“Doc, be careful!” Claire screamed in warning, but it was too late as Doc focused his attention into the new power.  The world faded as Doc lost consciousness, again.




When Doc came to, he was met with a very worried Claire.


“Why do you keep doing the same things over and over again?” she cried in concern, “It wasn’t funny the first time, so stop knocking yourself out and giving me a heart-attack!  I know you aren’t even a year old yet, but I thought you’d at least learned some impulse control and caution!”


Doc let himself be chastised a little longer before interrupting, “I’m sorry Claire; I just got really excited when I saw the new slimes.  You know how we both get with new discoveries.”


Claire wiped her eyes as she calmed down, “Well, be that as it may, do your best to not black out again okay?  It’s only been a few minutes this time, but the memory of you being gone for weeks is still fresh in my mind.  Ask me before you try these kinds of things, please.  We are partners after all.”


“Of course my dear, I’ll do my best,” Doc promised her, “Now, shall we begin the fun part?”


“We shall!” Claire declared happily.  She turned to look at Aisha, Ayla, Anadine, and Rowen, “Now, this is the first time I’ve allowed any of you to watch the process of changing the dungeon.  Watch and learn as Poppa/Master/Sir and I get this done.”


Turning back to Doc, Claire waved her hand as the familiar and long missed blue screen appeared in the air.  Its magical nature sparkled under the light of Doc’s crystal as he read through his choices.





Teleporting Glyph


Inscribe a glyph on every floor that allows adventurers to move from one floor to another easily.  Must have cleared the previous floor to be able to move to the next floor.  Groups are restricted to the lowest level conquered by a member

Additional Race

Able to create an additional race to the one held.  Increases dungeon diversity

Upgrade Monsters III

Grants the ability to improve monsters by unlocking next evolution level.
Current Monster levels: Slime Lvl 2

Instances (Acquired)

Able to create parallel realities within the dungeon, allowing for more adventurers to enter the dungeon at the same time


Able to create new obstacles in the form of environmental hazards.

Trap knowledge II

Able to improve and add to existing traps by using mana.  Current trap types available: pitfall, aerial, launch, ceiling-fall.  New trap types: spear trap, trigger trap

Mana Stones(Acquired)

Throughout the dungeon, places naturally fill with ambient mana.  Now, those places will condense into mana stones that can be mined

Puzzle Knowledge


Able to create simple puzzles on floors that test knowledge, imagination, and intuition

Dungeon Aesthetics

Able to change dungeon tunnels and rooms into new forms.  Current form: Underground Labyrinth

New form: Dilapidated temple

Requires Environments to unlock

Dungeon Nursery Room

Unlocks the ability to grow new plants not seen before in the world.  Requires Environments III to unlock

Dungeon Room of Worship

Unlocks the ability to create a shrine room on any floor.  Shrine rooms are a safe place from monsters and hold alters for a particular deity.  Requires Dungeon Aesthetics, religious icon, and approval of chosen deity.

Note: The Dungeon will receive a small percentage of faith magic created in the shrine

Dungeon Room of Traps

Unlocks the ability to create a room filled with moving parts with set requirements on how to leave.  Requires Trap Knowledge II and Puzzle Knowledge to unlock



































Doc let out a mental sigh of joy; his choices had grown again.


“Claire, I needs the explanations,” he said.


Claire giggled at Doc’s childish words before winking at him, “I’m on it!  Now, as you can see we have gained quite a few new options for you to browse through,” she pointed at the first change, “Now first of all you can choose the second level of traps.  You haven’t used either of your new traps though, so personally I think you should skip that for now.”


“Next are the four new choices.  These choices are the first to require a previously acquired upgrade in order to manifest.  For instance, you need to have the first environment upgrade to acquire Dungeon Aesthetics.  As for why you need it, it is because Environments allows you to change your dungeon’s appearance for more variety.  That would also unlock new trap types depending on the environment.  Understand?”


“I get it,” Doc confirmed, “To take a second step I have to take the first step.”


Claire giggled at him, “You can’t walk silly; what kind of analogy is that?”


Doc shrugged, before remembering he didn’t currently have a body to shrug.  He made to by thinking of the action.


Claire continued, “The nursery room will allow you to create your own plants, as in ‘completely unique to your dungeon in the whole world’ plants.  You’ll be able to design them like your dungeon: how high they grow, what leaves do they have, do they survive in cold weather, etc.  As you can see though, it requires three ranks in Environments first.  Next is the room of worship.  This will allow you to create a room on any floor that basically serves as a resting point.  Your slimes can’t enter or spawn there, and adventurers can offer their prayers to the god or goddess the shrine represents.  You can even get a small bit of the faith magic that’s created there!  Downside is that you not only need Dungeon Aesthetics, but you also need two things you can’t get in your dungeon: an icon that represents a deity and the actually deity’s permission.  Of the two, I have no idea how to get the permission of a higher being.”  Claire threw her hands in the air to punctuate her exasperation.


“Anyway, the last new upgrade is the trap room.  It’s basically a very complicated form of your 25th floor compressed into a single room.  It will appear randomly on a floor and will hold one of your treasure chests in it.  Adventurers will have to figure out the key to escape the room, or die inside it.  You already have puzzle knowledge and the first level of trap knowledge, so all you would need for this is the second level of trap knowledge.”


Doc, annoyed he couldn’t make physical expression of his feelings, made a new basic slime on the ground to inhabit.  He sighed in satisfaction as he rubbed his slime body in thought, “Well, all those sound really good to me, but it seems like I have to make clear choices now and stick with a line of upgrading now and in the future.”


Claire held out a thumbs-up to Doc, “That’s right Doc.  Not only is the mana requirement for upgrades starting to increase, your choices are going to become more compartmentalized.  You’ll have to sacrifice an aspect of your dungeon to continue down a path of improving another.  You can’t undo what you choose, so pick wisely.”


“Well, I do want the third level of slime evolutions,” Doc decided, “That uses about half of the mana I’ve collected . . . what do you suggest everyone?”


“Environments,” the twins chorused together, “You’ll be able to make a forest for us to run through eventually.”


“Work toward the shrine room,” Anadine suggested, “That way you can have somewhere where everyone can worship your glory.”


Rowen tapped his chin in thought, “I think you should get the room of traps.  I like puzzles and challenges, so others likely do too.”


Claire folded her arms across her chest, “These may be your only choices now Doc, but you’ll eventually unlock new things that may make you regret choosing from the limited selection right now.  It’s all up to you though, so go ahead and decide.”


Doc thought for a moment before deciding, “I choose Upgrade Monster level 3, Environments level 1, Trap Knowledge level 2, and Room of Traps.  Environments will unlock more things for me in the future, and my Room of Traps will improve with new trap knowledge levels.”


As he declared this, Doc’s mana began to gather around his crystal.  The floating gem shone as new layers formed on it, Doc’s mana capacity improving as his mana levels rapidly declined.  He felt new knowledge enter his mind and soul, curtesy of his new size.  Thankfully, he did not faint this time.


Claire tilted her head to the side, “I can feel the adventurers and miners being thrown out of the dungeon now; go ahead and begin making your changes.”


Doc sent her an image of a wink before setting to work.  Even with the 4 major choices, he still had enough leftover mana to create 5 more floors.  He decided to place the new floors right before the 5 floors of darkness.


“Now, what do I place on these new floors?”

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