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The boss fighting William twirled its daggers and began to exchange blows with William.  Metal clashed and sparks flew as they attacked relentlessly.  William didn't have time to create his wind blasts; he was too busy fighting back to go on the offensive.  The figure spun around, causing one of his attacks to go wide as it slashed his arm.  William didn't even twitch as his other arm whipped around his back in his own spin and he pummel slammed the figure in the head.  It staggered before they resumed their confrontation.


On the other side of the room, Anhel stuck close to Jare's left side.  He summoned balls of fire to throw at the hooded boss whenever it appeared.  Coughing up a little blood, Jare was forced into a defensive posture, his hammer being used now as a make-shift shield.  Anhel threw another fireball at the boss, making it dive back into the shadow.


"Big brother, I'm running out of fireballs for the day." Anhel said as he glanced at the remaining balls of fire in the air, "I don't think we'll be able to hold it back when I run out."


Jare used his hammer to push away the boss's sudden attack, sending it into the air, "Don't you have any other spells little brother?  I know I've asked you this before but . . ."


Anhel shook his head apologetically, "Sorry Jare, but fire is the only spell I picked up from human wizardry; everything else I can cast is learnt from the beast-men shamans.  Summoning spirits to fight is on a higher level than what I can cast right now."


Jare winced as a dagger sliced a cut on his right arm, "Then, can you summon something bigger than a fireball?  We need some light."


"Light," Anhel whispered to himself, "Light, light, oh right!"  He raised his hand into the air, "Spirit of the sun!"


The remaining fireballs flew into the air.  Reaching the top, they smashed into each other and exploded out into a bright light that filled the room.  The two hooded bosses shrieked in pain and dived into the rapidly fading shadows.  The adventurers relaxed as the light filled them with warmth.


"This won't last long," Anhel warned, "The sun spirit is for plant use on cloudy days, and for it to last longer than a few minutes I would need regents I don't have on me."


Jare scratched his new scar as he thought to himself.  "Hey Anhel," he said, "How do you feel about the dark again?"


Anhel cocked his head to the side, "Uh, where are you leading with this big bro?"


"William," Jare called out, "Take the torches out."


William's eyes glittered in understanding, and his blades whipped around as wind blast flew through the air and destroyed all the torches in the room.


"Jare, what are doing?" Anhel shrieked as he watched the torches get torn to pieces, "Those are the only sources of light we have!  I don't have any more torches in my bag!"


"Exactly," Jare said with confidence, "This boss is one of shadow, not darkness.  The two of them need light to create the shadows they move through.  In a world of darkness, they are trapped with us."


"But I still hate the dark." Anhel whispered, the sunlight above beginning to disappear.


"I know." Jare said with an apologetic smile, "Anhel, make them as scared of you in dark as you are of them."  With that, the light vanished in the room, leaving only Anhel's breathing.


"Jare, big brother, where are you?" Anhel whispered, his feeling of terror growing, "William, are you there?"


In the darkness, nothing moved.


Anhel began to rub his arms, "Okay guys, this isn't a good plan.  I think I can cast another fireball . . ."


Something smashed the ground in front of him, sending Anhel screaming in retreat.


"No, no, no, not again!" Anhel panicked, his arms beginning to grow their fur, "You won't get me again! Me and big bros will . . ."


He felt a hand clamp down on his shoulder.  He felt the air move as something moved next to his head.  A voice whispered.


"Burn them little fire beast scum.  Burn them all, or you will burn."


Jare was standing with William over on the other side of the room.  "You think Anhel will be able to beast-out properly this time William?"


William shrugged his hands, "Maybe."


An explosion of fire blasted across the room, forcing Jare and William to dive to the floor and cover their heads.


"Crap, he went feral," Jare sighed


"Duh," William deadpanned.


The fire-red beast that was Anhel howled in anger as its form changed.  Unlike Jare and William, Anhel's beast ancestor was longer and lither, often mistaken for a dog or raccoon.  This trend continued in the descendants; becoming long beasts with a large fire rimmed tail.  Like before, fire burst forth on either side of his mouth and his front legs.  This time, however, his naked back burst forth in flame, as if he held some great spine on his back like a lizard.  The white markings on his fur expelled fire all along his body, and there were no shadows near him.


Jare couldn't help but admire his younger sibling, "If I say once I'll say it again William; those chosen by the gods sure are blessed."


William grunted, "Not so fun."


"Now just because you have issues being a chosen doesn’t mean everyone does." Jare wagged his finger at William, "Anhel's a descendent of the holy beast of Volcana; it's in his blood.  You just got chosen, so appreciate it more."


William rolled his eyes, "Don't like the plains."


"Whatever little bro; for now let's stay out of Anhel's way.  He seems a bit . . . fired up."


William smacked Jare for the bad pun.


Anhel roared a challenge, and the two hooded figures appeared in front of him in response.  Though their faces couldn't be seen, a few bits of saliva seemed to be dripping down onto their cloaks from the darkness of the hood.  They twirled their daggers, and rushed together toward Anhel.  Anhel took up toward them as well.


They met in the middle of the room.  The two leaped to either side of Anhel and thrust out with their blades.  Anhel shot his flames out in response, sending them tumbling back into the shadow, where they vanished.  They reappeared above, the daggers above their heads swooping down as they fell.  Anhel leaped to forward, his head turning to breathe fire at them.  One vanished back into the shadow while the other slashed its dagger through the fire.  A tangible shadow cut the flame apart, and it dashed forward toward Anhel.  As Anhel turned to meet his foe, the twin ran from behind him.


Anhel roared out, spit dripping down his mouth.  The flames of his body responded, burning bright and hot as they exploded out from him.  The two bosses were sent flying into the walls where they slammed hard enough to break bones.


Jare winced, "Ouch; not once but twice into the walls this fight."


Anhel dashed toward the twin in front of him.  The boss weakly raised its daggers in his direction.  Snarling, Anhel used his great paw to swipe the daggers away.  They clattered against the floor as they slide away.  Anhel raised his mouth; his teeth wide open in preparation for the final bite, when a dagger sunk itself into his butt.


The room exploded once more in fire as Anhel cried out in pain, running around with a dagger of darkness buried deep in his behind.  No matter how much his mouth turned to bite or he rolled along the floor, he couldn't get the dagger out.


Jare and William both rubbed their bottoms while their faces turned sympathetic.


"The one weakness of the beasted-out form," Jare acknowledged, "is that out arms can't reach around the pull out things stuck in our backs.  We have to change back for our muscles to be able to move in that way."


Seeing that he was having no luck, Anhel turned his malevolent gaze on the twin boss who had thrown the dagger.  It raised its middle finger at him.


[Good job daughter, just like I taught you.]


Anhel raced toward his fallen prey, his eyes gleaming with returning intelligence.  When he reached the boss, he grabbed the dagger out of its hand with his mouth.  Evil dancing in his eyes, he used his hand to knock the boss over.  A swipe of the head, and the dagger went into the cloak; right in the butt.


The dungeon itself seemed to roar in anger.  With a mournful cry, the twin bosses dissolved into white light and entered the floor.  The room lit up, revealing a battle worn Jare and William; both were somewhat burnt.  Anhel wagged his tail at the sight of them.


Jare wiped the blood off his mouth, "Nice to see you finally learned to keep your head with your body.  Good job Anhel."


Anhel barked happily and sat down.  He then flew into the ceiling because he sat right onto of the dagger, the only thing in the room that didn't disappear.

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This is better, I'm much more happy now.

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