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After finding and lighting the torches, the trio of beast-men stood in front of the door.


"Is there suppose to be a lever or something big brother?" Anhel asked impatiantly.


Jare shrugged, "You never know with these kinds of doors.  Everyone of them is different.  See, now something is happening."


As they looked on, the three symbols on the door began to light up one by one.  Together, the light within each began to swirl in a clock-wise motion.  The door began to moan with the sound of something move within it, and it slowly opened up.  From within the door, darkness seemed to flow out as if it were a mist, trickling along the edges of the light that filled the room outside.


"Spooky," remarked William.


The trio entered the room, the door slowly closing behind them, leaving them in total darkness.  Jare gripped his hammer as his nose sniffed the room.


"Something's here." He told his brothers.


A sound filled the room, low and hissing.  It sounded like a sinister laughter.  A torch of black light came to life behind the trio, followed by neighboring torches lighting up on both sides of it.  The lighting torches continued quickly around the room, until they met back up at the other side of the beast-men.  The last torch shone to life, revealing two furry figures, their mouths dripping with saliva and desire.


"Wargs!" Jare roared out, his fur bristling.  Without hesitaition, ortaking off his clothes, Jare burst into his battle-form, quickly followed by William.  Tattered cloth falling to the floor, the two ran at the bosses, their weapons swinging backwards for the first blow.


"Spirit of the Boar!" Anhel commanded, giving a boost to his brother's speed.  He quickly began to chant his fireball magic.


The wargs howled out in response, their spirits burning from a desire to fight.  The sisters hadn't foguth with anyone since they had moved down to the 25th floor, and they thirsted for blood.


"Sister, let's feast on their flesh and gnaw on their bones!" Ayla cried out.


"We shall win, for our family!" Aisha agreed.  The two split and ran toward Jare and William.


Growling, Jare leaped into the air, his hammer raised above his head.  The warg in front of him rolled out of the way as his hammer smashed a hole in the ground.  The warg recovered and pouned on Jare, it's arm biting and tearing his arm.  Jare roared in pain as he grabbed the warg's head and ripped it away, throwing it at the wall.  Jare winced as he gripped his arm, waiting for the natural regeneration to begin.


Meanwhile, William dashed up with his dagger swords and whipped them in the air.  The wind slashes he creared dashed ahead at his warg opponent, seeking to dismember it.  The warg howled as it sped up, and it leaped every direction as it dodged the slashes.  William spun his body as he met the warg in the air, creaitng a hurricane effect with his blades.  The warg cried out in pain as it met steel and wind head on, and it fell to the floor bloody.


William landed, his head dizzy.  In his confused state, he didn't notice the second warg, it's eyes red in fury, dash up behind him, it's jaws open to seize William's neck.


A fireball slammed into the warg, sending it barreling into the ground.  William held a thumbs up to Anhel, who grinned in response.  Meanwhile, the burned warg got up and growled at the two, in time to be hit dead-on by Jare's hammer and sent crashing into the wall.  It coughed up blood and slid down the wall to the floor.


Jare frowned as he placed his hammer on his shoulder, "That hurt.  You okay William?"


"Fine," William responded.


Jare watched as the two warg bodies faded into shadow, "I guess that was somewhat difficult . . . certainly not as strong as the undead dungeon boss.  Not stronger than the overslime though."


"You think this boss has another form?" Anhel asked from the back."


"I . . . AH!" Jare cried out as a dagger burst forth from his chest.


"BIG BROTHER!" Anhel howled in shock.  Jare whirled around, but the figure had already disappeared into his shadow.  He fell to the ground as his hand covered his chest, blood seeping down through his finger.  


He coughed, "It got my lung; this will take time to heal.  Brothers, look out for the shadows!"


Around the room, the torches burned out, leaving only two torches located on opposite sides of the room.  Anhel ran forward and placed his hands on Jare, chanting a healing spell.  William closed his eyes and took a stance where he stood.


"I can stop the bleeding here big brother, but your lung will still fill with blood until your can recover on your own." Anhel whispered.


Jare coughed up some blood, "That's fine.  Hurry up; they are coming."


Anhel nodded as his hands glowed in green light.  The wound closed up, and Jare stood up.  He swayed a bit before getting confortable, his hammer at the ready.  Reluctently, his fur receeded, as he needed his energy to focus on healing.


From under the two torches, two figures appeared.  They stood shorter than the beast-men, but higher than a normal human.  They both wore dark cloaks over their faces, and only blackness could be seen where the faces were suppose to be.  As one, they raised a dagger in each hand crossed their armsover their necks, daggers pointing out behind their heads.


Whispers filled the room, faint voices that even the beast-men were unable to figure out with their superior senses.  Anhelheld his book close with his other hand over it, William kept his stance and eyes closed, and Jare tightened his grip on his hammer.


Then, the whispers stopped.


"...  ...  ..."


"... ... ..."






The figures vanished.  Jare grabbed Anhel and jumped, two daggers slicing up from their shadows.  William whirled around and countered the blow from the other figure, who also appeared in his shadow.


The boss fighting William twirled its daggers and began to exchange blows with William.  Metal clashed and sprks flew as they attacked relentlessly.  William didn't have time to create his wond blasts; he was too busy fighting back to go on the offensive.  The figure spun around, causing one of his attacks to go wide as it slashed his arm.  William didn't even twitch as his other arm whipped around hi back in his own spin and he pummel slammed the figure in the head.  It staggered before they resued their confrontation.


A note from falcon167

 The white is messing with me.



I saw the end of Slime Dungeon and wrote it down.  It was beautiful and tear jerking, a real winner.  Now if I could only write a battle scene on a similar level . . .

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