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"ANHEL, DAMNATION ANHEL, COME BACK HERE!" Jare roared out in anger. He and William had been chasing their younger brother through the darkness of the lower floors for what felt like hours. Because Anhel was so fast, the two brothers had been forced to beast-out in order to keep up with him, sacrificing their torches for speed. As a result, Jare wasn't sure what floor they were on anymore. He was pretty sure they had gone down 2 or 3 sets of stairs however, but it wasn't clear since the floors were strange.

The two bear beast-men came to a halt in front of another hole in the ground.

William sniffed and growled softly, "Went down."

Jare growled as the scent of Anhel and the mysterious figures filled his nose. Anhel, under the stress of the dark and pain, had gone berserk and was still chasing the two figures that had slashed at them in the dark. The mystery monsters were the only enemies they had encountered in the dark; coming and going in quick strikes before retreating into the darkness. They even had hidden corridors and holes like these that led to different parts of the floor and even other floors.

"Follow them down." Jare ordered as he jumped down. William quickly followed him down. They landed in a torch-lit room to their surprise. The torchlight was not visible from the top of the hole.

William pointed, "24th floor."

"Almost there; find Anhel." Jare's normal speech pattern was severely shortened when he beasted-out, making him sound like William.

The two begin sniffing the area. William roared and bounded down the corridor when he smelled Anhel, Jare close on his paws.

They raced through tunnel after tunnel until they began to hear scratching. Upon entering the next room, they found Anhel crying out in anger as he tried to dig into the wall.

"Anhel, gone. Calm down." Jare barked at his brother.

The enraged Anhel turned and growled at Jare, his red eyes showing nothing but a desire to hunt and hurt.

"Take him down." Jare stood on his hind legs and smashed his hammer into the ground, asserting his dominance. William inclined his head before shooting forward like cannonball. Anhel copied him, and the two collided in the middle of the room.

Snarling, they fell into a ball of claws and bites, small stones flying around the room as they struggled for dominance. William swiped his paw into Anhel's face, scratching him. Anhel responded by sinking his teeth into William's shoulder, causing him to howl in pain. Anhel then leaped into the air and smashed his back legs into William, sending in down to the floor onto his back.

Jare tore into the fight, his shoulder slamming into Anhel's belly and sending him flying off of William before he could do any real damage. Jare followed through by throwing his hammer at Anhel, which smashed into him after he hit the wall, smashing him again into the wall like a bouncy toy.

The room began glowing in light as fire morphed into being around Anhel's mouth and front paws. He pushed the hammer off of him and began to pace around the room. The devilish flames made his form seem less beast and more demon. The red fur on his body sparkled in the fire light, but his scarred back remained hairless and pink.

Jare stood up and let his body recess back to its normal appearance. His naked chest, hairy in the light, stood out as he took a wrestling stance.

"Fine; if you're going to behave like a beast, then I'm going to have to take you down like one. Come at me brother!"

Anhel responded with a blast of fire in Jare's face.

Cursing loudly, Jare leaped out of the way. Anhel moved his head so the stream of fire chased after Jare.

"IT BURNS, IT BURNS!" Jare yelled as he tried to escape the flames. Hi hand slapped his left shoulder, smothering the growing flames.

Anhel stopped to take a breath, and was tackled by an angry William in his normal appearance. William wrapped his mighty arms around Anhel's neck and began to squeeze. Anhel roared out and shook his head back and forth, trying dislodge his assailant. William held on with all his strength.

Having escaped the fire, Jare ran up grappled with Anhel's front legs. Anhel struggled as his mouth bit at his brothers, but between his neck being squeezed and his legs being held, he couldn't muster up the leverage to escape their grasps.

After a minute, his struggles weakened and Anhel began to whine. Jare and William kept up the pressure, ignoring his whines. Eventually, Anhel's eyes rolled up into his head and he collapsed, his fire going out.

Jare waited until he was sure Anhel was out before he removed his hands. Smoke rose up from his hands and arms, having been burnt by the fire on Anhel's legs. Jare winced as his arms fell uselessly to his sides.

"William, I need a health potion." Jare said calmly. William nodded and reached into Anhel's bag, taking out a potion. He poured it into Jare's mouth.

Jare winced at the taste, then sighed in relief as he felt his arms begin to tingle. "My arms are going to need time to heal after this. Why don't you guard the entrance while I wait for Anhel to recover?"

William grunted in agreement and left the room.

Jare took a seat and sighed as he leaned against the wall next to Anhel. He watched Anhel slowly regress back into his normal form.

Anhel woke up with a jolt and looked around wildly. When he got sight of Jare, Anhel calmed down.

"Did I do that?" Anhel pointed at Jare's arms. Bits of black flesh were beginning to peel off, revealing new skin.

"Not your fault," Jare responded.

"I'm sorry." Anhel bowed his head, "I just . . . I don't like the dark."

"I know, it's alright little brother," Jare comforted Anhel, "I remember how it was when I rescued you."

They both watched the ceiling as the memories came back to them.


A younger Jare snarled as he pulled his knife out of the soldier in front of him. The body collapsed to the ground.

"Commander, I have a scent on the abductees!" He called out.

"Understood! We'll follow your lead sergeant!" A grizzled, human commander stood in the back of the group of soldiers.

Jare led the troop through the stronghold, slaughtering enemy soldier after enemy soldier. Jare pointed at a large wooden door with metal handles. "There, they are in there!"

The commander waved his hand forward, and two mages launched fireballs at it. The door exploded, but stayed firm.

"Jare, do it!" The commander ordered.

Jare beasted-out and grabbed the door. With a grunt, he ripped the weakened door out of the door-way and through it away. The lead soldiers enter the room, then recoiled and gagged as the scent escaped.

Jare grabbed his nose and entered the room. The human children they had been sent to find were huddled together in a cell against a wall, chained together. The soldiers were busy trying to free them.

Jare turned to inspect the other cells. Most were filled with skeletons, but a few held decaying bodies. Jare felt a tear form at the sight of the body of a bird beast-man child who had all his feathers picked.

"Damned empiric bastards! They enslave children and torture them like this, it's inhuman." Jare growled.

The commander came up and placed his hand on Jare's shoulder, "I agree with you sergeant. Those bastards give humans a bad name, and I regret being related to those chaotic worshiping beasts. Er, no offense."

Jare shrugged him off, "No offense taken; even beasts wouldn't do this to children."

"Commander, we need help!" They heard someone call out. The two of them left the cell and moved swiftly down to the other end of the room. There, they found a few soldiers pointing their weapons at another cell. Inside, a red beast roared at them and swiped it's claw at them.

"Commander, it's some sort of beast of Temtra!" a soldier reported.

Jare took a sniff and shook his head, "No, that's not a celestial animal, but . . . I think that's a beast child. Let me try to talk it down."

The commander nodded and waved his hand, dismissing the soldiers. Jare walked into the room, his hands held out calmingly.

"It's alright, no one is going to hurt you anymore." Jare whispered softly.

The beast sniffed and whined before snarling again. Jare snarled back, his fur and snout growing. The beast whimpered and backed away in submission.

Jare walked over and pulled the red beast into a hug. "It's alright now, it's alright." The red beast calmed down and began to cry into Jare's arms.

They just sat there, the only sound being that of tears falling.

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