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Fiora rubbed her head gingerly as she flipped her covers over and sat on the edge of her bed.  The feeling of her sword comforted her, and she subconsciously leaned on it.

"Dammit, I thought I was over that." She muttered to herself.  She shook her head, clearing away the cobwebs as the sun shone through the curtains.  She stood up and walked over to them, moving them aside to reveal the morning light.

She grinned at the view, "This is so much better than the tent.  Being a hero really does have its perks."

After the successful defeat of the Tomb of the Forgotten King, Fiora and her team were offered a full year's rent at the best inn in the town, one meal a day included.  They had jumped at the chance of improving their living conditions for free, and now the four of them were enjoying the high life.

Some more than others.

Fiora winced as the back wall began to thump.  She stomped over and banged on it, the annoyance apparent on her face.

"Oy, keep it down you too.  I know I said to get a room, but keep it quiet too!"

Her only response was some muted giggling, to which Fiora rolled her eyes and sighed.  After changing into her armor and other equipment, she went downstairs.

Gran was waiting for her in the main room, sipping away at his morning tea.

"Good morning Fiora," he greeted her, rising, "How twas your night?"

"Twas loud." She sarcastically answered, taking a seat with him, "I kinda regret allowing those two to share a room.  They've been worse than a pair of horned rabbits in the spring."

She reflected on what she had said, "Doesn't that involve a lot of stabbing?"

"In more ways than one." Gran chuckled as he sat his tea down, "Beside the point though; I was referring to the bags under your eyes."

Fiora forced a blush from popping up, "It's rude to point out beauty flaws in human women Gran."

He rolled his eyes, "If I wanted to give you beauty tips, I wouldn't be asking about your night now would I?  You had dreams again didn't you?"

Fiora signaled the bartender for a drink, "What's it to you?"

"Besides being a comrade in arms, an old friend, a fellow survivor, and a distant relative?" Gran pointed out.

"Oh yeah," Fiora muttered, "Guess I can't get out of it huh?"

Gran stared pointedly at her.

"Yeah, I had another dream of the orphanage." she relented.

"Was it new?" he inquired

She nodded, "It was a memory from the time they combined the orphanage children with the school children.  They had a new sister teach us about the deities, and it ended the normal way."

Gran shook his head, "Red hair is rare in this country, but it is far from being something to discriminate about."

"Tell that to a kid who hears things from his father.  He always was smart enough to point things out to the other kids." Fiona nodded her head in thanks as the bartender placed the mug in front of her.  She sighed happily as the warm mead slipped down her throat.

Gran shook his head, "Alcohol should be had this hour of the day you know."

"Yeah? Well try to preserve water in this dry land.  Hard enough importing the stuff, at least booze is cheap."  She took another gulp, "Anyway, this is medicine for the headache."

Gran drummed his fingers on the table, "Was it really so bad?"

"It got worse after the empire began to expand; it wasn't so bad before." she admitted, wiping her mouth with her hand, "I have the wonderful goddess of desire to thank for it.  Not Volcana, no, they had to pick on me being related to Temtra."

"You've been dreaming of the past every night; maybe it's not a coincidence." Gran began to look thoughtful.

"Oh, what's on your mind?" Fiora asked, interested.

Gran was interrupted by two sets of footsteps coming down the stairs.  He and Fiora turned to watch Jonah enter the room with his arm wrapped around Nat.  The two were speaking softly to each other and laughing.

Gran smiled with them, "It does me happiness to see two youths so deeply in love."

"You don't have to listen to them all night long." Fiora muttered into her mug.

Jonah leaned down and gave Nat a deep kiss as they approached the table.  He turned and winked at the two sitting figures in front of him.

"Morning Fiora, morning Gran." He greeted.

"Hey guys." Nat waved happily.

Fiora closed her eyes and sighed before turning to Jonah, "I spent many years seeing you fully clothed with only your head sticking out of your robe Jonah.  If you don't mind, I have no desire yo see your naked chest."

Nat giggled as Jonah looked down and coughed awkwardly.

"I'll be right back." He whispered to Nat as he turned and ran back toward the stairs.  Nat plopped down into an empty chair and smiled happily at Jonah's retreating form.

"He's such a forgetful lug.," She winked at Fiora, "You should think about finding one for yourself."

"Please," Fiora rolled her eyes, "My lifespan is at least double yours if not more; I think I'll stick with being single for as long as I can."

"But what about . . ."

"I didn't say anything about being alone."

Gran rolled his eyes as the two ladies laughed together.

"In all seriousness," Fiora said, all business, "Stop making such a racket all night.  It's loud and annoying to say the least."

Nat had the decency to blush, "Jonah has a lot of excess energy from his class change.  It's one of the few good things, but . . ." Nat shook her head sadly, "It's just another way of showing his life burning away . . ."

A somber mood descended on the table as none of the trio said anything else.

"Anyway, what were you talking about before?" Nat broke the silence.

"Dreams," Gran said simply.

"Again with the dreams?  I'm sorry to hear that." Nat sympathized as she patted Fiora's arm, "I know it must be hard and all seeing as that guy. . ."

"Let's not talk about him right now." Fiora glared at Gran, who shrugged.

"Well, if they continue then they may play a greater relevance.  As I was telling you before, the empire is on the move."

Fiora and Nat leaned in to listen.

"The elves in Groatland have sent word; the battle has begun in earnest on the western front.  Even now, my brethren move to support the kingdom while messengers are being sent to every city-state in Nehatra to call for reinforcements." Gran told them as a frown grew on on his face, "From my understanding, it's dead-even for the moment, with each side calling for more troops."

"If that's the case, then why aren't the cities moving to assist?" Nat asked.

"The main reason is because of the cultists.  After the uncovering of the conspiracy last year, everyone has been cautious." Fiora explained, "Demons are known to be working with at least part of the empire, and their presence here means they want to destabilize this country to invade it as well.  Master Mary told me a few days ago that the empire was a decent fleet, enough to send a good number of troops to our coast for a two pronged invasion.  As such, none of the cities want to risk moving too many troops and exposing their rears."

Nat sighed, "I would have thought things would have turned out better after the invasion; but the world moves on I suppose.  Any word from the beast-men yet?"

"Nothing.  It's been 2 days, but Mary isn't worried yet.  She said something about, naps, I think?" Fiora shrugged, "I just hope they can finish the dungeon before the royal entourage gets here.  Two days is all they have left."

Gran tilted his head, "Are you sure you are going to be alright?  He's going to be there, here, for a few days."

Fiora didn't say anything for awhile, "I'm sure he's forgotten me by now.  We were young, and we only met when the two schools met.  Even then, he spent most of his learning from tutors.  I bet he'll be too busy to even talk to me."


The carriage jumped as it hit a rock.  The man inside sighed as he readjusted his pen on a document before signing it.

"You Majesty, after signing the documents for patrols on the dungeon road, you need to read these reports on the empire's movements." His adviser informed him from across the seat.

The man sighed, "Really, I spent enough time on these documents in the palace.  Can't my brother deal with these instead?"

"You know better sir, your brother is very busy right now." The adviser admonished.

"You are right of course." The man sighed again, "Well, will there be any free time while we're in town?"

The adviser thought for a moment, "There will be time, but may I ask what your Majesty has in mind?"

King James smiled softly, "Just need to visit an old friend."

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