Bit o warning, the fight scene in this chapter is taken from an earlier draft and slightly modified. It's rather late so I likely missed an old detail somewhere. It's really too good of a fight to let go :p

--------------A certain place-----------

Lord Rotch frowned as he pulled his coat, straightening it with the use of a mirror. The lord held himself with a more regal look than his son, albeit older and grayer hair. His build was similar to his son as well, including the musculature.

"Is your appearance really necessary?" A women's voice played around his ear.

Rotch nodded, his eyes not leaving his reflection, "You know, it's said a man is what he wears. A poor man dresses like a poor man, and a rich man dresses like a rich man."

"And what do you dress as?" The voice asked playfully in his other ear.

"A lord." He said simply, finally satisfied with his appearance. He turned away from the mirror and walked to a table, grabbing a seat. He stared up at the ceiling and frowned.

"They also say a wolf is a wolf even when it wears sheep's cloth. Must we hide in a covered cave instead of a real house?"

He felt the wind move across the room, "How silly little lord. Because of the failure of your son, our little mission has really been put behind schedule. We even had to rescue you you know." The playful voice gained a harder edge as Rotch felt something wrap around his throat.

Rotch didn't flinch as the force slowly closed, "Really now, if you wanted to kill me you could have done that without wasting the resources to break me out. And if I remember correctly, it was your plan that failed and caused everything we were working for to fall."

The force disappeared as a woman came into view in the seat across from Rotch. A slinky red dress hung over her body with her hair flowing down in waves. She pouted at him as a tail whipped back and forth behind her. The tail was skinny and smooth, ending in a triangular point.

"Now why do you have to bring up such a sad point? Don't you have any shame making a lady cry?"

Rotch snorted, a smile playing across his lips, "I'll just let that one slide then. Now, let's get to what you rescued me for. It must be important."

The lady leaned back and folded her hands dainty on the table, "Why little lord, isn't it obvious? Even with our little project far behind, it still exists. You still have contacts and knowledge important to us, and you have a personal vendetta that makes you useful."

Anger flared up on Rotch's face as he clenched his fists, "If you mean vengeance for my son, than I'll do anything you want. That bastard dungeon, and those damned adventurers are all to blame."

The woman smiled, "That's perfect. To be honest, the dungeon town is becoming quite a little problem to our plans. Elves, priests, adventurers all working together is troubling enough, but with the dungeon they are all getting stronger and becoming a force to reckon with. We have a few men hidden in the guards that will coming to the town with the prince, but it will be difficult to smuggle anymore. The town is small and exactly easy to bring in new people without them being watched and scrutinized."

Rotch shook his head, "If that's the case, neither my knowledge nor connections will be useful, especially with my identity as Koran's father."

The woman winked, "Well, someone you know very well is actually moving into town low key; he's agreed to give you a hand."

Koran pondered for a moment before an enlightened gleam appeared in his eyes, "Ah, so it's him then. I'll be able to pay him some personal thanks then for getting me out of my imprisonment. In fact, thank-you Michelle for you help."

Michelle's eyes twinkled as she raised a wineglass that appeared in the air, "Why, you're welcome little lord. Now, let's see if we can work on your appearance."


The three brothers stood in front of the boss room in silence.

"New slimes named Sta-tic slimes, named for the sounds they produce, rely on their lightening like ability to enchant non-enchanted metal with a negative affect, a debuff. This debuff, then, makes the metal stick to the closest wall. Advice; to not wear enchanted metal."

Anhel wrote this new entry into his book with a stiff feel.

"Do I write about the fur?" He asked in an identically stiff manner.

"We shall never speak of the fur again." Jare answered, his face a stone statue.

"At least no one saw that."


"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA." Doc's slime form vibrated in laughter so much it fell to pieces and died.

Claire was giggling so hard she was gasping for air while beating her chest.

"WHOSE WEAK NOW? Ha ha ha ha ha!"


William nodded his head, "Move on."

The boss floor had consisted of 4 tunnels to choose from; each with a different element. Wisely, they choose the water tunnel and quickly breezed through it without any trouble. Now, they found themselves in front of the second new boss.

Jare removed his hammer and twirled it in his hand, "Let's hurry and get this over with."

They entered the room. Anhel sniffed the air and shook his head, "I can't smell anything; no magic in the air?"

William frowned, "Leeched."

Jare raised an eyebrow, "The boss took all the magic from the room? That would mean it has a huge mana requirement. Stay sharp boys."

The trio moved slowly toward the center of the room, their eyes and ears searching the whole room for a sign of life or movement.  As they reached the center, their eyes twitched and they jumped back quickly.

Play this battle music while reading

Blobs of black slime began to rise up from the ground and moved together.  In a short time, a large black slime appeared in the center of the room, even taller the William in height.  When the last black blob joined with it's brethren, the entire slime reared up and opened a mouth like orifice and roared at the three.  

"Great heavens what is that?" Anhel cried out in shock.

"Don't know, but look out!" Jare warned. The slime boss surged forward with deceptive agility and attempted to ram them.

Acting quickly, Jare rolled to the left, William rolled to the right, and Anhel threw himself down the tunnel from which they had come.  As they recovered, two small pink slimes dropped down from the ceiling and began to move around the floor.

Anhel saw the slimes before his view was blocked. "Hit the heal slimes!" Anhel cried out from the tunnel, not sure if his brothers heard him.  He cursed as the black slime sprouted two tentacles and began to whip themselves at him.  The boss couldn't leave the room, but it could attack anyone in the tunnel close enough to attack it.  Anhel dodged the tentacles and began to call out to his shaman spirits.  

"Spirit of the boar!" He roared out. The incorporeal boar roared out and and began to battle the tentacles, thrusting its tusks into the enemy boss.

Meanwhile, Jare signaled to William to take care of the pink heal slimes.  He himself roared out a mighty battle-cry and charged fearlessly forward in order to get the slime's attention.  He landed a single blow and knocked a chunk of it off with the back of his hammer.  The chunk fell to the floor and began to move around like a normal slime.

Cursing, Jare slammed his hammer down and destroyed the small slime before it could rejoin the larger boss.  "The boss loses parts of itself when attacked; destroy the parts before they rejoin the main body!" He cried out in warning.  After killing the small blob, the boss turned and sent it's tentacles at Jare.  Lacking an effective slicing weapon, Jare found himself in an tough spot as he was forced to smash the tentacles, which did not come apart after the blow.

"William, switch with me!  I can't hurt it this way!" Jare leaped back as William charged forward this time.  Ignoring the wait, he beasted out immediately, his fur growing rapidly over his body as his speed increased.  With a loud snarl, he threw himself past the two tentacles, slicing them quickly into multiple parts.  As he reached the main body, he was forced back by two new tentacles, which swung at him.

Anhel sighed in relief as his boar spirit finished off the two tentacles in front of him.  The boss had moved away from the doorway as well, it's full attention now on William.  Anhel quickly burned the pieces of slime in front of him and darted into the boss room.  Seeing William, he quickly called upon the spirit of the hawk to boost William's speed even further.

"Jare, finish them off faster; your weapon is the only thing that can kill the smaller slimes!" Anhel called out.

Jare nodded and also beasted out, smashing his hammer into the ground with such force that the two heal slimes flew into the air.  With a single blow, His hammer connected with both pink slimes and slammed them into the ground, killing them instantly.  He roared and shook off the tattered remains of his clothes as he got down on all fours and charged the black slime.  He leaped tackled it back into the hall with a hammer blow.  Landing on the ground, he flew backwards and pounded the black slimes on the ground as William rushed forward and slashed the new tentacles that formed.

As the black slime got smaller, more tentacles began to appear, with new attacks.  A red tentacle burst forward violently and began to spew fire from it's tip.  A green tentacle began to slam into the floor with enough force to vibrate the ground.  A blue tentacle began to glow softly as new black blobs began to form beneath it and move toward the main body.  Finally, a white tentacle slashed the air violently, sending wind slashed shrieking at the two bears.

The trio made a hasty retreat to the opposite side of the room to reassess the situation.  The black slime moved slowly toward them, it's speed lowered by the multitude of tentacles on it and it's smaller size.

"Anhel, what is that?" Jare growled out slowly.  The fact the he was able to speak while beasted out showed the level of experience Jare had.  William could only growl while in this form.

"Unknown new slime variant, like the static slime from earlier." Anhel panted, "It seems to be a combination of all four elements, which is unheard of outside of great magic.  We need to destroy all four colored tentacles in order to beat it; kill the water tentacle first since it's the healer.  I'll fight the fire tentacle and distract it for you."

Ground shaking beneath their feet, the trio nodded and got into position.  Jare and William roared and brandished their weapons as they charged forward on their hind legs.  Anhel removed his clothes and roared as well, his fur quickly covering his body.  However, his transformation was different, evident by the mad red glow in his eyes and the way he turned more savage than his brothers.  A spirit bear appeared over his head as he dashed forward so quickly he over took both his brothers.  Snarling in rage, he flew over the slime and grabbed the fire tentacle in his paws.  He managed to drag the tentacle to the other side of the slime in a bizarre motion that would make most watchers sick.  Arms didn't change places on a body like that, but none of the beast-men paid it any mind.  

The fire tentacle recovered quickly and began to burn as it whipped itself at Anhel.  He snarled and dodged up and down, swiping at it with his claws whenever he had the opportunity.  Jare and William reached the three other tentacles and began to smash and slice with wild abandon and howls of battle-lust.

Jare took on the earth tentacle as it blocked his path to the water tentacle.  It stopped hitting the floor and began to shoot rocks and dirt at him.  Jare snarled and smashed all projectiles coming at him, but each blow forced him a half-step back.  When he was enough back, the tentacle began to hit the ground again, this time causing stalagmites to fall from the ceiling.  Jare was forced to roll out of the way as multiple rocks pierced the earth where he had previously been.

William's blades moved so fast they blurred as he counted each wind strike aimed at him.  Saliva flew from his face as he was also forced back, the wind blows so strong he couldn't risk taking them head on.  With a flurry of footwork, he disappeared and reappeared a few feet in front of where he had previously been.  The tentacle had to pause in order to react, and William was already on the attack.  However, unlike the black tentacles, this white tentacle was able to take quite a few slashes from his dagger before retreating back inside the slime.  William wailed in anger at his prey's escape and sliced furiously into the black slime, sending blobs flying out with every slice.  Jare, who was still running around, began to smash every blob that came his way.

The slime reopened it's maw and roared in apparent pain as the water tentacle stopped healing and began to shoot streams of boiling hot water at the two beast-men.  They were forced to dodge the streams of water by using the fallen stalagmites as shields.  The earth tentacle returned to firing earth shots at them, destroying the pillars after 7 shots.

Meanwhile, the fire tentacle had stopped whipping at Anhel and began to spew fire rapidly at him.  Anhel, his face covered in an evil blood-thirsty smile, ran under the torrent of fire landed on the burning tentacle.  He ripped into it with unholy abdomen and succeeded in ripping it off the black slime.  As he landed with the red tentacle in his mouth, it began to glow bright red.

Snarling, Anhel threw the tentacle in the slime and ran away.  After a moment, the black slime exploded violently, sending blobs everywhere across the room.  Jare quickly picked up speed and began to smash all the black blobs he could reach.  William followed up and began slicing any blobs that drew together.  After a few minutes, every blob in the room had been destroyed.

Ignoring the tell-tale glow that signaled loot had appeared, Jare and William immediately darted forward and slammed Anhel into the ground, holding down his arms and legs.  Anhel howled in anger and struggled to get free, his mouth snapping at both his brothers.  The two remained firm and held him down, pushing with so much force the very ground began to crack.  After a few minutes of struggling, Anhel seemingly ran out of energy and began to revert to his former, naked self.  He coughed and hacked as his body lost the excess fur and bones cracked back into position.  He was his former appearance, albeit a bit more naked than previously seen.  He smiled up at his brothers, who panted with their tongues out in a happy fashion.

"Did we win?" Anhel croaked out.

The two older brothers laughed and reverted back to themselves as well.  "Little brother, we did indeed win this fight thanks to you." Jare clapped Anhel on the back with a smile.

"Good job." William said simply and nodded.

Anhel grinned, than blushed and covered himself, "Can I have my clothes back?  It's cold down here."

Jare opened his mouth to laugh, than grew solemn as he quickly retrieved Anhel's clothes, ignoring his own nakedness.  Anhel took his clothes and quickly covered up the ugly scars on his back.  The scars were old and faded, nasty wounds that bore no hair.  His shame successfully hidden, Anhel shook himself and sighed.

"I hate I can't even remember the battle.  Why can't I grow up and be like you two?" He complained.

Jare got on his knee and looked Anhel in the eye, "Little brother, it is important that you understand how important it is for you to learn to control yourself.  We cannot fall to out bestial nature and become cursed, like the forsaken flea bitten war beasts of the empire.  When you can remember your experience before you can control it, that is when you will be put down, understand?  Understand yourself and control it, or it will control you.  This is a lesson all beast-men must learn."

Anhel sighed and nodded, having heard this line before.

Jare smiled and tousled Anhel's head before turning to the center of the room, "Now, let's see what we have here from the boss."

They fell upon the loot and smiled happily.

Jare roared in happiness, "Mana crystals, 2 magic wands, and a magic necklace of some sort. A good haul after a good battle." He yawned suddenly, "Beasting out uses a lot of energy though . . .sleep . . . needed."

William and Anhel were not much better off as the fatigue hit them. The three quickly made their way into the staircase room and promptly plopped themselves down and fell asleep. Soon, the echoes of snores resonated through the dungeon.


So there we have it. A small part 3 to finish the chapter and then we get to the final part of Doc's dungeon. This chapter likely need me to go over it again since I'm yawning like crazy, so apoligies for the trouble and thanks to any who help point out the flaws. Night.

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