Quote:"Give her a laceration, witches love a good laceration" i pasted this into google and your story came up as the top thread!!! That said, what is this quote from?

That's my creation from a more well known saying.


"Incoming!" Jare cried out as he ran back to his brothers, "Gangway!"

He dived and picked up both William and Anhel under his arms as he barely made it around the corner before an explosion shook the tunnel. A plume of fire licked at his back, but missed and lost intensity before disappearing. Jare panted as he dropped the two beast-men and leaned down to put his hands on his knee.

"Big brother, I thought you were just going to scout?" Anhel asked, slightly accusatory. His beautiful red tail had licked the fire and he was carefully examining for any burnt hair.

Jare gave the youngest member of the group a rueful grin and said, "I scouted ahead alright, but the little bastards came up from behind me. Luckily, I was able to clear a path to escape before those infernal slimes got toasty. Speaking of, they sure have an appropriate name."

Anhel tilted his head as he considered that thought. "A firestorm slime exploding in a storm of fire? Yeah, I'm fairly certain the name was given for a reason."

William nodded, "Name, obvious."

Anhel sighed, "This is only the 18th floor; we should be doing fine. We even decided to forgo resting to get to the next boss as quickly as possible." He ended with a pointed stare at Jare.

Jare had the decency to look embarrassed. He coughed light and said, "Nothing we can do about it little brother; we are on a deadline. The crowd that cheered us in will be waiting for us to finish up. Anyway, let's go over the current situation."

"At the moment, the only long range combat ability we have lies with your crossbow and William's wind blade ability. You have a limited number of enchanted bolts, and William can run out of mana for his ability if we push it."

William nodded his head in agreement and patted Anhel's shoulder encouragingly. Anhel nodded his head and released his tail, satisfied that nothing was out of place.

"We are almost to exit, which leaves the 19th floor and the 20th floor with the boss. Anhel, what slimes have we fought so far?"

Anhel took out a notepad and read through it, "Unluckily for us, both the 16th and 18th floor were both fire themed floors, while the 17th floor was a water floor. We have encountered: firestorm slimes that eat fire and explode, lava slimes that leave a trail of fire, burning slimes that cover themselves in fire and charge, and burning slimes that breath fire. The water tunnel held: spray slimes that squirt water, stream slimes that leave behind a trail of water, puddle slimes that hide themselves as puddles, bubble slimes that create water shields, and ice slimes that shoot ice and freeze water."

William whistled in appreciation, "Lot's of slimes."

Anhel nodded, "The fire tunnels are really dangerous, but the water tunnel was only dangerous if you encountered an ice slime. That slime could freeze any water created, from launched water attacks to the water on the ground."

"Any unique aspects for these tunnels?" Jare asked.

Anhel shook his head, "If anything, there are less traps and less chests on the floors we have been on. I doubt these floors would be good for anything besides elemental training and some ingredients for enchantments."

"Alright, that should be a good enough for the guild report; let's head down to the next floor."

The trio walked ahead, past the new detonation mark, and continued down the fire tunnel. When they reached the staircase, they made their way down.

"I wonder," Jare mused as they walked under the torchlight, "As the dungeon grows, will this floor become a series of floors, with the other 3 tunnels becoming their own series of floors as well? What other floors will there be beneath this one in the future?"

Anhel looked sideways at him, "Big brother, you are oddly subdued right now. Did you eat a strange mushroom again?"

Jare frowned, a rare expression, and punched Anhel in the forehead, causing him to blink in surprise. "We will never talk about the mushroom incident again Anhel, did I not say this? That was a special situation."

Anhel rubbed his forehead and grinned sheepishly, "Right, I'm sorry about that big brother. Anyway, why in such a mood?"

Jare sighed and rubbed his head in frustration, "Well, this dungeon is just such an interesting place, but I worried about it's future." At Anhel and William's questioning looks, Jare explained, "I've told you both before that slime dungeons are a rarity in this world because of their naturally corruptive nature. However, slime dungeons are some of the most interesting places to explore because of the vast variety of slimes and environments. In this entire world," He threw his hands around him, "Slimes are the only creatures that can live in every environment. Even we races that have conquered the world are still limited without our tools, clothes, and magic. But slimes can survive anywhere by just being themselves. Yet, they are always snuffed out too early because of our fear. Even we beast-men who rival the elves in appreciation of nature quell in fear of slimes and seek to destroy them." Jare sighed and shook his head sadly, "You've both seen the danger of a corrupt dungeon; now imagine instead of undead that can purified it's an endless army of physical resistant slimes. These slimes feel no pain, no fatigue, and no regret and can devour anything from stone to water."

Jare was loud, boisterous beast-man who never let anything get him down. However, in reality he was getting on with his years and had seen many things while being an adventurer. Even his two "brothers" were years younger than him ad hadn't seen as much as him. When he drew into a melancholy mood, it was worth it to listen to his aged wisdom.

William and Anhel listened and understood their older brother's wisdom. The horrors of the invasion was still apparent from the large graveyard now sitting on the former battlefield.

Jare shook his head as his ever-present smile returned to his face, "Now then, let us return to our adventure. We only have two more floors until the boss, so let's keep it up."

The beast-men exited the staircase and entered the first room of the next floor. Anhel examined the whitish looking walls.


"You say something William?" Jare asked. William shook his head, confused.


Jare frowned, "That voice is getting farther away. Did someone enter the dungeon before us?" He left the room and entered the tunnel, getting ahead of his two brothers.

"Jare, wait for us!" Anhel cried. As the two entered the tunnel, however, they both heard Jare's startled cry. Fear in their hearts, the two brothers ran to catch up. As they rounded the bend, they froze.

".....Poofy." William muttered in surprise.

They stared up at a very puff-ball version of Jare, who was stuck to the ceiling. Jare was drooping awkwardly as he waved to the two of them.

"Hey, I advise you to avoid the yellow looking slimes."

Anhel and William exchanged glances before they burst into laughter. Jare glared at them as they rolled across the floor.

"Oh ha ha; at least I won't be alone up here." Jare announce spitefully.

Anhel and William froze and turned slowly. Three yellow slimes and a white-grey looking slime stared back at them.


Jare laughed as a poofy William floated up to join him on the ceiling, while Anhel was stuck to the floor by his now very fluffy tail. He moved back and forth like a magic balloon on a string.

"How's it feel?" Jare asked.

"Not good." Anhel admitted, "Especially since those slimes look kinda hungry." Indeed, the 4 slimes had begun moving toward the trio.

"Um . . . prepare for battle?"


I was laughing too hard to continue this chapter, so this is split too. I'm sorry, I need a night to get over this.

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