To answer the question, I used Metal intentionally as a play on words instead of Mettle. Because, metal slimes are part of the grey family.

I've also gotten a few others together to create a d&d game based in the slime dungeon universe before the events of the first book. This will help create some pre-history for me; it's also a possible side story for the future. The first thing I ever wrote on RRL after all was based on a d&d game I played with a year or two ago. Obviously not my best work, but still fun.


"Looks like they just finished clearing the 14th floor.," Claire observed as she flitted around Doc's crystal, "Are you going to prepare the boss fight now?"

Doc, possessing Claire's slime, rubbed two tentacles together in an expression of elation, "You know it Claire. I'm already putting it all together."

Claire flew down to the table to grab her tea. Taking a sip, she dropped to the slime and wiggled her tush into a comfortable position, "So then, remind what they are going to face again?"

Doc mentally cleared his imaginary throat, "For the 15th floor main boss, I have a wonderful fight prepared under the from of my magic slime boss. Its attacks include elemental magic of the four core elements alongside a few buffing spells it can cast on minions. For today's side minions, we have: a heal slime, two armor slimes, two normal magic slimes, and a gelatinous slime. The first course will hold the armor and gelatinous slimes, while the second course will include the magic slimes. The heal slime shall be presented from the start of the fight till it's end."

Claire calmly sipped her tea, "And will there be free refills of heal slime for this fight?"

"Of course Milady," Doc mentally bowed to her, "Unlike previous fights, from now on the boss may call for additional heal slimes by merely knocking on the walls of the room."

"Ramming attacks?"

"Ramming attacks." Doc agreed.

"Excellent work chef.," Claire finished her tea, "You did a good job learning how to present from me."

"Is it weird to treat this fight like a buffet presentation?"

"Not at all Doc; after all they are merely strong and interesting sources of mana aren't they?" Claire tilted her head with a small smile.

Doc used the slime to shrug, "I rather see them as sources of fun."

"Of course you Doc, of course you do."

Jare slammed his hammer down on the ground, crushing the last slime into the ground. He let out a sigh as the rush of battle left him.

"Phew, I think that's the last one for this platform. You two alright?"

William nodded began to pick up the left-over loot, "Fine, good battle."

Anhel stowed away his book as he opened his bag, letting William stow the loot away. "I'm good too. Since this is the last platform, let's hurry over to the exit door and take a break there so the slimes don't chase us."

"Good idea little brother." Jare kneeled down and helped William collect the loot. When they were done, the three ran over the last bridge to the platform in front of the exit tunnel.

Jare took a quick look down the tunnel, "Looks like the boss room is next brothers. Anhel, how many spirits do you have left?"

Anhel opened his book and read through it, "Ignoring the specifics spirits, I can call the spirits six more times today. What boss do you think is up ahead?"

William sniffed the air, "Slime."

Jare and Anhel gave William a droll stare.

"It's likely a grey family slime, but I wonder which one." Anhel guessed.

Jare nodded in agreement, "Likely. If you two are ready, let's get started."

As the beast-men entered the boss room, Doc looked over to Claire and sent her a mental wink.

"See you after the fight Claire."

As he said this, he let his mind flow into the 15th floor room and into the boss. Taking stock of his current body, Doc looked down and waited until the adventurers had reached the center of the room. As soon as the black one's foot stepped down, Doc made the body exhale a huge volume of air, making a roar that caused the beast-men to jump back into a battle-ready stance.

Doc released the ceiling and let his body fall to the ground. His body sloshed out into a puddle before reforming into a large slime. Doc created two slime tentacles and waved them at the adventurers menacingly.

"It's a magic slime boss," The black one cried out, "Anhel!"

As the red one began chanting, Doc willed his minions into the room. In front of him, the two armor slimes and the gelatinous lime came into being from the floor. When they finished forming, the three slimes began their attack. The black and brown adventurers rushed forward to intercept the them.

Doc then called the healing slime, which fell from the ceiling onto his head.

"Spirit of the turtle!" The red one finished chanting as the magic deflecting shield appeared again. Doc growled to himself as he began to unleash fireballs at the adventurers.

The magic was deflected by the shield as the two fighters ignored the magical attack. Seeing his magic was currently useless, Doc charged toward the three beast-men. The black one and the brown one were forced to roll out of the way; the slimes bounced off Doc and rolled at their opponents.

Seeing his target, the black one cried out in warning, "Anhel, look out!"

The red one leaped out of the way just in time to avoid Doc's charge.

"Do I grab while I'm near him?" Doc wondered to himself, "No, that would be too difficult for the weaker adventurers. Let's stick to simple actions for now."

He let himself slam against the wall, using the opportunity to call two grey slimes from the ceiling.

"Big brothers, don't let it slam into the wall; it can call more minions that way." The red one yelled as he jump backwards, dodging the grey slime attacks. He then began to throw fireballs at the slimes, battling it out.

Having heard his fellow adventurer, the black one turned to the brown one and said, "William, I'll go fight the boss so it won't charge anymore. You deal with these three."

The brown one nodded and attack all three slimes, drawing their attention as the black one ran toward Doc.

Doc smiled happily to himself, "I watched you fight that giant skeleton; I want to experience you strong you really are." Doc summoned up a fireball, a waterball, an airball, and an earthball and launched them at the black one.

The black one swung his hammer out, knocking away the earthball and waterball while blocking the fireball and airball. He leaped up and swung his hammer down. Doc raised his two tentacles to block the attack.

However, contrary to Doc's expectation, the hammer ripped through the tentacles and smashed a good bit of Doc's slime. Doc reeled in pain as he backed away.

"Crap," He realized, "As a magic slime I have little defense against physical attacks. I made a mistake." Ironically, Doc realized a normal magic slime would never willingly charge opponents with physical weapons; it preferred to stay behind other slimes and unleash its magic from the backlines.

"I lost because I let my emotions get the best of me." Doc laughed as he watched the hammer slam down on his body, destroying him.

Doc winced as he flowed back into his crystal. He didn't meet Claire's smug gaze.

"So," she began, "What did we learn?"

"Don't override instinct when valor can make you do dumb mistakes." Doc admitted reluctantly, "I let my desire for battle win forget my weaknesses."

Claire nodded, sipping a new brew of tea, "That's right Doc. The magic slime is different from the bug boss and the jungle boss; you don't have close range defenses. Be sure to remember this from now on; fight with the body, not against the body."

"Yes ma'am"

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