Yo ho hoho ho, is everyone doing good in life?

Likely, many of you guys have been wondering, "Where is the next chapter?", right?
Well, I've been busy with many interesting things. Some of which relates to you guys ;)

I'm going to a convention in North Carolina!

Asheville, NC is having a small 1000 people convention on the 30th of July called "The Asheville Regional Anime Concention". I'm going to have a booth there, selling books.

To make it more interesting, I'm going to have some nifty things for sale besides the book. I'll have some jars containing the magic of glitter, 3-D printed slimes, and even some dungeon crystals of inanimate value.

I'll even have two cardboard cutouts of Claire on a rock (not new look) and a slime (new look) and a table cloth displaying the name of my story.

I'm looking forward to it :D

This is a test to see if I enjoy this kind of thing (never been to one before). If it works out, I'll be going to Dragon-con and Momo-con next year in Atlanta, Georgia.

Note: is the weeaboo comment an insult? >.> Can't a man like fantasy from anyplace?

And since I don't feel like having just an announcement chapter, here is a new chapter curtesy of those who wait in the darkness of the show-hole.


Jare grunted as he hoisted a tall stack of lumber onto his shoulder. With both shoulders holding an equal weight now, he set off from the forest lumber station toward the town.

"Big Bro, why are we doing this?," Anhel whined as he struggled to carry a much smaller load in his arms, "Why aren't we exploring the dungeon like before? This kind of work is rather dull."

Jare sighed, privately agreeing with his younger brother, "Younger brother we are adventurers, and as adventurers it is important for us to complete the tasks posted in the guild that request for help. With so many lives lost in the attack last week, there is now a shortage of labor in the town."

"Thus," He moved the logs slightly to make his shoulders feel better, "All adventurers have been asked to work until the new workers arrive in town."

"It's been little more than a week; long enough for a rider to arrive at Duran and return with news.," Anhel observed.

William grunted from behind the two of them, "Workers, families, equipment."

"Will is right," Jare gestured in agreement, almost losing his grip, "The new workers have to move their families and everything they own to this town, so it will be awhile until the dungeon becomes busy again. Most are coming from other city-states, so their journey will be longer too."

Anhel muttered under his breath as the three followed the line back to the edge of town, where the broken areas of the palisade were being expanded to grow the area out. The three dropped their load into a large pile of logs, lumber, and cross-bars.

The foremen nodded at the three with a satisfied smile, "Thank-you adventurers for your assistance. I've marked you all down as completing today's job, so expect payment at the guild tomorrow morning."

The three beast-men nodded their heads and left the work area. As they headed back into town, they walked among the busy streets toward the guild hall. Residents were hustling and bustling back and forth on the streets: carrying supplies, materials, messages, and news.

"I'm still surprised how quick these humans were able to move on and start rebuilding.," Anhel noted.

Jare chuckled, "Even though these humans live in cities, they are all descended from the plains like our clans. We have more in common with them than many of the other human countries."

"The of the plains state that one must only take what they can and leave the rest for the future.," Anhel quoted.

"Right," Jare rubbed Anhel's head, "Leave the past behind and build on the future. There is no need to be weighed down by anything that does not help."

"A strange custom indeed," a voice said in amusement behind them, "Considering beast-men are known to drag such grand quantities of food with them even after feasting for days."

The trio coughed awkwardly.

"What can I say daughter of fire," Jare turned around to look at Fiora, "You never know when you'll find so food, so take all of it with you."

Fiora, her injuries mostly healed, laughed happily as she patted the black beast-man on the arm, "You'll forgive my intrusion, but the guild-master would like to have a word at her residence."

Jare raised an eyebrow, "Are you two better? I know not the circumstances, but I always could smell the conflict between you two."

Fiora's grin faded, but settled into a small smile, "It's better now. Anyway, allow me to lead you."

The fiery haired warrior led the trio back through the allies to a small, unsuspecting house. There she walked up to the door and knocked loudly.

The door opened to reveal Ally, who smiled at the beast-men as she curtsied.

"Honored adventurers, it is a pleasure to once again be in your presence."

Jare rolled his eyes, "Enough with the formal stuff; I know you are currently a maid but at least be civil to my poor heart."

Ally winked, "Why, do you have dreams of perfect little maids like in the big cities?"

Jare coughed into his fist as he felt his brothers staring at him, "Actually no, but a dear friend of mine would be quite disillusioned if he saw you acting that way."

Ally raised an eyebrow, "And this suitor would be?"

"The guild master wanted to see us?" Jare prompted.

Pouting, Ally led the four up the stairs to a large bedroom. There, Mary lay weakly on her bed as Bella and Carla tended to her with healing magic.

Anhel sighed sadly, "Aye guild-master, you are still not looking the best."

Mary opened one eye and grinned weakly at the red beast-man, "Come closer and tell me that little one."

"I'm good, thanks."

Mary chuckled as she forced herself into a higher position. The three girls hurried over to her and helped her up against the wall of pillows. Once she was settled, she crossed her hands and smiled at the four adventurers.

"Well, what do you think?" She asked softly.

Jare scratched his nose, "I didn't think both you and the Father would collapse during the after party. You both caused quite the ruckus you know. An entire week of healing magic, and you still look like this."

Mary shook her head, "I doubt Father Jonas is in any shape like me; he merely over used his faith magic and should be almost back to normal now. I, on the other-hand, used up quite a bit of vitality to power my own magic and, thus, have paid a heavier price."

Jare shook his head, "Blood magic though; you realize the church will never let you have peace now."

Mary waved her hand dismissively, "I have friends in high places within the clergy. They will not bother me, but I doubt the same can be said for our local chapter. It is no matter; the sacrifice was necessary in the end."

"However," She leaned forward, "I have not called you all here to talk about me. I have a job for you." She turned her head to look out the window, into the distance, toward the mound in the plains, "The dungeon was paid by our resident mage, but we have heard nothing from it in a week. Since it did not grow, it must have expanded it's power in another way. It is important that we know how the dungeon has changed."

"Your assignment," She continued, "Is to get to the end of the dungeon and finally defeat the final boss at the 25th floor. This goes for both teams, and will serve as your test to advance your adventurer rank."

Jare and Fiora clenched their fists in excitement.

"The guild will create the papers today, so plan on diving tomorrow." Mary grinned at them both, "I wish you two luck."

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