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You may ask why I don't update the story here.  Well, it's because my story is part of kindle unlimited, which requires the story be ONLY available electronically on Amazon.  I'm kinda toeing the line here by having the draft version up on RRL, since it's bascially a different 'story'.   That's basically it :p

The final boss will be changed; the backstory will be updated for the king, connections to the empire or 'pre-empire' will increase, connection to the royal family of Duran will be better

1. Backstory slightly adjusted with Mary so as to lay a path for her connection to the empire.

2. Missy's battle has been added

3. Minor details have been fixed like the size of the given crystal, fairy light's capabilities, etc.

4. Miners have a tiny part in the final battle

5. Added epilogue thoughts of Fiora and Jare

6. Templer knight had been changed to temple knight to reduce the association.

7. Large number of small plot holes and errors fixed

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Bio: Hi, I'm writer of the Slime Dungeon series and a few others. I like monster evolution, fantasy worlds, video games, and hearing from fans.
I hope you enjoy my stories!

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