Welp, it's the epilogue.  That means: final thoughts and future plans time.

(Warning: Long)

1. Book 2.

This is the last chapter of book 2, so after this I'll be going back and making all the nice, juicy edits you guys have been kind enough to point out for me.  

A large thanks goes out to Haimsun, who pointed out my prologue and chapter 3 are wayyy to inconsistent.  That must be fixed for sure.

For those of you who point out chapter 11, here is the direct quote from the amazon book:
Quote:She twinkled at him, pulling him up. An accident many years ago had robbed the queen of her voice, but thanks to magical help she was able to speak again with a somewhat normal voice.  The king missed her previous sweet voice, but was very happy he could still hear her speak.  Even now, though, he could tell how she felt by the color of her eyes; which were currently a deep blue.

Continuing on, I hope to get this story out in August.  With that being said, my previous cover artist hasn't been responding to me at all, so I'm in desperate need for a cover art.  

If this doesn't happen, then the book can't be published :(
I wanted a picture of Jare standing with his arms crossed in front of the distant town with the world tree standing above it.  Btw, Jare is a black bear, something I think I forgot to mention multiple times.  My b.

Once this is done, I'm doing the edits today and printing out the entire story to be sent to a real editor.  After that, it's time to work on Hero of Naught for the video game competition.  Wish me luck there, and if you want to help I'll be adding the link to INKSHARES video game competition at some point.  Winner goes by the number of preorders for the finished product, wink wink.

2. The Slime Dungeon Video Game.

You video game junkies and programmers have been hard at work coming up with ideas.  I'm impressed.

Now, this is the all important meeting time for anyone and everyone interested in working on the video game; I need some time to familiarize myself with discord, so on SATURDAY 6/18/2016I will be on Discord: at 11:00 Central Us, 9:00 West coast, 12:00 east coast time to present my ideas and meet everyone interested.  Consider this the official meet and greet, and I will speak to everyone there.  Naturally, if you want a more private time after I'll leave my skype address.

Once again, : is the link.  

3. Book 3

School starts back in august, and I hopefully won't have another medical issue to stop me from going.  This means I have the rest of June and all of July to play around with HofN, the programmers, and editing.  I'm also still working, so sadly it seems the chapters will be slowing down again.


Book 3 has an ideal release date in December or January, so I will work on it as much as I can when I get the time.  Considering I did the first book in just November and this one in basically the same time, you guys won't be waiting for too long :)

I will continue to put my draft chapters up on RRL until the middle of book 5; that's the plan.  I imagine quite a few of you will be bad at this, saying 'Finish book 5 or we cut you!'.  Scary.

That's a business decision I'm afraid; I wan't to publish for a living you know.  Some people are telling me I should take down everything right now.  I won't do that though, you guys are my peeps.  If the trend holds, this should leave you guys with about 120 chapters to enjoy.

That all being said, I won't be leaving RRL anytime soon.  This isn't my only story, and I'll feel the urge to continue Hero of Naught, Yawnder, Respite of a Fallen World, or even rewrite The Adventures of Valgrim.  Shoot, I might even write about my first series, adventures in Legoland, complete with everything I dreamed about for 15 years.  HA Ha, possibilities are endless.

I also want to help you guys make your dreams come true.  Be on the lookout in the forums, where I'll be posting a thread about my experience with publishing on Amazon, and how you guys can do it too.

So that's it.  Sit back, enjoy the epilogue, and slobber over the hints for book 3, entitled: Game of Cores . . .working on it still.

So, for the last time for awhile, enjoy

In the aftermath, everyone who survived gathered together under the mother tree for a victory celebration.  Worries over repairs and burial would be for the next day; now was the time to honor those who had fallen and those who survived.

The largest cheers were given to the members of the invasion force.  Jare, William, Anhel, Fiora, Gran, Jonas, and Nat were given high seats of honor on the stump stage with Mary and Father Jonas.

Everyone laughed as the two Jonas’s met for the first time and sized each other up.

Everyone laughed as the beast-men brothers got up and began to dance for the entertainment of everyone, and soon many were copying their moves as the night filled with music.

Father Jonas and Mary sat together at the table, both recovering from their spent power.  Father Jonas cut a piece of meat, the elves had allowed the human cooks in, and placed it in his mouth, savoring it.  

“While I acknowledge why you did it, you still used forbidden magic in the battle.” He said quietly to Mary.

Mary inclined her head, “I sacrificed no innocents for their blood, nor did I use it to corrupt the minds of others.”

“Be that is it may, that magic still had to be powered by something.” He pointed at her body with his knife, “Even if you only used your own life-force, I will still have to report this to the higher ups.  Your body is a temple Mary, be careful to not break it.”

Mary raised an eyebrow, “Is this concern in your voice I hear father?  I’m surprised.”

Father Jonas chewed on another piece of meat, “The clergy honors self-sacrifice for the good of others, so even if I disapprove of it, you still did something good today.”  He mulled it over with a smile, “I guess since that particular report will end up in her holiness’s hands anyway I might as well send it directly to her.”

He chuckled at Mary’s shocked look, “Don’t be so surprised my dear, you have some very powerful, and grateful, friends.  Still, don’t think this makes us friends; I still intend on investigating the dungeon completely.”

“Speaking of,” He put his fork down, “Everyone is saying the team broke into the dungeon the night before and hid themselves until it was time to attack.  How curious, then, that they survived 50 floors of undead forces and were well-enough to fight the final boss.”

“Most curious indeed,” Mary agreed as she took a sip of her drink, “I guess they were given enough Fairy Light to heal their wounds and relieve their fatigue.”

Seeing he would get nothing more out of her, the father scanned the crowd.  “Where is the Magus?  I doubt he would be one to miss the festivities.”

Mary smiled, “He had an errand to run.”

Magus Falcon sighed as he took out the largest shard and placed on the floor, in front of the purple slime.

“We had to shatter the core, but this is the largest part I gather.” Falcon explained, “I got other shards, but they are worth more to us as enchantment ingredients.”  The slime moved up and down, signaling it was okay with that.

He placed his noted on the ground, “This is a copy of my complete notes on the slime monsters I have had the opportunity to study.” He continued, “And here are the two catalysts that should unlock new slimes for you.”

He took out to monster cores and placed them on the ground, “With that, my job is done.”  He winked out of existence, leaving only Doc and Claire the image of an empty room.

“I’m rather surprised he held up his part of the bargain.” Doc observed.

Claire shrugged, “I don’t trust him still, but at least this worked out for our benefit.”  She looked behind her at the pile of small core shards behind her, “Not as useful as the entire core, but it should give you enough power to unlock the tier 3 evolution level.”

“I can’t wait.” Doc said happily as he patted Lady on the head, “Good job bringing the crystals back.”

“Thank you lord.” Lady said happily.

Claire rolled her eyes and ‘hmph’d’, “We’d have more if she didn’t eat most of them on the way back.” She complained.

“It’s fine since she can talk to us now.” Doc remarked, “I guess I need to give you a better name than Lady, huh.”

The slime girl nodded happily.

Doc mused for a moment.

“How about Anadie?” He asked.

Anadie clapped her hand happily, “I like my lord! It fits perfectly!”

“Doc,” Claire commented dryly, “Did you name her that because . . .”

“Oh quiet; you know I’m not good at names.” Doc muttered, “The twins don’t even have names.”

“Actually they do.”


“Excuse me lord, but what should he do with him?” Anadie pointed at the floating orb behind them.

The ghost stopped struggling as the dungeon shook around him.

“I . . .I just wanted to find my daughter.” He began to weep, “My child, my lost child who escaped, where did you go?”

Lady turned and cocked her head at the ghost, then turned back into her normal form and hugged him.

The ghost froze, his hand tracing her face, “You, you look just like my Ghira.”  His eyes widening, the ghost forced his hand inside her head and used the last of his ghostly magic to search her soul.  The tears fell as a contented smile warmed his face.

“I see, so she was your ancestor.  I . . .I’m so glad she was alright.”  The ghost changed, his body changing into the appearance he had when he was still alive.”

“Now that I’ve found you, I need you to take care of your brother.”  He waved his hand, and a seal on the back wall faded, revealing an orb of light, a small boy within.

“Take him and the parts of my crystal back to your dungeon.” He commanded Lady, making sure she understood his orders, “He has been here too long, and is no longer human.  Tell your dungeon to care for him, and he will become a force to be reckoned with.”

“Go.” The ghost waved his arms, calling the shards and orb into Lady’s hands.  With a final swipe, a tunnel appeared in the wall, connecting to Doc’s dungeon.  He watched happily as Lady waved and slithered away into the tunnel.

“Oh, I wonder if I should have told them I was sent here by those two strangers.” The ghost mused as the ceiling began to fall in chunks around them, “No matter, with my son there, I doubt they’ll be able to follow through with their plans.”

He closed his eyes as the world faded, and the dungeon disappeared.

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