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The skull shook and shuddered as it flew back and forth, screaming in pain. Bits and pieces began to fall off slowly from it as the magic slime devoured it from the inside. The sound was so painful no one was able to withhold sympathy; the agony of being eaten from the inside was one of the worst pains anything could experience.

Anhel sighed as he released the turtle spirit that had protected his brother. He coughed up a bit of blood, which he wiped away with a smile.

“I guess summoning one of the four great beasts was a little too much for me.” As he stumbled, William appeared behind him, in his normal speed based form. William smiled down at Anhel.

“Good job, Jare proud.” He complimented him.

Anhel nodded slowly, but happily.

With the help of the somewhat recovered girls, they picked up the half of Falcon’s body that remained and carried him over to the Gran and Jonas, who stood together, watching the skull cry out. Together, they watched the skull fall to ground, completely eaten by the slime. The magic slime jiggled and wiggled over to them.

Jonas patted it, “Good job there little buddy.” The slime wiggled.

The two swords suddenly rose up and floated to the middle of the room. There, they fell in an X shape, and a large treasure chest appeared in the middle.

“Thou who hast overcome thy trials, choose thy form of immortality.” They all heard a voice in their heads.

“What?” Anhel asked, confused, “What was that?”

The two swords began to glow; one red and one blue.

“It’s the same.” Falcon coughed as he looked over with a single eye, “Those flames are the same ones we saw in the memory. This crypt was created by a wizard pursuing immortality, so he designed it to test a person’s body, heart, and spirit. Even after being changed into a dungeon, it appears the magical system still operates.”

“So,” Nat said in wonder, “We can become immortal?” Her eyes drifted over to Jonas, who looked a little conflicted, himself.

Falcon laughed, “Do you living forever is so easy? I doubt the wizard who created this place would be dead if he succeeded.” He looked over at the flames, “Hey you, explain the options to us.”

“The sword of resentment will bind the user to the dungeon as the new guardian. The sword of willpower will bind the user to the dungeon as the king.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad.” Gran observed, “Not that I need to live forever, since I am an elf.”

Falcon nodded as he turned to look at Fiora and Anhel, “You two, you never told us, what were the words you found in the trial of resentment.”

Fiora looked slightly pale as she made a fist, “Take the torch to the door. Resentment is not justice, nor is it vengeance. It is a corruptive force that burns away all good. Remember the past, but do not dwell there.”

Falcon nodded, “As I suspected. That king we fought, he was once a good soul. However, he was filled with resentment that ate him up until he was a shell.”

“Then the sword of willpower is the one to choose then.” Jonas observed.

William shook his head, “Words, same choice, same result.”

Gran nodded, “The lines from the trial of willpower told us that doing the same thing will never result in something new. From what was described, I imagine this ‘king’ would never be able to leave the area around the dungeon, forever trapped as a prisoner.”

Fiora nodded, “Yeah, but what about the chest?”

“If thy hearts choose to leave immortality, then open the chest to reveal morality.”

Falcon formed a cane as he stood up on his leg, “I doubt we’ll be able to find the core without choosing something. I’ll open the chest, since I have the least to lose here. Prepare yourselves for anything.”

Everyone nodded as they watched the half-man hobble over awkwardly to the chest between the swords. Kneeling, he reached down and undid the lock, throwing the chest open.

Inside, there was nothing.

Falcon cursed, “Really, it’s one of those ‘you found your true self’ kind of things? I have half a mind to bring the creator back from the dead and kill him myself.”

A small light flew out of the chest, knocking Falcon into the air as his body flew back into the group. It flew back to the throne and fused into it. A black gem grew out of the top of the chair; the dungeon core revealing itself in all it’s glory.

“Oh hey, it worked.” Falcon muttered, annoyed as two of his fingers turned into magic lights, “Damn thing didn’t have to throw me like that though.”

“Good, now we can finish this.” Nat said in relief.

Evil laughter filled the room, and the ghost king reformed in front of the throne. He gave them a happy smile.

“Oh, I was so worried you’d choose one of the swords. See, one would free me and force me to afterlife while the chooser would become the new spirit, and the other would force me to work for the chooser. However, you choose the third option, so I’m still free to search!” He cackled with glee

“But, we beat you.” Anhel gasped.

The ghost shook his head, “You may have beaten my final guardian, but I’m not a dungeon so I don’t have to follow the rules. In fact,” He raised his hand as his form began to turn red, “I think I’ll treat you all to a special show.”

With an unblockable force, everyone flew into the wall and stayed there, stuck by an invisible hand. The king waved his hand, and the crystal flew out and grew to an enormous size.

“I was quite surprised to learn about this ability from your dungeon, so I think now’s the best time to show off my new power.” He bragged, changing the reflections into scenes of battle.

He paused for a moment, “I was just going to punish your dungeon for interfering, but I really don’t know enough to be a ‘good’ dungeon since I ate the dungeon pixie. I guess I’ll just eat this one and take his dungeon pixie for my own.”

‘His?” Falcon wondered.

“And if she doesn’t help,” The ghost continued, “Then I’ll just eat her like the other one. Now, let’s watch everyone die in a glorious fight!”

At the front of her charge, Mary gave off a rallying cry as she led her cavalry of blood horses into the horde. Moving in a spear formation, her forces trampled through the undead that stood in their way, their weapon falling and their horses smashing the opponents into the dirt.

At the peak of the formation, Mary’s saber went wave after wave of explosive energy out, clearing a path through the horde. It didn’t matter if they were tier 3 or tier 4 enemies, were blasts destroyed them all.

“We’re almost there, keep it up!” She roared out as her eyes locked onto the three figures ahead of her.

As she approached, the specter rose up with its army of spirits and soared at them, intent on possessing their bodies.

“NOW FATHER!” Mary called out, her voice booming over the battlefield.

In the back, the priests all channeled their faith power into the father, who glowed as his wind and light armor turned into a spear. He reared back his arm, and threw it across the dome. He collapsed afterwards, his energy all spent. The spear traveled fast and appeared in front of Mary a moment later.

The spear burst out, light and wind energy turning into a shockwave that obliterated the undead and left the living unharmed. The spirits shrieked as their forms dissolved into light.

The colossus and pharaoh made their move now, moving forward to stop the advance. The pharaoh raised its arms, and the ground shook as areas turned into piles of quicksand. The horses that were caught threw their riders to safety before being eaten by the very ground. Mary cursed as the formation was broken, the riders forced to splinter off to avoid the sinkholes. In her moment of distraction, the colossus swung its fist and bashed into her steed. She leaped off in the nick of time as the force turned her horse back into blood. She rolled to her feet and took a stance with her saber.

All around her, she saw death and fighting, the noble adventurers who had accompanied her losing their lives to the horde. She their bodies humiliated as they rose back up, turning on their former friends and loved ones.

“DAMN YOU!” She roared, charging the colossus by herself. It reared back and punched her, Mary barely able to dodge the blow as she ran up the arm. The colossus roared and punched its other fist down over its arm, and Mary jumped over it too. Its arms tied, the monster could not defend itself against her saber blow. It’s head exploded as it’s body fell to pieces, Mary landing behind it.

She coughed, staring at the blood in her hand as she wiped her mouth. “That’s what I get for casting blood magic without a sacrifice.” She murmured with a smile. She turned to look at the pharaoh, who was approaching her with his squad of bodyguards.

She took another stance, but her feet wobbled as she struggled to regain her balance.

“Shoot, so this is how it ends.” She smiled, “I’ll be joining you soon Diana.”

The last song of book 2

She ran forward, her saber lashing out as tier 4 bodyguard after bodyguard fell to her blade. However, her strength failed her and she was forced to her knees. She gave the mummies one last look of defiance as they raised their blades.

“Rot in the hells with me.” She began to churn her remaining magic into her saber, making into a weapon that would explode when she died.

At the last moment, her enemies exploded in front of her into dust.

“What?” Her eyes opened in shock.

From the dungeon, a hailstorm of magic flew out, destroying the undead around her. To the shock of all who saw it, two wargs burst out, black daggers in their mouths. They were quickly followed by a horde of slimes, who charged the battlefield in mass.

The corrupter leaped out of the way as two gelatinous slimes splatted into the ground where it had been standing. It shot forth a black ball into the ground, forming another colossus to ride as the horde turned to meet the new threat.

“THE SLIMES ARE HERE! THE SLIMES HAVE BROKEN THROUGH THE DUNGOEN!” Someone roared out. Cheers rose up from the living as they felt their spirits renew. They fell upon the horde in renewed vigour as the undead were forced to fight on two fronts.

“Impossible.” Mary whispered as the slimes charged around her, ignoring her completely as she sat there on her knees. A healing slime came up to her and began to heal her wounds. She closed her eyes as tear began to fall.

“They made it.”

Doc roared in angry happiness as the door shook from the second flame going out. “Claire, the twins made it! They are turning the battle around out there!”

Claire giggled in mad glee as she raised her rapier to the ceiling, “Those are my girls, yeah! We can’t let them show us up now can we?”

Doc laughed as he flowed into his elemental overslime, “No we cannot. I’ve wanted to try out this new boss for a while now.”

Doc could sense the going on’s in the other dungeon, and with the defeat of the guardian the invading undead horde had weakened in power, most undead falling a tier in strength due to loss of mana. Doc’s forces, however, were soaking in his raw and utter power.

All the slimes the adventurers had yet to see were filled with his eagerness to test out the new abilities. His boss began to glow in power as the door burst open to horde.

“COME ON THEN! YOU WON’T WIN ANYMORE, YOU CAN’T WIN ANYMORE!” Doc roared out as his slime army charged forward, “IN MY HOME, I’M UNSTOPPABLE!”

The king smashed the floor with his fists, “No, that’s not possible!” He shrieked, “The dungeon lent forces? That defies everything, I won’t accept this!” He began to rave as the light of madness filled his eyes.

He turned to look at them all, and grinned, “Fine, I guess I’ll just turn you all into my undead and have you lead my forces. With power like yours combined with the despair they will feel, I will win again, and again, and again until I find them!”

“Not happening.” The ghost’s face said ‘hello goodday’ to a hammer- head and was sent flying into the throne. Jare grinned as he plopped his hammer onto his back.

“If you’re going to go crazy, then do it on your own time.” Jare leaped back and pressed his hammer into Falcon. It glowed in magic energy, destroying the invisible force around the magus.

Falcon dropped and began to regenerate his body. He looked up in shock, forming his other eye to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating.

“Jare, how are you still alive?” He muttered as Jare pulled him to his feet.

“Free them first.” Jare reminded him, and the two of them broke the magic bonds on their companions. Everyone was wide eyed and shocked.

“You, how are you still breathing?” The ghost roared as it flew toward them.

Jare pointed up, “Oh, because of that.”

The ghost looked up, and was crushed by a dark blue slime falling from the ceiling. He screamed and struggled, but the slime held him tight in its embrace.

“Never seen that type before, I need to take notes.” Falcon murmured, taking a step forward.

The ghost glared and roared, “Fine, if I can’t win I’ll take the whole place down!” The room began to shake violently.

Jare cursed, and ran over to the large crystal, “No time to steal it, we need to smash it!”

As one, everyone’s attacks landed on the large, fragile crystal. It cracked as the ghost wailed.

“You fools, now I can’t stop the collapse!” He cried out.

Falcon grabbed the largest pieces and called out, “Okay guys, time to go. I can teleport us out now that the dungeon is no more.”

“What about them?” Nat pointed at the ghost and the slime.

Falcon shook his head, “The ghost dies with the dungeon, and the slime will regenerate later. Come on now, into my circle.”

He formed a magic circle and began to chant, the air beginning to distort around them. Fiora looked over one last time at the ghost.

Lady smiled back at her.

“Diana!” Fiora said in shock, and then they were gone.

The undead forces collapsed as the slimes overran them completely. The adventurers, empowered by the turn in tide, brought new ferocity and slaughter their way to the corrupter. Surrounded, the colossus stood no chance and fell, taking the boss with it as it turned into dust.

Before they could celebrate, a blue circle appeared, revealing everyone, Fiora still reaching her hand out. When they appeared, the dungeon shuddered and fell in on itself. The land shook, everyone falling to their knees and bottoms as the centuries old dungeon collapsed in on itself, becoming nothing. The slimes all around began to disappear as the corrupted land faded away. The two worgs howled together as they two teleported back to the dungeon.

When the land finally stopped moving, all that was left was a destroyed mound and dust. Everyone still alive turned and looked around. Together, they raised their weapons to the sky and cheered as hard as they could.

The battle was finally won.

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