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Leading their army of grey family slimes, the twins dashed up the dungeon tunnels, their daggers of darkness held in their mouths as they ran with all their might.  The slimes swarmed right behind them, a terrifying force of grey, pink, and purple that consumed anything and everything in their way.  When a skeleton appeared to bar their way, the twins ripped right through and as the skeleton fell to ground the horde devoured in a flash.

“Poppa, hold on poppa!” They cried out in their hearts, “Just a little longer and we’ll be there.”

Even though Doc referred to them as ‘The Twins’, they actually each had a name.  Claire had given names to both of them during their first talk; Ayla and Aisha.  Claire could tell them apart well enough, but since Doc couldn’t they just left him refer to them as a single unit.

“Ayla, is this really alright?” Aisha thought to her sister, “I mean, momma and poppa are fighting for their lives without us.  We should turn around, right?”

Ayla bit her snout as she ran, “No, poppa gave us an order.  Even if they survive with our help, there won’t be anyone left to fight or play with.  This is poppa’s village, and we protect our pack!”

“They killed other momma though.” Aisha whispered angrily, “They killed our pack; our brothers, sisters, and alpha.  We . . .”

“We are the alphas now.” Ayla said firmly, “We run the pack for poppa and momma.  The village is the prey we hunt and no one else’s!  OUR PREY, OUR FOOD, OUR REVENGE!”

Ayla howled in fury, her sister joining her as their speed increased yet again.  The slimes began to disappear as they were left behind.

The two burst into a round room, filled with zombies.  The zombies moaned and shuffled toward them, their hunger evident.

“NOTHING WILL STOP US!” The twins howled as they dashed into battle, their daggers whistling through the air.

first song

With the armor off, there was nothing left to hold back the aura of death and hate from the boss.  Rather than being a complete skeleton, the inside body was made by countless bones that were constantly moving up and down the limbs and torso.  The horned skull grinned evilly in the torchlight as its eyes burned with a sinister red light.

It took a step forward, and roared out a scream that made everyone hold their hands to their ears.

“TAKE IT DOWN!” Jare roared, and the front line ran forward together.  Anhel summoned his spirits and casted support magic on them as they ran.  The monster launched bones spiked from its chest, forcing the four to scatter as they kept running forward.

Jare raised his hammer and leaped forward, smashing his hammer into the leg.  He bounced off, as the moving bones easily deflected his force.  Nat and Fiora followed up with massive smashes into the other leg, but were knocked away by one of the swords and landed back on the pedestal.  Following up, William beasted-out now, his daggers sinking into the bones as he lunged forward.

With startling strength, his daggers were ripped out of his hands as the bones carried them away up to the torso.  William yelped as he was hit by a sword and set flying back into the wall, unable to properly defend himself without a weapon.  He slid down and landed in a heap, blood flowing from his chest.

“WILLIAM!” Jare roared in anguish, the sight of his brother’s broken body filling him with fear.  He shook his head quickly, reminding himself of the lesson.  No battle was ever won without sacrifice.  He roared in anger and rolled past the sword, his hammer swinging out into the hand and knocking it away.

The skull’s eyes glowed, and four fireballs flew out at the three front-liners.  Jare rolled forward, while Nat and Fiora leaped out of the way onto the platform behind them.  The fireballs exploded in heat and wind, sending the three farther than they expected.  Nat and Fiora were fine, but Jare was kicked back and sent spiraling into the wall.

Falcon grinned, “That armor is off, looks like it’s our turn!”

He rose quickly into the air, a cyan fire bursting from his eyes.  As he began to chant, icy blue fireballs formed in both hands, which he threw at the behemoth.  The monster slashed its swords out, destroying both fireballs in a single slash.

Anhel opted to not join in, as his shaman magic was better for support.  Instead, he focused on healing William and Jare with the help of the heal slime.

Gran raised his arms as the wind answered his call, but grimaced slightly.  “I can’t call the earth here; the land is corrupted.”

“Then don’t!  Smash this monstrosity with everything you can muster.” Falcon cried out as he surrounded himself in cyan fire balls and launched them in a flurry.  The skeletal giant swung its swords with surprising agility, blocking the fireballs. Gran nodded, and began to command the wind to buffer the fireballs.

When the next wave flew forward, the wind magic made the fire balls scatter all around in a large sphere as they flew toward the monster.

With a wild gleam, the giant began to spin rapidly, the swords moving so fast they bounced the fireballs off, sending them across the room.  Everyone dived for cover as icy flames exploded everywhere.

“You guys need to keep it distracted; we can’t get a hit in otherwise!” Falcon called out.

Jare, healed up by Anhel, stood back up and growled, “We’ll keep it’s attention, you just so your part old man.”

With a roar, Jare put hi hammer on his back as he fell to all fours and ran forward like an unstoppable beast.  “GET ON!” He roared at Nat and Fiora as he neared them.  The two began running, and leaped forward onto his back, grabbing ahold of the hammer as the massive beast-man surged on ahead.

The giant roared in defiance, and began to run forward at the beastman.  The two met on the center of the pedestal, Jare’s strength propelling him up to chest height as the giant swung its sword at his.

“BERSERKER RUSH!” Nat cried out, using the last reserve of strength to augment her arms.

“HELLFLAME SLASH!” Fiora’s sword lit up and dark red flames as she channeled her magic.  As Jare stretched out his claws and teeth, the two girls swung their swords and beat back the giant’s weapons.  The trio crashed into the giant’s torso, sending it crashing to the ground.

“NOW!” Falcon, Jonas, and Gran released their magic, creating a storm of fire that blew forward toward the giant.

Nat and Fiora leaped out of the way, but Jare remained on the boss’s chest.

“BIG BROTHER, MOVE!” Anhel cried out in fear.

Jare turned his head and shook it sadly.  Time seemed to slow as everyone noticed his paws being sucked into the boss’s chest, just like the daggers before.

“No victory without sacrifice.” Jare mouthed to Anhel, and then he was lost from view as the storm of fire hit them both.

Mary fell to ground as she felt one of bonds she had placed break.  “No,” She whispered, “Not you.”  But it was too late to do anything.  His life was gone; she could no longer feel Jare with her magic.  As if fate mocked her, the cracks on the barrier were growing steadily down toward them.

“It looks like this is will be the end soon.” She felt regret and anger build up inside her as she laughed ironically, “Looks like this will be my last stand.”

Father Jonas looked over at her, “You give up easily guild master.”

She gave him a sad smile, “I’ve lived for a long time.  Well, if it’s my time now, then I best make the most of it.”

Her gaze resolute, she turned back to battlefield.

She breathed out slowly, letting her awareness spread through her body.  “I promised myself never again, but I refuse to let evil like this go.”  The blood began to pump quickly through her veins.  Her eyes began to glow red as the white disappeared.

“Forbidden magic, Blood art.” She whispered.

At her command, the blood from the fallen flowed out of their bodies, moving like snakes across the ground toward her call.  It gathered around her in an ever increasing pool of dark liquid.  It crawled up her body, staining her armor and skin red.

Father Jonas raised his eyes in shock, “So this is the power of the legendary S rank adventurer; forbidden magic.  I see,” He nodded with revulsion in his eyes, “This is quite the trump card.”

From the pool of blood, Mary held her hands up in the air.  The collected blood around her all flowed up onto her body, forming a terrifying red armor.  The remaining blood collected and formed into a blood-red horse.  With a leap, Mary jumped onto the horse and drew her saber.  The horse reared up into the air as she held her saber out over the fading light of the day.

“I will not wait for the shield to fall for enemy to come to me.  I will meet my foes on my own terms!” She declared to the army, “Who will ride with me?”

Adventurers raised their weapons and cheered for her.  Mary raised her arm, and the blood flowed forward once more, forming mounts for all who wished to join her.

“When sieged, save the charge for when nothing is left.” Mary whispered one of her lessons to herself, the voice of her teacher in her head.  With the adventurers lining up behind her, she pointed her saber at the corrupter.

“Leave nothing to chance, we strike at the enemy leader.  FOR THE TOWN!”

“FOR THE TOWN!” The adventurers roared, and they charged out of the barrier into the waiting horde of undead.

Second song, but you can play the first instead either works

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Anhel screamed as his he watched the storm explode, sending bone fragments flying everywhere.  He fell back as a femur impaled his arm, and was forced to throw himself over William to protect him.  Falcon summoned a shield around everyone a second later, the tears flowing down his face.

“Idiot apprentice, you should have split like I taught you.” He whispered sadly.

They gathered together as the dust settled.  “Did we win?” Jonas asked.

A fire ball exploded in front of them, sending them back onto their butts.  From the dust, the two swords and the skull rose up into the air, the eyes burning brighter than ever.  It began to laugh over and over again, a mocking sound that made Anhel tremble in rage.

“I’ll make you pay.” He vowed as fur began to stretch down his face.  As he took a step forward, however, William grabbed his arm and shook his head.

“Without Jare, I cannot, stop you.” William’s stern face stared deeply into Anhel’s, “Need calm, save friends.”

Anhel teared up, “But, my magic is worthless in battle.  I can only support.”

“Then, support me.” William took out his crossbow and loaded it, “Guide, me.  Fight with, me.”

He roared as his fur stretched over his body, the grizzly bear beast-man growing in much greater size than anytime previous.  The crossbow magically grew with him, the etched runes glowing and outlining the many beast heads carved into the wood.

Jonas and Gran stood on either side of him, “We’ll help you two with ranged attacks.”  William nodded his head in acceptance.

Fiora and Nat were cared for by Falcon.  The old man had used up most of his mana in the last attack and the shields, so he moved to take care of the two girls who had exhausted all their energy.

Surprisingly enough, the magic slime hopped up onto the crossbow.  As it began to feast on the magic of the bow, it’s formed shrunk until it had completely covered the bolt.  The three eyed the pink bolt in surprise.

“I guess that’s out silver arrow, I mean pink arrow in this case.” Jonas joked.

The swords trembled, and flew down to attack.  William roared and began to charge forward, abandoning speed for power.  Gran jumped on top of him and held his sword out in front of him, the silver gleaming in the light.  Jonas ran beside William, his armor of flame lighting as he pulled his swords out.

When they met the swords, Gran flashed out in swordplay on the bear’s back as he parlayed the massive longsword.  His footwork and momentum allowed him to deflect the blade’s attempt to stop the beastman.  Jonas’s flame swords whirled out on the flaming chains, wrapping around the other sword and bringing it to the ground.  The sword struggled and, failing to break free, burst forward in a savage flurry to attack the battle mage.  Jonas formed another set of flame swords and countered each blow, his body forced to retreat from the strength he faced against.

“Blast, looks like I have more training to do.” Jonas chuckled as his swords blocked a large slash, but his body was forced back two steps.

William continued his rush toward the skull, the fight continuing on his back.  Gran was beginning to pale, as his endurance was being quickly used up.  Snarling in a manner unbecoming of an elf, he forced the power of the wind inside his body, copying Jonas.  An armor of wind formed around him, and two swords made of moving air materialized beside him, joining him in blocking the flying sword.

As they approached the skull, it began to glow again.  Fireballs appeared and flew down, seeking to destroy the bear and its rider.  William roared and leaped from side to side, dodging the fireballs that came his way.  Gran locked his feet into the crossbow as he was forced to balance himself and fight the sword at the same time.

As the skull formed a larger fireball, a cyan fireball slammed into it and caused to explode, blinding the skull and making it howl in pain.

Falcon grinned, and winced as his right arm dissolved into light.  “Damn, I’m going to burn again at this rate.” He muttered as he stared at his lost arm, sleeve and all.  He managed to form another shield to protect his group as the skull fired another fireball at him.  His leg began to disappear as the barrage continued, the skull angered by the flames.

“WILLIAM, TAKE THE SHOT!” Falcon roared as half his body began dissolving into magic lights.

William roared in response, jumping into the air at the skull.  Gran leaped up of his back as the beast-man turned over and grabbed the crossbow.

The sword, free from Gran’s assault, swung itself at William.

William, grinning, threw the crossbow up to Gran, who caught it.  As the sword fell, a turtle spirit appeared around William, taking the blow as William fell from the force.

Gran aimed the crossbow, and pulled the trigger.

The pink bolt zoomed out, flying straight and true.  The skull howled and formed a fireball in front of the bolt.

The bolt passed through it, unharmed.

It pierced the skull.

The bolt flew out the back, the slime did not.

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