Guys, I can't good battle music :(  Reason why the chapter isn't up yet.

This is the final boss fight against an avatar of hate, resentment, and loss.  The fight is climaxing in the two other battlefields.  I'll delete this later, but please give me a hand so i can conclude this fight!

"Only you can prevent writer's block"- Jare the bear

Since there are so many good ideas here, I'm just going too leave it for everyone to use. Feel free to drop a suggestion or browse to find new music :D

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Mackoy @Mackoy ago

How long do you think it will take the people to read the fight?


falcon167 @falcon167 ago

that last chapter had a fight scene for 1000-1500 words.  This fight scene should be about the same

SecretDragon @SecretDragon ago

Skyworld-two steps from hell 
This is my favourite battle music