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The undead beat their fists and sword against the barrier wall, their chattering teeth and bones sending chills down the living army’s spines.  The adventurers thrust their weapons through the barrier, stabbing as many enemies as they could with their weapons.  

The mages on both sides launched spells at each other, though only the spells from the living mages made it through the barrier.

“Keep it up!  The barrier won’t last forever at this rate, so take down as many as you can!” Mary called over the roar of battle, her saber sending wave after wave of skeleton flying.

“Guild master, they keep getting back up!  We can’t keep them down!” An adventurer cried out in panic.

“Then destroy everything until only dust remains!  Do not give up or we will all perish!” Mary ordered.

Her eyes darted across the battle-field toward the other side, where the corrupter boss stood, channeling its foul magic into the battlefield.  The behemoth and pharaoh stood close buy, acting as protection for the monster boss.  Above them, the vampire swarm slashed at the shield, dodging the occasional blast of magic that came their way.

Mary pointed up, “Aim a volley at those vampires; I don’t them getting behind us!”

On cue, a volley of fire magic spewed into the swarm, scattering the vampires.  Mary smiled in grim satisfaction as they vampires were not regenerated or brought back.

“Take out the special undead, the corrupter can’t bring them back!”

She wiped the sweat off her forehead as she noticed a small crack in the ceiling of the dome.

‘Hurry you guys, we’re running out of time.”

“Come one, get them guys!” Doc cried out as he marched the last mass of slimes, outside the boss room, into the horde of undead.

His armor slimes rammed forward, tanking the hits while the other slimes darted around and leaped onto the bony meals in front of them.  From the back, his magic and plant slimes threw attack after attack; the mage slimes shooting magic while the plant slimes formed obstacles with the plants around them.

However, there were just too many skeletons for him to defeat.  After knocking down the wave, the skeletons slashed through the weaker slimes, and the mages destroyed his armor slime wall.  Finally, his backline was wiped out by sheer numbers.

“Rotten undead; shike this battle.” Doc rumbled in anger, “Now it’s just plain bullying.”

“Well what did you expect Doc?  That dungeon has centuries over us.” He heard Claire’s voice behind him.

“Oh, good to see you back . . .” Doc stared, “What are you wearing?”

Claire was not wearing her normal purple dress.  Instead, she was decked out in a battle outfit, complete with plating and a rapier on her belt.  Her hair was even in a pony-tail of all things.

Her current outfit consisted of a purple and green color, and Doc could not quite place the material.  The torso piece had no openings and wrapped around her tightly with beautiful patterns running up and down it.  She wore a plate skirt over leggings, both equally patterned.  Even her arms were patterned beautifully.  Her right hand carried a helmet with an opening in the back for her pony-tail.  The helmet was pointed in the front with teeth like openings running down the mouth area.

She grinned at him, “This is a dungeon pixie’s traditional battle suit.  Using our power, we mix stone from our dungeon and natural plants to form this.  Every set is unique and reflects the dungeon we are a part of.”

“You plan on fighting then?” Doc confirmed.

Claire whipped her hair in annoyance, “Of course I am.  While most pixies might prefer to watch their dungeon battle, my mother taught me how to properly fight in the tradition of my ancestors.  If we are in danger, then we fight together.”

Doc laughed as his spirit enveloped her body in a hug, “Together forever, right Claire?”

“Right Doc.” She smiled at him, “So what’s the current situation?”

“The three slimes just entered the final boss room with the invasion team.  Actually, I think they forgot about the slimes completely, or didn’t notice them anyway.” Doc shrugged, “Anyhow, I lost connection with them, but they have strict orders to not attack anything alive.”

Claire whipped out her rapier and held it in front of her face, “And us, how are we doing?”

“The last slime squad just fell on floor 19.  They are coming straight here since I moved the elemental boss to the final room.  Every other slime is here as well, including the ones the adventurers have yet to see.”

“That should buy us enough time then.” Claire looked through his crystal at the horde, “We can only put our hopes in the adventurers.”

“Oh, and the slimes.” She said quickly as Doc’s face began to fall, “Of course the slimes are important too.”

Behind the final door, a short hallway revealed a room.  The group entered to find a strange site before them.  The room was huge, with a large, round, raised platform in the middle.  On either side of the doorway, massive statues stood at attention.  The right statue was headless, wielding a large naginata; though the sword part looked right a normal sword.  The left statue was broken, it’s weapon stuck in it’s chest and equally broken into just the sword part.  Bones littered the room except the raised platform, where a single skeleton lay, broken.  And at the far side of the room, a throne sat in golden light, with a horned skull resting in it’s seat.

“We made it; this is the final boss room.” Jare said mutely.

Anhel looked around, “Where is it though?”

Falcon pointed, “From the limited reports, each of these icons was a boss.  I don’t know what we are going to face though.”

A chuckle began to emanate from the throne.  To the shock of everyone, a ghostly figure rose up from the skull.

While he looked human, 4 horns grew up from his forehead in a twisted crown.

“Good day, or is it good afternoon?” The spirit greeted them.

Everyone blinked.

“Um, who are you?” Jonas asked.

“Me?” The spirit laughed, “Why, I am the spirit of this tomb of course.  The one who oversees everything and commands the undead.”

Falcon frowned, “Impossible; this is a dungeon, not a crypt.”

“Well, it used to be.” The ghost scratched his head, “This was once the tomb of a wizard who researched death and how to overcome it.  He failed, of course, and this place lay empty for awhile.  Well, let me show you.”

A light burst forward, and everyone saw the images of the past.

An army, running in flight into the abandoned crypt.

“My lords, we’ll hold them off while you flee to safety!” A soldier cried out as they met the invading army.  The king fled with his two generals and his guard.

They fled deeper and deeper, the invaders never giving up as more and more guards stopped to gain time for their king to escape.  Finally, the king and his generals were trapped in the final room, the teleportation exit having been sealed long ago.

The king slammed his fist into the ground, his other arm holding a small bundle.  He smiled sadly at his two old friends.

“I’m sorry you two, it seems that we’ve gone to our deaths.”

The left general laughed, “They would have caught us even if we had gone into the mountains.  Come then, let’s take as many of them down as we can!”

The king placed the bundle away and drew his sword.  When the invaders came, the three fell upon them like demons.

After hours of battle, the army lay dead.  The left general slumped down against the wall, his broken weapon beside him.  He coughed out blood as he inspected his injuries.  He looked over to his brother, who lay headless against the stone.

“Sire, are you alright?” He asked, coughing again.

The king slumped against the throne, his body broken and tired.  He didn’t even have the energy to respond.

The left general growled and lurched up, stumbling over to the throne.  As he reached out and grabbed the throne for support, his blood flowed into the stone chair.

“Do you wish to live?” He heard a voice in his head.

The left general shook his head, “No, save my king.”

Then choose the path to immortality.”  Two flames appeared in the air, one blue and one red.  The left general looked down at his king, who stared up in shock.  The left general smiled and coughed out more blood.

“I choose the red flame.”

“Understood.” The flame flew down into the king’s body.

The king roared in agony as his body burned away, leaving behind only his skull.  In his pain, he blasted the left general into the wall, his broken weapon impaling him through the chest.

The left general coughed up more blood as he watched in shocked eyes, which quickly faded away as he slumped over.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!” The king roared.

“I am a dungeon that was sealed here by the wizard.  As I live forever, you are now joined with me as my servant.” The voice replied.

The king roared, “I AM NO ONE’S SERVANT!”



The adventurers stared in absolute shock at the ghost in front of them.

“You, you ate the dungeon’s spirit and became the dungeon.” Falcon whispered in awe and disgust.

The spirit of the king nodded, “That’s right.  It’s been so long since I have been able to talk someone, it’s nice even of you are all going to die.”  He smiled at them.

Fiora’s eyes narrowed, “Wait, if you control the dungeon, then why are you attacking people and eating them?  You are even a corrupted dungeon, the most hated kind.”

“None of that matters to me.  You see, I’m searching for someone, and every time I fail to find them, I get a wee bit angry.  Also, my forces can only grow through the bodies of others since I never learned how to properly work that out.  I guess I shouldn’t have eaten that dungeon pixie that showed up; but he tasted so delicious.” The king shivered in pleasure.

“The dungeon mentality and corruption has eroded his mind.” Falcon whispered, “Whatever noble intentions he may have used to have been lost to appetite and desire.”

The spirit grinned, but now his face turned evil, “NONE OF IT MATTERS ANYMORE ANYWAY.  NOW, BECOME MY FOOD SO I CAN FINISH MY MISSION!”

“WHA HA HA HA HA HA!”  The room shook violently as the spirit raised his arms.


The bones around the room gathered together in the center, forming a massive body.  The complete statue flew over and hollowed, covering the skeleton in rock armor that changed into metal.  The statue broke its weapon and grabbed the sword, while the other sword flew out of the broken statue’s chest into the other hand.  Finally, the skull rose up and grew, landing on the headless body.  Instantly a helm formed over it, covering the skull in a faceless mask, with a crown of 5 horns appearing on the top.

The spirit rose up and entered the monster before them.

“Now, let’s see how you face the guardian of my tomb, SENTINEL.”

The colossus swung it’s swords and smashed them into the ground, cracking the floor.  It raised them and took a stance, it’s body radiating a noble air.

Jare raised his hammer, “TIME TO GO TO WORK GUYS!

The adventurers scattered: Jare, William, Fiora, and Nat ran forward while Falcon, Jonas, Gran, and Anhel moved back.  The statue swung it’s sword at the adventurers, forcing them to jump over and slid under it.

Jare smashed his hammer into the weapon, and was sent flying back as the other sword smashed into him.  He rolled mid-air and landed on his feet.

“Watch it guys, it’s a lot faster than it looks!” He warned.

The spell casters unleashed a torrent of flame, their magic combining to form a dragon of flame.  It smashed into the giant, forcing it back as it took a knee.  When the fire, faded, the giant was unharmed.

“It’s immune to magic!” Falcon announced, “You need its break its armor!”

Fiora and Nat worked together, Fiora swinging the girl up as Nat slashed forward with broadsword.  The arm moved back from the blow, and Nat used her sword to protect herself as the other sword mashed her away.  William darted behind and unleashed a flurry of dagger attacks on the feet.  He dodged as a foot came back in a kick, which then swung forward to kick Jare away.

Fiora dodged another sword smash as she felt the light of Anhel’s support magic lending its aid to her.  Calling upon her sword’s power, she spun rapidly as she turned into a flaming whirlwind of sword blows.  She moved so fast she turned sideways and spun up the leg to the giant’s chest, leaving marks wherever she landed.  She barely jumped out of the way as the giant’s fist punched across it’s chest, the wind throwing her into the back wall.

Nat cursed as she saw Fiora land badly.  “Take this, BERSEKRER RUSH!”  Nat turned red as her blood pumped her muscles full of energy.  She met the giant’s sword with her own, and held it back with a mighty scream of defiance.

“Jare, now!” She screamed.

Jare rushed out from behind her, his body beasted-out.  He leaped forward high into the air, his hammer held behind his back.  As he reached the torso, he swung out with all his might, smashing it into the giant.  The giant contorted into a U and flew backwards, it’s legs catching against the raised platform and falling to the ground.

Falcon and Gran cheered from their spot, as they were healing Fiora’s injuries as best they could.  Neither one of them were good at healing magic.

Gran jumped as he felt something slimy touch his arm, then relaxed as the heal slime began it’s work.

“Good work little buddy.” He complimented.  He looked behind him at the magic and gelatinous slimes.

“Big guy, we are going to need you in a moment.”

The gelatinous slime wiggled in response.

William, Jare, and Nat pounded way at the giant, but were forced to retreat as it got back up.  It’s armor was open in a few places now, but it showed no sign of stopping.  It flipped the right sword around in its hand, holding both swords perpendicularly to its body.  It then began to spin, slow at first, but with increasing speed.

“Everyone look out!” Jare roared as he grabbed William and Nar and ran for it.  The tornado chased them, bouncing against the circular platform and the walls.  Falcon and Gran hurriedly picked up Fiora and carried her up to the raised platform, followed closely by the slimes.

The tornado eventually came to a stop, and just as quickly the giant whirled the swords around and smashed them into the ground.  A shockwave shook the platform as everyone was launched off into the walls.

“Damnation, a trap.” Jare coughed, “It wanted us up there.”

The giant began to move forward toward them, its swords swinging into the walls as William and Nat dodged to the floor.  Jare ran up from behind and smashed his hammer into the back of the knee, forcing the giant down.  He leaped back as the giant swung its word around, destroying the ground Jare had just been standing on.  Its other sword knocked both Nat and William back, the both of them barely blocking the blow with their won weapons.

Fiora struggled to her feet as the heal slime finished its work.  Growling in anger, She ran forward, her sword held behind her back.

“FLAME WHEEL!”  Once again, she whirled and turned cartwheels into a flaming wheel that smashed against the giant’s leg, traveling up its kneeled form all the way to the head.  When she reached the top, she kicked out and flew away as a hand brushed through the air like if she had been a fly.  She grinned darkly in satisfaction as she stared at the cuts up the armor.

The giant roared and stood up, taking the tornado position again.  The four melee fighters and supports leaped onto the platform as the giant bounced around the room.

“Jump now!” Jare cried out, and everyone jumped off the platform before the giant smashed down.  The slimes flew into the wall, but formed back up quickly.

As the four jumped back into the fight, the other four magic users stood around the gelatinous slime.

“Ready?” Gran asked.  Seeing everyone’s nod, he began to chant wind magic.  With the help of his fellows, they formed a small tornado under the slimes, and threw it at the giant.

The gelatinous slime flew with a comical sound and splatted directly into the giant’s helm.  The giant roar and dropped its swords to paw at the slime, but it was worthless.  The gelatinous slime happily ate through the helm, and the giant collapsed on its knees.

“We got it!” Anhel cheered.

The giant’s face exploded, and the poor gelatinous slime disintegrated as it flew through the air.  The helm was gone, and now a glowing, red eyed skull looked eerily out at the adventurers.  Its skeletal smile grinned at them as it stood back up.  All around, armor fell off, revealing the bones underneath.  A blood-red aura burst out, the blood-thirsty monster causing fear in everyone.

It roared out in fury, and the battle resumed.

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