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Okay, so a few of you introduce me to the game "Mighty Quest for Epic Loot". Yeah, pretty similar, just lacks the evolution mechanics. Doesn't matter yet lol since I only have ideas.
That was idea number 3.

1. Unreal 4 graphics where you control a bodyless spirit who can travel through his dungeon and interact with it to change it. Possesses you monsters to fight, set mining limits, change a rock, etc.

2. Mix of Fallout Shelter and Castle Doombad type game. Basically as it sounds.

3. The Epic Quest type game

4. 8-bit pixel slime game of the chrono trigger style fighting. Except, you are the monsters. Evolution mechanics included.

I actually received a few pms from people interested in programming. That's cool. I myself am learning how to use Gamemaker Studio, so that as a reference point. I wouldn't mind forming a group of inexperienced programmers to work on any idea in our spare time. I don't know if things can be shared or not, but basically that. Maybe something fun to do after finishing book 4 (wink wink)


“Keep it up guys, we’re making good headway.” Falcon called from the front as he floated after the two gelatinous slimes.

The rest of the group was breathing heavily as they hurried down the crypt tunnels. They had been running non-stop for 17 floors now, and even Jare was feeling the limits of his endurance approaching. In fact, he was currently carrying Jonas, who had the worst stamina out of all of them.

“Big brother, pass him to me now.” Anhel spoke up, “You’ve had him for 5 floors now.”

Jare chuckled through his grimace, “Okay then, just be sure to not drop him. We still need him for the trials.”

“Sorry about this.” Jonas muttered as he was tossed from one shoulder to the next, “This is rather pitiful, to be a sack of dead weight.”

Nat and Fiora laughed, but they too were getting red in the face, “Here I thought you got stronger? I thought you said you were going to protect me? Is this your new method, to be carried?” Nat teased him.

“Yes, your endurance is quite poor, even for a mage. You should be more like me; I’m not even breaking a sweat.” Falcon followed up from the front.

Everyone gave him a dirty look. “Oy, you aren’t even a real person here. How can you sweat it you’re just an illusion?”

Falcon shrugged, “Not my problem; but it makes you feel better my real body is sweating up a storm from the stress of forming this body. Op, here comes another wave.”

A group of skeleton warriors and mages appeared at the other end of the tunnel, while some of the bodies on the wall began to stir. The warriors charged while the fire and thunder mages began to chant their magic.

“It’s too bad the dungeon figured out our vanguard is weak to magic.” Falcon sighed, “Well, looks like you guys are up.”

Moving in a practiced, fluid motion, Fiora and Jare reached behind them and each grabbed a slime. Fiora was holding a magic slime while Jare had gotten hold of an earth slime. They winded up their arms, and threw the two slimes as hard as they could. As they passed through the air, Falcon waved his hand and added a little wind to the flying slimes. The two projectiles sailed through the gelatinous slimes, over the skeleton warriors, and smashed directly into the mages, interrupting their spell casting. The slimes went to work immediately, devouring the mage skulls and torsos. Since a magic slime was thrown this time, it enjoyed a nice meal of mana.

Meanwhile the group never stopped running forward, and the gelatinous slimes picked up all the warriors and devoured them.

Gran frowned as he watch the slimes dissolve the squirming skeletons, “I must say, this way is very efficient, but isn’t it kind of cruel?”

“Less talking, more shooting.” Fiora pointed to another wave of skeletons heading their way. Gran sighed, but grabbed a slime and placed it on his arrow. The poison slime flew through the air and landed in a giant splat of poison, dissolving the next wave.

Fiora whistled, “Having a bow with the ‘explosion’ enchantment sure is useful huh Gran.”

Gran’s frown twitched in frustration, “I hate using this bow; it’s not tasteful or beautiful. It’s just a bow for slaughter, like all dwarf weapons.”

“Right now, I prefer to your silver bow.” Jonas spoke up from Anhel’s shoulder.

“Be quiet flour sack.”

Jonas mopped.

Doc and Claire watched the two battles from their heart-room.

“It seems like the invasion team is doing good. I really like their slime approach; we’re going to have to figure out a way to copy that. Maybe with a slingshot trap of some sort.” Claire pondered.

Doc nodded happily, “That sounds fun; a game of dodge the slime. I can set up a trap tunnel that shoots normal slimes and the occasional special slime.”

Claire looked over at the above-ground battle, “Still, that dungeon is really strong. It even has tier 4 and 5 monsters fighting for it. If those two scary people weren’t there, this battle might have already finished.”

Doc shivered in excitement, “Yeah; I can’t wait till I reach that level too. I wonder what kind of cool slime bosses I’ll be able to make by then.”

Claire and the twins nodded in agreement. They all looked forward to seeing that come as well.

Doc took a closer look at the fight, “Hey Claire, is it just me or is that dungeon not making new monsters? They keep dying, but nothing else seems to be coming.”

Claire grinned, “That’s the truly devious plan here. Remember when the old guy came here with the girl? You couldn’t make any new slimes because the cost was too high and you were still drained. Well, that dungeon is currently going through the same problem. The purifying blast drained it, and it hasn’t recovered yet. Not only that, but the invasion group increased the cost of monsters. Now, it has put its strongest forces on the surface, and can’t deal with the invasion group properly. Combined with our help, it seems that this plan will go off without a hitch.”

“You, why do you interfere?” A voice shook the heart room, startling Doc and Claire.

“Claire. . .” Doc tensed up.

Claire nodded, her eyes aggressive “Yeah, it’s the dungeon.”

“I don’t care about you; recall your slimes and let me devour them in peace. Even with your help, it is all pointless to resist.” The voice was desolate and sad, a depressed presence of ageless sadness.

“I do care; this is my dungeon town and my people you’re trying to poach.” Doc refuted, “They are my source of power, so you can’t have them.”

The voice began to chuckle, a slightly dark tinge coming into its voice now, “Oh, you are so young and inexperienced little dungeon. You see, when an elder comes to visit, it’s important to be polite. I think a small lesson is in order here. Ho ho ho hu hu hu.”

All of a sudden, the dungeon began to shake violently, knocking Claire off the slime and the twins off their feet. Lady wiggled in motion to the tremors, her face inquisitive.

“A few drops in power ought to teach you a lesson. Come, feed my power little dungeon. Join me.” The other dungeon’s laughter reverberated around the room, forcing the girls to cover their ears.

“DOC, HE’S INVADING! HE WANTS TO STEAL THE POWER YOU’VE BUILT UP!” Claire cried out over the sound of evil laughter.

Doc cursed as he sensed multiple tunnels opening up inside of him, “Not good, he’s sending a lot of groups in.”

“To be honest, I don’t care too much since they’ll never be able to do all 4 trials, but it irks me having to split my forces. So, experience you punishment.” The voice mocked, and then Doc felt the other presence leaving.

Claire rose quickly from the floor, “Doc, hurry and let me see the invading tunnels. If they drain you, the slimes in the invading team will disappear, or worse attack the adventurers. We have to either buy time or beat back the invading force!”

As Doc opened up screens on his crystal, Claire quickly looked through all of them.

“There are 4 tunnels right now: the first floor, the 5th floor, the 10th floor, and the 15th floor. He’s aiming for the bosses deliberately so you can’t use them to counter.” Claire analyzed, “The invading forces consist of . . .”

She frowned as tears formed, “Skeleton knights, Crusaders, Barbarians, Pyromancers, Cyromancers, Electromancers, and Necromancers. Doc, every single one of them is a tier 3, a rank higher than anything you can call up.”

Doc felt his anger start to boil over, “He’s humiliating me! He sends monster slightly stronger to conquer all of my bosses and even says he’ll only drain me and not kill me. I’VE NEVER WANTED TO KILL SOMEONE SO MUCH IN MY LIFE!” He screamed as the dungeon shook slightly from his anger.

Claire balled up her little fists as well as she began to shed angry tears, “That stupid no good JERK! THIS IS OUR DUNGEON, AND IT IS NOT ALLOWED HERE!”

“KILL THEM ALL!” They both roared together, and the twins howled with them. Even Lady began to turn a slightly pink color, her face angry as she made fists of her own.

“Girls,” Doc commanded, “Take Claire up to the 15th floor and lead the counter attack. I’m flowing into the grey slime family right now to assist you.”

The twins nodded, and Lady raised her fist to her chest as they teleported up to the 15th floor.

“Doc, the enemies get stronger the higher up you go.” Claire cautioned, “If you devote too much, we may get invaded on the 25th floor and be out-maneuvered.”

“I’m moving the elemental overslime down to protect me; let it try to hurt us.” Doc growled out.

“And as for the first floor,” Doc chuckled darkly, opening the view screen for Claire to see, “I have that taken care of.”

Claire watched as the strongest squad of invaders as swept away by The Ooze, which Doc released from its mining constraints.

“I can’t let it down to the other floors; it’ll devour all my hard work.” Doc confessed as he watched the skeletons dissolve, “But it can serve as a warning to the bastard.”

Claire nodded, “Doc, I’ll be right back. Go fight with our daughters.” She flew into her home and shut the door. Doc turned and let the majority of his consciousness flow into the 15th floor.

The battle had just begun when Doc arrived in force. Skeleton Crusaders, improved shield wielders, were smacking the ramming slimes away as the mage squads fired attack after attack into the mass of slimes. Doc took possession of his mage slime boss, which was currently fighting 7 skeleton knights with the twins.

“Girls, I’m here now; go crazy.” Doc ordered in a dark glee.

With a whirl of smoke, the two worgs transformed into two dark, hooded figures wielding twin daggers as dark as the night sky. They crossed their arms, and surged forward so fast their wake left dark smoke. The daggers slashed through the knights, destroying armor and bone alike.

Doc unleashed his own magic against the mage squad, putting his influence into every magic slime to assist in his barrage. Fireballs, Earth Shots, Waterballs, and Air shot rained down from the ceiling, destroying the bridges and walkways above where the mages were firing from. With the supports gone, the skeletons fell into the waiting horde of grey family slimes, who jumped on everything that moved and devoured.

Doc used his magic slime body to roar out his victory before turning to look at the twins.

“Are you two alright?” He asked.

The two hoods nodded as Doc hear their voices in his head, “This form is tiring, but we can go on.” They told him.

“Good; you’re going to need that power.” He told them, “Enemies are still flowing out of the tunnels, so lead the slimes here to conquer the tunnel and lead a counter-attack. If we just defend, we’ll lose by virtue of experience and strength. This enemy is fighting on three fronts at once; we can’t beat it in the long run.

“But what about you poppa?” They whined, “You can’t hold on without us here; you’ll get eaten.”

Doc grimaced, “I’m pulling all my slimes down to the 25th floor. Dungeons can’t open up tunnels to heart rooms, so they’ll have to unlock your door before they can attack me. That should buy some time for you to fight up through the dungeon and help the other adventurers.”

“WE DON’T WANT TO LEAVE YOU FOR ADVENTURERS!” The twins cried out, running forward to embrace his body in a hug.

“You must hurry; this will be the only way to save me. Please girls, do this for your mother and I.” Doc wrapped a tentacle around each girl.

Even with their faces covered, tears still glistened in the darkness, “Okay, we’ll go and save them. You can’t die though, okay?”

“Okay, that’s a promise.” He told them with a smile, “Now go!”

They nodded, and ran off into the tunnel, followed by the horde of grey family slimes. Doc waited until they were gone, then teleported all the slimes that weren’t currently fighting to the boss room on the 25th floor.

“Wait, where did Lady go?” He wondered suddenly. He hadn’t seen her on the 15th floor, but she had definitely gone there with the twins.

“Well no matter, I doubt she’d be a tipping point in this fight anyway.” Doc shook his head as he watched the other three battles rage in his dungeon. The 1st floor was already spitting out more enemies.

“I’m counting on you girls; save them to save us.”

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