Once again, if anyone has any ties to the gamin industry, I really could use somone's help. Preferably, a team to make the dungeon game. I already have the song makers, and the first is rather epic.

Game: your account has two parts, an adventurer you upgrade skills and equipment, and your dungeon where you choose you evolutions, stage design, and traps. Invade other people's dungeons to grow stronger and find new materials. Die, and give your opponent your equipment. Conquer, and steal his crystal filled with energy to sell or use for enchantment. Kinda complicated, but can you imagine playing that kind of game?

Meh. It's a dream anyway.

We official start the battle chapters now, so it'll be quite hectic for our heroes. Look forward to it



------5 Days later-----

Mary stood with Father Jonas in front of the troops of adventurers, townsfolk, elves, and priests. They looked out the plains at the tomb, which stood out against the backdrop of flat land.

“It seems like it is about time.” Jonas observed.

Mary nodded, “Were you successful with distributing the charms?”

He shook his head, “The sheer number of people who wanted to join in made it impossible to supply them all, but everyone of sufficient strength has a ward against possession. Still, it shouldn’t be a problem as long as our magical defenses remain strong.”

Mary nodded, “Yes, the assistance of the elves and other townsfolk was surprising, but very pleasing to see. Now, we are all in this together.”

Father Jonas gave her a side-long glance, “And your beast-men; I don’t see them here.”

“They have their own mission to complete that, if successful, will turn the tides of battle.” She responded simply.

He shook his head, but the Father said nothing to refute her. It was too late to do anything about it anyway.


“NO!” They cried out in defiance.

“THEN PREPARE YOURSELVES, BECAUSE THIS NIGHT WILL BE ONE THAT WILL BE TALKED ABOUT FOR A HUNDRED YEARS!” She roared, and the crowd rattled their weapons in response as they raised their voices to the heavens.

The earth began to shake, and 5 figures rose up in front of the dungeon.

Mary narrowed her eyes, “Those must be the 5 generals; a tier 3 Skeleton Necromancer, a tier 4 Specter, a tier 3 Mummy, A tier 3 Skeleton Dread Knight, and a tier 3 vampire.”

Jonas spat, “All are strong monsters, and that tier 4 tells me we may not even be forcing it to use its strongest yet. This is going to be difficult.”

The necromancer raised its arms, and a blackness shot out into the ground. Rotten arms and skeletal hands burst out of the ground as the undead army dug its way up through the ground. The dread knight walked forward on its undead horse, its aura sinking into the nearby skeletons and transforming them into swordsmen, shield wielders, and warriors. The vampire cast forth it’s blood magic, transforming the zombies into ghouls.

Mary raised her weapons , a blood-red saber and wand, and cried out, “Mages, archers, release and fire!”

As they practiced, every magic user and archer unleashed their payload as blessed arrows and magic rained down on the undead horde in front of them. Skeletons exploded, zombies caught fire, and the vampire was forced to retreat from the flames.

The dread knight howled, and charged forward with his legion of undead fighters.


Jare’s ear twitched as he turned around to gaze at the distant battle. “It seems like they started just now.”

Anhel pulled on his brother’s arm, “I know you feel guilty about not being there big bro, but we have to hurry now. The plan depends on us, so we can’t waste anytime.”

“Hurry up Jare, we have to go.” Fiora called back.

Jare turned reluctantly and nodded, “Okay, let’s hurry.”

The two adventurer groups entered the slime dungeon and ran down into the center room, where the magus was waiting for them.

He waved pleasantly, “Good of you seven to join me. Are you all fully prepared for this?”

He looked at the resolute gazes in front of him and nodded in approval, “Good; feel free to address me however you want since I’m the original personality by the way.” He pointed at the glyph, “Our destination has already been added, so if one of you can choose it we can get this started.”

“Can’t you do it?” Nat asked.

He shook his head, “I can’t afford to waste too much mana since I’m a construct, and interacting with things would be troublesome.”

Jare and Fiora nodded and touched the glyph together. When the options for floors came up, they both pressed on the new floor, the ‘Invasion’ floor.

The eight of them found themselves in a single room with a large, dark tunnel leading into the darkness. As they took stock of the room, a slime fell from the ceiling, followed by another, then two more, until the entire room was filled with slimes. The slimes made no move to attack and waited.

“Alright, looks like we have our invasion squad.” Falcon said cheerfully, “This tunnel will take us into the 25th floor of the tomb, after which we’ll have to fight down to the 50th floor and overcome all 4 trials. The slimes here will be our vanguard.”

When he finished talking, two gelatinous slimes landed with a ‘splat’ and began to head down the tunnel.

“Let’s go!” Jare declared, and the invasion squad ran into the tunnel of darkness.

“They are going now.” Claire pointed out as she watched the squad enter the tunnel.

Doc sighed, “Well, I guess we can only wish them luck now. I’ll work the slimes as best as I can, but it depends on them huh.”

“Yup, whether they live or die will depend on their skill and luck.” Claire nodded her head as she rested on her slime, “To be honest, this kind of fight, I don’t really like it. It’s too epic, like if I watch it I’ll be glued to the scene before me.”

Doc raised his imaginary eyebrow, “Oh, so you don’t want me to show the fight?”

“I didn’t say that.”

When the invasion squad exited the tunnel, they found themselves in a long corridor. The walls were lined in long alcoves, each filled with a dead body.

Anhel wrinkled his nose in disgust, “It really is a tomb then. We didn’t see this last time we were here.”

William shook his head, “Smell bad, exit lost.”

Jare turned to the other five, “We can’t smell our wat through the floor. It looks like we’ll have to run around until we find the staircase.”

Falcon closed his eyes and pointed, “I can sense the flow of magic here vaguely, and it seems to be coming from that direction.”

At once, the gelatinous slimes began moving down the hall way at high speed, their bulk filling up the space like a wall.

Fiora grinned savagely, “Looks like we’re racing the clock here guys. It’s a speed-run!”

They chased after the two gelatinous slimes, the squad of other slimes moving behind them.

“Look, there’s the staircase!” Gran pointed ahead. Indeed, not even five minutes after they had enter, they had already found the first staircase down.

“There are enemies up ahead too!” Jonas prepared a spell, but the gelatinous slimes just ran over the skeletons. The group watched awkwardly as the monsters slowly dissolved inside the large slimes.

“Well, I guess we have a bit of overkill on our side.” Falcon chuckled, “Come on, as long as we are fast we can easily clear these floors, especially since the dungeon is fully devoted to the fight upstairs.”

Meanwhile, the battle was raging hard aboveground. The two forces met each other, and fighting began in earnest.

The priests called upon their gods as holy magic rained down, healing allies and hurting the undead. However, the necromancer led it’s contingent of undead spell users to cast dark spells of their own to boost their allies. In this stalemate, Mary led a few of the C-ranked adventurers forward to attack the enemy mage squad.

“COME ON, SHOW ME YOUR BLOOD YOU DAMN BASTARDS! I’LL RIP YOUR FILTHY SOULS FROM YOUR PITIFUL BODIES!” Mary’s face was terrifying as she grinned and slaughtered everything in her path. Her saber sent skeleton after skeleton flying into their allies, clearing paths everywhere she struck. Her wand glowed red as red light shot forward and caused explosions wherever it struck.

Jonas smiled darkly from his place in the back. He, and the other stronger priests, defended the mages and healers with their magical strength. Jonas himself was clad in wind as he used two deadly fans to send spirals of air into approaching enemies. The mini tornados moved neither friend nor ally, but skeleton after skeleton was sent flying away. “YOU PUTRID SACKS OF FILTH! THE WORLD HAS NO NEED FOR YOUR KIND, RETURN TO THE NOTHINGNESS AND DIE!”

“Geez, the really live up to their names.” An adventurer yelled out to his friend as he kick-stomped a skeleton and followed up with an upwards blow.

“Shut up and fight, or they might here you!”

As the battle raged on, the undead army seemed to be hesitating for some reason. A few undead even turned and began to walk toward the dungeon.

Taking advantage of this, Mary forced her way through and made it to the undead mages. Laughing gleefully, her saber struck down the mages and finally beheaded the necromancer.

“HA HA, THIS IS TOO EASY! THIS IS THE FEARED TOMB OF THE FORGOTTEN KING? HOW UTTERLY BORING!” Mary screamed out as she finished up the last of the mages.

The entire undead army seemed to flinch, and then howls of rage began to arise.

“That’s it, focus on us.” Mary muttered softly, “We need to buy them more time.”

The ground shook as a new army appeared, one far more deadly than the last. Squads of dread knights appeared, led by a black-helmed doom knight. Pyromancers, cryomancers, electromancers, and more necromancers also arose, as well as healing skeletons like acolytes and corrupters.

The specter wailed out now, calling it’s brethren to the fight. Wraiths, and elemental souls appeared to torment the valiant defenders: chained souls, burning souls, freezing souls, and lost souls.

The mummy trembled as it changed, rising up as a legendary Pharaoh with it’s equally terrifying guard forming around it. The vampire fell back as a vampire noble came forth, it’s fangs glowing white even in this afternoon.

Worst of all, a skeleton behemoth walked out of the entrance. This terrifying tier 5 monster stood 30 feet tall and was made by countless bones. It roared out, and the fight renewed.

Mary was forced to retreat with her squad as the death knights and pharaoh guards attacked her. She was barely able to defend their retreat as they fled back to their side of the battlefield.

“The fight just got a lot more interesting.” Father Jonas said with a grimace as his tornadoes began to do less crowd control, “So this is the true might of the legendary dungeon.”

“It appears so; I was wrong with my assessment, it seems to be at least an A-rank dungeon.” Mary was feeling nervous now. If this was only half the strength of the enemy dungeon, then would the invaders already inside be safe? Everything rested on them succeeding, and the army holding out long enough to keep the enemy distracted.

Mary flipped her hand, pressing her wand against her saber. The wand sunk into the weapon, it’s likeness appearing on the sword as a picture. With a single sweep, she sent out a shockwave of explosive energy, sending enemies flying back, but also allies. Jonas began to dance, and the wind wrapped around him in an armor of wind and light.

Their eyes closed, and reopened, glowing in red and yellow respectively.

“COME ON, LET’S SEE IF YOU CAN KEEP THIS UP!” They cried out together as they jumped into the horde.

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