And now, some special questions straight from the cast.

M.C.- Now Jare, what is you favorite food?

Jare- Well, anything I can catch really.  My brother know how to cook them nice and juicy

M.C.- William, do you preferred type?

William- Female

M.C.- alright that was specific, Jare, what is your favorite activity to do for fun?

Jare- Sleeping under the stars playing my doshpuluur

M.C.- Rather surprising to here, but interesting.  Anhel, which spell is your favorite?

Anhel- I like using fireball.

And there we have directly from the heroes themselves.  Tune in next time for more questions and answers.

Now, many of you were confused by the last chapter.  Well, my biggest criticism of the first book was a lack of characterization.  I think I covered that already, but I was listening to that song and the mood struck me to write it lol.  In the final draft it will likely be put in a more appropriate spot, but I'll leave it where it is on the site.  I liked it, so it'll be kept :p

Back to the main story, which is short today.  I have friend coming over in the afternoon as well, so I may or may not get to a 2nd chapter today.


Father Jonas was writing down orders when a knock came from his door.

“Enter.” He called out.

The door opened to reveal Mary, who nodded in respect to the father.  “Father Jonas, how goes it?”
She asked.

Jonas sighed and rubbed his head, “After establishing the plan with the war council, I’ve been going through and writing out the orders for my subordinates to follow.  As a fellow a leader, I’m sure you understand that most of our work is paperwork.”

Mary smiled wryly, “Isn’t that true.  Somedays, I just want to throw everything away and go back to my previous life.”

“Ho ho, even the bloody elf wants to return to the field of battle?” Father Jonas smiled, bringing up her old nickname.

Mary rolled her eyes and sat down in the chair in front of Jonas, “Oh please, I know the church’s intelligence division is better than that.  The only reason why I was given that nickname was because I led charge after charge.  Why couldn’t they give me a nickname like ‘Rider Mary’ or ‘Vanguard Mary’?” She complained.

Jonas laughed now, an honest one, “Ah guild master, I completely understand.  I never could agree with my own name, ‘Pure’.  I would much prefer ‘Honest’ or ‘Justice’, but I guess that is how we are viewed in the eyes of the masses.”

They shared a sigh.

“Anyway, I’m sure you didn’t come here to exchange complaints.  What’s on your mind guild master?” He asked her.

Mary nodded, “I was wondered how fast you could make the protection charms.  Before the large assault, I want to send a small group into the dungeon.”

Jonas raised an eyebrow, “Do think that is wise?  That dungeon is much more dangerous than your slime dungeon, and we need as many fighters as we can get for the final assault in 5 days.”

Mary nodded, “While I agree with you, it’s also important that we know as much as possible about what we will be facing on the inside.  If we can uncover the type of traps, or the level of the dungeon, or even the strongest monster we can be better prepared when we attack.”

Jonas thumped his fingers and nodded in agreement, “Your tactics astound me as usual Mary.  You have persuaded me, so how many talismans do you need?”

Mary considered for a moment, “15 would be good, so that they can go in 5 times, about once a day.”

Jonas nodded, “I can spare that number for you as it can easily be recovered once everyone restores their faith.  In fact,” Jonas began, “Why don’t I lend you a few of my priests to go in with you?  I’m sure they would be of great help in seeing through any illusions of evil magic.”

“As much as I would lie to accept, I cannot.” Mary politely refused him, “These are mere scouting missions, so it is important we don’t agitate the dungeon too much.  A priest inside an undead tomb is asking for too much trouble.”

“Alright then,” Father Jonas let that matter slide, “I will have one of the acolytes deliver the seals to you later today.  I wish you luck in your dives.”

Mary bowed again, and left the room.

Father Jonas waited a few moments before he began to ponder.

“I wonder what game you’re playing here guild master?  Well, no matter I suppose.  As long as the end is accomplished, I guess the means don’t matter as much.”

“So Big Brother, why are we going through the front entrance if we’re . . .”  

“Shh Anhel, quiet.  We are coming into the dungeon to investigate it before we launch the counter-attack.  The walls have spirits listening in remember.” Jare reminded his brother.

The three beast-men were approaching the tomb dungeon to give it a quick dive.  All three wore golden charms around their neck, a gift from the church.

“Smell funny.” William growled.

“Of course it smells funny Will, it’s a tomb.  I doubt anyone living has been inside for many years.” Anhel pointed out.

“Okay you two, quiet.  We’re here.” Jare announced as they stood in front of the large burial mound.  The entrance loomed in front of them, a broken gate in a door surrounded by the carvings of wailing spirits.

“I like the other entrance better, the dungeon too.” Anhel muttered as he shivered.

Jare inspected the carvings for a moment, “Strange, the other dungeon had the skull from the worgs it acquired.  Are these carvings of the people who joined this dungeon?”

They pushed open the gate, which squeaked ominously as it gave them entry.  A cold breeze blew out from the dungeon, but all was silent.

“I think we were just welcomed.” Jare chuckled, “Come on in boys, let’s see what it has to offer.”

They walked inside, and the darkness covered them.

After walking for a few minutes down the dark corridor, they came into a torch-lit room with 5 doors.

Jare whistled, “Woah ho, it seems that bypassing this floor could spell trouble.”  He looked around the room, “You two see any hints on which door to take?”

Anhel turned and pointed up, “Look big brother, there is something written above the doorway we entered from.”

Above the corner stone archway, a series of passages were written into the stone, glowing in a light green light.

Enter, and search for immortality
The Sentinel blocks the path, but can only be found through the trials
Through you bonds show Passion
Move the stone with Willpower
Defeat the horde in Battle
Overcome the cursed Resentment
Unlock one, face the guardian through
Overcome them all, face the true guardian
All is for my king, so I write this
Left General

Jare nodded, “I see, this is what the old man was talking about.” He pointed behind him at the doors, “The four doors lead to these trials, and the middle leads to the final boss.  It’ll unlock after clearing one, but we can’t beat the dungeon unless we fight the true final boss, which requires all 4 to be overcome.”

“Hey big brother, why is message so clear?  Shouldn’t it be vague and rhyming to test the knowledge of those who read it?”

Jare laughed, “Those are riddles little brother.  This seems to be a message from one of the kings generals, the left one anyway.”

“King?” Anhel raised an eyebrow.

“Well, it is called ‘The Tomb of the Forgotten King’, so there must be a king here.  Rather, I bet this message is what caused the tomb to get its name.” He mused, “Well, let’s take the first tunnel, the one for passion.”

The other two shrugged, and Jare opened the tomb door.

The three found themselves looking into three long tunnels.  Jare grimaced and shut the door quickly.

“Ah crap, let’s not go in there.  You two aren’t mentally experience enough to deal with that kind of separation and isolation.”

Anhel, not wanting to separate from his brothers, nodded quickly.  Jare walked over to the doorway of will and took a peak.

“Damn, this one will take too much time.” He shut the door quickly, not letting Anhel or William peek inside.

Seeing as they weren’t going to have any input, Anhel and William began to wander around the room, inspecting the carvings.  All around, scenes of battle, carnage, and death were carved.  However, there seemed to be smaller writings beneath the pictures, as if someone had crawled up and carved their last thoughts into stone.

After reading for awhile, Anhel raised his eyebrows in alarm.

“Big brother, it’s a trap!” He cried out suddenly.

Jare and William took their weapons out and took battle positions.  “Anhel, what’s wrong?  What did you find?” Jare called out.

Anhel pointed, “These words were carved by past adventurers.  We aren’t on the 1st floor, we’re on the 50th!”

Jare put his hammer down and frowned, “That’s impossible.” He said flatly, “I felt no change in elevation, nor change in the air.”

“It’s a trap the dungeon uses to trick scouts.  It seems that small groups of adventurers can bypass the floors and reach this room easily.  But, when they report back that everything is safe and easy, the large groups get cut off after entering and die.”

William frowned, “Good hint, why still here?”

Jare narrowed his eyes as he gave the room a closer look, “This room, this room has been hand-dug.  It’s not a natural room or a dungeon built one.”

“Is that even possible?  I thought dungeons made everything in their dungeons?” Anhel asked.

Jare shook his head, “Originally, the name dungeon comes from the prisons under castles.  In old ruins, the monster known as ‘dungeon’ took over the area and made it a monster breeding ground, or so the legends go anyway.  This place was likely a functioning tomb that a dungeon took over and incorporated into itself.”

“The question is then,” Jare muttered, “Is how did a dungeon form near enough to a tomb to take it over?  Tombs are blessed specifically so monsters never come or form here.  Were the blessings broken somehow?”

“That means,” He continued, “The original rooms cannot be changed by the dungeon, so anything carved here like the message above or the scribblings below can’t be erased.”  Jare tuned to look at the pitch black tunnel from whence they came, “It was curious that we couldn’t see through the darkness; it was actually a spatial tunnel that brought us here.”

From the center door, a strong breeze blew through the room, almost as if someone was laughing at them.

William gripped his crossbow, “Aware of us, it is.  Mocking.”

Jare growled at the door, “It’s telling us that even though we know, we still can’t do anything about it.  Our forces will still have to pass through 50 levels of undead to reach here, and then pass all four trails to unlock the final boss.  Damnation!” He punched the ground, “In this case, knowledge is worthless without strength.”

He got up quickly and turned around, “Come on guys, we have to leave and report this tragedy, even if it causes us problems.  We’ll just have to believe in ourselves and overcome this with determination!”  Jare strolled forward into the dark tunnel, followed closely by Anhel and William.  After a few minutes walking through the darkness, they arrived outside the dungeon.  Jare turned back and made a rude finger gesture, then led his brother back over the plains.”

When they were far enough away, Jare breathed out and sagged, “Geez, acting all serious there really gave me a headache.  ‘Over come with determination’; geez I sounded like a completely ignorant hero didn’t I?”

William chuckled, “Bro too simple.”

“That’s for sure.” Anhel chuckled as well, “I think you may have sold it too well; that dungeon is likely gloating over an easy victory now.”

Jare laughed with his brothers, “Well, we did what we needed to do, and the charms are still usable since we didn’t fight at all.  Come one, let’s deliver the good news to Mary; we’ll be able to launch our two pronged assault after all.”

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