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On a side note, here is a quote from vinzzz from the slime chart thread.

08/06/2016 14:31:56vinzzz001 Wrote: [ -> ]For those who can't access the mindmup, here is a jpeg of the current slime map.
Spoiler :

Spoiler :

To GigaPack:
Crystal slime has been added, spike slime was already a thing (earth slime tree)
Sludge is a nice name for a new idea.
Pattern slime sounds promising, but its abilities would probably differ from your description.

to Cathrain:
An ghost like slime which uses ectoplasm is a great idea. Especially now with the undead dungeon around.
The bouncing slime is nearly the same as a balloon slime (but quicker probably) and we'll see if it should be added.  

To Steelheart:
Portals are fun but there is no way a slime could shoot them. There might one day be a slime which functions like one.

To LullMaister:
What a lot of ideas.
First of all, we try not to use too many scientific ideas. Electromagnetism is one of those. (hence the magnet slime using a naturally magnetic metal). Doc simply doesn't remember most of it anyway.
For the slimes that are based around metals we use the metal slime as base which is kinda an alloy slime, since it ate different types of metals. We also have slimes that specialize in certain metals. (which is caused by their food preferences). We don't have pure/impure metal slimes, since their bodies just filter whatever waste they eat and doesn't use it.
As for the magnetic slime, (not electromagnetic), its whole boy is magnetic and draws metals towards it. Causing a kind of layer of armour/weapons/ores to form on the outer layer of the slime.

To IronBusinessSuit:
The idea of merged slimes is a nice one we also thought about. We haven't gotten a conclusion about them yet, and will discuss your ideas too.
PS. Did you play slime rancher? since I've seen the idea in that game.

To Fishface:
The weapon slime is named sharp slime, and will probably have a few evolution paths. But rather than using weapons slimes ARE weapons. They simply aren't smart enough to use them (save a few exceptions).
The ideas of weapon wielding slimes sound cool, but we want to keep them slimes. meaning they use their body as weapon, shield, armor and all. The slime riding slime sounds funny, lets see if we can add that.

Keep the slime ideas there and we'll go through them all.  Naturally, no science related slimes, but anything else is game.  Oh, no intelligent slimes either.  That's an oxymoron.  I won't quote his responses often, so check back the thread every once and awhile.


Note: This chapter just got way off what I originally wanted, but emotions are good too.  We inspirational writers have no control over what we write sometimes lol.  Expect feels, and lots of them.

“Fine, since we are going with this plan, it’s best if we split for now.” Mary spoke to the group, “It’s important to make sure that your teammates are all on board with this, because we can’t afford to have word spread of our plans.”

“Jare, you and Nat talk to you respective teammates.  When you have their agreement, or silence, then report back here.  I’ll have Ally and Bella come up with something for you both to do so as to not raise the town’s suspicions.”

The two adventurers nodded and left the room swiftly.  Mary turned to the Magus.

“Sir, how long will it take to heal you?” She asked politely.

The Magus shook his head, “Unfortunately, mana drain is impossible to recover from quickly.  I’ll be dissolving this clone and focusing on recovery, but even then it’s unlikely my physical body will be able to accompany you into the dungeon.  I should recover enough, however, to be able to make a magical clone of myself to follow you into the dungeon.  He’ll be able to assist with support magic, but not much with firepower.”

“We need all the help we can get.” Mary told him, “Go ahead and start healing up.  I will get everything we need, so be ready in 4 and a half days.”

Falcon bowed to her, and disappeared in a small flash of light.  All that remained in Mary’s office was Fiora and Mary herself.  Mary opened her mouth to say something, and then stopped herself.  The two looked at each other from across the desk.  Now that either of them thought about it, this was the first time they had been alone since the princess’s passing.  She didn’t know what to say.

Mary had a stoic face on as she looked at one of her best apprentices and trainees.  Fiora stared indifferently at her former mentor.

After a few tense minutes of staring, Fiora got up.  “I’d better go check on my team.”  She turned and walked to the door.

Emotional music

“Wait.” Fiora paused as Mary called out to her.

“Do you need something, guild master?” She asked politely.

Mary’s face began to twitch, “Please, don’t call me that.”

“Is there any other way I should address you, guild master?” Fiora said, her body still facing the door, “After all, didn’t you tell me to leave and never come back.”

Mary’s face finally collapsed, and she began to sob violently, “Please Fiora, don’t leave me alone.  Please, please don’t go.”

Fiora began to shake, “You told me to go, you screamed at me in my mind to GET OUT!” Fiora turned around, the tears streaming down her eyes, “I felt your pain, your loss!  YOU HATED ME!”

Mary shook her head, “No, I never hated you, really, I didn’t . . .”

“Don’t lie to me.” Fiora hissed, “We are still connected.  I can still feel the ugly emotions rolling around inside of you.  They disgust me, and I suffered enough being you emotional sink.  If not for Gran, I would STILL BE A DRUNKARD WITH A SPEAR!”  The agony was clear on Fiora’s face, the pain of being alone and incapable of controlling her own actions.

Mary sobbed harder, “Oh my Fiora, my little precious daughter”

“Don’t call me that.” Fiora spat out, “You abandoned me as a child; it was only your guilt that brought you back to train me as a warrior.  I always wondered who my mother was, and then I find out from your thoughts shouting in my head.  To think, once I may have been happy to have been your daughter, but I know now it’s all a source of shame and guilt for you.  You can’t lie to me, not now.”

Mary chuckled, in spite of her sob, “Oh my dear, you fell my hate, but no not it’s source.  This hate I feel; it’s directed at me.  I loved you and Diana as my daughters; you are both the world to me.  But,”  Mary shook her head, “I never desired the company of man, it was the embrace of my equals that I found comfort in.  Men are vile, easily corruptible things.” Mary’s face turned so evil Fiora backed in away in shock.

“I should have known, should have remembered, but he was my friend so long.” Mary was lost now, lost to her centuries of memories, “He was kind, and we were partners in all things but home.  But then,” She spat hatefully, “He took me, against my will when I was weak and vulnerable!  The crimson haired freak gave in and summoned that demon in order to trap me.  He may have taken my purity, but I made sure to take something equal from him.”  Fiora paled at the blood-thirst coming from the guild master.

All of a sudden, Mary’s aura vanished, replaced by a saddened and depressed figure, “When you came, I was so conflicted.  When the deed was done, I considered taking your life, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it after seeing your eyes, so much like mine.  I left you at that orphanage so you could have a better life than what I could have given you on the battle-field.”

Fiora snorted, “Oh, so leaving me in the hands of strangers was the best decision?  To be the only girl with red hair there, do you know what I grew up with?  When my siblings began to grow, and I remained a child, do you know what they called me?  Cursed child, that’s what they always said about behind the backs of the adults.  Even the adults hid from me, as if my glance could curse.”

“I persisted though,” Fiora declared through gritted teeth, “I worked harder than anyone and got accepted into the royal guard training barracks.  They put me through more hell, but I was used to it already.”

“And then,” She said mockingly, “When the legendary Mary the Blood elf came looking for an apprentice, she picked the best out of us all, me.  Little did I know she only picked me for my blood, not my skill.”

“That’s not true.” Mary whispered, “You had the greatest potential . . .”

“Because I was of your blood, right?  BECAUSE MY WORTHLESS MOTHER BELIEVED WITH ALL HER HEART THAT THIS WOULD MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER!” Fiora screamed and stabbed her sword into the ground, leaving it there.

“What of it then mother?  Were you proud of me when I became the youngest C-ranked adventurer?  Did you become disappointed when I failed to improve myself up to the next rank in record time?  I always wondered why you pushed so hard; that was why I left you, you became too demanding.  Perhaps being raised in an orphanage was better than what you would have put me through.”

Mary didn’t move now, he mind overflowing with emotion she could not put into words.  Fiora felt it though, and narrowed her eyes.

“Oh, is it self-pity now?  You feel bad being lectured by your bastard of a daughter?” Fiora shook her head and scoffed, “You think that just because you have lived for so long you know everything.  Let me tell you, mother, that you know nothing about me.  The only one who ever had my side was Diana, my adopted sister.  You think I wasn’t as shocked over her death as you?  You think, watching her perish mere feet from my face, that I didn’t cry in pain?”

Fiora turned around, leaving her sword, “I don’t need this anymore.  I don’t need you anymore.”

Mary could only watch through the tears as her daughter slammed the door behind her.”

Fiora walked through the town, dazed and depressed.  If she was being honest with herself, she hadn’t run to the bottle to hide from the pain; she had run to hide from her past.  Fiora had idolized Mary from the first time she had heard of her, the legendary half-elf who had proved her kind could fight on the battle field and bring victory.  Before her, half-beings were treated as worthless and given only the basest jobs to do.

Fiora, being self-conscious of her hair and slow growth, had viewed Mary as her role-model, and had worked hard to be accepted in the most difficult warrior teaching school, the royal guard.  It was almost like a dream to be picked out of every other candidate to be her personal trainee.  She left the school immediately and began her life as an adventurer.

That had been 20 years ago.  Fiora reached up to touch her face, feeling its smoothness.  “If this keeps up, I’ll look the same when I am 60.” She joked quietly to herself.  She thought back to her training with Mary, their adventures in the land: saving a village from a goblin invasion, searching for herbs in the mountains, sleeping under the stars after a long fought battle.  And then about 10 years ago, meeting the young princess for the first time.  Adopting her as her sister apprentice, leaving them both after arguing with her master.  She formed her own group, and never looked back.

“Until now,” She whispered quietly, “Now, it’s too late.”

As she walked through the streets of the iron quarter, she heard the clanging of a hammer.  With the area abandoned for the moment, she found herself drawn to the sound.

“Masterwork Swords,” She read up on the sign, “Well, I guess I do need a new blade to fight with.”  She walked over to the door and opened it, ringing a bell.

The hammering stopped, and a bearded man walked out from the back.  He smiled gently at her.

“Come in my dear; what can I help you with?”

“I need a sword.” Fiora said, “I’m willing to pay any price.”

The man stroked his beard in thought and nodded, “I understand.  Follow me please.”  He led Fiora into the back of shop, where his tools lay.

“My name is Olaf, and I run this smithy.” He greeted her, “Sit here and allow me to measure your arm.  I will also ask you some questions regarding your style.”

He sat Fiora down onto a wooden stool, and took out a measuring stick from his tool wall.  As he measured her arm, he asked, “What kind of blade would you like?”

“I need a longsword, 1 and a half my length with a simple guard.  It needs to also be enchantable, so the best material you have for it.” She answered.

“Ah, so money is not an issue with you.” Olaf observed as he wrapped a tape around her arm, marking the touching point.

Fiora shook her head, “No, I have no real use for money.”

“I bet you prefer fighting with your allies than living on your past successes.” Olaf remarked as he took stock of Fiora’s build.

She chuckled, “Yeah, no point dwelling on successes.  There is too much work to be done right?”

“Does that apply to failures as well?” Olaf asked as he walked around to the anvil.  He began to study two very similar looking hammers.

Fiora was silent for a moment, “Failures need to be remembered so they aren’t made again.”

Olaf chuckled, putting both hammers down and grabbing a third hammer, “What an interesting idea.  Come, watch me for a moment.”

Fiora turned her head and watched as Olaf began hammering at an ingot.  As he hammered, the ingot cracked and broke in half.

“Oh dear, I broke my ingot.” Olaf sighed and shook his head, “This was one of the best I made in my forge, but I guess it was never meant to be.”

Fiora raised her eyebrow, “Are you giving up Olaf?  You can just reforge it, right?”

“No no,” He shook his head, “Didn’t you see my sign?  Any sword I make has to be perfect, so I’ll just throw away this worthless piece and start over with a new one.”

Fiora frowned, “That’s not right.  It’s just metal, so just heat it together and pound away until it’s back together again.”

Olaf smiled at her, “So, it’s important to not dwell on past mistakes, but to learn and forge the future correct?”

Fiora nodded and opened her mouth, then froze.

Olaf winked at her, “Nothing in this world is perfect; from people to things.  Even my best blade is my best because it has the least amount of flaws, not that it has no flaws.  When something is broken, it is best to reuse it, even if not for its original purpose.  There is nothing in this world that is worthless, nothing that can’t be fixed.”

Fiora’s body shook for a moment, then she turned and looked at him, “You aren’t going to make a sword for me, are you?”

Olaf laughed, “Dear girl, I already made you blade, many years ago.  An old friend of mine begged me to make it for her best trainee, as a present for completing her training.  I recall she was quite proud to her go off into the world and form her own team.”

“You made my sword?” Fiora whispered.

“It’s waiting for you, and so is she.  It’s time to mend and recycle little Fiora, time to make whole what was broken.”

Fiora woke up suddenly.  She was on a bench outside the adventurer guild.

“Was that real?” She wondered, “What was that?”

Her thoughts were interrupted by the door to the guild opening.  She saw Mary leaving, her hand wrapped around a sword.

Mary didn’t notice Fiora until she reached the bench, and was so startled she jumped in surprise.

“Oh, I’m . . .” Mary teared up and turned away.

“Wait!” Fiora cried out, jumping up and grabbing Mary in a hug, “Please wait.”

Mary froze, uncertainty on her face.  Fiora teared up, and turned Mary around for a hug.

“I’ll never forgive you for my childhood, so I won’t call you mother.” She began, “But, you taught me so much and loved me as a daughter.  So please, let me be your trainee again.”  

Mary choked as happy sobs shook her frame and she hugged Fiora back.  The two shared a moment in the empty street, none to watch them save the breeze.

When they finished hugging, Mary handed the sword back to Fiora, “This belongs to you; it has always belonged to you.”

Fiora unsheathed the sword, casting the street in the light of the red flames.  She glanced down the blade to see a tiny set of initials she had never notice before, ‘M.S.’.  She smiled and put the sword away.

“Let’s win this fight together; for me, you, and my sister.”

Mary smiled and nodded, pulling Fiora in for one more hug.

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