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Doc wiped his crystal of condensation as the negotiations finished.  "Phew, that was close."

Claire was lying on a slime, panting from the stress, "I never knew talking with other people could be so difficult.  I really wanted to run away and hide."

"Me too.  When he started to move all funny, I wanted to give a yelp."

"I screamed." Claire admitted.

"Believe me, we all heard." Doc told her seriously.

The two looked each other, and burst out laughing.

"Ha ha, did you see the way that old guy was moving?  Ha ha, that was the weirdest slime dance I'd ever seen!"

Claire giggled off her slime onto the floor.  "For a so called 'evolution researcher', he sure got his languages mixed up.  I've watched snakes make love to each other using that dance."

Even the twins were rolling around the floor laughing in their barks and yips.  Lady, not understanding what was going on, rolled around the floor with the others, a happy smile on her face.

Doc wiped his condensation again and let out a slow laugh, "Huuu, okay, that's enough of that."  He went back to being serious, "Claire, how was the old man able to bring the girl down?  I know she hasn't been here to reach that floor before."

"Oh, he explained it already." Claire said from the floor, "He is not a real person; he is an illusion created by magic.  Naturally, if you look back up at the first floor I think you'll find the girl's unconscious body."

Doc gave a quick check, and confirmed Claire's words, "So you are right Claire.  But, isn't that still dangerous that he can go wherever he wants in my dungeon?"

Claire snorted, "Doc, our slimes eat mana.  That illusion is pure mana.  It is not any bit of a threat to us."


"Yes, yes, but are you sure about this?" Claire flew up to hover around his crystal, "Letting a group of strong adventurers is very risky, especially if you give them access to your final floor."

"I thought about that, but what if I made a special room for them?"

Claire raised an eyebrow, "It's been awhile since you've come up with an original idea; go ahead and lay it on me."

Doc nodded, "Well, I create single room on the 25th floor that is not connected to anything and has its own glyph to get to it.  I'll form the battle tunnel and connect it to the room, so they can invade directly to the invading dungeon's 25th floor."

Claire rubbed her chin as she flew in a figure 8 style pattern, "Hm, that does sound like it can work.  I can even imagine uses for such a room even after this mess is over with.  You should make it an accident room, like a 1 in a thousand chance they will be taken to that room when using the glyph.  It will have a treasure box and the ability to go to any floor they've been to after."

"Idea found acceptable, court adjured."

"That's weird; where'd you get that from?"

"I think the old man rubbed off on me in the wrong way."

Nat opened her eyes slowly as her world came back into focus.  “What?” She muttered as she roused herself into a sitting position.

“Shh my dear, you fell asleep from the exhaustion.” She looked up to see Falcon’s kindly face staring down at her, “Are you alright?”

Nat got up and stretched her body around, “Yeah, I seem to be in perfect shape.”

“That’s good.” The magus said as his eyes looked anywhere but at her, “We need to get going back to the council room.”

Nat raised an eyebrow, then looked down at herself.  A cheeky grin forming, she leaned forward to stretch and pushed her arms behind her.  “Hey magus, why don’t you look at me when you’re talking?”

Falcon turned quickly and began walking away, “Come along now my dear, don’t be dawdling.”

“Che, spoilsport.” Nat muttered as she chased after him.  Suddenly, she remembered, “Hey wait, don’t we have to try to negotiate with the dungeon?”

“I already have my dear; you fell asleep I went on without you.” He said without turning back.

“Oh.” Nat scratched her head in confusion, “I guess I must have been very tired.  Wait, so you successful?”

“Kind of,” He admitted, “We can bring a small team to the 25th floor, but it won’t allow church members to join it.  The dungeon seems to have a healthy bit of fear of the clergy.”

“After that display of magic last night I’d say I have a bit more respect for them too.” Nat admitted, “So where are we going now?”

“The adventurer guild of course.  My other self seems to have just finished talking with the battle council, and they have started to draw up battle plans for the fight in 5 days.  It’s quite foolish if you ask me, since the undead can pop up out of the ground, but Father Jonas insisted on a ‘holy war’ type of fight.”

“What is a ‘holy war’ type of fight?” Nat asked, confused.

“Superior firepower and overwhelming force; well, that’s my interpretation anyway.” The magus admitted, “Anyway, this gives us a bit of wiggle room to plan out our own assault without their interference.”

Nat cocked her head as she caught up with the magus, “You don’t much like the church, do you?”

“On the contrary, I think they are one of the greatest organizations and allies we could have on the continent.” Falcon declared, “In fact, I have many friends within the clergy.  The problem comes from being too big with a few shadowy members with hidden agendas.  It’s hard to be a big organization you know; even our adventurer guild has trouble in the farthest settlements.  As they say; when the cat is away the mice will play.”

“Is Father Jonas a good person then?” Nat asked.

Falcon sighed, “He is, but his prejudice toward any non-human is too much.  He barely tolerates the other races, and he outright hates monsters.  Can’t blame him though, his past is filled with enough tragedy that making it to ‘father’ is quite the accomplishment.  Right now, though, he is the perfect person to have here.”

“But not for your plans.” Nat finished.

“Precisely; I’m glad we have these talks.” He winked at her as they entered the gate, “Now, if I remember correctly, it should be this way.”  As he took a turn, Nat grabbed his arm.

“No, the guild is that way sir.” She pointed the opposite way.

“Oh no, I’m not heading for the guild quite yet.  The self of mine that was gallivanting around seems to have found a bit of trouble and was arrested for the most outrageous reason.”


“Petty theft and Indecent exposure.  Well, the illusions do tend to have their own, deviant personalities after all.”

It took a bit of convincing to get the guards to release the second magus, who was drunk out of his mind.  Once out of the guard house, the cyan Falcon turned to Nat and said, “I’ll meet you back at the guild.”  The two Falcons dissolved into a yellow and cyan light in front of her, startling the guards once again.

Nat quickly ran to the adventurer guild afterwards.

Bella greeted her at the door with a smile.  “They are waiting for you upstairs in the office.”

Nat thanked her and hurried up the stairs.  Upon opening the door, she was met with Fiora, Jare, Mary, and Falcon.  Falcon rolled his eyes.

“You’re late.”

“And you’re the serious illusion.” Nat responded.

Jare guffawed and slapped his leg, “Ha ha, she’s got you there on that one old man.”

The Magus sighed and nodded, “Naturally, in order to be in multiple places at once, I have to divide my mind, otherwise I’d be overwhelmed by the amount of stimulus.  Of course, I don’t expect one of your mental fortitude to understand.”

“I liked the other you better.”

“He is a likable person.  He’s not me though, so please mind your respect and give me due address.”

“I greet the Magus and Guild Master.” Nat said politely, but she stared down the magus, who nodded in approval.

“Now that we are all here, care to explain what this meeting is about?” Mary inquired from her chair.

The Magus nodded, “I have attempted negotiations with the dungeon for safe passage and have succeeded.”

The silence was overwhelming in the room.

Mary narrowed her eyes, “Can we trust it?”

The Magus nodded in approval, “Straight to the point; an admirable ability you have their guild master.  To answer your question, yes we can trust it as long as our interests align.  It was quite honest with me about having the normal desire to devour me.  Naturally, we cannot retreat once we enter, otherwise we will be eaten, or at least attacked.”

Jare scratched his head, “That’s all well and good, but I assume there are other restrictions?”

“There are,” The Magus acknowledged, “We cannot bring a member of the clergy, and we must deliver the core of the conquered dungeon to the slime dungeon.”

“Impossible.” Mary said flatly, her frown growing, “If we do defeat the dungeon, by some miracle, the church and frankly everyone involved will refuse to see the greatest prize delivered to a hostile element.  I cannot accept that.”

“Can we give the dungeon something of equal value?” Fiora asked from the side.

Falcon rolled his eyes, “Do we have anything equal to the value of a centuries old dungeon core?  No, think of this as an investment to improving the wealth we can get from the dungeon.”

“I doubt the majority believe in delay gratification.” Mary dead-panned, “We’ll likely have riots, and we’ll lose support from Duran and the church, not to the mention the main adventurer guild.”

Falcon shrugged, “Well, then we don’t have to deliver it.  We’ll have the dungeon steal it.”

Everyone raised an eyebrow at the Magus. He rolled his eyes, “Oh come on, you cannot believe a small group of adventurers would be able to conquer this dungeon on its own?  We will need two things for this plan to work.”  He held up two fingers, “One, the church and other adventurers will lead a frontal assault from the top, distracting the dungeon.  Two, the slimes will follow us into the dungeon and do most of the bulk work fighting the skeletons and zombies.  This way, our troops can save their strength for the boss fight.  Also, if one of the slimes takes the crystal in the end, how would be able to stop it anyway.”

“Ignoring that last but, you meant ‘fights’, right?” Nat confirmed.

The Magus shook his head, “No, as I said before this is a tomb.  It is not a typical dungeon, as it holds no boss except for the final one.  Adventurers have made it to the final room before, but none have been able to conquer it before.”

“What we can confirm, though, is that there are four final bosses.”

Nat spluttered, Jare coughed, Fiora gripped her sword, and Mary stood up, “How is that possible?  A dungeon of any size does not have the power to control four final bosses at once.”

The Magus nodded, “Right, but the groups who have made it all fought only one of the 4.  While it was never confirmed how, we did learn that each boss has its own requirements to call it out.  The suspicion, then, is that perhaps the four are actually all part of the same boss, but the proper procedure was never figured out.”

He closed his eyes and shook his head, “Many were lost trying to learn this, and because the dungeon was never properly conquered, few managed to escape its grasp.”

Mary drummed her fingers on the table as she sat back down, “So, you’re telling me our best plan to succeed involves lying to our allies, teaming up with an enemy, storming a hostile fortress in a small group, defeating an undefeatable boss, and losing the greatest treasure to said enemy.

“Pretty much, yeah.” The Magus nodded.

Mary groaned and rubbed her head, the headache returning.

“Alright then, what do we need to do first?”

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