"Fiora and her party is ready to fight." Fiora, Gran, Nat, and Jonas hurried over. Jare gave them a glance and nodded.

"Good to see you have recovered; let us exchange greetings later."

Fiora nodded. More C-ranked adventurers joined them until they were a group of 20.

"Alright, that seems to be the limit of what we are getting. Follow me, and let's speak as we run." Jare turned and began running for the gate that connected to iron town.

"For those of you who don't know, I am Jare of the beast-man group 'Brother'. This is my brother William and my brother Anhel." The two mentioned waved as they turned down a street. "This is a special emergency mission, so if you survive be sure to report in to the adventurer guild for rewards."

"Sir Jare, what is going on here? What is that thing?" Nat spoke up from behind him.

"It's just Jare, no need for sir." He corrected her, "That THING there is one of the legendary phantom dungeons that was caused untold death for a century or two. It's called 'The Tomb of the Forgotten King'."

"I've heard about that!" One of the new adventurers called out, "Isn't it one of the few undead dungeons that the church has never been able to destroy?"

Jare nodded, "It's a dungeon that can teleport and hide it's aura during the full moon. It is also corrupted dungeon."

Gasps were heard from the majority of the group as they passed through the gate.

"The reason why I mobilized everyone is that this dungeon's worst trait is it's consumption of entire villages and small cities. It purposely moves itself to consume all living things, but especially people. It's rather surprising it appeared here, where the defenses are much stronger. That doesn't bode well for us though if it is confident enough to attack here."

"How does it devour villages? Is it a monster that eat people?" One of the adventurers was hyper-ventilating now."

Jare snorted, "No, it's a dungeon through and through. Problem is, as a corrupted dungeon, It's influnce stretches quite a bit from it, which allows it to . . ."

They were alerted to screams as they all halted. From the ground, skeletons began to arise, their naked bones glowing with a dark, red light. A small fire burned in their eyes as they brandished sword, axes, and spears."


"FOR THE TOWN!" The high ranked adventurers scattered and threw themselves into battle.

Magic flew everywhere and sword clanged as the sound of battle spread through the iron quarter. Those who slept here ran for the gates, as the undead were only appearing here for the moment. Screams rose up from the unfortunate who were cornered and slain by the skeletons. To make matters worse, those who were slain soon rose back up.

"Damnation," Jare cursed as he saw a body rise, "These skeleton foot soldiers are bad enough, but those animated corpses are going to make this worse." Jare turned to Anhel, who was firing away with his magic. "Anhel, I need the spirit of the owl to connect me."

"Jare, that will debilitate you for the rest of the day. We need you here." Anhel was fully concentrating on the battle at hand as his fireball smashed through another skeleton"

"It's fine; as long as they know what to do we can easily survive this first night. Hurry!"

Anhel shook his head, but opened his book and chanted a spell. The spirit of a mighty owl appeared and flew behind Jare, resting on his back. Jare closed his eyes and kneeled down.

"Attention, this is Jare the beast-man to everyone who can hear me." Jare's voice rang out in the minds of everyone in the iron quarter; from fleeing townfolk, to newly arriving adventurers, to the strong adventurers currently fighting.

"The dungeon can only spawn skeleton foot-soldiers for the moment. They are weak to fire and blunt weapons. If you can fight, join the battle across the quarter. If you cannot, flee otherwise your body will come back as an animated corpse. As long as we kill the mosnter quickly, everything will be fine."

"However," Jare continued, "Do not allow them to remain longer than an hour, or they will evolve. The battle will be won when the church blesses the land or if the sun rises. That is in a few shirt hours, so fight with everything you've got!"

His message complete, Jare collapsed onto the ground, every muscle in his body screaming in pain. "Shit, I forgot how bad this was." He chuckled painfully as he collapsed onto his back and panted.

"We'll protect you big brother, so take your rest now." Anhel spoke up. William nodded in agreement, "Rest now, fight later."

"Okay, night then." Jare's eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fell unconscious.

Across the way, Fiora smashed her sword through two skeleton heads. "Oy, did you guys hear that?"

"I did." Jonas spoke up, sending a fireball smashing through a group. He winced as it struck a buliding and set it ablaze, "Whoops."

"As did I; Jonas you need to watch your spell strength." Nat spoke up next to him. Her daggers weren't doing much work, so she pulled her broadsword out and used it to smash her enemies.

"Likely the beast-man payed a price for such large scale magic, but he did good in telling us the weaknesses and calming down the general populace." Gran observed, his arrows flying out and hitting the eye holes. His shots were good, but ineffective against the skeletons. He sighed, "Using a sword is not as graceful, but I guess I have to.

Fiora rolled her eyes, "Why complain when your silver sword is blessed by light and earth magic? It's the perfect thing right now."

Gran didn't bother answering her, but his sword flashed out and skeleton after skeleton disintegrated.

“Jealous.” Said Fiora.

“Too strong.” Said Nat.

“Stop showing off.” Said Jonas.

Gran nearly tripped in surprise at his friend’s words, “Shouldn’t you guys be complimenting me or something like other humans?”

“No.” Said Fiora.

“Don’t feel like it.” Said Nat.

“Stop feeling and start killing.” Said Jonas.

Gran, even with his superb control over his own emotions, really felt like crying now. “Fine, let’s just beat these things until the regret ever intruding here.” He muttered to himself as he brandished sword yet again.

Thankfully, with Jare’s direction the majority of monsters were easily beaten back and the quarter was soon cleared. However, the skeletons had continued to arise unhindered outside the wall in front of the dungeon. All the adventurers were gathered in front of the gate to iron town as they gazed out, nervously, at the horde of skeletons.

Jare, propped up against the wall, shook his head, “Damn, the sun won’t be out for another hour, and those bastards are already evolving.”

Fiora, who was leaning against the wall as well, cocked her head to look down at Jare, “Do you happen to know the undead evolutions.”

He shook his head, “No, I just know the basics.”

“Then you should have listened to me more when I lectured you.” A chortling voice made everyone turn their head in surprise.

An old man in plain, black robes was chuckling as he stroked his beard, “My, my, I came here to learn about slime evolution, but it looks like I’ll also have the opportunity to study the undead as well. Life goes so well when one has accumulated so much good karma.”

“You and good karma are like oil and water.” Jare muttered, “Where have you been you old coot?”

“Oh, just here and here, saving the rather balmy fellow trying to flee with full money purses.” The old man said evenly.

“Who’s the old guy?”

Jare sighed, “May I introduce one of the leaders of the Adventurer Guild, Magus Falcon the Evolutionist. He’s also a teacher of mine.

Falcon chuckled, “Don’t brag boy, you’ll make me look bad for having a student like you. Seriously, you could have used a number of ways to communicate rather than sacrificing your own body. Now I have to reveal myself and save you. I was looking to having more fun too.”

Jare rolled his eyes, “Whatever you say old man; you were going to join in anyway.”

Falcon grinned and coughed loudly, “Now, everyone, if I can get your attention here please.” He waited a moment, “Now, you lot have been fighting basic skeletons and skeleton foot soldiers. Please know that the horde before you has many other types now that it has had time to evolve itself.”

“First, skeleton cultists. They are on the same level as a foot soldier and can cast small spells of various type. Second, I spy a few slingers in the mix over there. They use slings to throw stones, so try to block them if you can.”

“Those are the basic enemies, but enough time has passed that the 2nd tier monsters have begun to appear. Swordsmen are stronger sword users, shield wielders will block your attacks on the weaker skeletons, and warriors will charge you with their axes and daggers.”

“On the other side, the cultist can evolve into a specific element type of mage or an acolyte which can curse us and heal skeletons.”

“Everyone got that?” After watching heads nod, Falcon grinned.

“Good, because I think they are tired of waiting.”

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