A little slice of life chapter before resuming the action

Also, some people keep bringing up Queen Nia lost her voice. Yes she did, but in the final published version I include she uses a magic device to speak. This is canon

“Those new adventurers were really amazing, weren’t they Claire.” Doc praised as he watched the beast-men exit the dungeon.

“I will admit, I never thought they’d be strong enough to bring out 3 of the 4 bug boss forms.” Claire agreed as she left her sitting area next to the sixth floor boss room, “It was even more amazing that the adventurer was able to stop the charge and throw the boss like that.”

Doc moved away from the sixth floor and flowed back down to his crystal body, Claire right behind him. “It’s a good thing I didn’t form near any beast-men cities, or they might have beaten me black and blue instead of my normal purple.”

Claire giggled, “I don’t think they would have beat your crystal . . .”

“Boo, you know what I mean.” Doc gave her a feeling equivalent to a sideways frown.

Claire giggled again and flew down to sit on her conjured slime seat, which moved slowly up the wall. “Okay, it looks like those were the investigation adventurers sent here because of the demon incident.”

“Do you think they suspect me?” Doc asked her curiously.

Claire shook her head, “Nope. I think they had a great time exploring you. From their smiles and laughs, I think they’re going to report you as a fun, challenging dungeon. We may even get more people to visit!”

“So, are we safe?” Doc gave Claire his full, undivided attention.

Claire sighed and shook her head, shrugging her hands, “I have no idea. Since we can’t listen in on what happens in town, there is no way of knowing what is going on. We can only wait and see what they decide to do, and react to it.”

Doc gave her a mental sense of agreement, “Well, since we have nothing else to do . . .er . . .what should we do?”

Claire groaned and rolled around the slime on her belly, “I don’t know, and it’s so frustrating! Even watching adventurers falling to their deaths doesn’t have the same appeal anymore. Why can’t they man up and move further than the 10th floor?”

“Why is it ‘man up’ and not ‘woman up’?” Doc asked.

Claire rolled her eyes, “Because a smart woman makes a man do the work for her of course.”

“Isn’t that saying women are lax?”

“No, that’s saying . . .why are you fixed on this again?”

“Boredom.” Doc replied dryly.

“Right,” Claire rolled her eyes, “Since you are neither male nor female that’s kind of irrelevant anyway. So, how are you doing then?”

“The same as always?” Doc said, a question in his tone, “Why do you ask?”

“Because,” Claire flew off the slime and buzzed around his floating crystal, “There are two new colors in your crystal and it feels like you’re actually hiding something from me! You can’t fool me Doc, we’ve lived together for too long.”

Doc looked up at Claire’s folded arms and sighed, “I’m sorry, I knew I shouldn’t have kept it from you, but I’ve been seeing this other pixie . . .”

“WHHAATTTT!” Claire’s scream filled the room.

“Just kidding.” Doc stuck his tongue out at her.

The rest of the day was filled with Doc apologizing to a traumatized Claire, who shut herself in her house and refused to come out.

“Is momma still mad at you?” The twins asked Doc as he was currently moping around their boss room.

“Yeah, she hasn’t talked to me even once since that joke. I heard it from an adventurer and thought it would be funny.”

“Poppa,” One of the twins scolded him, “That adventurer got slapped silly; and didn’t he get pushed to his death later on?”

“Claire thinks falling to one’s death is funny.” Doc explained.

The twins sighed and shook their heads at him, “Poppa, it’s really sad that you don’t even realize what you did wrong. We’ll talk to momma later for you.”

“Thank you girls.” Doc said, feeling appreciative, “Now, I know you haven’t had any adventurers reach you yet, but how do you like your new boss forms?”

“We like them, we like them a lot!” They chorused, “Want to watch us practice?”

“Of course, give me a second . . .” Doc called a small horde of armor slimes up into the room, “Here, use these as practice targets.”

“Watch us poppa!” They called out.

The armor slimes moved around until there were 5 groups of 5. Under Doc’s direction, three moved forward while two moved to flank the worgs. Growling, the twins got up and watched the slimes approach.

When there was barely any space between the two, the slimes charged, throwing themselves at the two bosses.

As one, the two twins rushed forward into the mass of slimes before them. The armor slimes in the front leaped forward, but the worgs were too fast for them to land a tackle on. They weaved back and forth through their attacks, each slime missing by a small distance.

Seeing the worgs in action, Doc directed the left and right flanks to join in the brawl. In the midst of the free for all throwing contest, the last two groups flanked the girls, cutting off their easy exit.

The worg girls let out a howl of battle, and began to pant happily as they dodged slime after slime from every direction. The slimes, seeing that their attacks did nothing, proceeded to continue attacking the same way.

“Um, I’m sorry girls but this is the limit of my control.” Doc said apologetically, “The fewer slimes I control at once, the better their attacks are. With this many, I can only tell them to ram.”

“It’s okay poppa, this is what we need to practice our speed!” They chorused to him happily. Doc smiled as he watched their slimy tongues dangle from their mouths as they jumped around.

“Fine; let’s see if you can dodge this then!” Doc focused, and the slimes massed together into a giant wave of slime. As a single unit, they leaped together all around the worgs in a dome pattern.

Doc winced as the slimes landed together on the floor where is daughters were at. “Are you all right my dears?” He asked cautiously.

“Over here poppa.” Doc turned to see his two daughters wagging their tails next to the wall.

“Silly poppa, if they all jump up, then all we have to do is run under them.” They explained.

Doc coughed awkwardly, “Oh, right. Anyway, your first forms seem to be doing well. Have you mastered fighting in your second form too?”

“Not yet poppa; it’s hard to move in since we aren’t used to fighting with weapons.” They complained.

Doc laughed heartily at them, “You girls will get used to it eventually. I have faith that by the time the first adventurers get here, you’ll be ready to fight them in both forms.”

“Thank-you poppa.” They smiled at him happily and wagged their tails together as one.

“Well, I’m going to find Lady; see if you can talk to your mother for me.” Doc side-longed as he flowed out of the room.

“Yes sir.” They nodded as their spirits left the boss room as well, destined to the lower heart room. Quickly checking each floor, Doc soon found Lady sliming her way through the fourth floor. He zoomed up next to her.

“Lady, how are you doing?” He asked kindly.

Lady jiggled and wiggled in response.

“I see. Have you fought and adventurers today?”

Lady wiggled and jiggled in response.

“Alright, do you want to fight any today?”

Lady jiggled and wiggled in response.

“Almighty then, let’s see what we have to work with.” Since the fourth floor was not unique, it lacked the multiple realty ability and thus all adventurers that reached this floor could interact with each other. Doc examined the few groups and picked out a two person group.

“There are two men heading this way; get ready.” He told her.

Lady nodded his head and made her way up into an aerial trap. Ever since Doc had woken up, Lady had gotten better at understanding others. She couldn’t talk still, but Doc could understand her slime wiggle-jiggle language well enough.

The two men walking down the tunnel were very mean looking in Doc’s opinion. One was large, and the other was skinny. The skinny one kept licking his blade and talking about ‘prospects’ or something. The fat one was laughing and agreeing with him.

“Well, no one is going to miss you.” Doc nodded to himself.

As the two men walked underneath the trap, Doc sent a signal to Lady. As they moved away, Lady stealthily fell to the ground and gathered herself up. Taking a pose, she slapped the ground with a tentacle hidden behind her.

The two men jumped at the sound and whirled around with their weapons. The blades glowed as the magic within them was activated.

“Blimey Jimmy o’le boy, it’s a lady.” The fat one said in surprise.

‘Jimmy’ squinted and narrowed his eyes, not dropping the blade, “You o’le quint, that’s the bluest girl I’ve ever seen ‘ere.”

Lady puckered up her face and giggled as she moved body back and forth, hypnotically. The two men gulped and wiped their mouths.

“Lass may be blue, but she be asking for it or I be matron’s nanny.” The fat one declared.

Jimmy nodded in agreement, “Let’s not be keeping the lady waiting then, aye Richard? Don’tcha worry lassy, we be giving you what you need.”

The two dropped their arms as they raced forward. Jimmy laughed, “Too bad though, we like our ladies a wee bit on the cold side.”

They slashed together, Jimmy going high and Richard going low, and Lady had a bewildered expression as she fell to the ground in three pieces.

Richard chuckled, “Like we’d be daft enough to fall for that. Come on then Jimmy, let’s see what the monster had in her pieces.” He reached down happily, only to have a tentacle shoot up and wrap around his arm.

“Oy! Jimmy, she be still alive! Help get her off me!” Richard cried out it alarm. Jimmy ran over and tried to pull the tentacle off, but it was no use.

“IDIOT!” Richard screamed, “USE YOUR BLASTED SWORD!”

Jimmy reached down, but a second tentacle reached up and tied his arms to his body.

“It’s got me Richy! Help me!”

Doc chuckled as he watched Lady pull herself back together, still smiling at the two men.

“Enjoy your meal Lady.” He sent to her.

Lady grinned, and her mouth opened widely as she engulfed the two cutthroats at the same time. She gave a little burb, then slid back down toward the staircase.

Doc grinned, “That’s my girl.”

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