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The trio of beastmen made their way to the adventurer's guild.  Having lived in the human kingdoms for many years, they were used to the shocked stares and hints of aggression as they passed by the inhabitants of the Dungeon Town.

"Big brother, are you sure it was smart coming here?" The red-tailed beastman asked as he spied a group of men fingering their weapons, “Coming to these human places always seems to bring trouble to us brothers.”

Jare laughed and slapped his brother on the back with his massive hand.  The sound clapped loud enough to make everyone jump, but the little beast-man showed no signs of pain.  "Anhel, you worry too much.  Leave the worrying to your big brothers.  With the war between the human empire and the dwarf citadel, the city state country here has put aside past enmities to ally with our beast tribes of the plains.  It's important that we do our best to help promote this alliance so neither country get absorbed by that corrupted empire.  Even those strange, demon folk are thinking about joining the war against them."

"But," Anhel questioned, "Isn’t the Empire is ruled by humans right, and they make everyone into slaves.  Aren't these humans the same?"

A few nearby humans heard the red beast-man and instantly grew dark as they frowned heavily at him.  Noticing the tension, Jare sighed and pulled Anhel to him, "Listen little brother, never say that aloud or you'll invite a large disaster.  This kingdom is made up by independent city states that work together.  The empire is a cruel place ruled by that shitty emperor and his followers.  They even enslave humans not from their kingdom, so they are hated by everyone."

"If they are hated by all races, then why are they such a danger?" Anhel asked, “If everyone unites together, shouldn’t we be the strongest force on the continent?”

"Because they are strong." William, who had been quiet the entire time finally opened his mouth to answer.

Jare nodded, "That is it exactly.  However," He continued, seeing Anhel's expression, "That war is far from here, so you shouldn't worry about things you can't control.  Just focus on the here and now; and now we're going to pay our respects to the leader of this branch of the Adventurer's Guild."  Jare finished just as they arrived at the Guild Building.

As Jare opened the door and the trio walked in, the hustle and bustle of the guild died down.  Adventurers sitting at tables or reading the task board all paused their conversations to look at the new arrivals.  Thankfully, there were no hostile looks, merely curiosity and shock.

Ally the receptionist was the first to recover from her surprise and she quickly approached the trio.  “Welcome sirs to the Adventurer’s Guild.  May I assist you in any way?”

Jare smiled down at her and winked, “What a pretty little thing.  I apologize for ruining the mood in here, but we are the adventurers sent here from the main branch in Soria.  Duran’s guild sent the call out a few weeks ago, and we have finally come.”

Whispers began to arise from every one assembled.

“Amazing, those are beast-men, real beast-men!”

“I’ve never seen one before.  Is that fur soft and comfy?”

“I wonder what rank they are; are they strong?”

“Quiet, of course they are strong if the main branch sent them.  Look at the size of them!”

“I feel attracted to that kind of softness.”

Jare tried to find the source of that last comment, but couldn’t identify the person.

Ally, feeling the weight of her peers on her shoulders, turned and called out, “Bella, if you would inform the guild master of our visitors.”  Bella nodded and hurried back to the staircase.  Having completed that, Ally turned back to the beast-men, “Sirs, might I be so bold as to ask for your names and adventurer rank?”

Jare smiled and let out a booming laugh, “My name, young one, is Jare, a high B ranked adventurer.  My battle brothers here are William, a medium C ranked adventurer, and Anhel, a low C ranked adventurer.”

Ally coughed awkwardly, “Um, what does high mean?  Are you B ranked adventurer?”

Jare coughed and scratched his head awkwardly as he noticed everyone giving him a strange look.  Anhel pulled on his arm, “Big brother, I don’t think they use the specific rankings here.”

“Oh, I’m sorry for being presumptuous.” Jare apologized honestly, “The main guild ranks are broken down into low, medium, and high at the main branch.  A low C, for instance, is stronger than a high D but weaker than a medium C.  We use this more specific ranking because of the higher number of adventurers at the main branch.”

“Does that mean you are almost an A-ranked adventurer?” Someone called out in question.

Jare nodded his head, “Yes, I’m almost there.  My team was sent here to  . . .” Jare pulled a scroll out of his bad and read it for a moment, “To replace the former B.s. ranked adventure Koran and confirm the safety of the dungeon near the town.”

There was a pause throughout the room.

“Excuse me sir,” Ally spoke up softly, “Can you explain that rank you referred to the murder Koran as?”

Jare began to chuckle, “He was actually a medium C level adventurer, but used connections and money to make himself a B-ranked adventurer.  Hence, he was a B.s. ranked adventurer.  The other ranks have a similar title.

Another pause, then someone snorted, followed by someone else giggling.  Soon, the entire guild was filled with roaring laughter as everyone began to vent the tension.  Men were crying as they pounded the walls and tables, and women were struggling to control themselves by placing their hands over their mouths.  Failing that, a few began to accidently snort, resulting in more snorts and more laughter.

William frowned and covered his ears, “Loud.”

Anhel scratched his head, “I don’t get what’s so funny.  Are these humans right in the head?”

Jare grinned and patted his two brothers, “They are merely having a good time brothers.”

At that moment, Bella returned and ran over to the beast-men, "Lady Mary sends her greetings to you, great adventurers.  Unfortunately, the lady is very busy with the paperwork regarding the changes in town and the dungeon.  However, I have been charged to assist you in any way you need in your investigation and stay here."

Jare nodded, cupping his hands strangely and bowing, "My brothers and I thank you for your help.  We only require a map of the dungeon and a place to stay between dives into the dungeon."

Bella, having been slightly affected by the mood, grinned at them and replied, "You are in luck; the dungeon changed a week and a half ago, so we can provide basic maps up to the 10th floor.  That being said, the maps are summarized things as the dungeon likes to have the floors change with every dive.  Every 5 floors, including the first, stay the same though, so we have the first three unique map floor plans for you.  We cannot provide you with aid, but you are welcome to recruit anyone here to assist you in the dives.  In regards with your accommodations, we have reserved three rooms for your group in one of the inns here in iron quarter."

Jare nodded his head in thanks, "We'd like to enter the dungeon today.  Can we take the map now and return later to be taken to the inn?"

Bella nodded and handed over a scroll of paper.  “This scroll is enchanted to show the floors recorded on it.  You can also use to map the floor you are on so you don’t get lost.”  Jare took it and inspected it for a moment before nodding.

“We will see you again after exploring the dungeon; thank-you for the help.”

He turned and led his two brothers away from the Guild Building and headed to the dungeon.

"So this is the dungeon." Anhel said in wonder as they came up to the entrance, “Big brother, are the entrances always this simple?  It looks like a normal cave to me.”

Jare shook his head, "Most dungeons look like normal caves little brother.  Personally, I like that.”  He took a moment to appreciate the entrance, “A nice entrance; not too showy and not too simple either.  The rock formations are an interesting touch, and so is this." Jare leaned forward to inspect the skull shaped rock in the wall.  "William, which species does this skull belong to?"

William gazed at it, "Canine, wolf.  Variant species."

Jare scratched his chin and straightened, "This collaborates with the worg report we received; how interesting that the dungeon made a tribute to it." He took his hammer off his back, "Anyway, let's see how deep this dungeon goes before we start the investigation."

The brothers walked into the dungeon and began their dive.  They spent a little while in the central mine cave to ask the merchants and miners a few questions before heading down into the first floor.

“Anhel,” Jare asked as they began walking, “You have the map, what’s coming up?”

Anhel un-scrolled the map and gazed at the pictures as they changed into the current floor.  “It’s really simple big brother; the local adventurers even call it the ‘newbie floor’.  It has 2 rooms and the boss room at the end.  The first room has aerial traps, and the second is a pit room with a single path.”

William grunted and began to twirl his dagger, “Simple, lessons, smart.”

Jare scratched his head in thought, “To make a floor so simple, it’s almost as if the dungeon is teaching the adventurers what to expect.  How fascinating. . .”

Jare paused as his brothers gave him a look.  “What?” He asked sheepishly.

Anhel rolled his eyes, “Big brother, you’re too simple to think like that.”

William nodded, “Simple.”

Jare felt rather depressed at being figured out; truth was this floor was rather boring to him.  “Fine, fine let’s just hurry up and clear this floor so we can move on.  I want to fight the boss already.”

Anhel and William chuckled as the trio rushed into the first room and easily eliminated the slimes.  The second room was even easier, as beast-men had heightened senses and easily found the path around the pitfall traps.

When they got to the boss room, Jare looked in and nodded his head.  “Right, Anhel go get it.  An overslime should be easy prey for you, even if it is a boss.”

Anhel nodded and walked in.  Ignoring the sounds of fighting, Jare and William took out a piece of smoked meat and began chewing on it.

When Anhel walked out a few minutes later, he found his glutinous brothers snoozing with the finished bones in their hands.

“I beat the boss big brother, come on now.”  He kicked the two of them in the legs and roused them.

“What did it drop?”

Anhel held up a crystal and a few silver, “The core and some silver; enough for a normal person to get by on for a few months if spent wisely.  Also, I saw a glyph light up next to the stair case; it seems the dungeon has teleporting glyphs now to move between levels.”

Jare raised an eyebrow, “That’s convenient; but also not something mentions in the reports.  I guess this is one of the new things the dungeon gained.”

“Guess so.” Anhel had pulled out his own stick of meat and chewing it now.

Patting his brother’s head, Jare began walking to the stair-case, “Well, let’s see what else this dungeon has to offer.

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