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Claire zoomed down her corridor through the dungeon, making her daily rounds through the dungeon.  As her partner was currently resting, it was her job to make the sure the dungeon ran smoothly and without incident.  Normally, Doc's ever-present mind would automatically take care of any problem in the dungeon, but he was currently comatose.

By its own nature, dungeon magic was a corrupting source of disaster if left unchecked, and sometimes the mana would leak through the dungeon territory into the surrounding area.  Corruptive dungeons took advantage of this property to increase exponentially, but it was a hassle for a normal dungeon if the sentient races found traces of it.  Claire had limited control over the dungeon herself, but she required sight in order to affect an area.  

Today, she was patrolling for leaks as usual.  She had already fixed a couple of minor leaks on the third floor and had just finished sweeping the second floor.

"Let's see, after I finish the first floor, I'll find a slime and watch it eat an adventurer for lunch, then I'll visit my lovely daughters, and finally I'll sweep through the dungeon again.  Oh, and I need to polish Doc again." She reminded herself as she zoomed along happily.  It was a good plan for the day.

As she zoomed near the mine room, she took a moment to appreciate the efforts the humans had put into the dungeon.  What once had been a single room with a few copper veins was now the central hub of a mine that stretched out in 4 different directions.  Miners, of course, were not adventurers and had very little combat ability, but were very productive and far more inclined to greed.  The 4 corridors stretched out as the miners had followed the veins into the depths of the dungeon area and found new veins of iron, gold, and silver; the minerals Claire had shown Doc originally.

“When Doc wakes up, he’ll have to do something about this.” She muttered to herself, “These miners are too greedy and reckless since slimes don’t spawn in this area.  It’s a waste of energy to give them these rewards and to only get mana passively from their bodies.”

Sighing to herself, she moved around until she found a group of inexperienced adventurers heading to the overslime.  She plopped herself down at the viewing hole and sat on the slime placed there for her benefit as she watched the new group fight.”

She analyzed the fight critically as she watched the overslime overpower the adventurers.  “Really now, this dungeon has been here long enough for reports and advice to exist about fighting the overslime; why enter this fight so unprepared?” She scoffed and laughed to herself, “Mr. Shield man, you’re supposed to take the ramming attack, not dive out of the way.  Look, now your mage is wrapped up in a tentacle.  An archer, really?  Worthless without enchanted arrows; Oh look, your fearless leader ran away down the stairs.  Doc need to make the staircase close until the boss is defeated, otherwise these kinds of things will keep happening.  Oh, there goes the mage; nice bones there.”

Later on that day, as the twilight was settling in, Claire plopped down into her chair with a sigh.  The little table and chair that sat on the outcrop in the boss room looked worn now, covered in vines and scratch marks from boss fights, but it was still her favorite place to be.  Even though her home had moved down to the heart room, her table and chair remained part of the jungle slime boss room and stayed here.  She put her head down on the table and smelled in the fresh plant scent, remembering her fun times with Doc.  No matter how long it had been, anytime he was not with her was too long to her.

"Big dummy, I miss you." She whispered to herself as he finger began to idly trace a slime in the table, "Hurry up and come home to me.  It’s almost been two weeks now."

A slithering, slurping sound alerted her to someone's entrance.  Claire turned and smiled at the humanoid slime who had finally wandered back down here.

"Did you have a fun time today Lady?" Claire asked kindly.  Lady still didn't quite understand words, but she had gotten better about understanding tone and emotions.  The princess slime giggled happily and wobbled up to Claire, trying to wrap her in a slimy hug.  Claire, used to the slime's antics, had already moved out of reach and was now shaking her head.

"That's a no Lady." She scolded, "No hugs."  The slime drooped, but still smiled happily up at Claire.  Claire giggled and floated down to pat Lady on the head.

"When Doc wakes back up, we'll give you a better name than Lady, alright?" Claire rubbed Lady's head until she began to wiggle in pleasure, "You'll like him for sure.  He's a nice dungeon and treats all his slimes with respect.  I just wish I understood what you are exactly."  Claire frowned.

Perhaps her memory was still shaken, but she didn't remember learning anything about what Lady was.  Certainly, Claire remembered the princess who died in the dungeon during the demon attack, and she remembered Doc's strange reaction to her, but whether this was a unique situation or one with a precedent, she had no idea.  The humanoid slime obviously was of a higher tier than any of the other slimes in the dungeon and could move to her own will, but she still avoided fights when she could and easily fled at the first sign of trouble.  The adventurers who had seen her referred to her as the ghost of the princess because of this.

"I guess I can classify you as a hidden boss then." Claire reasoned as she floated away from Lady.  Hidden bosses were unique bosses in dungeons, though usually only within larger ones.  Hidden bosses were very static, never appearing in the same place and never showing up when one expected.  They tended to drop rare loot, but were stronger and more prone to escape than a normal boss.  Still, Lady did not and would not have any special loot assigned to her until Doc woke up and gave her some.

Lady gave a good-bye wave and slimed her way down to the heart room.  Claire returned her wave and flew down to lay in her hammock on the wall, conveniently made out of the vines that grew there.  She closed her eyes and let herself fall into a nice sleep.

Rather, she almost fell asleep except for the large earthquake that began to shake the entire dungeon.  With a shriek, she fell out of the hammock and barely righted herself before she hit the ground.  "What in the nine hells and three heavens is going on here?" She cried out in shock.  The entire dungeon was shaking, and the twins were freaking out in their room as well.

"Momma, everything is moving!"  They cried out.

Fearing the worst, Claire flew down the hidden stairwell and into the heart room.  To her shock, she found Lady wrapping herself around the crystal in a large, slimy hug.  She wore a pleasant smile and didn't seem to be worried about the rumbles.

"Lady, you can’t eat that!  Hurry and let go!" Claire shrieked as she flew over and began tugging on the slime girl's hair.  Naturally this was a useless endeavor, as slime could not be pulled up so easily, but Claire managed to startle Lady into letting go.  The two landed on the ground with a thump, Claire getting engulfed in Lady's body again as the latter landed on top of her.

She quickly escaped and flew around Doc's crystal in a panic.  "Doc, are you alright?  Doc, please me alright!" Claire was terrified as she searched Doc's crystal for any cracks or injuries.  She even ignored her current appearance, which was covered in a layer of goo that made her look like a flying, glowing slime.  To her fear, she found different specks of light within Doc's normally purple crystal; one red as fire and one blue as the sky.  The two colors were flying around inside the purple in a multitude of specks, with each eliminating the other on impact.  Eventually, the two colors decreased in amount and gathered on either side of his crystal, forming a strange triad of blue, purple, and red.  The purple took most of room, and the two new colors each had their own little section on either side.

"What does this mean?" Claire wondered as she inspected the new colors, "Is it a coincidence this blue is just the same as Lady's color?  And where did this red come from?"  In her days of polishing, Claire could not recall ever seeing another color, yet here they both were, causing the dungeon to rumble.  Actually, she realized, once the colors settled down so had the dungeon.

"......Cl.......aire....."  She heard a weak voice in her mind, a voice she hadn't heard in a long time.

She gasped and covered her mouth, tears forming in her eyes, "Doc, is that you?"

"...Claire.......I'm…… home.”

Claire gasped and covered her mouth with both hands as she began to cry happily.  “Doc, I missed you so much!”

His crystal beginning to glow brighter, Doc began to speak with a stronger voice, “I’m happy to hear that . . . why are you a slime?”

Claire took a moment to access her appearance before shrieking.  With a cry of “Wait right there”, she flew into her home and slammed the door behind her.  Doc metaphorically rubbed his crystal with a sense of awkwardness before turning his attention to the other occupant in the room.

“I haven’t seen you before; who are you?” He asked the princess slime.

Lady cocked her head at the sound of his voice and began wiggling happily.  Doc watched her dance for a moment before saying, “Can you understand me?”

“……L……ord…..” He heard a faint new impression in his mind, but it did not continue.  As Doc took the moment to speculate, Claire’s door slammed back open as she presented herself.  She had made herself as pretty as possible, but Doc couldn’t help but overlap her images with the flying slime from earlier.

The two, who could hear each other in their minds, coughed awkwardly, then laughed awkwardly, then laughed in earnest as they let their minds rejoice together at their reunion.  The nearly two weeks had seemed like an eternity for Claire, and to a lesser extent Doc, because they had always been together.

“Poppa is back, Poppa is back!” Doc heard the twins cheering happily in his mind.  

He smiled and sent them feelings of love. “It’s good to be back girls; have you two been good?”

“We have, we have; we ate most of the adventurers and got battle experience.”  Doc had the vague impression that the two were currently rolling around in happiness.

He grinned and turned back to Claire, “Can you tell me what’s been going on?”

Claire nodded, “In the almost two weeks since you’ve been gone, the town has grown little.  However, masons and builders have been sighted coming into town, so it should be growing more soon.  No new adventurers of high level have been seen, so either we are safe or they have called for high ranked adventurers from a foreign place to come.  The dungeon itself has not changed, besides our new inclusion here.” She gestured at Lady, who wiggled happily.

Doc nodded, “Any idea what she is?  I don’t think I made her.”

Claire shook her head, “Nope.  She spawned after that princess died, but seems to have low intelligence and no memories.  Well,” Claire admitted, “She definitely is smarter than all the slimes in this dungeon put together, but less than the four of us.  I haven’t seen her fight, but she is strong I believe.  She may be your first hidden boss.”

Doc nodded, “Oh, so she can move wherever she wants and can flee when she wants; how interesting.”

Claire cocked her head in surprise, “Well yes, but how did you know that Doc?”

Doc looked at her, “You thought it didn’t you? We can hear each other’s thoughts remember.”

Claire frowned, “It’s my job to explain, don’t take that from me now.  I’ll cry you know.”  She began to fake pout as realistic tears formed in her eyes.

“Okay, I’ll let you do the explaining from now on.” He reassured her.

She nodded and wiped her face with a smile, “Good.  Now, I think it’s time for a dungeon makeover, don’t you think?”

Doc grinned, “You read my mind . . .that joke is going to get old quick.  Anyhow, I’m excited to see what I can get.”

Claire nodded, “Now, you previously acquired the ‘reality’, ‘evolution level 2’, and ‘mana stone’ upgrades, so here are your current choices.”  She waved her hand as the familiar blue screen pulled up into the air.

Teleporting GlyphInscribe a glyph on every floor that allows adventurers to move from one floor to another easily.  Must have cleared the previous floor to be able to move to the next floor.  Groups are restricted to the lowest level conquered by a member
Additional RaceAble to create an additional race to the one held.  Increases dungeon diversity
Upgrade Monsters IIIGrants the ability to improve monsters by unlocking next evolution level.
Current Monster levels: Slime Lvl 2
Instances (Acquired)Able to create parallel realities within the dungeon, allowing for more adventurers to enter the dungeon at the same time
EnvironmentsAble to create new obstacles in the form of environmental hazards.
Trap knowledgeAble to improve and add to existing traps by using mana.  Current trap types available: pitfall, aerial.  New trap types: launch, ceiling-fall
Mana Stones(Acquired)Throughout the dungeon, places naturally fill with ambient mana.  Now, those places will condense into mana stones that can be mined
Puzzle knowledgeAble to create simple puzzles on floors that test knowledge, imagination, and intuition

Doc blinked, “Puzzle knowledge is the new option here.”

Claire nodded, “Yes; with it you will be able to make floors more than simple walk through areas.  Now, adventurers will have to unlock doors and lower bridges in order to proceed.  However, before that there is something you have to do.”

“What?” He asked curiously.

“You need to make more floors, and I don’t mean 1 or 2.  I think it’s time for you to show how much you’ve grown and make the maximum number of floors you can.” Claire said resolutely.

“Why; did you not tell me that growing too fast will scare the adventurers?” Doc asked her, feeling a little concerned.

Claire nodded, “That was before you absorbed a demon of some power.  It’s better now to show you used that power, rather than hide it.  Also,” She held up two fingers, “If strong adventurers are coming, it would be better to have a larger dungeon to tire them out.  Also, being a larger dungeon would increase your worth to the adventurers as well.  Two slimes with one stone approach to this.”

Doc nodded in agreement with her logic, “Okay then; I think that makes a lot of sense.  Do they all have to be unique though?”

Claire shook her head, “Not if you don’t want them to be.  If you grew floors slowly, then your floors would be unique through necessity, but a sudden growth floors doesn’t have to be if you don’t want take the time.  Pick a floor number, like every 10 floors, to be unique and make the rest of the floors simple and similar.”

Doc thought to himself for a moment, “I want 25 floors with every 5 floors, except the first, to be unique.”

Claire nodded, “In that case, you need 6 unique floors.  Do you have any power leftover to improve your abilities?”

Doc nodded his head slowly, “I think I have enough to use the teleporting glyphs, trap knowledge, and puzzle knowledge.  I really wanted the next evolution level, but it seems to be higher than the three combined.”

Claire nodded her head, “Evolution is a tricky thing.  Your power must be greater that your creations, so you can’t make anything stronger until you get stronger.  Didn’t I say something along those lines when you wanted to make dragons?”

Doc sighed sadly, “My dreams, all gone in an instance.  Anyway, I’m going to start working on the 6 floors now, so you’ll be going to sleep soon I guess.”

Claire nodded her head, then paused, “Oh, be sure to do something about the mines.  Also, make the staircases down closed until the boss is defeated.”


Claire gave Doc a quick summary of the mines and the current situation.  Doc scratched his metaphorical head and shrugged, “I’ll think about it.  Have a nice rest Claire.”

Claire rolled her eyes, “Considering I haven’t slept since you disappeared, I’ll be out for a while.  Don’t wait up, dear.” She winked at him and flew into her home, closing the door behind her.”

Doc smiled a smile of contentment as he turned his attention toward himself.  Concentrating, he took the ambient mana floating around inside of him and condensed it into additional crystal layers on his body.  As the new layers formed, he felt his power and body expand until the change was complete.  With the new knowledge floating around his mind, he took a moment to admire his crystal.

The previous purple was now covered in layers of red and blue, creating a strange duality with his purple at the center.  With his power grown, he turned his full attention to his dungeon.

The "real" first floor of his dungeon was the one Doc still liked the most.  It was simple, straightforward, and killed most of the arrogant and inexperienced adventurers that entered. He had no desire to change it at all, so he decided to skip it.

“Oh wait, almost forgot about the mines and the staircase.” He reminded himself thoughtfully.

After quickly making the stairs disappear while the boss lived, he turned his attention to the mines.  The mining area was almost complete physically in his opinion.  He decided to increase the chance of mana stone discovery and jewels; since he had acquired a variety of jewels from the many fallen adventurers.

“I need something as a hazard.” He muttered to himself.  Checking his dungeon, he came across a strange sight.  “What are you there little fellow.” He muttered as he inspected a slime in the wall.  When he started working on the dungeon, slime birth had stopped, but it appeared that this slime had failed to form properly before it was cut off from the dungeon mana.  It was coreless and lacked any mobility because the core had shattered under the pressure.  Without it, the slime was stuck as an immobile puddle of goop that could only rely on gravity to move.  Doc liked it at once.

“I’ll call you an ooze, and you’ll make a perfect hazard for me.” Doc declared with excitement.

He focused on it and copied it’s body in his mind as he turned back to the mines.  He then placed multiple oozes in the walls and used part of his mana to make sure oozes would spawn even when he wasn’t there.  After that, he adjusted the frequency so oozes would appear in greater numbers around rarer deposits.

Still, he wasn’t completely satisfied.  “Oozes are too easy to defeat by any adventurer.” He thought to himself, “What can I include to increase the risk?”

A moment later, it came to him.  “A boss would be perfect!”  He poured his essence into the first ooze and watched it change.

To be honest to himself, he really didn’t like this particular evolution.  The ooze boss was, to put it simply, boring to Doc.  It grew in size to cover about half the height of the mining tunnel and about 10 feet across the floor.  It had some rigidity to it now, and could move like water by flowing down the paths and tunnels.  That was it though; that and it couldn’t be killed.

Doc sighed and shrugged to himself, “I guess I’ll make this, what did Claire call it again, a hidden boss.  I’ll set it to appear in one of the four, er, areas once every few hours and then have it disappear; should make for an interesting dinner show with Claire and the girls.”

Lastly, he made the stone close to his floors impossible to mine through so floors could be skipped.  He also enchanted the mining space so that if a corridor or tunnel was not used frequently, it would disappear and fill up with stone.  This would prevent the miner from digging too far outside the dungeon's boundaries or too deep as well.

"Twins, are you two there?" Doc asked as his mind worked its way down to the second floor.

"Poppa, are you okay?  Are you changing the dungeon?” They clamored over themselves, asking so many questions at once Doc felt his mind start to freeze up.

"Your poppa had to sleep while he absorbed the demon, but I’m okay now.  Is there anything you girls want on your floor?" He asked them kindly.

The twins rolled back into their minds as they processed his words.  Putting their heads together, they asked, “Can you add trees Poppa?  We miss the scent of the night and the call of the forests."

Doc shook his head sadly, “I'm sorry girls, but I can't grow anything from scratch right now."  He said apologetically, "I would need to either bring in tree seeds from the outside or purchase an expensive upgrade to do so.  I can give you both permission to come to the jungle boss room, but that's my limit for the moment I'm afraid."

"Thank you very much."  They replied happily, wagging their tails, "Can we go while you change our floor?"

"Sure, go ahead."  Doc felt them disappear from their room and reappear in the jungle room.  He smiled warmly as he listened to their happy yips and barks as they ran around the green room.  Doc returned his attention to the second floor as he imputed the next changes to the floor.

Doc decided to move the twins down to his 6th unique floor.  After moving their room down, he returned to the second floor and began changing it.

“The first floor introduced the adventurers to the fights, so let’s have the second unique floor deal with the introduction of the exploring.”  Doc liked the idea of having adventurers succeed and fail based on their own decisions rather than what he caused to happen.  

“Let’s have a few grey slimes and mimic slime patrol . . . oh ho ho! New slimes!” Doc was incredibly excited as he sensed slimes evolving in the dungeon.  In order to get his work done, he decided to only look at the relevant slimes to his floor rather than all at once.  He first concentrated on the mimic slimes.

The lesser mimic slime had two new evolutions; chest and mimic slime.  After evolving, the mimic slime had increased in size and could now form more complex shaped based off the creatures it ate.  For instance, it could grow the mandibles of an ant and the wings of a bat for a scary diving attack.  While the forms were complex and sometimes disturbing, the parts were still composed of by slime and could be eliminated easily.  The chest slime was an interesting slime that evolved due to Doc’s new trap knowledge.  The evolved lesser mimic could turn into a chest, though lacking the smell and feel of a real chest, and lured adventurers in with their sense of greed.  Doc decided take advantage of this and made certain areas spawn areas for either a real treasure chest or a chest slime.  It would always be the same place, but whether or not there was treasure depended on luck and diligence.  Doc assigned jewels to chest slimes and armor to mimic slimes.

He also put a few grey slimes on the second floor.  They too gained a new evolution; the magic slime.  It seemed to arise from the grey slimes mana stones from foolish miners who tried to mine in the dungeon.

The magic slime could use weak forms of magic from all the elements, though the slime required fairly frequent mana stones in order to remember the elements with their bodies.  The top of the slime had actually grown a point and the slime took on a slightly pink tinge to their normal purple after evolving.  Doc assigned mana stones and potions to the magic slimes.  He was quite excited to look at the rest of the evolutions.

First thing was first, however; Doc began labor on the third floor.  "Now, let's make this place worthy of the boss." Keeping with the theme, Doc removed the restrictions that kept the plants locked in the boss room.  Instantly, vines and flowers began to spread on the walls and ceiling of the entire third floor.  Doc nodded in satisfaction as the plants overtook the area.  "Now, let’s remove these slimes and add these."  Herb slimes began to populate the floor, with a few heal slimes and plant slimes also taking residence as well.  Doc had a prediction that this jungle type environment would create new slimes in the future as well.

While the plants moved around, Doc began to work on the layout of the third floor.  Keeping up with the previous maze theme, Doc began to extensively expand the floor layout.  Like before, Doc could freely change the shape of his dungeon area so long as the total volume remained the same.  The total volume, of course, grew with his capacity of mana.  The third floor was now a much wider maze, with many corridors, false paths, turnarounds, and basic traps in the form of chest slimes, pitfalls, and ariel falls.  Combined with the rapid and extensive plant coverage, it was very easy to get lost without obvious landmarks.

Doc patted his own self in satisfaction.  "Now, I just need to make the fourth and fifth floors just as interesting." He concentrated and moved the heart room down to below the sixth floor, where the twin’s room was at now.

The fourth floor Doc designed to completely mess with the adventurers.  Instead of a normal floor, the fourth floor had no walls and consisted of a single, massive room.  The entrance and exit were high above the floor and connected by a series of skinny paths that were high above the ground.  The paths were wide enough to walk across without too much effort, but the drop was extremely intimidating, as well as the numerous armor, gelatinous, and metal slimes that moved around below.  So as to be fair, Doc did move the rock on the wall next to the entrance and exit into a ladder-like form so adventurers who fell, and survived, could easily climb back up to try again.  A single room for the boss was made right after the exit.

Skipping the boss creation for now, Doc moved down to the fifth floor and made a quick, simple form to begin with.  The new floor was essentially a strange combination of the first and third floors.  It was a clear path with a few paths that led back to a previous room.  In Doc's opinion, it wasn't that interesting and was easily conquered by experienced dungeon divers.  Its current setup was a lesser version of what Doc planned to use for the generic floors.

“How droll, let’s use my new slimes to make this more interesting.” Doc began singing one of the catchy tunes he had heard an adventurer singing before as he began changing the floor.

Taking a hold of the floor, he created four separate tunnels from the staircase room.  Each one made its way to the boss room and they all held the occasional trap tunnel that looped back to an earlier room.  Excluding the first room, Doc used his realty ability on the tunnels and boss room so as to keep it simple for adventurers.  While doing that, he went ahead and changed the dungeon so that every staircase room was free of instance/alternate realities, resulting in a single reality for all occupants to exist in between floors.  Doc figured it was about time to mess with the minds of the adventurers; it had been too stagnant for too long.  Instead, each tunnel entrance was the beginning of the alternate realities.

Each tunnel was colored differently to represent the elemental hazard within.  

The red tunnel held the power of fire, with fire mana stones giving the walls a crimson tone.  Fire slimes roamed its walls, as well is their evolutions.  Burning slimes were the first and most common fire slime evolution form.  Slightly larger and a brighter red, these slimes had the nasty habit of covering themselves in fire and ramming their opponents.  Besides them, the other three forms, firestorm slimes, flaming slimes, and lava slimes, also added their danger to the area.

Firestorm slimes had the interesting ability to devour any flame that came near them.  They were very rare, and were always found near large groups of the other fire family slimes.  When a firestorm slime absorbed enough flame, it glowed bright and exploded in a fiery blast that shook the immediate area.  Lava slimes were the last second evolution, and had the strange ability to leave behind a fiery residue behind them that lasted for about five minutes.  Beyond that, they were extremely resistant to fire and fire related attacks.  The last slime was the flaming slime, a darker red slime that attacked by spewing fire at opponents.  Doc also had a strange slime known as an infernal slime, but all it did was absorb fire and fire mana.  It was content sitting in traps and passively absorbing all flames that came near it, so Doc left it alone.

The wind tunnel softly glowed in white light as the air moved slowly through it.  Accompanying the small wind slimes were its four evolutions: Static, Speed, Breeze, and Whisper slimes.  Static slimes had yellow striped through their purple and white colors and gave off the occasional spark of energy.  When multiple static slimes came near each other, they could unleash a yellow energy like lightning that paralyzed any hit by it.  Breeze slimes launched balls of air that knocked their prey over.  The Speed slimes were a evolution.  They seemed completely focused on speed, and were by far the fastest slimes in the dungeon.  They forgo anything that slowed them down and focused on ramming attacks.  They also gained a more grey color instead of white that went along with its purple undertones.

The last slime in the wind tunnel was a strange slime Doc found comforting.  He dubbed it 'whisper slime' because of its tendency to release soft noises when it moved.  The noises were very similar to that of the things adventures would say, albeit in a soft tone.  It could lure adventurers’ with soft cries of help.  Beyond that ability, it had no offensive abilities besides the slime's natural ability to devour.  Doc resolved himself to spend a little more time in the wind tunnel with Claire and the girls when they had the chance.  It sounded very peaceful.

Smiling at the thought, he continued to the next tunnel.

The water tunnel held the destructive power of water within its walls.  The water slime had evolved into its own second evolutions that each moved with water prowess.  The bubble slimes were an aquamarine color completely through and controlled water to form a shield around itself to protect it as it charged its prey.  Its counterpart, the ice slime, launched spikes of ice at its prey and chilled the air around it.  In addition, the stream slime could create water and left a damp floor wherever it went.  The trap knowledge seemed to unlock another water evolution; that of the puddle slime.  This slime pretended to be an ordinary puddle of water on the floor until prey stepped on it, when it would wrap tentacles to seal the movement of whoever got caught.  The last slime was the spray slime, which only sprayed water.  Doc guessed it would become more important in the future.

The last tunnel, the earth tunnel, trembled under the might of the ground.  The mighty rock slime had the habit of picking up any rock within its slime, resulting in a rolling ball of stone.  The rumble slimes had an interesting gimmick similar to the song slime; when it stood still it began vibrating at a low hum.  The vibrations were annoying, but caused stones to become dislodge from the ceiling.  When together with a rock slime, it created an extremely hard to kill combo.  The next second evolution slime was the blast slime; a brown slime that could throw stones using its own magic by exploding parts of its body to launch them.  The ground slime was similar to the rock slime, except that its slime had completely changed to into dirt.  It could not launch ground attacks, but it could bring a pounding with its ram attack.  The final evolution was the metal slime, the cousin of the ground slime.  It had replaced its slime with a kind of liquid metal that seemed to continuously flow around its core.  It was fast, and liked to join the ground slime in ramming attacks.

For the sixth and final unique floor, he decided to make it dedicated to his twin girls.  To start with, there was no source of light anywhere, making the floor completely dark.  He decided that the twins could move across the entire floor, but could not kill anyone except when in the boss room.  They could stalk anyone they wanted, but had to fight however reached their boss room in the darkness.  He also installed hidden paths that only the two could find, allowing for quick navigation throughout the entire floor.  The floor consisted of 4 large rooms with many walls to separate them into sections with four corridors to connect the rooms.

In order to unlock the boss room, Doc placed flames each room that would change locations every time an adventurer entered.  All flames had to be lit, which would cause the boss room entrance to open, which was back at the entrance room.  The entrance room also listed the requirement to unlock the boss room and held two torches to light up the instructions.  Doc wasn't that cruel.

Nodding his satisfaction, Doc gently moved the twins down to their new boss room, complete with a soft slime bed hidden away from prying eyes.  The two had run around the third floor so much after he had changed it that they had fallen asleep.  Doc gently brushed them with his mind, and they shivered happily as they rested.  He quickly left them and began working on the bosses.  For the pit floor, Doc used the last member of the grey slime family, the magic slime.  Oddly enough, after changing it into a boss, the magic slime did not evolve.  Instead, it grew bigger and gained the ability to use the magic of all his elemental slimes without the need to recharge.  He spawned two heal slimes to assist it and moved up to the second floor.

Since it was a simple floor, he decided to use the bug slime as the boss.  Similarly, the bug slime did not evolve when it became a boss; instead it just grew larger and became able to switch between three different bug forms.

Before moving to the elemental floor, he decided to improve upon the twin’s restrictions.  Now, they would have a second phase after their first defeat; this was important since they would be the 25th floor bosses.  After being defeated once, they would dissolve into darkness and reappear as their human selves garbed in black robes that would hide their figure and faces.  The daggers they wielded would be the rare loot that could possibly drop after defeat.

Finally, he moved to the elemental floor.  There, he spawned the four basic elemental slimes.  He had an idea he wanted to try out.

"Devour each other." He commanded.  Normally, the slimes in the dungeon could not eat each other.  However, he had gained a sliver of knowledge from his sleep; normal slimes in the wild ate other species of slimes to grow stronger.  Oddly enough, slimes of the same family rarely ate each other.  

Having disabled the ability to coexist, the four slimes rushed each other and began devouring each other.  It was a strange mesh of green, red, blue, and white as the four slimes mixed and churned on top of each other in a strange ouroborus like fashion.

"Perfect." Doc declared as he focused his energy on all four slime cores.  Because all four slimes were in close proximity to each other, in fact they were devouring each other, the four cores were very close together.  When the energy came into the slimes, the four cores moved together and fused.

The four slime cores became a single black core, and the slimes morphed together into a large black slime.  Oddly enough, there was no information about it except for its name, 'Elemental Overslime'.

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