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I'm walking through a strange land. All around me, there are moving images of things I have never seen before. I see trees, and people, and strange places. The road I walk takes me through all of them.

The path is long, but I manage to walk past everything without understanding anything. Should I feel accomplished? The strangest thing is, I feel like I should recognize everything I walked past. Especially, that one human, that girl that seems to flit on the edge of every image.

The path is ending now, now the images are different. One side blue, the other side red; they seem to to be warring with each other. It feels kind of silly to be honest; since I seem to be purple on the inside. As I walk by, the two sides seem to become subdued and join back together in harmony.

I reached the end of the path; someone is there waiting for me. He is sitting with his face resting on his arm, which is on his knee while the other arm is on the floor. Strange human; he doesn't seem to wearing any clothes.

"Who are you?" I ask the strange the human.

He raises his head, his eyes a sparkling purple. He grins with a strange smile.

"Why, I am you of course."

And everything goes to black.
"... c.... oc... doc... DOC!!!!!"

Doc was startled as he woke up to a sudden scream. Before he could even get his bearings, a little pixie slammed into his crystal.

"Oof! What, oh, Claire what's going on?" Doc asked with confusion as he looked down at the little pixie, who was currently hugging him with all her might, tears pouring down her face in happiness.

Claire looked up and smiled happily at him, "Doc, it's been so long; too long for my liking. I missed you so much." She went back to hugging him.

Doc coughed awkwardly, "Claire, this is starting to hurt actually. My crystal body is slightly fragile you know."

Claire giggled, "Not anymore Doc, take a look."

Doc looked down, blinked in his head, and gasped, "Oy, why am I so big now? Also, why am I floating?" In a slight bit of worry, he looked around the room and focused on the odd, human shaped blue slime, "Who is she? Actually, forget all that, what happened?"

Claire wiped off her eyes and rubbed his crystal with her hand, "Doc, it's been a few weeks since you faced off against that demon and won. You've been hibernating as you devoured the power. Let me tell you, the world has changed some.

Claire began to tell Doc her story.

----------------------Flashback Begins------------------------

Claire sighed to herself as she flew backwards and rubbed the sweat off her brow. After defeating the demon of rage that had invaded the dungeon, Doc had fallen into a deep sleep as he absorbed the infernal power from his nemesis. As the demon had fully summoned into the world, Claire knew Doc had a long and arduous task ahead of him in making sure he only took in the demon's power and none of it's personality; which was a real threat when absorbing the power of strong beings. She was doing her best to help him; wiping down his dimly growing crystal every few hours, using her limited abilities to keep the dungeon running smoothly, and using as much magic as she could to cool the room down to assist him when he got too hot.

That being said, Claire was very exhausted after doing this for a week. The twins had begged her to let them assist her, but she made them stay in their room to deal with the adventurers. They couldn't afford to let any reach the final room now that Doc wasn't awake to control the final boss properly. Quite a few strong humans had already tried to reach the lower floors, apparently seeking the demon and the now missing Sir Koran. The twins had made sure to inform them of the folly of this course of action.

Checking her work, Claire nodded to herself as she finished polishing Doc's crystal. It still sat in the wall, but she could tell that it was growing much quicker than it had in the past.

She sighed to herself, "I hope you are successful in purifying the demon's power Doc; I miss you and your quirkiness."

"Momma, we miss daddy too." The twins echoed in her mind, "When will daddy wake up?"

"He will wake up when he's ready, unfortunately." She sighed again, "Do you know where the new one is?"

"She went down to your floor momma." They reported, "She got scared after we fought a patch of adventurers."

Claire nodded and flew out of the heart room up to the third floor. She began to search for the dungeon's newest occupant, one that neither she nor the twins had any control over.

"There you are," She declared with annoyance as she came to a stop in one of the corridors, "I told you before, you can't keep wandering about like this. You could get hurt."

The blue, slightly purple slime paused it's journey and began to wiggle in happiness at Claire's appearance. It bubbled up to her height and slowly took on the head and body of the former princess. She smiled and tried to wrap Claire in a tentacle hug, which Claire swiftly dodged.

"None of that now," She scolded, "I just finished getting the slime out of my hair from the last 'hug' you gave me."

The princess slime saddened and began to cry slime tears after Claire dodged her hug. Claire sighed and floated down low enough to pat the crying slime on the head.

"Now now, no need for tears. I just have to teach you the difference between hugging and eating. Anyway, why do you hate fighting so much, but you eat everything in sight?" She complained to the slime girl.

The slime tilted her head, obviously not understanding a word the pixie had just said. Claire rubbed her temples as she remembered the surprise encounter with the new slime. Nicknamed "Lady" by the twins, this new slime had come out of nowhere and now lived in the dungeon with them. Claire classified it on the same level as herself and the twins because neither her or them could exert control over her like they could with a normal dungeon slime, marking her an unique existence.

"A unique child is more like it," Claire thought to herself as "Lady" nuzzled her small hand, searching for more affection, "Or maybe a new pet."

Lady had the bad habit of wandering throughout the dungeon, bypassing all obstacles with her slime body. In the past week, she had made a name for herself as "the ghost of the dead princess" to all the adventurers. From what Claire understood, however, this was not the first time something like this had occurred in the world; though it was a very rare thing and not well understood by anyone. Even Claire, a veteran of dungeon knowledge, lacked the knowledge of this new being. What she did understand was that any adventurer who saw her immediately attacked her in the hopes of rare drop. Lady thus learned to run from any adventurer she laid her slimy eyes on, but she still 'hugged' any remains she came across with a happy smile.

Claire's musings were interrupted by the tentacles wrapping around her and pulling her in.

"No, bad Lady, stop it! Nooooo!"

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